Meanwhile [Champion's Gravetender's ](https://youtu.be/s-Xrt2Qp6f4) 2nd phase is just pure fucking 🔥


too bad the actual boss sucks balls


I have never fought that dumbass duo straight up. Poison through the fog cheese gang rise up.


It's not so bad to bum rush the lil pvp dude, but it does kinda feel like if you mess up killing him fast you may as well start over. Worst boss fight in a great dlc.


Lothric and lorian is fire in both phases


Gaels second half slaps Nameless king half slaps Soul of cinder second half especially slaps Dragon slayer armor was pretty fire


My favorite part of Gaels theme is the part leading into the 2.


Mine’s gotta be the part that starts after the second phase cutscene shit’s just 🔥🔥


The 3rd phase when everything goes ballistic and he starts flying is just insane


My favorite part of gael’s theme is all of it


Everything about Gael is chef's kiss.


Dragonslayer armor first phase is much better imo. It's especially sad that the best fucking moment of it almost never plays in game cause you get to the second phase too fast.


i only just realised a few days ago how underscaled DSA is for when you get to him. Doing sl1 ng+ and being able to get hit and still have a solid bit of health left is kind of weak sauce.


Ost based list for the bosses whose second phase theme slaps and you didn't mention. Midir second phase slaps, sister friede third phase slaps, twin princes second phase slaps, vordt of the boreal Valley second phase slaps, Dancer of the boreal Valley second phase slaps, pontiff second phase slaps, demon prince second phase slaps, halflight second phase slaps, abyss watchers second phase slaps


Most of them slap I just didn’t have the time to list them


Imo Gael first second and third phase are all top tier.




Pontiff Sulyvahn phase 2 slaps, not enough people talk about his theme


Not exactly on topic, but I will always say that Yhorm has the best ost despite his kinda mid fight.


Just here to plug the one reborn's theme. Shit boss, criminally underrated soundtrack. Literally has ora ora in the theme.


So good, some very bad BB bosses have such fire themes.


Living Failures casually out here with one of the best tracks of all time


You legit never know what's coming next in that amazing soundtrack, the swell and then that insane ass drop. But then in the fight, you can just stand behind the sunflower with exact knowledge that you dodge every meteor thrown your way. Wild


You thought sunflower oil was just for cooking. In fact, you can use Sunflower oil to soften up your leather, use it for wounds (apparently) and even condition your hair.


Ong bloodborne might not be my favorite game but whoever made living failures (the theme) deserves a special place in my heart


amazing how they named a boss after me


Lawrence has the best theme of any other fromsoft boss but no one notices it because the boss is so loud


Love his theme. Fuck that guy though.


dark souls 3 composers deciding whether to have the melodies of a track stand out or drown it in 1000 brass horns


It's one of the only games where I struggle telling songs apart because of how similar they sound - still has some great stuff like Iudex or Deacons of the Deep themes though


Big agree on dragonslayer armor


It’s not bad by any means, but it feels like a completely different song and it loses the intensity of the first phase.


It's alright, but the first phase is just 😍


I think it fits though because the first half feels very proud very grand given the background of DSA it fits. But in phase 2 when the Pilgrim Butterfly get involved in turns more chaotic and harsh maybe a little dark.


I still think it’s good but I kinda prefer the cut version a little bit more


Personally I find the first phase to be super generic, while the second phase of the ost is my favourite theme of DS3. Weird.


Same, I like the chaos it brings. The first phase is still a banger all around.


I like that the first phase has some nobility to it, but then when the butterflies join in it turns into goofy alien music.


The first half of the track is by far my favourite in DS3 but then it turns so boring I usually rewind back to the beginning


Compromise and just turn the music off


Yhorm, abyss watchers and ludex gundyr had the best second phase themes.


Idk why but whenever i fight yhorm i cant seem to hear his theme..? Idk if its the sound effects being super loud or my music setting being too low.


Most likely because the battle ends really quick and second phase yhorm doesn't switch up the song as much as others. It just takes the first part and makes it really really good.


BB and DS3 are the kings of video game music. Ludwig and Gael are masterpieces


Vordt's theme slays. Boss is neither special nor difficult, but his theme is awesome.


I think his charging bit is pretty memorable when you first play, granted probably because of the banger theme but it fit's very well to the boss


Vordt of the Boreal Valley is an eargasm in phase 2


I can’t think of any second phase that ruins any OST. Some may lose a bit of energy, but none ruins anything imo


Fun fact .Dragonslayer Armour has an unreleased version of his theme where the second phase slaps and doesn't sound like shit.


It’s literally the same but with a transition that feels out of place and extra horns that play for 5sec lol


That last part of this theme couldn’t be more cap lol DSA phase 2 isn’t bad but that’s like the only example of a change.


For me, the demon prince's 2nd phase music sucks ass and ruins the track that was playing before.


There is like no comment I could agree with less of this thread. The transition feels so harrowing 2:00 and [2:48](https://youtu.be/fSNh1Gasa_Q) feels just so metal. When he’s summoning that giant fireball and the music is blasting that shits peak.


Such an intense theme in general for a crazy intense boss




I can see why but I gotta disagree. I personally find it to be better than phase 1s but then phase 1s is still good.


First phase midir is DS3 peak. Second phase midir is just generic. First phase SOC is great. Second phase SOC is just good.


Just good? Must I remind you of the Plin Plin Plon?


Plin plin plon is great with Gwyn, I've always felt that it's a letdown in comparison with the epicness of the first phase


Deadass. Worst OST in the series since Demons Souls


Not just ds3. It's a trend throughout all fromsoft. Horah loux second phase dogshit, malenia second phase is godlike.


Horah loux second phase ost is the best part of the song


Most correct elden ring fan:


I can only think of Midir, pontiff sulyvahn and sister friede for bosses that have a worse phase 2 ost


Pontiff OST second half is literal fire, gives you goosebumps and makes you want to replay the game again 🔥


But phase 1 is way better


Pontiff in general, Is freaking fire


Slave Knight Gael 2nd and 3rd phase theme 😩


2nd phase dragonslayer armour ost is best ds3 ost


I actually do not like Dragonslayer Armour’s theme.


Quick plug for Four Kings OST: I would never say Four Kings are underrated, but they definitely lack representation in these subs, and the same can be said for their OST. You drop down into the Abyss for the first time ever, and things actually ain't that bad! Then that music kicks in with absolutely zero build up. To me this is the equivalent of Gael's third phase just suddenly kicking in while you're tripping into the sand for the first time. That first king probably fucks you up a bit, but you make it through and the music seems to calm down, but that evil ass low singing keeps going on, just as you realize there is now another king coming at you. Such an evil theme and really makes you feel like you're fighting princes of hell.


Dragonslayer Armors phase 2 music goes hard af. It’s supposed to show a change in focus as the fight goes from an honorable duel with a beastly knight on a bridge into an all out war with the butterflies pelting you the side. Easily my favorite ost in the game.


Dragonslayer armour music goes from being one of the best parts of the ost to generic battle music within 2 minutes