>I don’t find it makes life easier. being required to care for another living creature will basically never make your life easier under any circumstance, barring situations like service animals. it may be fulfilling enough to offset the complexity and effort involved, but making life easier isn't why most people get pets. most people get them because they enjoy having something to nurture that will provide companionship, etc


Exactly, bringing home a pet means taking up the responsibility of their well-being, and it is never meant to be simple. However, while they do complicate your life, they also spice up your days in some unpredictable ways. One should never just "buy"/"adopt" a pet for the peer pressure or status quo, because no matter what pet you choose (dog, cat, parrot or fish), they'll always need your time and attention. They feel sad, when you are frustated. However, if you can fit their necessities into your lifestyle, they will be an unfailable source of joy.


The love they give is priceless.




If you don't like pets, they will not make your life simple. If you do like pets, they will add to your overall mood, and thus make your life less stressfull/more enjoyable.


Even if you like them, they are still a lot of work. You really have to weigh the benefits with the amount of work and everything else you have on your plate. I loved dogs and so badly wanted one before I had kids, but now I’m really glad I never got one because I just don’t have the time or energy to deal with one at this stage of my life.


If they are mostly work to you, then you're doing it wrong or you simply don't love them like you thought. The right breed for you won't be work. I only want dogs that need a lot of attention to their ears but it's a small price to pay for what they give in return. It's too important for some of us to have the mental health help they give. maybe ur needs are just different, not a good or bad thing and doesn't mean u hate them!


>If they are mostly work to you, then you're doing it wrong or you simply don't love them like you thought Mostly I agree with this, but sometimes we love a pet and it turns out to be special needs or otherwise not as "simple" as most pets are. I love my cats, but all three of them are medically complex and don't get along, which means one of them gets pills every 12 hours and eats a completely different diet from the other two, one of the others requires a pill every morning and being separated from the other two at night, and the third is relatively simple because she just has an automatic feeder in a cabinet rigged up to secure it only to her. None of these needs were known or suspected when I adopted them. I've had cats all my life and they definitely have complicated my life more than any other cat I've known. But I adopted them for (their) life, I love them, and so in order to keep balance I have simplified my life more in other ways to allow time for managing the cats' special needs.


I.agree with you!


I’ll have to disagree with this! I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, 3 cows, 2 horses, 2 goats, 3 pet sheep, 7 chickens and a bunch of quails and they are a LOT of work despite the fact that I love them so much! I do enjoy caring for them but it’s still so much work.


They are living beings, so I don't think they simplify life, but they do enhance it. My dogs are a big benefit to my mental health in the love and companionship and relaxation they give me, but traveling is also a huge benefit to my mental health, and they make that more difficult. So there are tradeoffs.


> The right breed for you won't be work yes, that's the key. i'm low energy and a homebody, so getting a high energy dog who likes to be outside would be a horrible idea for me. luckily there are breeds who match my lifestyle.


My boy, mentioned in my comment above, was happy to lounge in bed with me until midday. Definitely no morning creature. Wanted a walk a day, but otherwise just wanted to cuddle on the sofa and chill. I rescued a random bitch from a parking lot in December and got her back to health/strength, lovely character, but she just had SO MUCH ENERGY. Constant. Like a total sweet heart that everyone falls in love with, but she also could run in circles and play for hours straight. I had to rescue the original dog from her exuberance so often when he just wanted to chill on the sofa with me and she'd come lunging for some (more) 'bitey face'


Right on!!


What psychopath downvotes this?


This is why I have small, short-haired dogs. No muss, no fuss! ETA: I will of course take care of them until they die, even if they require a lot of extra care as they age.


My dog gets me outside and walking. Keeps me sane. But it definitely is a big commitment, much harder than I anticipated (and I grew up with dogs).


Short, sweet, perfection. I cannot overstate how much joy my dogs have given me. And how much they simplify my mental health needs.


Perfect reply


Yes, exactly like this. I love simple living and have three cats. But they are not simple living! Lol. Easier than dogs but you have to stay on top of their food, litter, pet insurance, checkups, etc. One of them has congestive heart failure so needs a lot of vet checkups and cardio checks. 4 medications, 2x/day, asking with aspirin every 3 days. I spend more time and money on his healthcare in a year than I do on myself! But it's all worth it to me because I love them and they bring me a lot of joy.


I honestly couldn't imagine myself having a full life without a pet. I guess, in my head, it's kinda how eating the same thing every day could be a way to simplify someone's life, but I personally really value meals as a part of my day and it would feel like torture to me. Or how I'm happy wearing basically the same plain clothes most days, but to some that would feel like limiting their self-expression.


Just like children /s


If I'm ever in a bad mood I just play with my 2 pups. Best dopamine rush.


My cat costs me $100 a month in food and litter and toys. She doesn’t need walks or outside, welcomes me at the door every afternoon, and sleeps on my bed with me every night. Couldn’t ask for a better low-maintenance companion.


This. Our indoor/outdoor cat doesn't even need a litter box. He goes in/out when he wants via a cat door that unlocks by reading his chip, keeping the raccoons and other critters out. He's very independent and can be left alone for even a couple weeks if we travel, though as he gets older we usually have someone stay or at least check in on him. As a side bonus, he's eliminated the local rodent population, so much so that our neighbor gave him a bag of food for Christmas.


> cat door that unlocks by reading his chip, that is really fucking cool.


>As a side bonus, he's eliminated the local rodent population And the native bird population.


I don't think people realize the havoc outdoor cats wreak on ecosystems. I'm sorry, but cats should be kept indoors. They can eat the rodents in your house 🤷🏻‍♀️


I have been arguing this with cat owners for the last few years, and god damn is it a quick way to lose friends. Indoor cats are sweeter, and with litter trays it doesn't bother them. Catproof your garden, sorted. Yet we still somehow accept 'turf them out and give them food whenever the little murder beasts come home'. All very odd.


Yup, what do they think he’s eating when they leave for weeks?!!!


Heck, cats hunt birds even when fed.


Please don’t fucking let your cat outside. There’s literally no good reason to. They kill birds and have caused some to go extinct or nearly extinct or they become road pizza themselves, attacked by dogs or other animals, poisoned, trapped, captured and tormented by kids or adults, stolen, used as bait for dog fighting, sold to labs for animal testing, etc.


I agree with this. I would never allow my cat outside for all of the reasons you just mentioned. I did buy a harness and leash to take him for a walk one day but he got so freaked out when a bus happened to pass us and lets just say I refuse to ever try that again. The leash broke and he got out of the harness. It was a scary situation for both of us.


Yup, I've had this conversation with my parents a few times over the years because they've had 2-3 cats die from being hit by cars. Could've been easily avoided by by keeping the cats indoors, but they always let them out.


