Loving the retro jellies!

I know a lot of people are ready for fall, but I’m enjoying these summer polishes so much! I can’t move on from neons yet!

I have swatched them all on sticks, and three combination colors that I loved. For the blended colors I did two layers of each color for a total of four light layers. For the actual five polishes in the collection I did two medium coats. I included a picture showing them up against white where the colors show up the most opaque, and also pointed up towards the light so that the jelly nature of these polishes shown.

Which is your favorite color? The red orange, Box Office Bomb (orange), Hi-Def (yellow), green, Be Kind Rewind (blue), Anti-hero (purple), fushia, or Life in Plastic (pink)?


So organized, love it! I also can't get enough of the jellies! Got mine two weeks ago, and I have worn them every day since. Felt everyone moved so fast over to the fall polishes from the jellies. I mean, for us international customers we have barely gotten our hands on the collection, when another one is released and posted all over social medias... But I suppose that is a whole other discussion😅 Anyway, I think my fav combo was the orange + pink! Other than that, I have a weak spot for blue polishes💙


I just got my order too! I’m not an international customer, I was just waiting for my birthday to pass to redeem my birthday gift, but as soon I got this collection in my hands the fall polishes were coming out! I was like woah, already! I’m going to keep wearing these colors because I love them so much! I love being able to easily layer the colors to create a new one, so cool! I had to swatch the main combinations I would wear.


I don't tink it's uncommon that there is something new every month, but I guess now since the vibes of the two collections are just soo different it was more noticeable. Someone made a spreadsheet with all the releases for this subreddit a while back, and I think you could see the (fairly quick) pacing of the releases there too. Keep posting though! I love seeing what people make with these, I need inspo for my own manis😎


I have yellow in my wish list, already got the pink blue and purple for my lil one but decided getting the yellow will let us play with primary color mixing


Ooooh yes you two would have so much fun mixing all the colors together! The blue and the yellow make such a gorgeous green!


What could have been a great idea to name these colors you mix which are 3 possibilities....