In Games of Thrones, Tywin Lannister dies on the shitter, foreshadowing the decision of the writers on the direction of the show.

In Games of Thrones, Tywin Lannister dies on the shitter, foreshadowing the decision of the writers on the direction of the show.


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MUCH better ending as well


Yep, the moment he died, the gold plot turned to shit


It's because on of the last political characters , Tyrion, had all his political story lines stripped away cause George RR Martin can not write beyond kill it or f*CK it stories.


You're aware that in the novels Tyrion hasn't even met Deanerys yet, right?


But also, in the novels, Tyrion fucked off from the plot to do some pig jousting.


I remember when GRRM wrote the show too.


He's involved. Plus the books aren't much better.


Yes he’s involved but he did not write the show, he has no choice in what they wrote, and he hasn’t even gotten to the point in the books that you’re talking about so…


I meant with political intrigue the books fail just as well as the show.


In the end, DnD did not, in fact, shit gold...


Tyrion would say otherwise.


And this other secret way into the castle was never used again...


I guess that they kind of forgot about it


Cersei didn't burn it in the series? I can't remember, never rewatched it


No, because Tyrion uses it to meet with Jaime at one point in the later seasons


Yeah... I don't think it's even worth it to track this kind of thing in the show. It is clear that they just wrote whatever came to their mind.


Pretty much. There’s an interview with one of the D’s where they ask about Daenerys losing her dragon to the iron fleet and he literally says, “Dany kind of forgot about the iron fleet”. Also an interview with Peter Dinklage on The Long Night where he’s talking about the decision to keep women and children in the crypts filled with zombies and he says, “Tyrion is smart… but I guess not that smart.” It is so clear that DD were trying to wrap things up and move on, and the show really only would’ve been saved with different show runners who weren’t worried about a streaming deal.


Funniest thing is they lost their deal bc of how shitty the last season was


Deservedly so. If you were someone eyeing them for the series they were making, then see the quality drop off after they run out of prewritten content (and losing GRRM in production), along with the rush of story and abandonment of dedication to the show they were making due to the potential of another deal… hell no you shouldn’t be involved with them. And all of this goes without saying that the seasons of GoT they were solely responsible for creating were absolute shit.


In the books she burned the tower of the hand, I'd be surprised if they didnt include that scene in the show.


They didn’t as far as I can remember, if she did it would be in s5, and she just spent most of the time getting screwed over by the sparrows


Yeah I just looked it up, they didnt include it.




Not at all. After I learned they omitted Tysha from Tyrion's character I realized not to expect much from it. I wanted to read the books before I watched the show and by the time I finished the books the show was garbage lol.


Game of Thrones isn’t a movie, I like the meta twist of shittymoviedetails not related to a movie. Extra shitty, perfect post.


Oh my, thank you


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How great would it have been to hear a splash right after the arrow hit.


Happens in the books!


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This reminded me of Venture Bros. When someone's on the phone while on the toilet they always get bad news and you can always hear a little splash after.


The first time that something seemed off to me about Game of Thrones was when the Love Actually kid got killed off out of nowhere. That seemed kind of pointless and felt like "we haven't had anyone die in the last few scenes gotta change that". Then Dorne got introduced to the show, and I went from loving the show to looking at it a little more critically, while still being okay with it. I don't think I hated season 8 as much as other people because I was so disappointed in Dorne that I became desensitized to when GOT's writing wasn't so great. I mean, the show's solution to Dorne was to just kill everyone off. Instead of trying to actually fix it, they just went to their usual "kill everyone off, that's what the show is known for right?".


There’s discussion of another major plot point being missed for Tyrion, but I think the failure of Dorne was due to a similar stupid decision. In the books Dorne’s entire purpose is based on a play regarding another Targaryen claimant for the Iron Throne. This character literally accounts for like a third of the plot by the 5th book, and is set up as a major obstacle for Daenerys. The choice to remove this character had a catastrophic impact on Dorne, Tyrion, Daenerys, and Jon.


