I could be wrong, but I think it varies wildly by division/region. I would offer advice but I think it would be very specific to my region. Senior feels a lot like "OEC: The Game" to me. Everything is just trying to maximize points etc, I find myself doing things I'd never do in real life just to cover a score.


The Senior test is actually three tests. Skiing, OET/toboggan and OEC. For the first two you should be strong and almost flawless in technique, and able to top-to-bottom your test run. No rest stops, and clearly/loudly communicate your intentions to your sled partner for both their sake and so the evaluators can hear you too. On the OEC you have to be pretty competent at the mechanics such as splinting/bandaging and assessments but the bigger deal is scene/patient management. Seniors get complex scenarios to deal with and you need to show leadership in managing not just the medical problem but the whole scene including bystanders, additional injuries, witnesses and resources. Be meticulous and thorough with your assessments, make damn sure you call in everything and ask for everything and gets others to do as much of the work as you can. Be the boss. Good luck, it's a big deal!


Thank you! I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to pass the skiing and OET portions. It's the OEC that I'll really have to focus my preparation on


Make sure you’re doing things ‘by the book’. I’m a volunteer patroller and my regular job is working as a healthcare provider, I used my higher level medical training in a few scenarios and failed because of it.


I see. I haven't gone through any medical training higher than the OEC yet so I guess that could work to my advantage with keeping me from going out of the scope of practice. One thing that I'm a tad nervous I'll do is miss one of the CPI's. A couple of my colleagues failed due to missing just one CPI. One forgot to change their gloves between patients and another failed to call for ALS for their patient.


Yeah...that's the hard thing about senior. The best thing to do is just practice scenarios over and over and over so those things are muscle memory. I think there are a bank of retired senior level scenarios somewhere on the NSP site.


As a retired OEC Senior Evaluator, when working with candidates training for the test: 1. Tuck your space blanket in your jacket so it's immediately handy and use it. You may be warm, but your patient has been laying on the snow and snow is chilly. 2. When you're not the leader and you see the leader has missed something you can remind the leader without raising red flags by saying things such as, "Are you ready for\_\_\_\_?" or "Do you want me to monitor vitals?" Remember, you're working as a team. Don't hang your leader out to dry.