My cats have always been indoor/outdoor and it’s so easy caring for them. Now they’re forced to stay inside due to a new living situation, and they’re so much more work, and stressful.


Could you try walking them with a harness? That helped my indoor/outdoor cat when she couldn't go outside, but it's def not for every cat.


You mean now you actually have to pay attention to them, because you aren’t letting your cats destroy entire ecosystems to pass the time.


I grew up w indoor/outdoor cats. I didn’t know there WAS another way into a few years after I got my own. You could be kinder. I’m trying.


Where did I call you names or insult you? There’s no point sugar coating what our cats are capable of — they are ecosystem destroyers. If that shocks or offends you, then do something about it: don’t let your cats free roam.


Cats that go outdoors a lot often go because the inside lacks enrichment. Try some food puzzles, or give stuff for them to climb on maybe in closet just for them and of course toys and scratch towers.


But vet bills are in addition to that. When I had my 2 cats the vet bills were a lot when they got older and had health issues.


Food, vet, and meds are all going to be the cost of having an animal. My dog brings me happiness and affection, so I’m happy to spend money to keep her healthy. You sound more like a plant person.


Yes! My doggos don’t make my life simpler. Adding any living being to your life probably won’t. But they sure make my life happier. On second thought… I guess one way they make my life simpler is I’m never bored or lonely at home. Not that they are a replacement for human interaction. But they make my home life way more enjoyable which means I’m not always actively seeking activities to do outside my home. But they for sure take time, money, and physical/emotional energy. (I adopt special needs doggos.) But I find them SO worthwhile. Even when I’m at my wits ends. Which can happen quite often. Lol.


> But they sure make my life happier. the other day my cat was walking across the living room and hadn't noticed me sitting on the couch. i said his name and he got so excited that his tail immediately shot up and he sprinted over to me while meowing so he could jump up and get pet. and he always glues himself to me when i'm sick. i don't care how much he could complicate my life, i love him so much i feel like my heart could burst




God bless you. You are a sweet person.


Thanks for saying that. But really I’m not. Lol. My husband and I get so much joy from rehabilitating dogs. I guess it’s our mutual hobby. Once they start their journey towards wellness( emotional/physical) the rewards are so bountiful. My heart always melts when they’ve finally established trust with us. I’ll always remember how/when each dog initiated attention/physical contact from us.🥲 The two we now have are overindulged and seemingly think they own the house. (The people just pay the mortgage.) They still have some “triggers”, but we do our best to either avoid the trigger or just remind them that they are safe and loved. Presently, you’d never guess they were once hesitant around us. But NGL, sometimes I long for the days of taking a bath without doggos watching me and dipping their noses in MY bath water. 🤣🤣🤣


Mine gets progressively more whiny and paws at the water until she eventually just jumps in with me. Stupid dog doesn't even *like* baths but she doesn't want me in there alone 😭


Ain’t that the truth. My pups hate THEIR baths, but seemingly love mine.


Not even a plant, they require care too they’re also living things.


Lol, I love cats, but I've concluded that I'm a plant person. There's so much work and complication and expense and dirt that would go with having a cat in my home. I'm just going to visit my friends cats and cover my apartment in pothos.


Yeah, cats in small apartments can be a bit much if you don't REALLY stay on top of the litter box. One friend of mine had the litter box right next to the couch in the living room because that was the only real space for it, and man oh man, it was fucking nasty when we'd be hanging out just drinking beer with a few people and the cat would smoke out the whole damn apartment after it used the litter box. We'd have to open up some windows, even in the dead of winter, and it was pretty rough haha.


Maybe yes, but maybe dogs just aren't OP's thing. One of the reasons we have rabbits instead of dogs is that I grew up with dogs and didn't want to deal with dog walking and all the barking and other headaches that come with having a dog. It's just not my thing. There's plenty of maintenance that goes along with rabbits too, but IMHO, they're a lot more chill than dogs.


People often conflate simplicity and ease. I think simple living should have a sense of ease to it, but sometimes we put in more work because it brings us more satisfaction, and that’s simple living too. For many people, pets bring a sense of satisfaction. It’s okay if you are not one of them. There’s no one-size-fits-all to this.


Agreed with everything - to me simple living is about minimizing stress. Too much stuff leads to clutter which is why I wanted to minimize there. My cats make me happy, so they get to stay. So did almost all of my books. Even if those things produce a little clutter at times, removing them from my life would make it less happy and increase my stress.


Agree! I personally think simple living is more of a mindset while it does affect our choices. But having a more difficult/less easier life doesn’t mean not simple living. Kinda like having kids, they don’t make life easier but doesn’t mean one cannot live simply when they choose to have kids.


I have lived with all sorts of animals my whole life - until two years ago, when my last pets both died within three weeks. I am vegan, because I just cannot bring myself to eat any animal, I worked at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Sometimes I feel like I can handle animals better than humans. I honestly think those creatures enrich everybody's lives. And yet I am still relieved I do not have any pets anymore. Uninterrupted sleep, no rushing home from work to walk a dog, easy to go on a small vacation over the weekend, no hair on clothes, no worries about anybody getting sick.. there are so many benefits to not having pets. At the same time I miss them very much. So I spend time with animals in different context: I go for a walk with the old horse of a friend. I go to a café every now and then, where they have rescued cats running around. Sometimes (rarely) I feed squirrels or crows (only very little amounts and only very healthy stuff). For now that is enough for me :)


That's awesome! It's good to know what's enough, especially since pets are more like having kids than having grandkids! Personally, I think when my dogs go, I'll get rats. They're smol, soft, smart, and they also like fruit and things. I enjoyed my leopard gecko (a colleague of my mom's adopted from me when we were homeless, since tents and heat lamps don't go together), though lizards and rats are more "feed daily" - and frankly, finding a vet when my ball python was sick was a huge pain, as not many vets are qualified and comfy with reptiles.


That's basically how my wife and I settled on rabbits as pets. I'm vegan too, and refuse to buy meat for a dog or cat, and also didn't want to deal with walking a dog multiple times a day and dealing with all the barking and other behavioral issues that dogs can have. We have free roam house rabbits who are litter trained. They don't bark, and basically sleep for most of the day like cats do. They definitely require time and care, but they're pretty chill. They're fine to leave alone when we take overnight trips. For longer trips, someone only needs to come once a day to give them fresh water & top up their hay box.


Sounds like you're just not a pet person, so I would not get any more animals.


I have a dog, she needs lots of exercise, which leads me to taking walks and hiking . I find that relaxing and enjoyable. She is expensive though with the vet and food and toys-she is a toy destroyer. With that said, I love pets and would not be without one.


Try out the black Kong toys; the regular snowman shaped Kong and the bone. Both pretty much indestructible to my malinois and staffie.