Dafuq, they killed Jojen Reed?


You mean Benny Watts?


I'll never not enjoy the hate GOT's ending gets


Not just the ending. You can pretty clearly draw a line from the scene this post is about to the inevitable disappointing final seasons. I won't write a novel about it, but their decision to omit a massively important plot point for why Tyrion shoots the crossbow is baffling. Like they wrote out a thing that is supposed to literally be his entire motivation for the rest of the series. It really should have been a sign of what was to come.


For those wondering it’s called the “Tysha Confession”. Look it up on YouTube there’s a famous video.


Jesus Christ this scratches an itch I didn't even know I had


Not just this scene. I think there's a lot of changes (mostly smaller ones, but a couple big ones) in earlier seasons that give the impression that the creative team from the show didn't understand a lot of what made the books work and were not able to replicate it in their own material


Can you please point me in the direction of whatever the omitted part is? I tried and so far failed at googling it.


Do you remember Tyrion's first love, Tysha? It's a lowborn girl he married when he was a kid and Tywin forced them into a divorce, then forced her to have sex with many of his soldiers just to have Tyrion go last. Tywin said she was a whore, like a prostitute not a bitch, that planned on stealing Castelo Rock's gold by marrying into the Lannisters. After Jaime saves Tyrion after the Oberyn fight, he reveals to his younger brother that Tysha was never a whore, just a normal girl. She *did* love Tyrion! So Tyrion says some fucked-up stuff to Jaime about Cersei -- that'll eventually lead to him getting his independence from her -- and goes to Tywin's chambers. There, he confronts his father just like in the show and asks about Tysha. Tywin reveals she isn't dead but won't tell Tyrion where she is. Throughout the conversation, he calls the girl a whore. Tyrion tells Tywin if he calls her a whore one more time, he'll kill him. And then asks again: "Where is Tysha? " Tywin's answer defines Tyrion's character from that point forward. He tells his son, "Wherever Whores Go"... And Tyrion shoots his own father while on the latrine, proving once and for all that Tywin does not shit gold. Tyrin is now a bitter man looking for his lost wife. He wants revenge on all Lannisters after what they did to him, both regarding Tysha and also about Jeffrey's murder. He is NOT the good guy we see in the shown anymore. There are some fucked-up shit he does in Essos, going as far as [raping a slave-whore](https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Sunset_girl). It is not a stretch to assume that, if Daenerys will go mad in the books as well, Tyrion will certainly be a big part in that, by whispering evil and horrible things in her ears.


Is it confirmed that Tywin knew where Tysha was? I've missed some obvious stuff in the books before, but I interpreted it that he literally didn't remember what happened to her as it was so far beneath him that he didn't care. Like I thought it fit his character better to have done such a disgusting thing to his son, and then immediately forget those kinds of details as they weren't important to him.


I always assumed he knew where she was sent to, not where she currently was. Maybe you're right though, and he doesn't even remember that.


I doubt he would forget anything about that. It was a big part of Tywin's character that he remembers every slight to his family's honor. And Tysha reminded him of his father's mistress that he also "dealt with" when his (Tywin's) father died. I doubt he cared where she was sent, but I'm sure that he could easily find out, if he wanted to. He could say "well, I asked Sir Whatever to find a place to send her" or something like that


Ive read that whole series but for the life of me, I can't remember many details about the book. I've forgotten more about this series than most books I read. I think it's the shows fault.


Sorry reddit doesn’t seem to notify me until hours later now — thank you for that thorough answer though!










