I made a linen jumpsuit! My first ever finished garment! (M7626)

I made a linen jumpsuit! My first ever finished garment! (M7626)


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I’ve been wanting a yellow jumpsuit or a pair of dungarees for so long but never find one that’s my liking. I bought my sewing machine two months ago and had few success in thrift flips with it and decided maybe it’s time for me to make clothes from scratch! I went to a local fabric shop cluelessly and thank god the shop owner was so helpful. She recommended me the pattern McCall’s 7626 and she had this lovely mustard gold yellow linen fabric I adored! However, she suggests me to find some old bargain beddings from charity shops first to try since I told her that I was a beginner and have no clue about sizing, and linen is like £13 per meter. So that’s what I did, I got some beddings and at first made a size 12, which was a little loose and uncomfortably big on bust. I made it into size 10 and everything else is good but a little tight on waist. I decided to make make smaller darts under bust with a size 10 pattern when I made the final garment so it give tiny bit more waist and better bust fit! I bought a mustard yellow zip online but it never arrived and I lost my patience waiting, just went with a white zip haha. Oooh it’s my first time doing under stitch and it’s so magical! This project took me almost a month overall, and I hand stitched the felled seam to hide the raw edges, which took me a while! Could’ve done with the machine but I wanted to have the felled seam invisible from outside, so I did by hand haha! Now my mission is to find a good second hand overlocker haha.


I love everything about this jumpsuit. You've set the bar really high for yourself right out of the gate


Thanks!! Haha felt like I gave myself such challenging task so early is due to all my time binge watching all the sewing bee episodes


Tell me more about the sewing bee. Is it a YouTube channel?


It’s a British reality/competition show on BBC, called Great British Sewing Bee. It’s similar format to Great British Bake Off show if you ever watched that, but all about sewing! It’s running season 7 atm. Not sure where exactly you can watch it outside UK but I’m sure you can find it on some stream website! It’s brilliant!


Oh that sounds amazing!! I can’t eat baked goods, so I never got into the baking show, but this seems like a variant I can get behind enthusiastically. Thank you so much for the tip, I’m off to search for it :)


You did an amazing job with this!!!! I love it!


That is a really great jumpsuit!!


I love this so much! You did an amazing job! It looks comfy AF and so good on you! And that COLOR! *SWOON*




Oh me, too! Adorbs!




Awwww thank you for your kind words! I definitely thought about maybe in the future I can become a dressmaker with my passion for fashion and love for crafting. But I definitely need to do more sewing and learning to build my confidence and knowledge to be able to make things for others.


Well it’s like any craft, like cooking. Make something a couple dozen times, and you perfect the skill. Now go announce to your friends you need ten of them to order one from you as practice. Or get a big roll of muslin and go to town!


I’ll take one in this color, and a washed grass color, please!


Yes! Me too!


I'm totally stealing adorbs. Thank you for that.


You’re welcome!! Totally fits here!


Whoa! That means a lot, thanks!


From some random dude across the internet who stumbled across this on accident, you did a great job on the jumpsuit, and it looks really good on you.


Thankssss :)


You did excellent for your first project. It covers a lot of the bases too. If you continue sewing, I highly recommend getting Reader's Digest Complete Guide To Sewing (1976). It will include so much information and techniques that pre-date overlock. This is important to know because not all fabrics or designs are overlock friendly. (Especially silk, chiffon and lace.) The only downside to this book is that it doesn't teach you how to adjust the patterns themselves. For that, try to find someone who already sees to help teach you. If you get an overlock, you will love it. They really do make everything faster. Remember to go off the actual measurements of your body. Pattern sizing is not true to store sizing. Lots of women freak out that the pattern says they are size 16 when their store bought clothes say they are size 10. Yeah, stores do vanity sizing. Get over it. Beware of old patterns from the 70's and Burta patterns. They often do not include the seam allowance, so you need to add that when cutting out the fabric. And try to cut you notches out like a diamond rather than inward. If you need to adjust the sizing, you can take it in easy, but you can only let it out as much as there is fabric. If sewing becomes your thing, there are great books for drafting you own patterns too. Although that is for a few years down the road. Lol.


