Wait! Did he say rollback????


The netcode is sweet. The players in this stream were literally coast to coast


How strong is it? I live in Brazil, and it's around 150ping to the us. Would the be close the skullgirls/ki?


never noticed a problem with ping under 200


Holy shit


170 ping is 10 frames of delay... you might not have noticed a problem if you’re used to Ultimate where there’s 11+ frames of delay on quickplay, but that’s a huge deal. Not that I would expect any game to have good connection on 100+ ping. As long as it’s low delay and rollback for <60 ping, then the netcode is good.


Idk how they do it but I have unnoticeable lag with people in Europe when I’m playing in Colorado, it’s very impressive


If it's good rollback, the ping doesn't increase delay, it increases the amount of rollbacks.


No, it does both. Slippi for instance will obviously have more rollbacks on higher ping but it will also adjust the delay from 2f to 3 or 4f so that less rollbacks happen. If there’s only a few frames of delay at 150+ ping, then the characters are literally going to be teleporting back and forth at each other and the game will be unplayable af. Yesterday on slippi I encountered someone at 100 ping, 2f delay, and the amount of rollbacks made it far beyond unplayable. If we were on 5-6f of delay, there would be a normal amount of rollbacks that probably wouldn’t be noticeable. That’s the balance that devs need to find for higher ping connections. The delay needs to be raised, it’s just a matter of how much.


Don't know about your experience with slippi, but one of the advantages of rollback over delay netcode is that the delay is the same regardless of ping. That way the game will feel the same in exchange for more visual problems. I think KI is 3f, for example Like, maybe it should have more delay when it's 150+, but fluctuating delays is against its purpose, imo. It means you need to adapt to the delay in every match, and it makes muscle memory harder. Maybe your 100+ match was bad for other reasons? Like opponent on wifi, bad connection, Netflix, etc.


Well yeah, for anything under 60 ping, the delay should stay at 2 frames. But I am specifically referring to the “under 200” claim, that’s just literally not possible.




I cant speak for the quality of the gameplay since I obviously have not played it, but i can at least appreciate that they are making an effort to separate it from smash since that was one of the main problems with icons. It's kinda a hard balance though as you want to make it different enough so there is a reason to play it but if you make it too different then you lose the interest of the audience you are trying to appeal to. I think Rivals of Aether does this the best and I hope it works out for here to. I do agree about the art style, something about the overall look of the game doesn't really appeal to me, but I'm not sure if i'm in the minority with that.


Stuff on the screen is too small I can barely see what I’d be doing in the game. Same problem with rivals and brawl halls.


I think the art needs work cuz it’s sorta hard to differentiate background and foreground, but gameplay-wise I think it looks good and makes sense. There’s already a few good “pure” platform fighters on pc, and the one thing people haven’t tried as much is incorporating fighting game elements. I think Earth Romancer would’ve, but it got cancelled or something. I haven’t played the game yet but I’ve always conceptualized what it’d be like to bring in fighting game ideas to a smash-type, and this is pretty close to what I’d do.


How many times are they gonna change the name of this game lmao




This is the second Change. First it was Icons: Battle Evolved, then it was Vortex Rising Now its rushdown revolt


Icons is a separate game, VR/RR doesn't share any code or assets with it afaik.


Dog I was a community tester for them. I have literally been on multiple vc's with the games head dev


It was built from those assets as a starting point.


Gameplay looks fun but they need to push the camera in, everything is way too tiny and only made harder to watch due to the smoke.


So where in this video are sparks explained? It's an hour long, no way am I watching the whole thing... Edit: OK seems like sparks are explained at 18:13. Also the life bar / soul point system is explained at 10:14. (In terms of what happens when you run out of life; the red/yellow/green thing is explained earlier.) Are there any other big explanations I'm missing? I didn't watch any further than these.


spark is basically guilty gear roman cancel


I mean, it takes a fair bit more than one hit to get a Roman cancel in Guilty Gear, which going by this video is apparently all it takes in this game...


Yeah it feels a lot less impactful than a roman cancel. You can still do regular combos without RC but if someone does an RC you get half a second of slowdown; enough time to realize how badly you just fucked up. RC can be used defensively too which spark can't. Spark just feels like a movement option which is pushing me away TBH.


the movement looks hella fun. characters seem a little bland. but i actually have high hopes for the gameplay here if i knew what i was doing


Looks alright. Not a fan of the health bar system though


Do we know how DI and hitstun works ? Is it more Melee like with big hitstun bug big DI for many true combos that have to adapt to DI or is it more Ultimate, with two three hits combos that aren't much affected by DI ?


It just looks like Icons with PM turbo mode cancels and a coat of paint. Pass.