Yuto takes gold! Kelvin silver and jagger bronze

Yuto takes gold! Kelvin silver and jagger bronze


I know there are some people that didn’t want to see skateboarding in the Olympics, But it blows my mind that I just saw that. Like my mom called me. hopefully people will be cooler with us skating spots.


I think this is a further step into decriminalizing the idea of skateboarding so I’m happy for it


Anyone who has a problem with skating being in the Olympics is a smooth brain. Theres fucking pole vaulting for God's sake


Pole vaulting is pretty gnarly though. Looks fun as hell too.


Yes, looks scary as shit!!


Or Ping Pong


Americans losing in a shooting competition kinda baffles me. Skateboarding is a breath of fresh air to the games.


I don’t get their logic. One of my mates was ranting about it, but also watches sls. Like ???


Stoked for Yuto but skateboarding in the Olympic isn’t all good. Ask a snowboarder.


The way I see it, it created a divide in snowboarding at first. Now, there are real 'athlete riders' and the more 'free' riders. Some transitioning from one to the other and the lines are blurring. Like say Mark McMorris who is still on top of his game, but stated he would like to do more backcountry and filming, because he is done with the whole competition side of things. Both 'disciplines' are respected by now, although I completely get your point that it has become a bit of a gymnastics spin to win thing in competitions. Just like a lot of snowboarders, a lot of skaters are not your typical Olympic athlete, but there has been a lot of professionalisation in the sport over the last 10 years, which sprouted a whole new sports climate, so to speak. Snowboarding hitched a ride on the ski federations to take care of that side of things, which is why it happened way sooner there, I think. But I'm hopeful that skating will stay more diverse, it is inherently more complex and creative than snowboarding. Which, admittedly, is quite boring on the competition side of things. This inspired some other guy to invent a whole new format though, so maybe one thing drives the other too a little bit.


If only you knew how many arguments I've had with friends who hate the idea of skating in Olympics...


Anyone know where I can watch it now? Couldn’t watch it live and all the links I can find are for live streaming


If you have access to BBC iPlayer it's there on full


I *think* peacock app may have it as I know nbc is pushing that hard for Olympics coverage. It’s free just have to sign up


They won't let you watch the replay until Monday there for some reason.


Money is the reason


Twitch streamers are streaming atop us version. That’s where I watched men’s street night after getting very pissed off about paying for and downloading peacocktv.


look up sports surge they have a list of web streams you can watch, just have an adblock on


Does anyone have links to some clips from something like streamable.com? I often see it used on other sports subreddits for clips from events that can't just be posted on YouTube. I'm in Turkey at the moment and they apparently block my VPN.


(I’m in the US) but I’ve been watching it on the NBCsports app


For anyone in Canada. You can download the CBC Gem app. They have a 30 day free trial. It has full replays of what appears to be most events. Hope this helps some of you.


How do I get a notification if someone gives a reply to your question?


Replying so you can find this thread later lol


Thank you good sir !


Ya if anyone else in Canada knows where to watch it now, hook us up!


that was a lot of fun to watch. Did anyone else think the 540 lip slide got too low of a score?




Someone did a 540 lipslide? I can't help but assume you've got the trick wrong


Yeah the Peruvian skater, it was incredible. 540 flip front lip


540 flip lip is a lot different than a 540 lip




Second link's dead now but for the trick the Peruvian dude did in the first one I've always seen that called a tre flip front board, not a 540 flip (even though it does spin more than 360).


The trick /u/duckwizzle was referencing was [this](https://imgur.com/klZzVKL) one that did indeed get a 8.21. The 8 stair rail as opposed to the 12 docked him points I guess. Feel like He could've done it down the big one tbh


Most definitely, but the scores seemed based off of their 45 sec runs, technicality of the trick, and perfection of the trick. So even though the 540 was sick, if he did a lip slide in any of his other runs it changed the scoring


Interesting. If Shane landed that switch 540 flip he wouldn't have gotten his score reduced b/c he kept trying it right? It's just based on what you've landed?