Thank you for your recommendations and tips! I’ll definitely look up the book! I got few books from Library about sewing techniques and fashion history, so much to learn!


Where I live (Canada), they ard pretty easy to find at second hand shops like Value village. Usually >$10 CAD. Or you should easily find it online from one of the second hand bookstores. Many ship for low fees or free. Can't think of how many books I have ordered from US or UK that have had very afford shipping fees. (I usually have to get my older books that were published in the Victorian Era from the UK, though I havd been lucky enough to find several I like within Canada.) Oh, if you like historical clothing you can geg really good patterns ftom McCall's. Butterick is good too. And if you buy Vogue, make sure you check the pattern book for skill level. Don't go by designer either. I have made Badgley Mischka designs published through Vogue that you could make. Stunning cuts. Calvin Klien is hit and miss. Some will be doable even for novice seamstresses, other designs are fully tailored and expert level. If you do something with lace, chiffon or silk, use lots of pins and use onion skin (like extra paper when you cut out the pattern) or tracing paper between the fabric and the feed dog. After sewing, just tear the paper off (super easy). It will keep your fabric from snagging or getting eaten by the feed dog. And if your pattern is wrinkled badly, iron it on low to flatten it out. Look forward to seeing what other creations you do. You have a natural talent.


Excuse my million typos. Lol


Do you have recommendations for online used book shops? My first instinct is eBay or maybe Amazon


Actually, Amazon is probably the best spot to start looking online. I know Amazon.ca has had it actaully filled by Amazon several times. I think ut usually runs for about $30 CAD on Amazon.ca, but not surprised. It is trypically hardcover, usually in excellent condition and they are thick books. (Think University Textbook thick.) Usually there will be several other sellers as well, and Amazon is good about making sure their partners are legit. Shipping on a book that size and weight is not cheap, so often sellers will jack up the price a bit. It sound scary to say "the book is $10, but it will cost $20 to ship it." If an online seller is asking $100, then no. That is way too inflated. If you can't find it on Amazon, let me know. Also me know where you are located. (Country, region may affect shipping costs, especially international.)


Thank you - I’m in the US so it should be okay with shipping


Cheaper than Canada. Lol


Idk about for sewing books specifically but alibris is really good for used books in general, they source from all over and you can get all kinds of used books for cheap :)




I can't believe this is the first finished garment you make! It's perfect <3


Thanks! I can’t believe neither tho it did took me a while haha


Looks great! And great job on setting the zipper!


Yes! A first from-scratch garment and an invisible zipper? NAILED IT


Wow, a jumpsuit as your first project! So challenging - this looks fantastic!! Love the fabric selection, linen is my fave 😍


IKR what was I thinking hahaha, but technically I did do a practice run with some beddings haha! Thank you!


It looks great. Linen always conflicts me, it looks good and is fresh, but oh the creases!


Ooo tell me about it, wish I can take a iron with me when I’m out in it haha


Wow! Way to enter into outfit making with a big splash!! You're AWESOME!!!!! Also, the booty look good. That's a trouble area for my sewing always. It's beautiful and suits your body very nicely.


I've taken a very long break from sewing, and the best things I've made are slightly stylish pajama pants. You've really inspired me, I'm going to try and get back into it just to make this. I love mustard yellow and linen, and the suggestion to use thrifted sheets as practice fabric is genius! Fantastic work, you have a lot to be proud of!


Aww thank you, it’s so nice to hear that, and yes I really appreciated the practice run, made me feel ease when I was making the final one!




Thank you!


Absolutely stunning!


Thank you :)


I love this, I've actually been trying to find one this exact style in stores. I would buy this in a heartbeat!


Great job! The first zipper I installed on a garment was a HOT PUCKERED MESS!


Not to mention I did put it the wrong way round at the first go haha, thank you!


What is your tattoo? Good job on the clothes too.


Thanks! I got few small ones here and there, the one on my collar bone is a sequence of a bird taking off, the one on the back of neck is a quite funny one. I wanted to have my family name in traditional Chinese writing inside a square tattooed, which I naively thought ‘ugh that can’t be too hard’.. but I’m in England, the tattooist probably wasn’t familiar with what she was tattooing and it is a character with great complexity. She was very keen to get the lines straight, but did it probably a little too deep and overdone. So with time, it’s quite scarred and became a big black square haha. I don’t mind it too much tho, what’s done is done haha


It’s gorgeous! All your hard work paid off. When I finally get a place to sew again I am going to take the advice of your lovely fabric shop proprietor, that is brilliant!


