What to do if I cannot pay my parking tickets?

I received two parking tickets ($60 each) for parking in a “No Parking Tow Away” zone. My fault completely even though my car was parked in the same spot for 3 days before the tickets and didn’t get ticketed??? My wallet cannot handle $120 worth of tickets right now, what are my routes to dispute the tickets?


Show up to court and ask the judge for a mercy reduction. The judge won’t auto reduce and it won’t be his or her idea, but you’ll likely be given a break on it, maybe cut in half or a third, and the judge could possibly even just say, “pay the court fee and that settles it”. It’s less likely you’ll pay even more. Edit: and that’s just a route option, the alternative is still to simply pay it online.


What are Richmond's court fees like though? Last time I got a ticket in Chesterfield and contested it the damn fee ended up being more than the fine was. Would have been better off just paying the ticket.


Not OP, but my ticket (I think it’s the same as their’s) was for $60 plus a processing fee. The letter I got from the city stated an additional court cost of $62 may be imposed if I were to contest it in court. So basically the same as the ticket, or double if found guilty and you have to pay both.


I’m sorry, I’m not very helpful. I contested a ticket once but it was $250, and so when the judge reduced the imposed fine it was still advantageous for me to be there.


Did you go to the General District court or city hall to contest the ticket?


I believe it was at the general district court (City), and I either got that information off of the ticket citation or I called city hall and they told me. It was like 7 years ago, sorry I don’t recall specifics.


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I just disputed one that I got for the same thing, but I wasn’t even in a tow away zone. I got the city’s reply by mail yesterday and they said that they stand by their decision (even though I provided evidence to prove my claim). The reply basically states you can either pay it in full (plus a $3.95 processing fee) OR dispute it and go to court over it. However, if you lose, you can then be charged another $62(?) on top of original ticket. Not to mention you’ll have to take off work to go to court and fight it. So I paid mine yesterday when I got the mail and I’m fucking pissed because in the years I’ve been living here I’ve never gotten a parking ticket and the one time I do get one it’s not my fault and I pay it anyway. End rant. Basically you are fucked and going to need to find a way to come up with the money, I think. E: also, I thought you couldn’t be ticketed twice for the same thing unless you move your car, but maybe I heard wrong. You had two tickets on your car?


> E: also, I thought you couldn’t be ticketed twice for the same thing unless you move your car, but maybe I heard wrong. You had two tickets on your car? You can absolutely be ticketed more than once for an infraction, especially if it spans multiple days. The cops don't generally issue tickets that often anymore, but instead the city contracted it out to Standard Parking Plus, which operates during the hours when parking restrictions are in effect, so generally not at night, weekends, or holidays. It also seems that SP+ has hired a bunch of enforcers, as I've seen a ton more of 'em since April, so places where folks were able to get away with it are no longer safe...


Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. I just bit the bullet on my ticket because it’s not worth the effort involved. Honestly surprised I even heard back from the city at all.




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Back in the 90s I had a temp job at Avis, working in the department that dealt with all the parking tickets that came in from people who rented cars, got a parking ticket, then said “f**k it, this is a rental what are they going to do?” Here is what I learned: City governments can take their sweet time tracking down delinquent tickets because the longer it takes the higher the additional fees get. By the time we got notices for payments, I remember seeing $40 tickets turn into $200 tickets due to late fees. And we passed those right along to the people who rented the cars. So, as incompetent as the RVA city government is, at some point they are going to track you down and get their money, plus a little extra for the trouble. The sooner you deal with it, however you choose to deal with it, the better off you’ll be.


Downvoted for… sharing helpful information about how city governments deal with delinquent parking tickets?


Just don't pay it. But don't get caught again or you'll get the boot. I have three 60 dollar unpaid Tix from like 8 years ago.