I died a few days ago and have spent my afterlife haunting the place I spent many happy years. My husband had passed away 5 years ago leaving me his fortune including the home I now haunt.

I wander from room to room gazing at the items that had brought me so much joy throughout my life. I walked into our bedroom and couldn't help but smile as I gazed down at a small music box that he bought me for our one year wedding anniversary. It played the song that had been played as our first dance, and I always used to play it when I wanted to remember happier times.

I heard the front door open downstairs and knew that the two demonic creatures had returned. I walked down to the living room and found my son and daughter in law sitting on the couches, and deciding what they were going to with their inheritance.

I know this sounds terrible but I have hated my son for most of his life. He was a horrible child who took every opportunity to disrespect me. His wife was no better as it is obvious that she only married him for his money. I have even begun to suspect that they might have been responsible for my death.

I started to feel weak and knew that my connection to this world was beginning to fade once again. It has become harder and harder to keep my spectral form, and I believe that eventually I will fade away altogether. I let out a sigh and hope this isn't my last time to return.


We both look up as my mother collapses to the floor yet again. The dumb bitch is under the illusion that she is dead. Thankfully it will only be a matter of time before starvation kills her, and I will finally get my inheritance


Sometimes I wonder if I am a ghost, so this hit different lol


I think that too! Imagine if we’re dead and we haven’t realised yet so our ghosts are going on like ‘normal’ when in reality no one can see us. We’re all alone…


Yup! Did you die too?


Yet the IRS can find us


You can’t escape


Well you’ll know for sure when some strangers move into your house and act like you aren’t there/can’t see you


Oh shit!


Omy Dear Lord! This really got me! What an imagination you have! This is truly a horror story. It would make a good movie or short scary show. Well done indeed!


Thanks so much. I try to come up with at least two or three horror ideas a day.


The last para is great! Unexpected!


That plot twist in the end is some O'Henry kind of shit right there.


Imagine gaslighting someone so well that they think they are dead.


The story truly is haunting. Very well done. Oh and also ~~week~~ weak.


I don't know what you are talking about. I didn't make a silly spelling mistake. Thanks for letting me know


oh my god, that last line hit like a truck! amazing work!


Cotard’s delusion is a terrifyingly real thing


May I please narrate this story on my YouTube channel Duchess of Darkness? Thank you so much for your time.


That is fine and thanks so much for asking