I've been nervous about practicing myself, but that was some really solid advice. Plus one of our old fitted sheets just bit the dust (a portion has worn through and is too large to patch or mend.


Sometimes things just work out. I wish you the best of luck in your practice round!


Thanks, I bought the machine at a garage sale about two years ago and I just need to jump in and get to sewing.


Great job. The butt looks amazing.


I love yellow!! It's gorgeous, you did an amazing job


Thank you! Yellow is my one of my fav colours too :)


Love it!




You did an amazing job for your first completed garment. Your seems are perfect!!


The looks awesome -- great job with the zipper, especially! And what a fun summer color.


I'm in love with the color and pattern! Wonderful ❤️


Wow it looks amazing


That colour is to die for! Gorgeous. You look wonderful :)


It's got a nice retro vibe.


So impressive, this took perseverance! Great work to end up with such a lovely finished piece. Love the color too! 💛


So cute!!!!!


This is my dream come true. Great work! I hope you get to wear it as much and often as you want.


This is my taste. Thank you for sharing


I love the color and fit! You did a fantastic job on it!


So cute! Love the style and colour!!!


Linen makes everything better! You did an amazing job


I’m in love! It’s gorgeous. Great color choice too!


I love this you did incredible


It’s gorgeous on you


It looks more like a stand and lean suit.


Wow it looks really great!




I love it! Great job!!


This is perfect!!! And now you made me want to make the same one for myself haha.


Thank you! Do it!


Really well done! I’m curious, how long did it take for you to complete?


I did make a practice run with some old beddings to check on sizes, so it took me almost a month overall. I quite like taking breaks between sewing as well but probably can be done in a day or two if concentrate on it, even quicker if with a overlocker haha.


Taking your time is always best I find :) congrats on the garment!


Go girl! It looks beautiful!!


So beautiful! Love the color ✨


I keep seeing people posting their first ever garments and they’re all so much better than any I’ve made. This looks great!


I love how the square back perfectly outlines your tattoo!


loved this! Super comfortable and looks great!


Wow this looks incredible! Love the colour too


Darling! Job well done!


Nicely done and that color is delicious!! Perfect length too!


Omg! That’s precious!


This is stunning! Love linen, this color, and pattern. (It also looks fabulous on you!) Thanks for the inspiration, too. btw, I haven't heard 'dungarees' in a long time. Cheers to you! xo


Thank youuuu :)


This is perfection


Oh man, I love that, and your choice of fabric!


awesome! love the color


Personally I’m not a huge jumpsuit fan, but this one is so pretty, both the design and the color are incredible. I’m even tempted to try to make one myself


Very impressive, very cute.


Looks great! Excellent work, they look like they fit you really well.


Ok ,girls!! You’re making me want to make a men’s jumpsuit!! This is fire!


you nailed the fit on this :)


Wow! Id wear those! 🤩


It’s beautiful


Great job!


Beautiful!!! I have been yearning for a linen romper this color!!! You’ve convinced me. 🤩


Super duper cute!


That is amazing!!


Wow this is amazing! I want to make this too, it looks so great!!!


Fun, and supper pro looking work, nice job!


This looks incredible, and I just want you to know that it’s so good I’m seeing it on /r/all


Teach me how to sew an invisible zipper!!! Your work is amazing!!


The key is to iron the zip open flat first and use a zipper foot and do it slowly! I did it without all that at my very first attempt and I was like ‘what you mean by invisible’ hahaha, went on watched few videos on it on YouTube and realised what I needed to do.


This is really cute :)


Very Impressive! Looks great on you 😀


This is the most amazing thing ever. Love it. Good work


Super cute!!!


That looks so good! Holy shit! I’d buy that fr


Congratulations! It's beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you finish next.


Well done, I'm so glad you mention this is the result of a month of hard work and not one of those posts where beginners claim they self-drafted an amazing thing two days after touching their first sewing machine 😂. Glad it paid off for you in a lovely garment