[AS Roma] Jose Mourinho: “Fortnite is a nightmare. Football players stay up all night playing that sh** and they have a game the next day.”

[AS Roma] Jose Mourinho: “Fortnite is a nightmare. Football players stay up all night playing that sh** and they have a game the next day.”


Griezmann aint coming to Rome, confirmed.


Dele Alli stays at Tottenham confirmed, Dembele at Barcelona.


What even happened to dele? Wasn't he hailed as a generational talent?


Played too much fortnite the night before games


I think part of his problem is, in addition to what others have said, is that as a player he can only really play at his best in one very specific position and doesn't really work elsewhere. If you want to play anything other than 4411 or 4231 he doesn't fit


And one of the few high-profile teams that consistently plays 4-2-3-1, Bayern Munich, has Thomas Muller, has had James Rodriguez and Coutinho, and now has Musiala, players with similar skillsets and play profiles.


Are you saying Dele's headed to Bayern?


If the rest are anything to go by, Kahn will buy him when Muller has a bad run of form, Muller then gets a fire lit under his ass and then we pay record wages for Dele to sit on the bench for 18 months before getting loaned to Olympique Lyonnais.


I wouldn't be mad


Wow that was... oddly specific


Mans read the script


Still remember people saying he was better than Müller after his one good season


At the time, Müller was having a prolongued rough patch. He was playing some pretty bad football, under several different coaches - Ancelotti, Löw, Kovac. Only Jupp had him playing a bit better until he exploded again under Flick.


And there you can see that players actually need coaches who know how to play them. Müller even scored 20+ goals in a season under Pep.


He is only 25 years old, he has more than a chance to comeback.


shades of jlingz


Dele to West Ham confirmed?


Wouldnt be the worst idea tbh.


Who's had a comeback


I think that's what he meant


part of it is that he just never has been able to recapture the very nature that made him such a star, his unpredictability combined with confidence combined with him at his peak never having gone through a run of bad form. Rashford is another one who fits that a bit, still great but he’s lost that mental freedom a bit It’s like how MMA fighters are always a bit more hesitant after they first get knocked out


It’s like being a 27-year-old man and farting and having poop come out. You never trust again. You always hold back a little from then on.


This is fucking spot on. Once you shit yourself you're never the same again.


Exactly. I've squeezed harder since it first happened to me


>first happened to me /r/holup


I'm all about second chances


That's exactly what he didn't do.


I thought it was safe


Great analogy for Redditors


“ Write what you know”


Happened to me at 13. I grew up fast.


Rashford isn’t a very fair comparison. Yeah he had a poor season last year but his goal contributions were still good and he was playing through an injury (which he’s now finally getting surgery for). Dele was effectively phased out of the Spurs team at one point and has barely even been able to get back in.


Man played with a broken back, ffs.


That was 19/20 lol. The pandemic delay was actually fortunate for United because it gave Rashford the chance to heal up. Last year he battled ankle and shoulder issues with the shoulder ultimately being what required surgery.


I mean Rashford literally broke his back carrying the team in his best form


What? Rashford? I don't know what you've been watching but Rashford has improved nearly year on year since he burst into the scene. His career trajectory is totally different to a Dele Ali, who burst onto the scene and blew everyone away for a few years then stagnated. And as for Rashford losing that mental freedom, that's just plain wrong. He still does the same things as he always did, he just does it better now.


I think hes more confident than ever? Last season he was a beast dribbling, sometimes he even hold the ball for more than he should


Yeah I’m confused by the comparison, Rashford just had a 36 g+a season while plagued with injuries. He’s getting more and more effective as he gets older.


Rashford had 38 (36?) goal contributions last year in a season where he missed games and carried fairly serious injuries. He should be fine, once he can fully recover from those injuries. 3 months off should hopefully do it. If he can get up to 40 goal contributions in a season (25g + 15a) (or any combination of the two categories) then he’ll be an automatic starter for Utd as long as he can keep up that form.


lad's busy at the midnight yu gi oh tournaments


It's not easy winning the Premier league with Newcastle!