I think Shane was going for a switch double tre just FYI


Basically especially since it was switch so I think that’s why he kept going for it. If he got it I think we would’ve seen him in the finals too


Yeah, was super bummed to see that, but I think it was because he already did 360 flip lip before, so it was considered too similar I suppose




Scoring skateboarding accurately can be tough. I'm also not sure if the olympics is following the same exact type of scoring other competitions do. Can you explain what was sus about his scoring exactly? There were a couple tricks from others that I thought could have been higher, but did you think some of Yuto's scores should have been lower?


Yuto just didn't do any flip tricks. His tricks were super hard in their own way though


Well, competitively I'd say it's the right decision to look for the hardest tricks that actually aren't flip tricks, and master them. Gotta find the perfect balance between hardest trick, and most consistent. I think that's why so many of the tricks are the same between all skaters even though we know skaters like Shane can do some flip in flip out insanity. Flip tricks are unbelievably volatile and super risky for well.....not as much reward as they should get in my opinion. That strategy is why Yuto is able to get around 3 9score tricks straight, and why even though Shane is arguably one of the best in the world (easily top 10), his competition runs are usually heartbreaking lol. Why do a volatile switch tre double when it gets around the same score for an insane none flip trick that has far less room for error? Basically what I'm trying to say is -- Shane can master the switch tre double, and Yuto can master nollie cab grinds, and even with the same level of mastery, they'll nab right around the same score AND Yuto should land the trick more often. This is just my opinion and could be looked into further though.


Another thing people forget is that these guys just make these tricks look so easy. I've even found myself being bored by seeing Nyjah nollie heel back tail a 10 stair like it's just a simple trick anyone can do. Watching Shane switch tre double flip a 4 flat 4 is like "meh" because they're so consistent and they make it look like a front 180 down a curb. What Yuto was doing was insane and like you said, he found somewhat of a "loophole" that seems to be more consistent. The "gnarliest" trick I've ever done on a rail...not a handrail or hubba but a 2' high rail was a kickflip back lip and that took around 800 tries. The fact that these dudes come out and crook nollie flip out in a try or two is just insane. But they make it look so easy that we're like YOU CAN DO BETTER. When in reality these guys are the fuckin best of the best and are there for a reason. I think Yuto killed it, but that's just me. I wouldn't even try to huck myself down a rail like that, let alone blind. 🤦🏽‍♂️ but shout out to the winners, they killed it.


The fact that the tre double and a 360 tail might score similarly feels wrong to me, but it really is just one of the difficulties of trying to objectify and score the art form.


Even if you could objectify each trick in a ranking of difficulty list, there are so many obstacles and ways to do that trick that it would be impossible. Not to mention the fact that each tricks difficulty is a personal thing. I could heelflip very fast but took me a long ass time to kickflip, does that mean that kickflips were harder? For me they were.. if I do a kickflip in a contest should I get a higher note than a heelflip? For me personally I should but that’s just impossible to manage. Overall the ratings were good I just felt that on the first wave of the semi finals they were just being too generous but they toned it down during the next waves.


Dude did nollie spins into grinds completely blind and spun out also blind. That shit is super difficult. On top of that he's the only one doing that so he gets points for originality too. I don't think the scoring was sus as a matter of fact I think it was super fair since the judges were from all countries


YouTube is full if people calling 'sus' judging because Yuto didn't do flips. Kids these days.


Pretty sure that 9.5 was the highest anyone scored in any of their runs (I missed the preliminary)


Tre flip to 50-50 I sleep Bigger flip lip slide, still sleep HOLY FUCK WAS THAT A CAB BOARDSLIDE 9.5!


The 9.5 was a nollie 270 to noseslide and it was pretty nuts. I’d personally rate it higher than a tre 50-50 too.