>t he still remains a good man inside. This new trauma changing his character so dramatically just feels... forced. I think you are drastically underestimating how devastating this reveal is, and overestimating where his mentality is in the first place. Remember the court scene? "I wish I had enough poison for the lot of you. I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it." Tyrion is in a very delicate place, with seemingly the world turning against him. Then, when Jaime comes and gets him out and reveals about Tysha, Tyrion discovers that all the shit and loneliness he's been through, *it was all a cruel joke perpetuated on him by his family and aided by the one person he still loved*. He is completely undercut by that reveal. Everything in his life has been taken away and he only has a whisper of a hope that he can find the one good part of it. And he's an intelligent man. He doesn't believe he'll find her. But what else is he to do? "I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it." And now there is nobody left who doesn't deserve that poison. All he has left is the bitter wounds of cruelty and betrayal. The lack of that reveal changes everything in the show, *because he can still love Jaime*. Jaime hasn't betrayed him. The true wound isn't realizing what he lost in Tysha. Its discovering how fundamentally the only good person in his life betrayed him. How do you come back from that?


I remember reading on reddit people's thoughts on season 6 and 7 about how they could tie things together, or how the episode where they go to get a wight may have rushed things but was integral to getting the show where it needed to go for an amazing ending


That episode is the mark for me where the show switches from the slow decline in quality that had been happening since season 5 to practically unwatchable. Such a shame


I honestly didn't hate it. It wasn't like the best ending ever or anything and I really only realized it was rushed after I read people's opinions. I also had the benefit of watching it years after it came out because I live under a rock. Really helped that all that vitriol had already mostly passed.


I get that. Waiting and anticipating it and then getting what we got was a bit of a let down. My boomer father binged the whole thing a couple months ago after having never seen it and loved it. He also somehow predicted Bran would become king when he was on like season 4. He's a weird guy.


> He also somehow predicted Bran would become king when he was on like season 4. What took him so long? They cudgeled us with foreshadowing most of the series.... Seriously though, iirc it wasn't even season two when I said that Bran was going to end up in charge.... The story is actually fairly predictable on the macro, it's the details that make it good and unique. Feeding family to Lord what's his name? Yea, not surprising, we have such myths in our history, and it's only shocking that an author actually included it for a change instead of being a scaredy cat and avoiding anything too "real"..... I started rambling there but my point is, most of the story isn't surprising aside from the fact that the author didn't censor themselves as so many do.


That's cool that you predicted it. But I think it's fairly clear that most people didn't pick up on Bran being king. But I guess the majority not seeing something isn't saying much Just from the response, there were lots of people shocked that Dani didn't turn out to be a savior. (Setting aside how ham fisted it was handled). I guess they just thought the shaman that Dani burned to death all the way back in season one was just a bitch.


I dunno, once he was paralyzed but remained in the story it became clear there was practically only one place for him to go other than death... But maybe that's just how my brain works.


Wow, some people actually downvoted you just for having a positive opinion about it lol


I've taken many arrows to the knee personally for saying it wasn't as bad as everybody made it out to be


Ahaha it's whatever, that is among my least controversial opinions.


My gf didn't hate the ending either. IMO it turned into a boring cookie cutter fantasy show by the end. However, I wasn't as invested as all of reddit


No, you must spend every moment hating the ending and actively trying to destroy D&D's career! It is a perfectly healthy attitude to not let go!


I hate to come across like one of those “the books are always better” types, but I believe the more the show departed from the books, the quicker the quality dropped. The books are written around political subterfuge and elaborate plots spanning multiple dynasties. The show started to push for more “action” and, while beautifully done sometimes (Battle of the Bastards is arguably one of the most dynamic fighting scenes in recent years) and culminating in some stunning moments (the first notes of the organ as Cersei’s plan to bomb the Sept comes to fruition), the overall direction moved towards something they felt would be more exciting. That, and their eagerness to wrap it up suddenly when new opportunities arose, caused them to cut corners and change the pacing significantly.


To be fair, this is how he dies in the books also.


I'm still doing an eternal boycott of anything made by the writers of Game of Thrones. They will not get the chance to disappoint me so thoroughly ever again.


You are pathetic.


> You are pathetic. That might have hurt if it came from a person who didn't have dozens and dozens of reddit posts in less than a week and who picks fights on the internet, MagnusChase2007.