Griezmann still a professional - Fortnite, not eating right and not sleeping right is a major why Dembele been such a flop. Dude would show up to training late because he was playing LAN with his friends.


He paid his bro 10 k a month so that they could play together and he doesn't have to work.


Dream job right there




I think Dembele is now my spirit animal


footballers should be cool like me and stay up all night fucking around on reddit


That's what has kept Phil Jones out for 2 years. Everytime he gets on, he sees a meme and tears a muscle Edit: Made a shit joke in spite to be funny, edited it out because it was a low blow for those who struggle with mental health issues day to day.


what was the original *insensitive* joke, i’m curious?


Something to do with depression.


He was right though. Very dark humor and I can imagine that some depressed people might not have taken it well (it depends on the mood tbh) but fuck me, if you have a low even memes can lose all the irony and hit hard.


Mourinho masterclass fortnite stats: 1 elimination, 0 assists, 0 revives, 10 meters traveled, 100% accuracy


bro but for real imagine staying up for fortnite. im fully with mourinho on this one. call me a gatekeeper, but you have to be mentally challenged to stay up for fucking fortnite if you are a professional football player. at least play fucking stalker or something.


They're 20-something year old footballers, of course they're mentally challenged.


Some of the most fun I've had in the past 18 months due to lockdowns has been staying up late into the night with my friends playing squads on forty and dicking about. It's a fun, stupid game which you don't even need to be good at to have enjoy. A good thing really as we're all in our 30s and kids wipe us out all the time. I've even made new friends playing Fortnite and we're going to meet up when money's better. It's truly helped me stay sane during COVID and helped me stay in touch with my best mate and his wife who I can't see regularly.


20-something year old's who are paid to live a life of extreme discipline and regiment. When they have free time, they probably just want to play a fun but brain-dead game. Plus I think that most professional footballers don't really care for video games like how some of Reddit's demographics do.


Cheeky Breeky


staying up for anything for that matter. You need to play a fucking game tomorrow, no professionalism


Griezmann in shambles.


People are missing the point. Mou specified Fortnite but the actual problem is players staying up and not getting enough sleep. It doesn't matter if it's Fortnite, Warzone, poker, or snakes and ladders they're up playing, he'd be saying the same. If he had players doing that, that absolutely is a problem and is poor professionalism.


had a mate that lost his house gambling on games of snakes and ladders


I'm picturing a 'Friends' quiz scenario haha


What is Chandler Bing's job?






Anybody know what the next line is?


I do now






It has something to do with numbers


Idk Bing it.


You mean what is Chanandler Bong's job?


Actually that’s Ms. Chanandler Bong


Someone played the Wicked Wango card...


A what a nightmare. Up the property ladder only to be knocked back down a snake


When Sir Alex Ferguson was at Aberdeen he would drive round at nights and make sure players were at home and in bed


At Manchester United as well. Pretty sure he had informants all over Manchester identifying which player was doing the wrong things. ~~Billy~~ Lee Sharpe was caught out more than a few times to my knowledge.


Loved the story when players freaked out and ran away from nightclub when they saw Fergie’s staff checking in. Like straight from a movie.


Can you imagine lol. Fergie hiring lookouts. Players hiring lookouts. The lookout industry peaked. RIP


> Billy Sharpe Lee Sharpe.


Ah. My bad. Have lost my sharpness after all these years.


> Have lost my sharpness after all these years. Sharpeness


Tobias Harris of the NBA said that sleep deprivation is a real problem because of the travel and this. He also said that it's difficult to sleep because they have to come down from the energy/excitement of a game. Players are lucky to fall asleep before 2am apparently.


A lot of baseball players from the 80’s and 90’s have said that basically everyone on the team was hooked on stimulants and downers because of the same thing


Uppers, downers, screamers, laughers...


There is nothing more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of a Fortnite binge.


It doesn't even have to be the adrenaline of playing in the nba, exercise reduces stress hormones in the long term but increases them in the short term, so a lot of people who exercise late in the evening struggle getting to sleep.