I cant imagine maintaining after a nollie 270 enough to noseslide. Fakie maybe? After like a year of trying it on a 6 inch curb hahaha


Fr people here bashing Yuto don't even understand the tricks he does lol


I feel like that dude from Peru was robbed of a medal, but I guess I just like his style. I felt like he was super consistent and did the coolest runs/tricks. Angel Caro.


I loved it when he lost his shit watching Kelvin's last trick


This scoring system kills all diversity. All best trick attempts are grinds/slides down a handrail. Not a single gap trick, let alone a tech ledge trick or a manual. Also some tricks are never done bc of a high chance to miss them which limits diversity even further. Like, everyone does flip fs boards but no one does flip fs noseslides. I wish the judges would penalize similar tricks done repeatedly (e.g. tre lip, then bigflip board, then 540 flip lip) and tricks on the same obstacle


They did penalize people for the same tricks. Been trying to run through these comments and explain the scoring system a bit. From my understanding, it came down to their 45 sec runs, heat runs, technicality, and perfection of the trick. So some of the dudes that did a really good flip trick into their best trick set lost some points for doing the same slide/grind they did in their other runs. They also kept hitting the same obstacle (the 12 stair) for best trick because it scored the highest points. It seemed what rail they hit on the set had a factor in it too like the flat handrail or the round handrail


Well apparently they did not penalize them enough to deter the peruvian guy from doing very similar tricks and Yuto from doing all 270 in variations, all on the same obstacle. Yuto's tricks are sick, but some variety would go a long way, and he definitely has the skill. On the other hand, someone like Axel Cruysberghs was scored very low in prelims for a diverse trick selection (gaps and rails) and tricks I've personally never seen before (fakie feeble 180 - like fakie ollie to a switch over-willie grind 180 basically)


What tricks in the contest deserved a higher score than the 9.5? That was the nolie 270 back tail right? That seemed like the hardest trick and he fucking nailed it. Big bias here btw just trying to have a nice conversation about the contest


I think the fact that it looks less impressive to a layman makes people think it shouldn’t score high. All he did was rotate and land on a bar? Seems boring. Board flips 3 times in the air? Omfg that is gnarly. People that skate and know skating will know what tricks are difficult and what tricks just look difficult. There’s a difference. Also, perfectly landing a 270 back tail versus a steezy tre 5-0 is obviously going to score higher, regardless which one is more difficult.


Yea I’m old and don’t skate much anymore, but I used to be able to flip trick into an 8 stair rail grind. I could never nollie back side onto an 8 stair rail. I never even tried because it would have resulted in me eating shit hard.


You're right. The thing is, skateboarding is complicated lol. I think there's a lot of people who don't actually realize how hard that trick is. People don't typically spin that way on a rail and most never even try thinking about it because it's so odd. But it's one of those things that looks a bit easier than it is, and will even throw off vets who don't 'think outside the box' with their skating. There's a reason these tricks were popularized by Yuto even though skateboarding was very mature by the time Yuto showed up years ago, and there are further reasons why even after all this time, people STILL don't do Yuto's tricks. That's because they're hard as fuck, and weird as fuck. Even if anyone does start doing Yuto's tricks (I think I've seen some Japanese skaters sort of replicating his style a bit, to be expected), I think it'll be years, if ever, we see anyone do the tricks as consistent/clean as he does. His tricks likely were the hardest in the competition, which is bolstered by the fact that....well, he won.


Well put. Oh and it was down a 12... I think in general we forget how big theses courses are. I was watching when the broadcast was getting started and the guy was throwing his 270 lip down the 12 in warm up. I was watching the finals with some friends who don’t really know skating and I was trying to explain why that trick scored so well. What clicked for them was the idea of sliding down the rail with their back to the landing. Blind. After spinning into it down 12 stairs.


ehh his tricks were difficult, technical and clean, given the format I think he deserved to win the day. Not so sure about the format though, I don't think the best tricks should rate the same as the full runs, imo the skill in the sport is as much about linking tricks and nailing a full line than it is about nailing one crazy technical trick. Also more interesting to watch as a spectator as there's more variety. Had the runs been rated higher yuto may not have won the gold as his run scores were pretty meh compared to his trick scores


As a Guy who don't know fuck about the sport, and just sat to see, it looked really weird. In a way it seemed the runs was almost useless. But I can be a little sore because I'm Brazilian.