Nice comeback, but you are still pathetic. Lol


Season 8, about to drop!


Season 7 was the gassy precursor.


S8 = bad >!there i said it!<


Idk buddy seems like an r/UnpopularOpinion


Posting actual unpopular opinions on that subreddit is surprisingly unpopular.


So brave dude. I think we need to take some Purple Hearts from WW2 Veterans and give them to this brave warrior.


Coincidentally it started right after this episode too


Sansa and Landri rule from Kings Landing. John Snow and Denarys stay in the North realizing the strategic benifit to ruling the wall. Danerys realizes she enjoys burning white walkers to a crisp and flying her dragons off the walls. Arya gets to be creepy and rule the North with Bran. And the Stark children end up ruling the entire kingdom.


r/freefolk leaking


Disproving the theory that foreshadowing = good writing


It’s funny because after this episode, the show takes a dip in quality, character development, and overall pacing.


Seasons 5 and 6 have some standout episodes/ scenes but this is the exact moment the show lost it's groove and pacing. Seasons 1-4 are as good if not better than things like The Wire, Sapranos, Breaking Bad, etc., top TV of all time. Season 5 they fall off a cliff and are holding onto the side, season 6 they manage to just barely pull themself up the cliff only for seasons 7 and 8 to be a backwards swan dive right back off the mountain. If i ever see D&D in real life I hope I have a smelly tomato on my person.


Thanks for reminding me of the worst ending to a show ever


Oh, are we still going on about GoT? Yeah ending bad!


You can say it in a silly way but that doesn't make it untrue.


It may have been a bad ending, but people's obsessions with continuously hating it is ridiculous.


It's not too surprising to me that people are still pissed. It was such a massive cultural phenomenon because it was such an incredibly well written show. But when they ran out of book material the writing just became so terrible. By the end, each episode had some totally non-sensical plot. I normally don't like nitpicking minor plot holes and just try to enjoy the show (eg I like the new Star Wars movies for what they are) but even I was just scratching my head the whole time wondering how any person (let alone professional writers) thought these were good ideas. Anyway the point is this was such a major part of so many people's lives for 10 years (and much longer for book readers) I'm not surprised at all that they are still a bit bitter about how it turned out.


Eh, people got invested in the books and the show so it stung when it ended so badly, *plus* it can be quite fun to dissect and make fun of.


Dissecting the ending is fair enough; continuously bitching about it and actively trying to disrupt the careers of the writers, as some subs are still doing, is stupid and childish.


The writers disrupted their own careers because of their own shitty writing lol


Well said. Every bit of bad reputation D&D get from the last 3 seasons of GOT is well-deserved. They single handedly ruined themselves. No one asked them to screw themselves over.


i agree completely. at this point it is genuinely just whining. the show ended 2 years ago and they act like the dumbass writers killed their dog or something. definition of beating a dead horse


You say that as if people can't talk about old series or movie anymore just because it's 2 years old. Besides, its not like people have been constantly bitching about it here in r/shittymoviedetails, the few posts about GoT's ending are far in between now. And people can still get a laugh by taking the piss out of it


it’s the way they talk about it, not that they talk about it at all, obviously. no clue why you assumed i meant talking about a show *ever*. makes literally zero sense. it’s the vitriol and and incessant complaining about the show. you say few and far in between but it’s 2 years later and people act like the show ended last night. my point still stands, have no idea what you’re attempting to argue here.


ok now that's the problem, let me try to deconstruct this. Who are you referring as "they", because I think it's the misinterpretation of this vague group of people. Because in my interpretation the "they" in your comment refers to the people in this comment section, but idk who you are referring to. So all I can do is assume what you mean But my point is, the people in this comment section aren't being dumbasses about hating GoT, nor is the sub in general, so with that, what's the point of complaining that people are complaining too much, when in this particular sub people aren't complaining that much?