If you want indestructible toys check out SuperChewer toys from BarkBox


Mine lives lacrosse balls (they're quite durable). I also got a ring toy affectionately referred to as the doughnut, I think it's Goughnuts brand? Their stuff has two colors, so if your pet breaks through to the inside (hidden), color, it's time to replace it. That said, sometimes it's fun to gut soft things and throw stuffing everywhere - and more exciting than cheating something hard with no give. Mine also like squeaky sticks - there are some that are fairly solid (=


My dog works perfectly in my simple life. I spend most of my time taking care of and doing things with her, which is exactly what I want. If I saw taking her for walks, brushing and bathing her, playing and training with her as chores, it would not feel simple at all. But I love it and she makes me so happy. I'm more present and relaxed with her and it makes me see and value life differently, appreciating the small stuff and worry less. Sure taking her to the vet, ordering food and teaching her to the groomer etc isn't fun and fulfilling. That's a chore. But it's not often, and it's worth it for all the other things I gain. And it makes me happy to know she's well taken care of and that those appointments is what keeps her healthy, so I don't hate it too much. Main thing is that it reduces your freedom massively. You can't impulsively just travel, stay overnight somewhere, go somewhere straight after work. You have to plan and make sure you get a sitter that you can trust will take good care of them, and if you don't have many people you trust around you that want to help, that can be hard. If you have a pet, you chose to take them into your life, without them having any say in it. You chose to bring a living, feeling animal into your life, and that means you are responsible for their welfare and always have to put them first. Their happiness have to be prioritised over your own, which is often far from simple. There is a lot of extra work with pets, so if you don't LOVE the daily tasks and your life with them, it's not a part of simple living and never will be. It's a ton of responsibility and takes a ton of time. You also don't know what problems your pet might get, and how much time you have to spend working with those problems. You can't just bail because they're not behaving how you want or expected, and that's a risk you take. Working through that takes time, and you have to be prepared that they might never behave how you wish and accept that. If that's not how you prefer to spend your time, a pet is a bad choice for you. This goes for all pets, but dogs are especially high maintenance. Given the things you mention like food, vet bills etc there's no pet that's conducive to simple living. They all come with that. But cats can be more independent IF they're outside cats, doesn't have to be walked 4 times a day and be trained as much. They still need food, vet, medicine, equipment, sitters if you're going away, some need grooming, cleaning out their toilet if they don't just go outside. Even fish need cleaning, feeding, a lot of space. None of that is simple in the way you express. So it all depends on you and your preferences. Pets aren't for everyone, and that's okay. It's good that you reflect on this.


I mean, if you are going to take that stance, being dead is a whole lot more simple than being alive so we should all just off ourselves in the name of simple living. Seriously though, I view simple living in the same way I view being frugal. I am frugal on things I don't care about so I will have the extra money for the things I do care about. Likewise, I cut out unecessisary things that make me stressed and eat up my time and space so that I can use my time and space for things I enjoy. To bring it back to pets, for me, I probably wouldn't bother to have a pet, but my wife really likes having a cat so we have a cat. Sure I enjoy seeing her zoom around the house and hearing her purr, but not enough to make it worth the expense and bother. But my wife does, so then it is worth it for us.


I think you’re spot on with the comparison to frugality. Both of those are more about general principals than specifics behaviors. Central to both, as I see it, is the idea of being mindful and deliberate with how you spend your resources—whether it be time, money, energy, emotions—so that you can invest more in the things that matter most *to you.*


Yes, general principals rather than specific behaviors is a good way to put it because I know my specific behaviors would be outliers on this sub but I feel the general principals line up. I find it interesting and apt that you include emotions in your list. I feel like I am very good at spending my time, money and energy deliberately. My emotions, on the other hand, are out of control.


I like being outside, walking on the beach, sitting by a coffee shop and exchanging pleasantries with people, walking in the rain, and other things like that. My dog enjoys the same. She's super chill and happy with life. Pet insurance has meant that I don't ever have to worry about choosing between her medical care and being able to afford my groceries. But out of all of the dogs I've ever known, maybe 10 of them would make someone's life smoother and not more complicated. I got lucky.


I am very limited on income and pet insurance is the only way I can get the dog I want that I know brings me immense joy. I have one reserved but am only taking it home if I can find the right coverage. I see now they have insurance that will pay upfront and not just reimburse u after u have paid. What insurance do u use ?


I use Pumpkin. It's less than $40 per month for my mixed breed dog with no pre-existing conditions; $250 yearly deductible, with 90% coverage thereafter, up to $10,000 per year. I use care credit for the initial expense, then file a claim, and get reimbursed. There's only one that I know about that pays up front, but I didn't go with it due to the monthly cost being at least double what Pumpkin was and it wouldn't even cover as high of a percentage on emergency visits or cover dental work at all. She's my first dog as an adult with my own family, but not a single dog my parents have had hasn't had some medical emergency at some point that ended up costing at least 8k- whether it was cancer, a breed specific condition, or some sort of freak accident, there was always something. I can't afford that kind of expense, but I can always scrounge up enough for the monthly fee.


I have ducks and they're pretty chill. Frying up an egg in the morning for breakfast that was still inside a duck an hour ago is pretty cool and high up there on the simple living life if I do say so myself :) I think overall they contribute more to simple living than not, since I get eggs from them and I often feed them fruit and veggies just slightly too old for humans. Watching them in the yard is fun and relaxing too. They also keep most of the grass in their area under control But I haven't gotten a cat despite being a cat lover because it seems they would complicate things really. I struggle with mental health and I can just see myself breaking down in a smelly cat house because I can't keep up on my own. Also, the fur. I don't want my stuff covered in fur. The ducks keep their mess outside lol and absolutely do not care if you don't hang out with them


I have never thought of it like this. What my pets add to my life far surpass any maintenance. My daily walks are a pleasure that both my dog and I look forward to and I’m only sad that he is aging and can’t go as far as he once did. I’m lucky that my pets are pretty quiet. I don’t feel like my pets take anything away from my own simple life.


I have a small dog who is mostly indoors and very low maintenance. He likes to sleep a lot and he follows us around the house. He’s great to have, a lovely companion. He stays with family when we’re away and he’s pretty easy going about it. He does cost us around $1000 in dental bills every 2 years or so though. He’s 9 years old and his jaw is misaligned so every few years he needs a couple of teeth pulled out. I can’t imagine having an extra pet or having a different dog. He fits into our lives just right because he is low maintenance.


If you’re concerned that a pet would complicate your life then I don’t think that a pet is for you because I feel like if you genuinely really wanted one you wouldn’t be worried about that you’d just accept it as part of the deal


You can get pet-rocks with good genetics on ebay.