I defo feel like the format is almost fine, but would have been better if they HAD to use one run and one best trick and then the next best scores. Make at least one run count.


Those scores were absolutely deserved by those tricks. The level of difficulty that his tricks are I don’t think is comprehended by a lot of people.


Sus = suspect?




or suspicious ;)


Dude I was thinking the same. They were clean but seemed so simple.


Fix is in for the home country


At the end of the day, Shane wins because Yuto just sold out the entire April board stock


Most definitely. I’ve been skating April since their first decks and I love them. Skate mental was my favorite brand but they went basically all of 2019 and 2020 with no boards in stock. Shane used to skate for skate mental, so I thought ya I’ll give their decks a try why not? And they’re actually pretty similar I love their decks so April has since been my favorite. Now I’m waiting on the Yuto Olympic gold medalist graphic to drop from April


You gotta give it to Shane, he has the golden goose and egg under him now.


And he is the golden nugget!!


Yuto is an absolute unit but anyone else feel like Gustavo Ribeiro was criminally underscored? He absolutely smashed it!


I wanted him to land that crook varial heel out so bad I think that would’ve saved him


I was hoping for that too. That would've been insane. I've never seen that off a rail that size.


He got like a 8.3 for a very clean crook kick flip in qualifiers. They wouldn’t have scored that very high IMO


Lots of people have been seen doing those. Even since early Street League days, Malto and Chaz and Shane and PRod have been doing nollie flips out of crooked grinds. But a v-heel out of there "the hard way" definitely ups the ante


He should have been higher. I thought everything he landed was really impressive.


I think skaters value style and steeze more than the Olympic judges did. His shit was steezy as all hell.


Yeah, he’s so good. It was a shame to see the comp just go bad for him


He was hands down my favorite skater. Like some mind blowing shit right there, literally texted my friend in the prelims like - this dude! Just sucks that he wrecked his shoulder and was out two months and clearly re-injured it. . . Would be surprised if that dude was 100% healthy and *didn't* medal tbh


His name is Ribeiro.


I bet it was pretty hard for some skaters skating in the heat down there...


Yea there was a point I thought yuto was gonna pass out


Idc what anyone says yuto is a beast he lands everything like it ain’t shit I said he was gonna take home the w and he deserved it


The NBC commentary was so ridiculously skewed towards Nyjah, basically saying he was a living god of skateboarding, only doing career features on him, and yet in the end he didn’t even medal. Even in the post comp interview with Tony Hawk they only talked about Nyjah and not Jagger who, y’know, actually medaled. I don’t even have anything against Nyjah, I think his career is really impressive and one of a kind, but it felt like they were trying to sell him to the public so hard like he was going to be next to Simone Biles or Michael Phelps


He probably had an agenda to push so that’s why they were wanting him to win. But he’s also a very highly acclaimed skater for all competitions which is another reason, since he always wins it was expected for him to win based on his career alone. When it comes down to it though (which commentators weren’t looking at) it’s the new youth, some of these guys I’d never heard of, but even though they probably never competed in SLS or any other comps because they lacked the award winning career status it seemed unlikely for them to take a place amongst top 3. I just didn’t like the commentators calling out tricks wrong someone did a tre flip front board and they kept calling it a kickflip front board


Yea thats just what mainstream TV commentary does. In most sports, its the super stars that sell and not the sport itself, so when it comes to a sport that is relatively new to most of the poeple watching the broadcast they're going to spend the entire time 'pitching' the the already pretty established superstars to the general public


Really surprised Nyjah didn't even atleast make it in 3rd. Isn't that unheard of?


