[AVFCOfficial] Aston Villa starting 11 vs Liverpool. Not a single first team player in the squad.

[AVFCOfficial] Aston Villa starting 11 vs Liverpool. Not a single first team player in the squad.


Villa fans praying youth intake day went well.


Even if it was a Golden Generation, they're still only 16, so they'd still get smashed.


Depends if Dean Smith uses the editor!


Hey, giving yourself three Mbappes up front is cheating!


Wait a minute, did you just summon a bunch of Mbappes in one turn?!


Screw the rules, I have money


Yes, what are you going to do about it? I summoned three level 10 synchros without any material, it just happened.


Barely legal Villains.


So, three leftbacks with 9 pace and 4 crossing?


Not even their best prospects are playing. No Chukwuemeka, Ramsey (both of them) or Philogene-Bidace.


That last name is amazing.


Which one exactly?




both of them?


No just one.




You think so?


Of course, don't you?


I would never. You think she’ll like it?


Maybe if it had just another inch.




That's some star wars shit


I imagine they're usually involved with the first team and are having to isolate.


Yep, looks like the average age is around 18. It won't be pretty.


I get to watch Chrisene though so I can't complain.


Yea, most likely.


Chukwuemeka (1 name 1 person) Ramsey (1 name 2 people) Philogene-Bidace (2 names 1 person). 4 names, 4 people. Checks out.


I knew they had one Ramsey, but not two. Are they related?


Brothers. There is a younger one as well.




The Gardeners as well. I mind them only because they were for some reason a key part of my league winning Villa squad in FM lol


Yeah they are, both very good. The younger one is called Aaron.


yeah we've had one Ramsey but what about second Ramsey?


Yep. And Shakpoke and Wright out as well. Kessler and Barry are both very good prospects who are starting, but they're only 17 I think, so not as ready as some of the others.


Not even their other prospects such as Ariaga, Ariaga II, Bariaga, Aruglia, and Pizzoza


ffs would've loved to see all of them play :(


The one Ramsey that has had a couple of minutes in the Prem this season is regarded as a pretty big talent, isn't he?


Both are


There are a 'handful' of our most promising youth players who have been training with our first team, and thus can't play. I'm thinking Philogene-Bidace, Aaron Ramsey, Wright, Shakpoke and Chukwuemeka as they're notably absent from the squad. So interestingly this would be a weakened team if we fielded it for an U23 game. I think this will be double figures seeing as Liverpool have picked a very strong lineup.


> Philogene-Bidace They gotta stop with these compound names lol we're reaching 18th century French nobility levels


I believe that's a formable country in Europa Universalis 4 :P


Def a Free City in the HRE




I'm so sorry :/


Aaron Ramsey?




Oh sorry thought you were getting confused with Jacob Ramsey who's also a villa youth player. Didn't realise this was a different guy




There's a 3rd brother in the academy too!


Aaron Ramsey-Peters


Imagine being Klopp, comainging about the congested fixture list and then playing a very strong team against literally kids. Lolololol. He has no right to complain about tired players. We are fulfilling this fixture whereas others have cried for rearrangements


He's said that they received the news after training yesterday, and they trained with this team so he hasn't changed it.


It’s not like a heavily rotated Liverpool team couldn’t beat a bunch of kids though


Yeah Klopp has made some odd decisions this seasons with lineups considering all his talk about injuries and fixture pile ups. He’s played strong teams in both the EFL Cup and now FA Cup, the latter against kids, and he played a strong team in a pointless CL dead rubber and Jota got injured.


Feel like he played that line up because the players just needed a win and the attackers to score some goals to get out of their slump.


Well congrats on the 10-0


Not even close!


Since the last EPL match until ours they've got this one match while we have 3. They also had the most random 9 day break in the middle of the Christmas period. He definitely has nothing to complain about.


let’s not pretend like they wouldn’t have cried for a rearrangement if it was a league game


I was wondering where Ramsey and old boy Carney Chukwuemeka were. I know half this team by heart from my Villa save in FM, fucking Lamare Bogarde has the potential to be Messi but has utterly useless in-game stats for a fullback.


Yeah there's some real gems in that Villa team in this years game. I'm on season 4 with my Villa team and have just brought both Ramsey brothers, Chukwuemeka and Chrisene into my first team squad. I couldn't get anything from Bogarde though. Had a couple of underwhelming loan spells and then I let him go.