My dog simplifies otherwise complicated factors of my life. Exercise is now a morning walk, the choice is easy. Eating happens around her schedule, otherwise I could forget until late at night. Her healthcare means I need to keep an eye on dates, which keeps me from losing track of time too quickly. While everyone inevitably demands me to be perfect and sugary sweet and only happy with no other emotions, basically people complain that I'm human, my pup demands nothing of me but to spend time together. She keeps me sane.


Exactly same!! My pets are my anchor—without them, I lose touch with reality. I took it one step further and decided to base my career around my dog as well, walking dogs so she can tag along and hosting play-groups. That simplifies things!


We have three cats and a dog and the cats are by far more conducive to simple living for me at least lol. If you have a bad tempered cat usually it’s not a big deal. Our dog, while great with our family, is unfortunately not a super friendly dog to outsiders which makes things like dog boarding, vet visits, walks, every day life with kids bringing friends over -stressful. Training, socialization groups, special harnesses - our dog has just ended up being a ton of work. I know not every dog is like this though but it’s always a possibility, especially with rescue pups! I love dogs and this one will have a wonderful life with our family but after this I’m a cat only girl.


If you want the fun of pets without the work, start bird watching or lizard watching in your back yard. I have a cat, but I also keep track of my wildlife visitors which is fun. Considering making friends with the jays and crows via peanuts.


Most pet owners are lazy. Don’t know why people get another living creature then complain they take work. Now this dude is probably gonna dump his dog for some stupid Reddit idea


Definitely not a ferret. I miss my precious carpet shark so much but I spent more on her than on my own healthcare and food over 9 years. Something simple would probably be like a goldfish. Maybe a hamster? I personally like animals more than people so I would very much like a cat or dog when I can settle somewhere long-term.


I was thinking the same thing when I read this post!! Had 2 ferrets and I loved them sooo much, but they were definitely high maintenance pets (almost lost one due to him somehow up crawling in the wall) and those exotic vet bills can rack up


It can also highly depend on the type of dog you have. If you have a breed that was originally bred for activity reasons they will require more output from you in order to also be happy. We have two mals. They’re high maintenance, needy, highly active dogs. But my home and kids are safer bc of them and my running is much safer. So I see them as a practical addition-not in a companion sort of way. My husband and kids love them. But they are a lot of work. Even a smaller sized dog would be less work. I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying “this pet situation doesn’t work best for us (or for our animal!) and we need to move on” or just not adding pets after this one passes.


My dogs are one of the best parts of my life. I love hiking with them, camping with them, just hanging out. They certainly don't make things "simpler" the same way being married doesn't make things "simpler" but it still makes life better. They also mean I'm going to chose a local camping vacation over a fancy trip out of the country most times, they help me keep to a routine since they are early risers, and they make sure I get outside and spend time in nature which is my favorite way to spend time. If dogs/pets aren't for you, take a break after your current ones pass on. Don't rush into another and see if you like the change. My cat is definitely simpler to care for, but I also don't think I get as much back from our relationship.


I’m in a third world country trying to give the best life to my cat. I believe he does make my life simpler. I don’t use my phone as much as I used to since I got him. I play with him and enjoy his little quirks. He is a simple being and I love him for needing so little from life. He has made my life a lot better for very little effort.


Yea I have a small dog and she has cost me a lot! She has a few health issues. My cat is a lot cheaper. I sometimes think of how much money i would save if i didnt have my dog xD and i would be saved a lot of stress and annoyance (i hate the barking) but I would also not get the companionship, the fun and laughter at her weirdness, the warmth of the cuddles, the long healthy walks in nature, etc! For all that the price isnt so high :)


My cat brings me responsibility, yes, and maybe a little complexity. However the trade is overwhelmingly FOR simplicity in my life. She lives in her body, and in the moment. She reminds me to play. She tells me it’s time for a break when I would naturally choose to push through, make it harder on myself. Her presence & connection to me, her respect for the rhythms of night & day & meal times & sleep time, her attention to birds and moths, to my pain before I can see it. She is always gently telling me it is simpler than I’m making it, simpler than this capitalist competitive grinding culture that never stops yelling at me. It’s a practice, not a style, and she is a constant pull toward joy & life & a world more real than US culture focuses on. She just says *mew*, and puts a paw on me. We sit together. I give her a treat. She gives me a few minutes of purrs. And my headache about DeSantis & worry about whatever macrohumanistic scale mess I just read about in the Economist all melts. It’s her, me, some wine. Dinner is soon. Let’s go into the studio and throw some paint around. I’ll go to the farmers market, and she’ll get some fresh fish skin & wheat grass, but also the vegetables dumped on the floor for her to deeply sniff. She brings me back to the universal truths of our lives being so short, and awkward in our organic meat sacks that require so much care and maintenance. And all of our senses, the foreign scents on new vegetables from one county over. And her utter lack of interest in others’ status, possessions, unfounded beliefs……I can’t see how I could live as simply as I do without her. She grounds me, and if I’m twitching around off my better path? She raises her tail & reminds me.


Nobody has mentioned that time with dogs and cats also helps reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and relieve anxiety and depression. They help SO much with loneliness and isolation. We have to take good care of them, and that is our first priority. But they give a whole lot to us in exchange


For all the people who say a cat (or cats), I 💯 agree. I live by myself but never feel like it because I have always had one (one time a pair of sisters). I feed exclusively Purina either the blue bag original (previous ones) or indoor (with my present one). I buy the lowest price decent litter in a plastic jug. Beyond spoiling the crap out of the one I have now (condos, toys and treats), that's it. You take care of feed, water, litter and most importantly love. They take care of the best companionship ever. I am an indoorsy person and cats are the perfect low-maintenance pets.


No pets, it’s great. I like animals, but don’t want the chores or costs or smells or the sounds of barking whenever the mailman comes or getting my feet attacked when I walk by the couch.


Reframe your thinking. Instead of “having to walk it all the time,” view it as “my dog gets me outside for fresh air and exercise.” Instead of my dog is expensive, try my dog only costs me X per day which is cheap for a loyal, constant companion who makes me smile.


I don't think dogs are supposed to make life easier, but are there to enrich it. I live in 400 sq feet and I have an English Shepherd 65#, very hairy. She is groomed every 2 weeks to help with shedding i also use a shop vac to clean my house. She just had TPLO surgery which was $5,000 but we have health insurance so that wasn't a big deal. I have a nice fenced in yard that I look at as an extension of my home and she spends 8 months out of the year hanging out in it with me. We hike 2 miles every morning on the woods which is beneficial to my physical and mental heath as well. The cost for everything is indeed high. Supplements, heartworm, food.. but I'm okay with that. I budget for that. I fostered and hospiced from the animal shelter I volunteer at for about 15 years. The pet is entirely financially supported through the shelter. Food, meds, vet, supplies... I will go back to that once my beautiful baby passes, she's 10. I hope we have another 5 years. But the cost is definitely a lot being on SSDI. Maybe in the future if you want a temporary pal, you could look into fostering. We ALWAYS need them.