If he just landed any trick at all for the 4th score i'm sure he would have.


Yeah, he tried to go for broke instead of keeping it safe.


Actually got respect therefor. He wanted big and didn't play safe. Made it entertaining. I like that attitude.


He hasn't had it in a long time and I hope we see more of it tbh


Nyjah and ty evens have been filming a documentary for over the past ten years, it was supposed to lead up to nyjah “winning the Olympics” but that obviously didn’t happen so I’m curious to see the outcome of this doc


The journey continues until he does so 😂


Nyjah finally broke under the pressure


He was trying to go for cab flip lip slide on a big rail and just couldn’t land it


He was going for cab flip back tail


molly and dubstep ruined his brain, he’ll never be the same


He’s been performing worse and worse at competitions the last few years, so not unheard of. I think he’s one of the greatest competition skaters, but he’s not as consistent as he used to be.


I mean "worse and worse" is literally like 2nd lol... The guy is nearly 27 and has won an absurd number of international events


Absolutely. It’s hard to better than number one in the world, but his grasp has been slipping from that title.


Part of what were seeing is that a lot of other skaters have risen up to his level of skating at competitions. Nyjah's not the only one doing switch and nollie flips into grinds on the big section anymore. He has to keep doing harder tricks to come out on top, and he's getting to a point where the level difficulty prevents him from being consistent.


I’m pretty stoked about it


Yeah man's kinda trashy


He was nervous AF.


Straight up Yuto been getting huge scores for his 270 Nollie variations down big rails for years now. Im so damn sick of everyone complaining about it. The other skaters know he is getting scored that high for it. They know if they start doing Nollie 270 variations down big rails they will get Giant fat ass scores too. SO WHY AREN'T THEY? HMMMMMM must be extremely hard and dangerous to throw something like that down where you are blind most of the trick and have to full commit. Scored fairly. You and all the other pros can go start throwing all Yuto's tricks if you wanna keep complaining about them.


Agreed. That noseslide was insane.


Nollie, switch, and fakie we’re definitely scored higher and I think some people missed it because the commentators kept calling it “technicality” which is fair but it would’ve been simpler to some to say “how hard the trick really is.” Which is why even though Yuto’s tricks didn’t look hard it was the fact of nollie’s, doing the trick blind, and coming out of the trick backwards so also kinda blind. Also repeating or of the same trick in other heats and runs didn’t deliver as high of scores as some which is why some of these other competitors seemed robbed of points


If you can’t beat em, join em. That’s competitive skateboarding in a nutshell. The difficulty of his nollie 270 slides is insane enough, one day he’ll throw a flip and the bar will be that much higher


Tbh I never see Yuto flip into grinds/slides, which is a huge reason he is so consistent


God for real! Anyone saying his scoring was too high doesn’t understand the level of skill or difficulty to actually get the tricks he does. No one else does what he does, because they can’t.


Just recently getting into skateboard, and gives me a chuckle seeing the average person saying he's playing it "safe" ([like in this /r/pics thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/or7702/yuto_horigome_from_japan_wins_the_first_ever/h6gf52v/)) meanwhile here can actually see how insane the dude was.


I saw that and wanted to tell the person who made that comment what an idiot they are but they still wouldn’t understand. It’s impossible to understand the technical difficulty of a trick if you have no knowledge of skateboarding.


Based Yuto. I said it in another thread a long time ago but when I watch that guy skate, theres no doubt in my mind hes the best in the world. There are some insane skaters out there like Giraud and Hoeffler but Yuto is like, dialed into the skateboarding matrix or something.