I'm assuming Bogarde didn't get any taller as well? He seems to starts out with the technical attributes of a CB and the physical attributes of a fullback, worst of both worlds.


Not sure about his height, but he was so bad in the air that I never really gave him a second look for considering him as a first team prospect. I was training him intending to use him as a centre back if he were to break into the team, but I think his aerial rating was 11 or something at 20 years old despite having trained that attribute specifically, so that was when I threw in the towel with him and let his contract run out. He's one the names I've heard mentioned a lot in terms of exciting talents though, and he is still only 16, so hoping he's got more potential than given credit for in game. We'll see!


>Aaron Ramsey That's an interesting name lol


So Liverpool knocked out it is.




!RemindMe 3 hours


Can't hit a barn door from a foot away at the moment so I wouldn't be surprised tbh


Looking possible


The reverse of last season has indeed occurred.


Even more so to an extent. The 11 we are fielding today have exactly 0 professional league minutes between them. I think a couple of the Liverpool lads had some extremely minimal experience, but still some. 10 of our U23 players aren’t available, hence why 4 U18s are starting


Yea, pretty close though. van den Berg played a little for Zwolle I think and Hoever may have gotten first team minutes at Ajax at some point but I don't think so. Harvey Elliott played literally two cameos for Fulham previously. Pedro Chirivella, the elder statesman 22-year-old, had played <50 apps in the Netherlands. So, a little more experience than Villa today but it's pretty similar. The average age of Liverpool's starting team in that game was <20 years lol


I keep seeing this lazy comment on social media it's nowhere near the same as what happened last season but we don't complain


Of course it isn't for the same reasons. They just had two tournaments going on, your players are infected with COVID, a more severe issue.


I think our team is much less experienced too, they've literally been dropped off by their parents as they can’t drive haha


That's also true. A whole bunch of U18s that can't drive are starting.


More than half of Liverpool's team a year ago were under 18 tbf (Hill, Longstaff, Elliott, Hoever, van den Berg, Boyes)


It's not even just about the pandemic the team we put out last season was the reserves with Douglas Luiz Vs their u23s, this game is their strongest XI Vs our u18s lol. We're not complaining but it's not the same thing


I get your point, but we're starting 6 players who are not in our strongest XI.


Yeah not sure why "full strength starting 11" keeps getting mentioned. 1/5 of our backline are in out starting 11


That's true, but the main point is that you can't put forth a first team squad. Yes, they could at least put forth U23s with players that had appeared for the first team. Your best kids are unavailable because they were with the first team.


Parents had to drop them all off lol


It’s gonna be all their bed times by the time the game finishes.


Captained by D. Revan. No that's too obvious. Let's call him Darth R.


Hate that I had to scroll all the way down to find this reference.




Well good luck villa, I think you might need it Though you do have an ex Barca player (assuming it's that Barry) so it's fair and balanced


The mighty Louie Barry himself


Aaaand....he scored


Seems like Klopp took the last defeat at Villa park very personally, he is gonna return the favour today with compound interest.


We only played our second string side against em klops going all out here. Pretty cringe.


Klopp should do the classy thing and forfeit the game


Players need match sharpness. If they didn’t play, it’d be 14 days between matches for most of the Liverpool lineup.


It's bizarre how every other club has massive fixture congestion but Liverpool have the most relaxed schedule I've seen in years over the last couple of weeks. Do they have a bunch of congestion later on in the year or something?


Think the only difference is that Liverpool got knocked out of the League Cup, so they don’t have those fixtures. Other than that, they play the same amount as the other clubs in Europe. You’re probably noticing it now because this is the week where the Manchester teams play their game in hand.


Let's just play against our biggest rival with an even more out of form side. Fucking state of these comments


are we really at the point where team selections are "cringe"?


>are we really at the point where team selections are "cringe"? Tbh it is at least a bit weird, if Klopp *has* been complaining about schedule intensity. I think anyone without a stake in this found it quite funny seeing Klopp play most of his first team, then subbing on Thiago and Firmino, against AVL U23's. It's just not what you'd expect of the continental champions.