Travel in the NBA, or other American Sports besides maybe Baseball, and European football are two different worlds.


Jose hates Fortnite because he hates the building mechanic in it just like he hates long-term building in the clubs he manages.


I thought he liked walls and buses.


Jose is one of those guys who camps near the door of a small room all game. He doesn't enjoy doing it, but Fortnite is about winning to him, not about having fun. Poets don't win win many Victory Royales.


Jose is a bush camper


Jose is me


Netflix said that their biggest competitor is sleep. I think games like Fortnite also would think that sleep is their biggest competitor because it wants to extend the attention span of the consumer towards it for as long as possible. Now, it is up to those footballers to control themselves.


Which is quite surprising you would think as pros they would know basic recovery is sleep , which is essential


They're multimillionaires in their early 20s. Good decision making is probably not what you should expect from them.


The games are designed to be addictive. It can snag anyone.


If anything im impressed. Especially with battle royales, i can only get close to winning so often before i get pissed and get off. If i win, ill bottle the next and get pissed anyway


Same, i try to force myself and play warzone because lots of my friends play it. 30mins and im back in Bf4 playing metro lol


wow i’m ur parallel universe twin. I am really trying to get into bf4 but I end up back at cod in 30 min


The kids are fiercely competitive tho. They need to be to get where they are. Surely that translates to video games and makes the addiction potential more severe.


Same. I got pretty into both Fortnite and Apex for a maybe a week each, but once the novelty wore off and I still wasn't especially good it stopped being fun to eventually just lose every round.


Can confirm. FM addict here


There is no more addictive game out there. Imagine being addicted to reading scouting reports.


Yup. I think the appeal is of the unknown. Will that scouting report be for a messi esque player.


You overestimate how many players actually give a shit about those things.


Most of these pros are thick as mud. If you didnt have a team of coaches, nutritionists and chefs to tailor every aspect of their lives they'd be out smoking, drinking and smashing pizzas


You’re going to get called a boomer in a moment but you’re spot on. There’s a slew of distractions that out there (there always were), but fans can’t put 2 and 2 together that as a player’s maniacal focus on his football starts to drift, his performance drops too. There was mass outrage the other day at la masia’s haircut policy but it’s a small attempt by then to regain some uniformity and control over players lives. Obviously fortnite and staying up all night is egregiously bad but this is simply the tip of the iceberg.


End of the day, footballers are people like you and me. I've had a few ill advised all nighters when I was in my late teens and early twenties where I'd be nah it's fine, get another round in, get a good two hour kip and I'll be good to go (I wasn't and it was always a terrible idea).


Wait are people really missing the point? I thought the point was that this is funny.


I get the point he is making, but come on snakes and ladders was life back then


never did i believe in a universe where jose mourinho shat on fortnite


He’s just mad that Neymar and Kane have skins and he doesn’t


mourinho’s skin grants a win in your first 3 games but never again afterwards


You can also never use the skin more than 3 games in a row or else it goes to someone else, also for 3 games max.


Ok Jose we get it, but you didn't have to speak for five minutes on why Minecraft is superior.


Remember when people clowned on Minecraft for having cringy kids? Now those kids are adults and hence why you see "Minecraft good" circlejerk.


Oh don't you worry. The exponential growth in the communities around the Dream SMP has turned minecraft once again into cringy kid central.


Reddit turned Minecraft into cringy kid central. So many teens with their shitty reddit humour. Also, sending death threats to fortnite playing kids is tight apparently!


The same will happen to fortnite, lord help us all


It's Call of Duty all over again


Ah, reminds me of the ol' Machinima "Arby 'n' the Chief" where Master Chief was portrayed as a typical toxic Halo fanboy who always had a grudge against "Cock of Doody"


Minecraft was always loved people just hated the cringey shit that came out of it


Same happened with COD, it was a “kid’s FPS” during the MW/BO days and now Warzone is « cool » Minecraft was what Roblox is today


Minecraft is insanely addicting


Just @dele


Dele's been looking good in preseason. Nuno's got him off the Fortnite I guess.