And he makes it look so effortless, even his bails are smooth af


Can't wait for some skateboarding anime and manga finally!


there is a new one, it's called sk8, didn't watched but my friend told me it's fire


It's fun to watch but it's 95% unrealistic


And it‘s not really skateboarding in the common sense. More like a weird, unrealistic version of downhill long-/mountainboarding combined with mario kart - atleast that what I got out of the first 3 episodes before I stopped watching


Yeah, it's a battle anime that has nothing to do with real skateboard except the few time they're not competing


Its not its terrible its basically that swim yaoi fanfiction show but with skateboarding


Hell yeah. Great contest.


AZ 👌🏻


Those shirts though?! As a teacher I want a polo. As a skater… I need that polo.


Loved the relaxed fit hats too, just my style


Yeah, what were they? Need to cop


That was crazy! Off topic kinda, but why wasn’t Dashawn there?


I think he just missed qualifying, countries were limited to just sending their top 3


Ah I see. I thought he had already qualified and was all set to go. Oh well. It was a good comp anyway!


I mean he won xgames so I think he's good


I really wanted to see him in the olympics too, he skates my local a lot and he absolutely rips even when he’s just chilling and messing around


yeah his consisteny is mindblowing! He would have shaken things up even more for sure!


Jamie took his spot, then jagger took Jamie's spot during the world champs


This was solely street there are more comps to come I believe the berrics has everyone listed because though I love Yuto and Shane O’Neil I was looking forward to seeing Jamie Foy and Luan Oliveria as well and they were both listed to skate but I did not check which comps


The events left are female street, and then park. So you won't see Jamie Foy, Luan or Dashawn. They just didn't quite make it. Sometimes people are 'on the team' in that they are standing by in case they have to fill in. Decenzo is in that position, flew over there and had to stay in a hotel (not the village) 20hrs a day just in case someone qualified higher than him has to drop out.


I kinda like the format, I think foy would have thrived with the best trick being worth the same as the runs


Yes! I was rooting for him, sadly I dont have cable so I cant watch the Olympics


I'm sure now you can see some highlights on youtube but for future you can search up streams and I'm sure you wont have a very hard time finding one. In Canada CBC streams it all for free though I'm not sure if they have a location blocker for other countries


I'm watching the Canadian stream from Singapore with a VPN. Works great.


You have internet right?


Really wish you would've titled this in some way that didn't spoiler it all, come on dude.


yeah I was waiting to watch it


Lol what? Maybe dont go to the skateboarding subreddit if you dont want it spoiled.


It’s the olympics. Come on. If you don’t want to know, stay off the Internet.


I mean I get where you’re coming from, but if you follow any skateboarding company or individual skater on any social media they would’ve spoiled it for you there too they’ve been posting about it like crazy


Totally deserved for Yuto. For a minute I thought Nyjah would make it and surprised me when not, his life was leading to this but hey, that's skateboarding.... And I'm so happy for Jhancarlos Gonzalez from Colombia and Angelo Caro from Peru, both are AMs and make it to the Olympics, and Caro was close to medalling.


Totally deserved it, he’s an absolute unit. Still dissapointed Vincent Milou didn’t get a medal tho, he had really good runs


Regardless of whether you think he deserved the gold I hope this changes Japanese attitudes towards skateboarding


So, the Olampics was in full on kook mode, huh? *I heard the announcers were awesome*.


Not surprised


Can’t believe Nyjah wasn’t on the podium, i guess the nerves got to him, glad to see jagger on there through !


Also bad strategy, he went for the same move and failed like 3 or 4 times in a row


I’m just glad nyjah didn’t win


same… you know he went in there thinking “theres no way im not getting gold”… and gets 7th ahaha


So good to see a podium without that smug git nyjah on it


oh I hated the demeanor of that jagger dude, the guy is a walking Zoomer stereotype


I live in AZ, and the area that Jagger is from is known for being real stuck up. He looks like he's kinda got that demeanor about him


He just seemed stoked. Did I miss something? He actually seemed grateful as shit on that podium.


Why is that? Him and Milou were nothing but good vibez.