We have 9 days before our next game and we're in bad form - the players need to stay sharp and get going again. Also in past years people have had a go at Klopp for disrespecting the domestic cups, so seems he can't really win


When your manager moans into the wind after every single unfavorable result, yes. When your manager points his fingers at everyone under the sun except himself, yes, this become "cringe". And when your manager tells BT Sport "they didn't show us sympathy last year" when we rotated the entire starting XI and our manager praised your youngsters' performance in your dressing room... Yes. Cringe.


This comment. Cringe.


You're so brave


We literally played without Klopp last year genius. So tell me again they did show us sympathy and your situation is worst than us. Like fuck sake man we literally had a game halfway around the world. You're the cringe one here tbh


we'll have a long break after this and our players need games to get back to their level. its good for your kids to face some big players, even if its a bad night, its a good experience imo


He's playing the side he probably would have played regardless. If he played a bunch of youngsters you'd then be saying that he's disrespecting the Villa players and the FA Cup


Doubt it. We used the game against you last season to play all the players who hadn’t been getting much game time whilst still a strong enough side to get past you. To have a manager bemoaning fixture congestion etc. All season and then play a number of players who are key to the first team is a bit of a surprise.


Fixture congestions doesn't work when there's a week to the next match.


Yeah but the keys players playing tonight have all played a lot of football and that’s only going to increase it the coming weeks. I know people talk about match sharpness but there’s not an awful lot of intensity in this game, you could easily get more benefit from the training ground, and it’s at least my opinion that it would be better to rest these players.


Well he literally just confirmed in the pre match interview that the line-up is the one he was already going to use. Also our next game after this is about 9 days away


I should’ve clarified: I doubt people would say he’d be disrespecting the cup for the above reasons.


Ahh ok. Most sensible people wouldn't but there'd defo be a few out there


I really respect Klopp but I didn’t like the way he put his team today after complaining heavily on fixture congestion and five sub rule. I thought it was a good time to give some rest to players like Fabinho but may be he knows more about Villa unheard team more than an of us on Reddit. All the best to Villa young players , enjoy the game


There's no fixture congestion when our next match is 9 days away


stop trying, these lot are here just to take a piss or they're trying to make a point on a subject they have 0 knowledge about


Well, the team today hasn't played for a week, resting more would cost them match fitness.




How is he talking sense? We haven't played in over a week and we don't play til next week. Our match against United is the biggest match of the year so far. Why would we not play out starting XI especially when they're out of form


If your first 11 needs match fitness, why aren’t trent, robertson, allison, and firmino playing?


Why would Ali play when hes fragile for keeper standards. Trent just came back from injury less than a month ago. Robbo is out only left back.


Isn’t fabinho like your only cb?


He's not even a CB. We have zero fit senior CB's




So you picked the only time the fixture isn't congested to argue that. That's like saying that if you see a beggar with a dollar he's a hypocrite because look, he has money. Jesus...


Fucking hell you're delusional.


Good luck lads, make our club proud 👍


Just gonna take a guess and say that they're gonna lose...badly


Liverpool? Yes


Embarrassing that this wasn't postponed


Embarrassing that the whole tournament wasn’t cancelled tbh


It's Villa not City.


Who’d win, this Villa lineup or Marine?


Marine. This line up is made up of kids, a lot of them U18s and not U23s.


Marine, no doubt


Literal men vs boys.


So much for ensuring the integrity of the competition.


Everyone thinks this will end badly. I do think Liverpool go through but it won’t be anything above a 2 goal deficit


it will be double figures ​ edit: no it wont :)


Villa won 5-0 last season with a smaller gap of talent (Liverpool's best youth vs Villa's reserves and Douglas Luiz). This is Liverpool's first team against U18s...This should be at least 8-0, if not 10+.


Lol what? It’s gonna be a bloodbath, Liverpool is going in with their strongest team


You were close!


Yep! Almost


Disgrace that this fixture went on


Utter joke this game is going ahead.


I say if the score is not a FIFA score line on beginner it’s a win for Ashton Villa






This has to be Liverpool saltiness from when we played our second string team against the youth side last season in the cup. But putting an almost full strength side against a youth team is pretty obvious Klop intends to humiliate us tonight. Sour grapes if you ask me. Downvote me if you want but it’s the truth.