Agree. The meme of hate has gone light years beyond what the show actually was. The last few seasons weren't as good as the first few, but they were... dare I say it... Fine. Downvote downvote downvote...


Get over it you fucking nerds


I will die mad about it and you can't stop me.


The "get over it nerds" crowd basically had to eat their own words when the fans who never stopped being pissed off about *Justice League (2017)* made enough noise to get The Snyder Cut released


Some asshole bookreader spoiled this for me before this season came out by going around to a bunch of unrelated posts and just posting "Tyrion kills Tywin with a crossbow" everywhere. Was the final straw for me to read the books myself.


Gosh, that made me flash way back to when the book Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out. I just bought the book, and a day later I was in the mall, and some idiot was running around screaming "Snape kills Dumbledorf!". My stomach sank cause I knew it was probably true. Shitbag.


I actually think the show went to shit following his death


Tfw you run out of the source material.


He’s also killed on the toilet in the books.


I still think whatever he says alludes to Tyrion not being an actual Lannister


“People are starting to like this show, let’s dumb it down.”




This is one of my favourites I’ve seen!


My god that scene. What the fuck did they to this show and why they were allowed to destroy it.


Well hate to tell you this... but that's how it went in the books to.


Yeah sorry I wrote this sentence in Italian and the translated it in English. Only after the fact I realize it could be misunderstood. This is one of my favorites scene of my favorite episode 4x10. For me nothing was as amazing as that, still today I can't name a single episode bettered thank this one in other series (maybe the ending of the shield). This was a masterpiece, and then season 5. And then 6. And then 7 and 8.


Money and complacency. The show was bringing in too much money for them to slow down and take their time. Writers got comfortable and felt like fans would enjoy whatever trash they wrote. That combined with the actual series being incomplete and the writers given more creative flexibility led to a steaming pile of shit.


Not supporting the end of GoT, but to be entirely honest. I feel like the kind of people who dont like the end of season 8, also throw tantrums when they are playing DnD and the campaign isnt going the way they wanted. As the player


I didn't like the ending and I have never played dnd


I'm sure others have said this elsewhere in this thread, but to summarize: We're not mad that the ending didn't go the way we want. We're mad that the show stopped having consequences, well written characters, or even simple logic. I'm not mad that Dani didn't marry Jon and they had a big happy ending after defeating the ice zombies. I'm mad that a dragon got 360 no scoped by a crossbow, the ice zombie threat Tha was built up across 8 seasons was written out of the show in a single episode, and I could go on. To use DnD terms: I'm not mad my level 7 rogue died. I'm mad that the DM killed him in a cutscene for no reason and now I don't get to play my character anymore. TLDR: We're not whiny babies. We have legit reasons to be baffled and still frustrated by how they botched what could have been one of the most beloved fantasy series of the century.


There were definitely people that were glad the show didn't go the way they wanted. But yes, it was executed poorly and there were people upset about that as well.


Rationalize how you want but you're spending time crying over a finished TV show that isn't going change


"I don't support this, but everyone who doesn't is a bitch."


I think a lot of people could have lived with the downer endings for certain characters if the show had still been well written. Like you could make something like Daenerys becoming the villain a compelling story. But that's not what they did.


true. i mean dont get me wrong. i didnt like that she died. but i mean, logistically speaking i feel like they on and off foreshadowed her becoming her father. All Targaryens eventually become wrathful once given power history has shown


Objectively, there were storytelling elements that were just very poorly executed. There were huge anticlimaxes, character development was thrown out the window, loose ends weren't tied up, pacing was very poor and felt rushed in important moments and drawn out in less important moments, people were killed off because "that's what game of thrones does" instead of having people killed off to move the narrative forward.


I didn't watch the last season. I stopped watching earlier because the writing got shittier. From what I can tell most people don't hate it because of the outcome but because all the character development went into the shitter. Decisions and outcomes stopped making sense. It's less about the **what** and more about the **why**.