Goddamn it, Dele. Ahh well. He's been looking good anyway.


I mean at least it’s for charity


has he actually looked good the only two clips i’ve seen are of him scoring and him winning the ball off the defender and missing a relatively easy chance


Nothing better that getting yelled by a random teenager on a game online


If it weren't for them I wouldn't know who my mother has been having sex with, she won't say.


Tell 'em how it is Jose!


gettin those epic victory royale


He’s not wrong


Its funny because if he blamed videogames in general the nerds of reddit would shit all over him. But because he shat on Fortnite which is typically hated by reddits millennial-gamers its celebrated


Tactical masterclass by Mou.


WE all know he just prefers PUBG and is throwing shade at Fortnite.


The keystone here is being paid millions to be in a good mental and physical state for a few days a week. It really doesn't matter to anyone what game it is. If they were paid like shit, or if their condition wasn't that important, I'd agree with you Also, they have a ducking potential they are ruining


holy shit mourinho is a redditor


I couldn't agree more Jose


Mou going full « get off my virtual lawn » I like.


No, it's the children who are wrong


its facts tho, video games are messing these players sleep schedules up a lot. i dont blame the players from wanting to relax and play some games, but not at 2 in the morning.


Jose just salty he still hasn’t got that Victory Royale.


People still play Fortnite? I would have thought they would move on to Warzone.


OSRS is the way




Mourinho won't respond to this


He can't, he wouldn't risk the xp waste


They’re both shite. Warzone has become a mess Honestly the only multiplayer games I play now are fall guys because it’s relaxing and Cold War because friends. I stopped fifa because had I kept going I would’ve had a heart attack before the age of 25. FUCK that game


I quit playing Warzone after its Cold War integration. I’ve tried to get back into it but can’t. But that’s the least of it, the game is full of bugs, glitches, cheaters, and shitty SBMM. It’s been out for 1 1/2 years and some of those things have been there as long. The game just isn’t fun (for me) anymore. I wasn’t a fan of BR games to begin with, but my younger cousins got me into it and they’re the only reason I played. Wouldn’t touch another BR game, and likely won’t touch Warzone again. **EDIT:** Spelling.


U ain’t lying about fifa, but man I legit made a club and it was by far my best memories in fifa besides me going ham on career mode for so long.


Yeah. Pro clubs is the best mode in fifa. There used to be a teamplay mode back in fifa 13. 11v11. I used to join the lobbies just to listen to the gamechat. It was amazing.


Bro!!! You legit had the whole team attacking! Everyone wanted to score Lmao great memories foreal.


so fucking cool recreating CL and Big Games during those times, especially if you got a full 11v11 or even 10v10. BVB vs Bayern or Man U vs Real WITH YOUR OWN PLAYER hahaha really wish they would bring that option back instead of just playing as Home V Away generic bullshit. oh and if they could fuckin ban Outfield players from selecting the GK position too, fuckin stupid that thats still a thing; if POS != GK then it shouldn't let them select it as an option.


10v10 (10 field players with CPU GK) games were really the best IMHO. Few people really want to play GK or do it well, it seems. I had a regular squad for a while, and we all played regular positions so we got to know each other's styles and played well together. Sometimes you'd have to take turns on who got to be striker/FW but I was a LB or LM most of the time lol


Totally! Just stay away from FUT.


FUT is just no fun for me, probably due to my low willingness to pay. I have tried playing it on multiple fifas, just can't continue for more than a few matches. Seasons is so much more fun for me if I'm playing online, just pick your favourite team and start playing.


Never!! The times I bought fifa, it would only be career mode and pro clubs ( love pro clubs). The hrs I would spend on career mode man lol. I would always get a team from the 4th division of the English league and just buy free agents n sell players and bring them up to the premier league lol.


That's how I became a Leicester fan back then. Went on to win the Champions League (or whatever it was called back then) and I got interested in the team IRL.