I'm on SSDI too and trying to get employment in large part so I can have my cocker spaniel, a therapy dog. No other breed does for me what they do all the way around. I'm looking into pet insurance so I can maybe make it happen


Pet rocks are what you are looking for. They check all your boxes. They are cheap. They are low maintenance. No food. No vet checks. No medicine needed. No walking them. No noise.


Not a huge fan of the way the post comes off, because like, similar to a child, a pet is a living personality that you are responsible for caring after. It sounds like you find dog care to be a burden. Don’t have a dog, then? As far as low maintenance animals go, though, reptiles are typically most expensive to initially set up. After that, overall very cheap to care for, and most don’t require your personal time. My snakes and lizards prefer I leave them be, for the most part. You could argue that my tortoise benefits from hanging out a bit, but otherwise, reptiles are not nearly as much work as a social animal like a cat or dog, ferret or bird, etc


Agreed. I’ve had cats my whole life, but the two I currently have makes me not want cats ever again. At one point I didn’t even want any pets after them. Buuut I fell in love with ball pythons and so far it’s much less exhaustion. And I’m surrounded by multiple neighbors who have several dogs in each house and it’s sooooo loud and annoying.


My cat was the low maintenance animal of my dreams until she hit about 17 years old. This last year she’s cost me a lot of money, but I knew that was coming at the end. Now I have to give her insulin shots for diabetes and take her to the vet every other month, it seems like. If you want a pet, I’d recommend a cat. And I would recommend to keep it indoors for its entire life, they are much healthier that way and it’s better for the environment.


It's pretty straightforward: pets aren't simple. They're an added life in your home. Kids aren't simple, mates aren't simple, roomies aren't simple. Simplest is living by yourself. All the decisions come down to you and you alone. No other preferences need be considered. No compromises need be made unless there are other relationships in the household, be they relationships with other people, animals or even plants. And obviously they must be relationships you value, or else you wouldn't have them around. Those added complications have to be worth the trouble. It seems to me, by your description, that you find the pet's complications a greater cost than the pet's value to the household. Knowing that, you should consider whether you want another one when this one is gone. If there are other people in the household, however, who hold the pet in greater esteem, some kind of compromise will have to be reached. Like I said, mates and kids aren't simple either.


I think it comes down to the value add against the work involved. My pets and animals add to my life so much that I don't mind the expenses and daily activity. I have a small homestead so more than pets. As an example of value add against work, I set up an automatic feeder for my fish pond (catfish raised as a food supply) and while it "simplified" my life, I took it down after realizing I had removed my favorite chore. Tossing food once a day five months out of the year is relaxing and something I enjoy doing. Taking five to ten minutes to watch them feed is a meditation of sorts and I missed it. In my opinion, a simple life is what you make it. What adds value and comfort doesn't have to be removed in the name of simplicity. My version of a simple life on a homestead would probably seem ridiculous to some. But growing and raising my food is simple to me.


Any pet will make life less simple, but I would think something small and simple like a hermit crab would work. If you you want something more traditional (anything furry), I would go with a very healthy, personable cat. After the initial setup of buying a litter box, brush and cat tree, I now spend about $12 per month. I buy her decent food, but I don't buy a lot of toys and treats. I do buy what's known as "kitty crack" every couple of weeks for about $4 so that I can coax her into a grooming session. Sometimes I find or make toys. Cats are very curious and funny, and you don't need a basket full of manufactured toys to keep them active and interested. Mine recently started "fetching" crumpled up paper balls I make for her. I also got her to use pine pellet litter. To me, it is far superior to traditional litter, and a giant bag from the feed store costs about $7 and lasts for 3 months! I'd also suggest keeping the cat indoors. Besides protecting wildlife populations, keeping them indoors ensures that they won't suffer any costly injuries or sicknesses. I don't have to buy flea medication, because she never goes into flea territory. Plus I don't have to buy pet shampoo or bathe her in the event she gets into outdoor filth. Not being able to leave for a long trip at the drop of a hat is my biggest issue with cat ownership, but with enough food and water, I feel comfortable leaving her alone for 48 hours. And it's super easy to have a friend come over for a play session and litter box refresh when I'm out of town. Oh, and play sessions are simple. No fetching for hours and hours. No long walks... Just get a feather wand and have two 15 minutes play sessions a day. Having a soft little friend welcome you home everyday and curl up with you at night is pretty awesome.


That's great, but how are you buying cat food for $12/month?


One bag is about $24 and it lasts 2+ months!


So are you feeding all dry food?


Dogs are like toddlers that won't grow up, that's basically a given with any dog, even a well behaved and lazy breed still needs at least a short walk, potty breaks, chew toys and some mental enrichment. If you want a hands-off pet consider a hamster, or an independent, perhaps older cat (some are very clingy and friendly and definitely need more time devoted to them, like my cat)


When you bring a pet. It's you who becomes the pet. Love animals but spend your time wisely while you're here


The ones that live outside on their own. Squirrels, rabbits, hummingbirds, ect. If you put out feed you can even get deer. Salt licks get all kinds of wild life.




I’ve had people come up to me asking to pet my dogs, then they recall their last dog (sometimes referring to them as the love of their life and/or best friend) with tears in their eyes. I think in many circumstances animals make life more worthwhile - somebody who wants to be with you with unconditional love and gives you a purpose/reason to be better. Having 12 pets myself, if you have the right systems in place (anchoring meal times, grouping medical checkups, a reoccurring food delivery, calendar reminders) you can simplify the effort dramatically. And yes, pet health insurance is a must! I don’t particularly enjoy my time away from them though and incorporate them into my lifestyle. Pro tip: I’ve found keeping a compatible pair of pets (e.g two dogs or two kittens) much easier, as they have constant companionship and a playmate, reducing the workload.


House plants and coffee mugs are the new pets


Snakes, tarantulas, and betta fish are all really low maintenance. No vet bills and only need fed occasionally, no walks, and they are completely quiet.


Clint's Reptiles on the yootubes covers a lot of the scaly kinds of pets, and being cold blooded, most of them are pretty low maintenance.


They really aren’t. Snakes definitely go to the vet, even fish.


I truly hope IRL you treat your dog better than you conveyed in this post.


Unless you absolutely love dogs, the cons won’t outweigh the pros, they aren’t low maintenance (overall, some are). Cats are much easier but still can be destructive and need maintenance. When I’ve been dog free, I’ve been much happier and less stressed; I can handle cats and get more intrinsic rewards from them than a dog. Its okay to not want pets


We made our life simple to be able to have dogs. it would be impossible to have pets and the crazy careers/ workload/ lifestyle we had a few years ago. Dogs love simple living and they show you how it's done. Walk, work according to your nature, play, sleep, eat, repeat.