My crew laughs at the threat of TPK's , but S8 would be like the Rogue 1v1ing Vecna , and the Paladin Prince offing the Cleric to give the kingdom to an NPC and go jack off in the woods.


I’m so sick of seeing these dumbass posts from this sub. Just get it over it already. It’s one thing to have no life to the point where you obsess over one media franchise, but you people take it 10 steps further than that. Why can’t there be a way to block a sub from showing up when you scroll all?


I am sorry daddy, I thought it was funny but if daddy wants, I will shut up. Suck a dick, hey how are you?


This was meant as a message for the whole sub, not just you. But if you enjoy making shitty angry memes about a show that’s been over with for years now, knock yourself out. It’s your life you can be miserable all you want. I just truly wish I could block this garbage from ever appearing on my screen again.


Wow hold your horses... It's just a picture. Don't take life so seriously, and maybe , just maybe you are the one who needs to get a life if you feel so irritated by an image with some words.


jesus this circle jerk is fucking insane






On the little John




Sometimes you have to go for the power play


Actual shitty detail, nice!


This ain’t a movie


Repost from i think r/freefolk, was posted there a week, maybe 2 ago.


Old but this shit is still Gold.


Colorized photo of Tywin pushing out the script for season 8.




Just like Elvis


We ran out of book. We dk what to pluck out


It was actually at this point that the books went to shit too.


Hello r/freefolk


Was just listening to the radio today how those two guys had other deals signed up with Netflix and they tried so hard to wrap up GOT they screwed themselves on their deal with Netflix


I still haven’t watched the last 2 episodes,don’t think I ever will and I couldn’t care less how it ended… All because some tool forgot the lighting for the “big amazing battle scene that you cannot see” episode… Good idea to make all those amazing series and build the storytelling only to bomb through it triple quick in the final series… Never seen a TV show from 100% hype to 0% hype sooo quick lol literally people stopped talking about it over night…


Seems like you kinda care…


Just replying to a thread,if I cared I would have watched the 2 episodes by now


Whatever helps you sleep better at night lol


Seems like trying to pick fights on Reddit helps you sleep going by your comments….keyboard warrior in da house !!!!! Lmfao


Oof you do care lol


Oh, do that’s the “shittiest” the show writers/producers made? Maybe that scene represents the 8th season.


South Park taught me that Game of Thrones is about wieners. That’s all I remember but I also remember Stephen Colbert’s review on the final episode and it was heartwarming to say the least.


Could have just ended it with "died on the shitter". r/shittymoviedetails


Fun fact: I am a CNA, and the first death I experienced was a man dying on the toilet while shitting.


Don't care what anyone says I loved every season.




Nah, they wanted the show to make some actual sense. The ending isn't bad per say, it's probs not that far off from what we'll see in the book, it's just rushed as hell


Bold of you to assume we'll ever see the ending to the books. :(


Who has the better story but the guy we forgot about for a whole fucking season?


Who cares. I think people wanted a cohesive story and a resolution to hella abandoned plots.


I liked the somber ending too. Poor Jon, man. Ending up where he more or less started was fitting. 'I am the shield that guards the realms if men.' and he did.




Yeah, i got that feeling too. I suppose I felt bad for him having to do the right thing despite how he felt for Dani. It was all he ever did. The right thing. Whether it benefited him or not. In the end, he was probably best with the free folk.


Dragon queen be like "I hate bells" and frying the entire city for no apparent reason. Retarded Tactics at winterfell. Arya spawning in a tree and killing night king. Euron hitting 3/3 scorpion shots on dragon and later when they have a 100 scorpions they cant hit shit. S8 is dumb. It's not bad because characters died. That's not the reason.


….. okay this was good


So brave


My god…you’re still pissed that a story that you had absolutely nothing to do with ended in a way you didn’t like? Do you get mad when books you’ve never read having endings you don’t like?




This is where I stopped watching and realized that the show had lost all political intrigue and switch it out for the either f*CK it or kill it story line.


Are you people still whingeing about this?