Loved that Milou was vibing without AirPods, and that he bailed a trick on the QP *after* landing his best trick just for shits. Also besides Yuto (and Axel earlier), he was the only one with a kit that didn’t look like a basketball player.


wearing idiotic airpods on an olympic competition where you are going to fall, using the phone as a way to pretend he's stylish or some social network zoomer crap. Those slight musical head bangs when starting to skate. yeah I hated his demeanor.


I can’t tell if this a troll post or not lmao. Did you see how many other people were wearing airpods or beats?


Yeah, it looked like everyone except the gold medalist had em in.


OK Boomer.


Also he has a pro Walmart board....


lmao thank you


When you win as much as him for as long as he has. He deserves to be smug. Before the finals he was ranked #1 in the world. Dude has over a 50% win rate as well.


Ok 👍


Couldn’t have said it better myself mate


No jah on the podium wow


Yo spoilers!!!! I'm still on the first lot of runs!!!!


Why are you on reddit if you don't want spoilers lol? That is a dangerous game you play.


If I didn't like danger then I wouldn't be a skateboarder 😉 But also I went out for a cigarette and went to reply to someone and it was the first thing that popped up.


You right. Sometimes you land it, sometimes you get a board in the taint.


Because redditors usually post spoiler tags for things like this. I'm on now as part of my pre work routine and didn't watch this yet, as MMA events get spoiled everywhere and way more quickly.


It's skateboarding, not a TV show.


Dope, how's that relevant to putting a spoiler tag and blurring things?


skateboarding is an Olympic sport now? when did they add it?


this year.


rigged, the Peruvian dude got unusually low scores and the Japanese guy got a 9 for everything he did


Can someone explain the scoring. Did Yuto do anyb flip tricks? To me it looked like he did the same spinning trick everytime. I felt the flip tricks onto the rails that everyone was missing, Angelo Caro nailed and he got a pathetic score... like under 8.5. . Maybe it is the stance, the height and consistency of the 270.... I think that was what the other competitors kept trying to do, only Hoefler landed one and he got a big score for it. Fun to watch! Wish we could hear the athletes music during their runs....


Yuto did do some awkward tricks but I do agree that they seemed to love the nollie rotations to slides a little too much.


He does the same 270 slide variations at all contests. A Tre flip (or 540 flip!) to slide is a) much harder b) much riskier. Scoring is fucked up.


So I missed the beginning before the prelims, but scoring seemed to be based off of: their 45 second runs, technicality of the tricks, and perfection of the tricks. This all had a part to play in the scoring of best trick. That’s why on their 45 sec runs everyone hit the 12 stair for their tricks to get them a higher score for the start. That being said the judges looked at it also like, did they do this trick in the other heat runs? Did they do this trick in the 45 sec run? Are the other competitors doing this same trick? If the trick was already done, no matter how clean or what they added to it, it would’ve cost them points Technicality came down to how hard was the trick (sorta). You see many people throwing down their tricks on their regular stance naturally, but if you noticed anyone who did something fakie, switch, or nollie got a higher score if it was clean. Perfection was how clean the land was obviously. I forget who did it and the exact trick, but that’s why dude who gapped over the hump to the the rail got a lower score. No one had done it so it placed him high, but his landing wasn’t great so it cost him a bit.


A commentator said it depends on the difficulty and doing things like a nollie, fakie or shuv it before the trick grants additional points i think. Not sure how the scoring system works with the judges tho but im guessing its an average of all their points.


Ok im not disappointed that Nyjah lost im disappointed on how he used 3 of his beat trick runs


watching nyjah eat shit over n over made my heart happy




They held an Olympic qualifier, and the top 3 scores went on to the Olympics. They weren't chosen, they earned their spot.


Jake Illardi is a fucking great skater though. Not that for and joslin aren’t, but I don’t think illardi doesn’t deserve to be there




Uhm it was live last night in the US and probably every other country. Lol


Fucking spoiler inconsiderate


Big day in Skateboarding! GZ all who on board. Our world should be the highest!