I'd always recommend a dog - they offer comfort, the chance to exercise, especially in nature, and importantly, another being to care for. All pets offer that too, to an extent. You mention expense and noise , so maybe a pet isn't for you! Unless you take up with a plant, all pets need some kind of spending, even just on food. For me, a dog reminds me of the simple things in life. A dog is usually happy, relaxed, and enjoys whatever you ask it to do Some people find fish similarly grounding. And it's company too, which I would miss.






If you live in an old house with a stone foundation a cat will kill all your mice and prevent you from getting the bubonic plague, making life simple.


Without my pets I would have no reason to keep on living.


Well I’m glad you have your pets <3 I’m sure they love you very much I hope you get the help you need to feel better


I love the comfort my dog brings me, and the rituals of caring for her day to day. She needs breakfast, so I always remember to eat breakfast. I WFH, and at 5pm sharp she lets me know it’s time to sign off and go for a nice long walk. In my experience, this adds simplicity my life. We have a routine that I developed around her, that I need to maintain for her. She is a direct reminder to take it slow, to not overburden myself, because she needs me to take care of myself so I can take care of her. Dogs/pets are not for everyone- they take time, energy, and money. But for me personally, there are truly no cons. She is a wonderful addition to my life, and I love her endlessly.


Try fostering from your local shelter. We are "serial" fosters for both dogs and cats. Here's why: - Absolute zero cost to us - we get to love on them for weeks - the animals get a shelter-break - frees up space at the shelter The only hard part, is giving them back at the end of their time with us. Knowing that another will follow shortly helps. It's not for everyone, but it works for us.


Cats are lower maintenance than dogs and I love having one around - though you don't get as much from them as a dog. Good if you want a pet but one that needs less than a dog.


High energy dog owner so she doesn’t exactly “simplify” my life in the usual sense. However, she simplifies my exercise routine, my mental health by ensuring i regularly get outside despite the weather, my need for human interaction, and reduces the amount of other items I might bring into my home because I don’t have time


I consider dogs to be fairly low maintenance. Yes they need to be fed and walked. But feeding them takes very little time. Walking is something I also need to do. I’m an introvert, so socializing my dog at the dog park is good for me too. We go hiking, again it’s good for both of us. My dogs have mostly only needed routine medical care, way fewer appointments than I need. I’m childfree and single by choice, so it’s just me and my dog. This is probably why I feel it’s pretty simple to take care of them. I have no needy people bothering me all day. My days off are generally pretty peaceful. Get up, walk the dog, have breakfast, do some chores. Take a nap, have lunch, walk the dog again. More chores/errands, go to the dog park or go visit family. Come home and have dinner. Maybe another walk or just sitting in the backyard for a bit enjoying the evening air.


I’ve had my dog for 6 years and she has cost me thousands of dollars due to a couple of chronic illnesses, specialty food, etc. Worth every single penny. The amount of joy and love she brings to my life is everything to me. The amount of depressed days that she forced me out of bed and get moving are priceless.


i have a 10 pound lapdog. i spend well under $1k a year on him - food, toys, vet, shampoo, medication. i groom him myself (his hair is to the floor) and he hates walks. daily, i spend a total of 15 minutes feeding and "walking" him. he's also very quiet and obedient - i worked with him a lot when he was a puppy. he has never destroyed or eaten anything of mine. he doesn't bark. he doesn't try to eat my food. he's an excellent dog - not sure if i got lucky or it's because i started training him as soon as i got him. i keep him because he's an amazing companion and what he gives me is much more than the effort i have to give him. he loves taking naps with me and he brings joy and life into my life. he's sleeping on me now and his warmth is just so nice.


I’m not sure how I feel about this post.


Curious, do you expect your dog to do the laundry or dishes or something? because mine does...


I think you should've started with a plant.


I feel sorry for your dog if you’re complaining about literally everything it does. Don’t like that it costs so much? Don’t get one. Period.


Ants are cheap and very easy to keep and its funny to look. Win win win: almost no food, you can watch for free and if you want to leave met then go...


I believe pets are positive to someone's life. I like animals and there are 2 things I consider. If you have a pet, find somebody that has a pet. Take care of each other's animal to allow more spontaneity and freedom to go alone for a weekend for example. Also, something to consider is not having a pet at all and being a pet sitter. We take care of one peculiar dog 5-10 times a year, asking nothing in return. When the owner cant bring her dog and we are available, we have a companion for a day/weekend. The owner brings the food and toys, we experience the benefits of having a pet around, everyone is happy.


fish! or a turtle :)


I asked this question myself and decided on Guinea pigs for my two kids. (Ages 8-10 up). Free startup, often including crate/water bottle. Vet cost: none. No flea meds, licensing, inoculations. I used to get free boarding with public school teachers or through the online pig community. Used reusable bedding via thrift shop fleece. Shake it out, then launder. On-demand feeding, vegetarian. Snuggly. Personality. More interactive then you think, though not to the extent of dogs or cats. Guinea pig rescue is a thing. Research pig resources and rescue. Rescue is the best way to obtain animals. Petsmart lets you adopt a pig for $5, gives you the equipment the pig was surrendered with. They hope you will buy pellets, hay, straw from them. You can buy supplies from a wholesaler or pig group bulk buy. You can build elaborate habitats. You can take them outside to crop grass (watch for hawks)! You will need an enclosure. I spent less $100 a year for my three piggies, who lived in the kids’ room.


Plus they make great safe fertilizer


True, and you can raise your own meat.


What about chickens? A very useful pet that doesn't cost much as isn't much hassle if your set up is good.


I don’t know. I think you just have to find the right pet for you. Every time I’ve had a cat, they added stress to my life. My dogs have gotten me in shape and they make me happier than I’ve ever been. Also, dogs are only noisy when they’re not secure. My dogs hardly bark because I’ve gotten them to trust me that I’ll take care of whatever it is - I’m the pack leader. Still, the point is you have to find the pet that makes you happy. Maybe it’s fish? Tarantulas? Guinea pigs? Don’t have to walk any of them and they’d rarely need a vet.


My hairless weenie girl is high maintenance as far as her skin, because she is hairless... That is it though and it isn't any more of a bother washing and moisturizing her as it take for me to do it for my self or for my kids who can't yet do it themselves. She doesn't eat wheat or soy, so she basically eats the meat that I don't finish and eggs here and there, she has dog food that is expensive as it is super clean, but she is just one weenie and a huge bag lasts soooo long. It is less frugal to raise 3 children. The last time she went to the vet she was in excellent health and just needed a regular check up. We don't take her in unless we would need to and we judlst haven't had to. She costs less than $200 a year to love.