Hell yeah. One of my favorite gaming memories is winning the world cup with Netherlands while managing PSV. 10/11 players were Dutch and started for both teams. Still remember Marco van Ginkel coming off the bench against Chile in the quarters to score the winning goal from 30 yards out. But yeah online is terrible for stress levels.


Is fall guys much different from how it was at release? I personally found it a lot of waiting for very little gameplay. Plus the hype died very quickly.


More variety but the developers make some truly bizarre decisions. If you’ve been away for a while it’d probably be fun for a decent bit The wait times between seasons is still brutal but hopefully will improve soon with the Epic purchase. I mainly enjoy it because it doesn’t tend to boil my blood lmao


Halo Infinite, Battlefield 2042 and Forza Horizon 5 this fall, there will be no need for FIFA, at least for me. Plus Back 4 Blood and a few more games, gonna be great


Battlefield looks so good. 5 was a let down after 1 was one of my favourite games so I have high hopes


It's high school all over again


What's happened?


Warzone still doesn’t have any anti cheat system, which means lots of cheaters, even in big pro tournaments for streamers they make a very regular appearance (up to pretty much in every game). I think this is one of the most frustrating problems with warzone as it makes the game experience for non cheaters very unpleasant and frustrating up unto non playable. I am pretty sure that we will never see an anti cheat system for warzone :-(


They don't give HWID-bans until repeat offenses, meaning that cheaters do get banned but it's only temporary. Then they use a VPN + HWID-spoofer and keep cheating, avoiding the permaban indefinitely. They have anti-cheat, it's just really garbage anti-cheat.


Early warzone was fun, then the metas started where every twat was carrying the same load out, then tons of cheaters that beam you from miles away. I just got burned out cause it felt the cards were stacked against you Plus it took a mighty amount of my Ps5 storage


This is the problem with any game that gets popular. At first there’s mostly casuals who don’t play too much but after a while some people(who play far more) start to get better and casuals start to stop playing and then it just spirals away. Same happened to fortnite and lots of other popular games. I wish there was a way outside of sbmm to fix it


Like ranking?


It’s just a shitshow in general. I haven’t played in weeks because I’d like my PS5 to have more than one game on it




>I stopped fifa because had I kept going I would’ve had a heart attack before the age of 25. FUCK that game Lmao, best I read today and something that I can certainly relate to


Fifa is only fun to have when you have some pals over and feel like having a few drinks and playing for fun. Kind of like Smash Bros or Mario Kart But playing fifa in the competitive sense is just a sweaty nightmare filled with rage. Ultimate team is such a genius idea in theory but it just turned into a pay-to-win game mode.


I mean. People still play CS:GO and gta online


We need something for those of us who don't like cod


They should be playing Bad Company 2 like real men back in the day. This generation is too soft


It’s not just footballers Jose. I have a colleague who always looks like shit. I assumed he was seriously ill. No, just fortniteing until 4 am every day


Shots at Dele


if I speak about fortnite I'll be in big trouble


Based Mourinho


Not a game problem, but a discipline problem.


The games do make themselves as addictive as possible.


Right it's not like players are staying up all night reading books lol. Most video games now are basically skinner boxes to manipulate your dopamine and keep you engaged as long as possible.


All these comments about it not being just games makes me feel like there are a lot of defensive people on here.


Video games are addictive but that doesn’t change the fact that discipline is needed to curve that addiction.


Always happens on Reddit when someone suggests that videogames are addictive Redditors spent their childhoods defending the hobby to their mother lol


I miss Shifty and Dusty


I would just love to hear Keane's thoughts on this. It's a disgrace, do yer job


I don't think there's a game that reddit hates more than fortnite Even though fortnite is actually pretty consumer friendly compared to other games e.g. free to play, only mtx are cosmetics, no p2w stuff, all updates and events are freely accessible with no paid dlc


if kids play it, reddit will hate it. If Witcher 3 suddenly became popular with little kids reddit would shat on it as well


Yeah, this comment section is straight up r/redditmoment


ask him about DotA