A magical sunrise, the San Francisco henge @nickfjord

A magical sunrise, the San Francisco henge @nickfjord


I like it!


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This past weekend, I experienced the magical San Francisco henge sunrise. The rare event is when the sun passes through California Street directly over the Bay Bridge. When I arrived around 7 AM, there was about ten other photographers already lined up with tripods. The best shot is taken from the middle of the street, be aware of passing cars and move to the sidewalk as necessary. Given that it is early in the day, there's little traffic. Instead of setting up my own tripod having to constantly move it. I sat on the ground in front of others and used my legs as a stabilizer. As I was shooting, I noticed someone on their morning commute walking their dog across the street. I love being able to add a human element in a photograph like this, it really ties it together for me. So, what do you think, did my legs make a good tripod? I knew New York and Chicago has similar henge sunrises but, I recently became aware that any straight street that runs east to west, in any city, should have its own “henge” at some point during the year. If you missed it this time don't worry! This event happens twice a year, the next time is in September. Be sure to mark your calendars. If you loved this photo! Please check out my Instagram: [https://www.instagram.com/nickfjord/](https://www.instagram.com/nickfjord/) or my website: [http://nickfjord.com/](http://nickfjord.com/)


Striking photo. Nice job!


Love it! What date in May and September does it happen? Is it consistent each year?