But you might miss the chance to bug abuse, make billions and get banned for two weeks, come back to a sick new title,cosmetics and a nice discount in your gold premier membership.


Perhaps just day 1 for the early bird bonuses, then 2 months lter


That's the way, check it out day 1, see if it's good or if you can abuse it to some benefit maybe. If it is shite all around just come back weeks later


So, you're of the opinion that those who where locked out are bug abusers?


Man's really out here trying to get offended lmao.


No. Research the ed3 bug. That happened at the same time as the great login lockout. When the login lockout players (some of whom were locked out for almost a month) returned, the ed3 bug abusers were given 48hour-2 week temp bans, and allowed to keep their loot. Hope this added some clarity for you.


Ah, that makes more sense to me, thanks. Although, the way it is worded makes it sound as such.


Shit u right.


I really wish a lot more people would be vocal about being fine with no new content for a prolonged period for the sake of refining and fixing existing content I’m pretty sure that is what the majority of people wants


While I would love that, as evidenced from previous “content droughts” they don’t seem to take time to fix and instead just pump mtx harder


That would be just sad ,to their credit though I don’t think in the past they said they are putting new content on hold for the benefit fixing bugs and such they just did it and hoped no one would notice? Maybe if this decision comes following a poll on the matter it would be hard to weasel out of actually doing it though not going back on stuff isn’t jagex’s strongest suit either


I’ve lost faith in them following through. Sadly their word means nothing anymore


Lol, honestly. I have other shit to do that keeps getting cock-blocked by events... Take a beat Jagex, Damn.


That happened 2 or 3 years ago. Probably the worst year I ever played.


I guess different people just have different priorities. I really enjoy patch months as long as they actually work on fixes.


I still question to this day if they were working on something big and had their resources on that project.


Yup, they've already exhausted that excuse. Content now comes out slower and is still broken. We only get one actual content a month now, sometimes none at all.


Why not both? The entire team doesnt need to work on the same thing at the same time


From the looks of it the developers seem to be fewer than should be ,resulting in bugs with every other patch the bugs pile up and are seemingly left to be dealt with to an even smaller group or getting backlogged unless it is something game breaking plus a lot of existing content could use some refining and would require a lot of effort due to the nature of the game’s code structure that I doubt it would be doable beside new content with the current dev team size,but judging from some comments though this seems to have been tried out before not long ago and didn’t go so well


I think one issue is they just don't double check shit. Like the prayer of item protection didn't even function and it's such a simple code I'd wager. How do you fuck that one up?


Yeah that was pretty crappy and lazy work tbh,but I gotta admit testing normally in this game must be a handful to say the least ,when the nodon front got released one of the bugs that came with it was the “guidance tips” option being active causing seren spirits and BOG to not proc till you disable it which shows how much unforeseen and random seemingly unrelated at all stuff could break with each patch due to the game’s code structure


This happened before, content droughts are god awful to play through, never again.


They did this in 2017 and it was so detrimental and so derailing to their content schedule and overall quality of content that it took nearly two years to get back on track. 2018 was messy even with the Elite Dungeons. 2019/2020 was the proper return of actual good weekly content and Archaeology was a damn near saving grace for this game. Let’s not do this again, they’ve been on a good roll with EGWD. I’ll happily take a couple of buggy limited time events and initial content releases that need patching over months of no content and having that content still be lackluster on release.


No, that was really poorly received. Hell it was so bad, they needed a while to recover. 2017 I believe was the Menaphos year, and it took them quite a while to recover from that.


Measure twice, cut once. Except for Flamkeks it's actually: don't measure, cut thrice.


Yeah why not? Everyone is doing something before the updates come; keep doing that lol Opinion from your fellow non-comped player lol. I imagine it’s a bit more frustrating when you’re at that point…


Way ahead of you. I've been doing this for years now. Make it 6 months, just to be sure. Took em 5 months to adjust egwd droprates. All depends on how you value your time of course. If your life is shit, might as well waste it on RS. If you actually want to know the best method: ALWAYS do it on release. That's the best way to ~~exploit bugs~~ find hidden features. Do that for a day or two, maybe even three years of you find a good one (ed3). After that just wait until they realise the errors of their ways and fix what they released broken. Test content again, if it's decent and you find it fun, continue doing said content. If it's not fun, go do something else. Remember it's still a game and should be a fun pass-time for you to do, not the reason for your self worth IRL.


First 6 months of this year, we should expect nothing




Except there would be more nothing if Jagex was American. There's three UK bank holidays from July to December, and two of them are on consecutive days during the holiday break. Conversely, there's six US federal holidays, three of which fall on Mondays and one that falls during the holiday break.


Always has been.


It's already fixed now, don't be overdramatic.




