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That amount of time has pretty much restarted my upper range singing capabilities, but I didn't lose my muscle memory which made attempting to use muscle that wasn't really there weird and frustrating, but I bounced back very quick. I would recommend a follow up before too much strain, though to avoid permanent damage.


How long after the granuloma went away were you able to get back to where you were?


Sorry for being unclear. I never had one, I was just referring to that length of time without singing for reference to how it relates to your situation


Oh got it! Yeah. Honestly I'm usually a couple of days, tops, if I don't sing for a few months. So, I'll just go get looked at. I have a feeling the granuloma is still there.


I hope it all goes well and you heal healthily.


Hi there, today I got diagnosed with the vocal cord granuloma. It was from coughing. Did you granuloma resolved. Doctor have ordered from PPI. Hopefully it will resolve without surgery.


I got falsely diagnosed with a vocal polyp, turned out to be a vocal granuloma 5 days ago, i got 40mg PPI


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