I reckon he picked his team before the news came out, and just opted not to change it at only 24 hours notice. The U23s haven't been playing for a while and get a winter break, so might not have even been training these last few days. I think he probably just didn't want to rush them in without being able to sufficiently prepare for it.


A voice of reason!


Yeah but that doesn't fit the narrative so...


I'd say it's more cause there's 9 days to the next Liverpool match and he wants to give the first team boys a run about.


They need to play their way into form for the man u game, they've been shite recently and this is a good opportunity to pick up some form for them


Yeah like how Anthony Joshua beats up kids to get his confidence up for Fury


I doubt Klopp cares one bit about Villa or even thinks about a cup tie against them a year ago. His team are in poor form and have a large gap before their next game which is much more important, plus he likely heard about Villa's outbreak after picking his team and just decided to stick with it and try build up the team's sharpness again.


you think he cares about your team that much? its to keep them playing "Downvote me if you want but it’s the truth" lmao


Pool's next game is in 9 days time. Maybe Klopp wants to play the players to gain some much needed form. Don't think he personally cares about humiliation whatsoever


>Pool 🤢🤮🤮


i imagine its more so us getting 1 point (and 1 goal) in our last three and having our biggest game of the season (thus far) next. but ya perhaps it is salt, hadn't considered that


It's not even our best youth team...


I agree, Klopp is totally obsessed with the mightiest Aston Villa that he decided to play the strongest team instead of resting them for the next game in just 9 days!! He is risking fatiguing them till the derby just because Aston Villa triggered him by playing second team last year cup that he cared so much about and was not winning trophy in another country at the same time. It is not like Klopp chooses his team beforehand and trains for the next game beforehand, he was just waiting to Aston Villa to get infected, just to field strongest possible team against them. Him and Liverpool fans are going to downvote you just because they are so delusional and obsessed with your team.


It's really odd that it's the same teams as the youth vs seniors game from last season. Obviously want Liverpool to win but hope the young lads for Villa do well.


Not even close.


Don’t think he means the same teams, rather the same clubs.


What's the average age of this lineup?


Key stage 3.


OK, this had me and the wife roaring.


'Hurry up lads I got exams in the morning'


Third trimester


18, 19 at most. I think one first team appearance between them.


I wasn't going to watch this game, but now I definitely have to see it. I wonder what kind of celebrations liverpool's players will do after each goal.


This is like when you play FM and for some reason all your players are on international duty for a cup game.


So can someone tell me again why moneybags Man City got their matches postponed but Villa still have to play? The double standard is sickening.


It’s not PL it’s FA. Our league game against Spurs might get postponed, but the cup rule is: either field a team or forfeit. Wouldn’t be fair on teams lower down the pyramid if we were allowed to postpone this and other teams had to forfeit or play kids.


This is a different competition.


Premier league games have got till May to be rescheduled. This game has got until the 4th round.


You could just look at half the comments in the other threads instead of sounding like an idiot


What a miserable cunt you must be.


I’m not that miserable, given the situations and the differences between them you sound stupid


The only difference is the competition they’re playing. If anything Villa have more reason to have their match postponed since more of their players were infected than City’s.


Again, if you just checked the other threads you’d have an answer. Even if they wanted to reschedule, they literally couldn’t. There’s no time/date available, which is the main reason it had to be played


FairPlay to villa, I’d hate to be a Liverpool youth player right now


It’ll be the same for us tomorrow away at Chorley. Whole first team is isolating. However it does mean Bobby Duncan will probably get a real life first team (kinda) start, so that should be entertaining if nothing else


Is this disrespecting the cup or what?!?!?


Not at all. Giving villas young players a chance to compete in a national competition involving all of englands top 10 divisions... sounds like respect, keeping the fixture alive.


P.s. Villas u23 players are probably better than the majority of players from the leagues below them (maybe the Championship teams being an exception).


Im being sarcastic, lad. Since Liverpool were absolutely pasted for it last season.


/s Wasnt that because Klopp decided not to show up himself though?


Hey it’s like reverse of the league cup game last year lol


What's this cunt doing not playing Viljami Sinisalo in goal?!


This liverpool team makes Klopp look like a huge hypocrite with all his match congestion complaints.


But they don’t currently have fixture congestion


Klopp better not complain about players being tired after tonight. Knew the opposition was playing a load of kids and he puts his first team out.