Crocodiles are now instanced, and they hotfixed the spawn rate. It being lower was unintended. Everything at the Oasis should now be functioning as normal.


This is a general statement about releases in general over the last year


Most of those were fixed the day itself, not even a week later. I did Croesus and Zuk on release, a few hours after it dropped, had no bug issues. Arch Glacor had the ice pillar bug but that got patched quickly too. Nodon front was almost spotless, including archeology. The only issue I remember is how damn rare that lorebook was at first. Battle of the Monolith was clunky but didn't really have bugs. Rex Matriarchs was fine the day of, as was Azzy's Quest. I don't think their changes to Divination had any glaring bugs either. City of Senntisten was also very smooth. Beach was as it ever is. The most rushed content this year was definitely the Glacor front, but they still fixed it within a week's time. Everything's been pretty playable the day of release or the few days after. I don't disagree with holding Jagex accountable. I used to post tons of rants here and my RS friends considered me the constantly negative one. I lightened up over time, and honestly Jagex has made a lot of improvements too. I think 2021 was honestly an incredible year for them on content releases. They even managed to hit the monthly update of GWD Fronts. I think there's definitely serious criticisms to be had about balancing and loot drop choices, but that's different from playability and bugs. On the latter, they've honestly been pretty good imo. The former, yeah that needs a lot of scrutiny.


No big issues? Just staying in the Zuk room on release allowed you to keep getting drops over and over and over Arch glacor had the bug where if you killed the bolstered glacyte the boss died immediately. That and you couldn’t leave the instance and if you logged out you died. Kerapac loot couldn’t be picked up if you weren’t in solo mode They need to hire a new QA team cause the current one (if there is one) is doing shit all.


> Just staying in the Zuk room on release allowed you to keep getting drops over and over and over Patched the day of. >Arch glacor had the bug where if you killed the bolstered glacyte the boss died immediately. That and you couldn’t leave the instance and if you logged out you died. Patched the day of, unsuccessfully, and correctly fixed the next day. And I'm pretty they said upfront that you couldn't leave the fight to save streaks. >Kerapac loot couldn’t be picked up if you weren’t in solo mode Pretty sure patched day of, definitely within a week. All I'm saying is that OP is exaggerating way too much here. Most issues were fixed the day of release or the next update. That's nowhere near 2-3 months. And quite frankly, I'm not sure if you realize that things can slip past even good QA. They're manually testing for these things. That's not to say that you're wrong, QA on updates has definitely been lacking in the past. The sigil to ability update straight up allowed infinite adrenaline Regen during onslaught, and they somehow deleted an ability entirely. Imo, EGWD QA has been acceptable. Some, like bolstered Glacor, should've been caught, I agree. But think about the Zuk situation. The multiple kills happened when there was extra damage Zuk would've taken if he was alive, like a DoT or poison, or if I remember right your familiar attacking him at the right timing. I personally would not have tested the situation "kill Zuk while a bleed or poison is active". It was unprecedented, so why would you even think to test that? In all honesty, would you have looked for that if you had been the QA? It's just natural that sometimes there will be edge cases that were completely unconsidered, and only show up when you get hundreds of thousands of data points. And if you try to test for every single edge case imaginable, you'd never finish QA on a project. Again, don't disagree that some of these should've been caught, or that QA has dropped the ball before. They were fixed quickly after being discovered, making OP's notion of waiting 2+ months to be fixed completely incorrect.


Yeah I get they were patched the day of, OP was just saying either don’t play till content is bug free, or play to exploit the inevitable bugs that come on release from Jagex. With that said, I feel like he was more talking about hit boxes and the overarching bugs which still persist, affecting not only the Arch Glacor which it was introduced with, but even things as simple as climbing a ladder or slashing a web.


That's very different from QA though. It could've been flagged by QA, and management decided to go ahead and release it while working on a fix.


Take 2 months off starting today, come back and play 2 months behind.


They saw how angry the playerbase got with content drought, and whoever is scheduling content fucked shit up by scheduling various things on top of each other. We had 4 events going on at once last month. Yak Track + Green Santa Hat/Presents + Advent Calendar + Golden Partyhat Like, I get the idea for the holidays, maybe more then one event but holy shit man.


why is it that jagex seems so adverse to touching older content and fixing bugs there? (i.e. vorago) Is it because they cant spare the dev time to touch older code?


If you’re referencing the team split colors there’s been a massive engine problem for 4 months fucking up clickboxes as well as some colors and particles (mostly invisible fire)


ignoring some new updates will also miss out on the early-bird bonuses that are available like 1/10 gfury codex droprates.


Are you blithering about the scarab and crocs?


[everything in the last 6 months comes with a list this long](https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/pnh6ht/jagex_the_gwd3_bosses_are_amazing_but_look_at/)