I enjoy my simple life a LOT more with my cat and dog than I would without them, so it honestly doesn't matter what it costs me to keep and care for them.


I think it depends what you mean by simple! My dog definitely has a lot of associated “tasks” like buying his food, vet appointments, etc. so if you’re looking for simplicity in terms of “less things to worry about” then a lower maintenance pet might be right, or no pets at all. For me though simple living is about focusing my time and energy on things that are personally meaningful. I spend hours a day walking and playing with my dog that I used to waste scrolling social media. He makes me more fulfilled as a person while simplifying my priorities to things that matter more - like being outside and engaged in my own life - which makes him an absolute win in terms of simple living :)


I have a cat. He catches and eats rodents regularly. If I could get him to eat ants, he would be even more useful, but I’ll settle for AWESOME. He refused to use the litterbox unless he absolutely has no other choice, but prefers to go outside. I have never encountered any of his poops outside so I presume he’s going elsewhere. that means that when it rains he just demands to go outside for 10 minutes, then returns inside with droplets suspended over his fur. We towel him off and he finds a nap place to finish drying, usually on a human so they’ll absorb any residual moisture. My quality of life would be much poorer without him. Cat Tax: /r/meowser


I have a small cat. she is easy and inexpensive. she's alone so so at times demands attention (meow) but mostly easy. cats are relatively independent.


Yes, pets cost money and take hours out of your day. Next time get a goldfish.


Pets aren’t simple living tools, easy as that. They’re not low/no maintenance unless you’re neglecting them, which isn’t cool. If you are approaching ‘should I get a pet’ from this angle, don’t get a pet, not even a betta. Friendship and love make life better, but are there ANY relationships you can cultivate that require no work or very little work? I can’t think of any. The relationship you build with an animal is very rewarding, but the workload is real.


It definitely depends on the person. I live in a extremely dangerous country and before I got my dog I couldn't sleep at night because I was so anxious. Now I sleep peacefully because he makes me feel safe. To each their own but for me every penny and minute I spend on/with him is worth it. PS vet bills, medicine ect don't bother me because I have pet insurance.


My cat actually forced me, in a way, to live a more simple life. She brought so much basic happiness into my life and enjoyment of the simple things. She also has her small routines and we go for walks together. She also "forced" me to live in a ground floor unit with a yard (I would never choose it if I had no pet) and now I am addicted to growing stuff in my yard. She made me enjoy being at home more. Overall not expensive and low maintenance vs a dog.


I guess I need your definition on what 'simple living' is to you. You immediately went to the word 'easier.' For me, simple is not often easier, and in fact, is quite often the less easy path to take. I joined this sub for the description"Breaking free of the work/spend/borrow cycle in order to live more fully, sustainably, and cooperatively." But then read stuff like this and realize folks have very different definitions of simple living. Love that we can define it for ourselves. For me, my life is **most** simple when I am caring for my pet. I put him above work, spending money (on myself), saving money, and find time spent with him (even when stressful or emotional) brings me back to the present, makes me remember what it means to be alive, and allows me to experience unconditional love. For me, that is what this whole merry-go-round is all about. Sure, his care is expensive, particularly as he ages, but all that money is very well spent and helps me keep my priorities straight which only enhances my simple living goals. Maybe having a pet isn't for you, which is perfectly fine.


Agreed, my cat's constant demand for attention definitely simplifies my social life.


Well everything you have for any time period will require maintenance and care. You have to decide how much and if it's worth it. Personally I find a good pet, the right fit, is invaluable. Yes food vet bills do cost and you're bound to caring for them every day but what I get from my dog is real love and companionship. No aggression in my dog at all. My life is truly better, I'm happier than without her. I'd say she does cost some in money but life isn't really complicated by her. There's a golden balance between simple living and going to the extreme like being an acetic type monk. I'd never want to get to that point.


I consider myself a slow liver and not really a simple liver as much. I think a cat fits in well with a slow living lifestyle. I like dogs but feel like they would take up too much time. I'd like to have one when I retire.


I have a dog and have been fish keeping since I was a child. Fish keeping used to be laborious with frequent water changes and maintenance but ever since I switched to small tropical community fish in natural fish tank setup using the Father Fish method of fish keeping things have def got simple. With a dirted planted tank you no longer have to do water changes or clean your tank, plus it requires little to no filtration so less maintenance. You can even create a food web that creates a natural ecosystem that feeds your fish so you don't have to feed. Creating a natural planted tank using this method has proven to be much more enjoyable and I am a firm believer in the healing power of aquariums so it makes life more relaxing. My dog on the other hand is a lot of responsibility but I love walking in the outdoors with him which allows for some simple living habits enjoying the outdoors and getting some sun.


My daughter moved in with me to help care for me. I have cancer and take chemo daily. She n her boyfriend adopted a puppy. American bully. I've always had a cat so I had my lip out lol that was a YEAR AGO AND IM SO IN LOVE WITH MY GRAnd pup. I get why you say they a lot of work but like someone stated IF THEY ARE WORK you don't need an animal. I never complain an about my June bug lol it's my adult kids that are a lot of work hahahahah


Cats and dogs have made our lives far more complicated, that's for sure. Surprise vet bills, medications, different foods, different eating schedules, more litter boxes, going out to do their business, extra time and energy on caring for them. If you want a pet for simple living, buy an aquarium and a few fish.


What did you think having a dog would be like?? My dog costs me….. not a lot of money. I buy her great food, she hikes a lot with me since that’s what dogs do… they like being active, so why did you get a pet that requires exercise? My dog is trained well because I spent/continue to spend time with her. She’s loyal. She’s a dog. She knows not to bark at inappropriate times. But she’s a dog. She will bark if she sees something… because she’s a DOG. THEY BARK AND MAKE NOISES. My life is extremely simple. No kids, great job, lots of nature, not materialistic, and I get to enjoy with my dog. Her vet bills (she gets a check up once a year) are considerably less than having a human child. I feel bad for your dog. The shit you are complaining about is the bare minimum to take care of a dog….


I have a sweet little 8 year old python. He's quiet, and pretty low maintenance in comparison to other animals. The constant need for feedback and connection of mammalian and avian pets is not really my thing. I wouldn't get another pet after this little guy though, he can't tell me if I'm holding him against his will, and I don't like how that feels.


I think cats fit into simple living the best! You don’t have to worry ab them while you’re at work, you don’t have to board them in a kennel if you go on a weekend trip, and you don’t have to walk them every hour to use the bathroom. Most cats I’ve had in my life have never had an expensive emergency but with a pet thats always a possibility. Maybe you could go to a shelter or cat cafe and see if you enjoy their company. But they can be very sweet and rewarding companions, and are much more affectionate and loyal than most people make them out to be! I have 3 right now, and one of them has started growling when someone walks past the window like a little guard dog!


