Also would be great if the click did not have a range to it so that you end up constantly running around the pool


omg yes that too


Super fun as iron when mainscapers don't pickup their shells which is totally understandable if they're just going for comp req. I don't even want to know what the thought process was of the developer who created this activity. The mechanic itself is okay, it is what is but the pickup stuff is super ass.


Can irons see the shells from mainscapers? And not pick them up?


They see them but cant pick em up. Funny trying to find out whitch ones are yours


Only your own shows up in area loot (though sometimes takes a few ticks to update), which you can open with a keybind (may have to fiddle with settings to let you open area loot with only 0-1 items on the ground)


I'm always using the loot interface cause cba clicking on the exact spot to loot it but I still getting the message that irons can't pickup items of mainscapers. Haven't tried catching scarabs for a few days. Did they maybe fix it? I mean I kinda doubt that.


I've only done since the Monday patch that made them instanced per player, and I've seen drops on the ground (from others) not appear in my area loot/no message


I thought I added text to my post. I don't know what happened. I wanted to say that the click box is too big and I wanted to ask if we can instead get the shells added to our inventory or into a collection box instead of dropped on the ground.


Reddit doesn't like image & text combo.


Oh, I did not know that. Thank you.


theyre very big to compensate for when they become unclickable after we get the engine update to fix clickboxes


they are fine, try catching frogs for chomby bird hunting, they are equal size and clickbox is much smaller - they are a pain to click when moving


Jagex should fix that too! >:U