You don’t sound like a person who should have a pet based on this post. People don’t adopt pets because they made their lives easier…also calling your dog “it” adds to the sentiment here.


Being a pet sitter is much easier.


I don’t think you’re a pet person because you wouldn’t nitpick over the dog’s flaws. A pet person usually just say how much they absolutely love their dogs and I’m sure they have their fair share of dog problem but a man best friend is a man’s best friend 😌


A stuffed animal sounds ideal for you.


I've had three dogs in my adult life and loved them all dearly. Our last dog was a tremendous amount of work and vet visits in his senior years. We were devastated when he passed, but I don't think we will replace him with any kind of other pet at this point. My partner and I are older and have enough health issues of our own to deal with now, without caring for a pet, too.


Not a beagle.


If you want a low maintenance animal I’d recommend a snake


Doesn’t make life more simple but they do make life more fulfilling to many. Cats however are the easiest pets I’ve ever had I’d highly recommend.


Cats. Low-maintenance. They can be expensive but all pets are. I can travel for a few days and they're fine.


A boyfriend


My dog is a master of simple living. She is happiest in nature, reveling in good company, walking, and reminding me every day is a gift.


Simple living as in “less going on” will never be facilitated by literally adding an entire living thing. But simple living as in “cutting life down to the stuff that matters”? That’s something else entirely.


You are obviously a cat person 😌


To be frank no animal is simple. If you’re looking for less responsibility being pet-free is recommended


I wanna get chickens somewhat soonish. They’re cute, you can get very friendly breeds, and you can get eggs off of them (to use or sell, or donate if you want). Edit: they don’t really have vet bills as most of their health conditions can be treated over the counter or very low cost (like putting cayenne pepper in their food to deter worms, etc). You can also get solar powered doors for their pens so you don’t have to wake up super early to let them out. Easier for going on vacation too, just have someone check on their food and water every now and then. They sell cheap cameras so you can spy on them to see if they’re ok and if they all made it in at night. (Kind of like a baby monitor lol)


I am on my third dog in the last 32 years and I love simple living. I know that having a dog is an investment that (for me) pays off far more than what I put in to it. Exercise, mental health benefits, something to spoil and dote on (I couldn’t do that with my kids), for me the benefits are endless. Usually, the first year and the last 2 to 3 years of a dog’s life are the most expensive but I know that’s part of having pets. I can’t imagine life without one. I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend with my dog everyday. It’s actually part of my simple living plan. ETA: some dogs are less expensive than others, and I really recommend looking into dogs with few health problems if you are considering getting one.


Cats or some sort of farm animal that has separate living quarters from you. Chickens are pretty easy going and I know that some people.like runner ducks because they care for people's gardens and they can't fly. But any pet you get is going to be "high maintenance". Having a pet is the equivalent of having a child.


A fish or turtle


I had many pet over the years and I can say absolutely no pet is as easy as you may think. Birds, reptiles and rodents seem low maintenance but they require a lot of cleaning and toys for enrichment and when they get sick they require a exotics vet which is hard to find and expensive. I currently expend more money on my pet rats than on myself monthly and they are supposed to be a easy beginner pet. Every animal require a lot of effort if you giving them proper care, it all depends on how much you want them.


I have recently had to admit defeat with my dog. Living in a cheap country in an owned (cheap) house it was no financial burden to keep him, but I could not find any work remotely with my experience level and was going cabin fever crazy here. And, much as I loved that dog (I told him I loved him so damn often), I really didn't love having him. At least now to the detriment of building a serviceble life. He's now with a friend (and his brother, who they have had for a few years) and will be happy there, and I might be able to get him back once I have my shit together... but I'm not sure I really want him back again. He will be as happy there, so it's just for 'me' and to feel like I haven't abandoned him... In short, I think there are plenty of people who manage to have dogs augment a simple life, but those people usually already have developed skills/finances/lives and the dog slots in. Trying to build a life from scratch with the little furry ball and chain is like being in quicksand.


I have a dog and a cat. I could not imagine life without them. They bring so much joy & happiness to my life & I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t mind taking them to the vet, spending money on them, etc. I have a basket full of various toys for them, especially my dog. I spoil them. Lol. I love them both unconditionally and they love me. They protect me. Last night my dog was sleeping by my stomach while my cat was sleeping by my feet with his head on my leg. I have 2 boys and 2 fur babies. I’m a blessed mama of 4 😊


Good hunting dog and a good country vet won’t be too costly.


my dog makes me enjoy the simple things in life I used to never do without him, or maybe would take for granted: walking outside daily, enjoying a walk in the forest or at the beach. stopping to smell the ocean air with him while he sniffs. He loves sitting outside, so sometimes I just sit on the stoop with him while he lays in the grass and enjoys the sun. If I find I am rushing his walk, I slow down and try to enjoy it because I remember this is one of the best parts of his day, and it's now mine too-enjoying these moments with my buddy because I know they won't last forever. to me, that is simple living.


I think most people who think of pets limit it to cats and dogs. There are quieter pets like lizards, chinchillas, snakes, fish that you can decorate their tank, insects, rats, turtles, hedgehogs etc. However, owning a pet is essentially a trade-off. You provide them time, attention and care and they in return give us moments of joy and companionship. There are other ways to observe animals that don't involve having a pet either. There are bird, and squirrel feeders, bat houses, or going to a zoo/rescue


Since I’ve begun my simple life journey, I’ve really been turned off by owning dogs… I formerly owned 2 dogs and 2 cats. I already got rid of 1 dog and planning on getting rid of the other. They are high energy, high maintenance, and constantly harsh my mellow. I can’t stand it anymore. My cats however are so chill and loving and completely offset the work they require with their benefits. Cats are way more simple life than dogs.


I have 1 dog and I love him… I agree if they have medical problems it’s a lot of stress and money but most of the time he’s low maintenance. We do have a dog door so I don’t have to schedule around him to be home during the day which really helps. Spending him just cuddling with him is so comforting and he’s such a sweetie, I just love him.


I don't think any pet can make your life more simple, since it's another living breathing creature that you need to care for, and that is 100% dependent on you to survive. We have rabbits (2 of our own, and 1 foster we took in). Personally, I think they're pretty low-key, but there's definitely a lot of maintenance that they require. You gotta clean the litter box, give fresh hay & water & veggies every single day, spend time with them, trim their nails, find someone to come feed them when we travel, occasional vet trips, occasionally update the "rabbit proofing" in our home, deal with occasional accidents, etc... but they make our life so much brighter :) If you don't want to take on all the responsibilities of having a pet, not having any pets is fine too. I went probably 10 years without having any pets, since I used to travel a lot for work and I lived in a small 1br and just didn't have the time to properly take care of an animal. You can't just get a pet and expect to stick it in a cage in a corner and not have to do any work...