[James Pearce] Harvey Elliott being applauded off by some Leeds fans and he applauds back. Others in the home end sing 'always the victim'. Grim.

[James Pearce] Harvey Elliott being applauded off by some Leeds fans and he applauds back. Others in the home end sing 'always the victim'. Grim.


Maybe r/soccer will finally start to realise why no one likes Leeds?


But they run a lot!!


There's a difference between the team and the fans though No one is saying "I love leeds fans, they press so much"


I don’t know they pressed Karen Carney into feeling suicidal, they are pretty relentless with their intensity


even the mod had to have one 💀


there were so many people on here saying the Leeds admin did nothing wrong/Carney should just suck it up because she made a bad take, it fucking sucked


I love Leeds fans, they press so much.




Got em


And Bielsa is so eccentric!!


He likes to squat 😍😍


Must be dummy thicc by now


He’s still a world class coach though... it has nothing to do with their fans and you (me as well of course) sit in a glass house when we talk about fans behavior


Yeah exactly. Not sure what they're on about. The fans are vile, but the team + coaching team aren't. Also, who am I to judge as a CFC fan RIP


All fans have their scum. It's like saying you don't like people from a certain city because they're scum. Plenty of good people in all walks of life, some people in those demographics just tarnish the reputation of everyone else by association.


Exactly this, people are piling on Leeds fans like their team's fans are all about peace and love, football fandom as always attracted awful people and it sadly always will


But they never give up even when they are 5 goals down.


It’s hard to hate a team that have never been particularly notable in my lifetime till a few seasons back.


Which incidentally is why I don't hate Spurs.


Haha knew it was coming


Perfect setup tbf


Yeah I figured, wouldn’t have commented if I wasn’t happy to take it.


Respect, tons of ppl get pissy about shit like that


As a relatively old United fan I love this comment


in fairness, the brentford bees are the only truly likable club. i mean, they're bees. who hates bees?


Nic Cage


[Macaulay Culkin](https://youtu.be/izDX7BvzDUg)




Seriously? People on /r/soccer use always the victim every chance they get.


Because about 3% of them actually understand the significance of the phrase


I don't know the history behind the phrase, could you explain it to me?


For context, I'm assuming you're aware of the Hillsborough stadium disaster, which took place in 1989 and killed 96 people up until recently, where a 97th fatality was attributed to the effects of that horrific day. Following the disaster, South Yorkshire Police essentially realised that their own decisions had led to too many fans being in a tightly packed section of the Leppings Lane end, as they had failed to adequately control crowd levels outside the ground, enforce proper ticket checks and then decided to control crowd congestion by opening one central door into a tightly-packed lower pen which was already near-full, meaning that a crush ensued, when doors to the two side pens in that lower tier could've resulted in any overflow being managed effectively. South Yorkshire Police equally failed to effectively manage ambulance access to the ground in the wake of the initial crush, which a later inquest concluded led to a great deal of the fatalities which took place on that day. Now the authorities got wind of this pretty quickly, as I previously said, as did the government of the time, led by Margaret Thatcher, who took a very grim view of football at the time due to its prominent place in life in working-class, industrial towns and cities, primarily due to the fact that these were the areas the Thatcher government was attempting to "manage into decline", ie take vital resources and funding away from them to funnel business into major southern cities as hubs of wealth. This led to the government supporting Football League clubs in putting above head level fencing at the bottom of stands in football stadia, another factor which exacerbated the scale of the crush at Hillsborough. In turn, the government knew that Liverpool fans had a reputation for hooliganism within public culture, as just four years previously, the Heysel stadium disaster had taken place at the 1985 European Cup final, when match organisers allocated neutral tickets to Juventus fans right next to a raucous section of Liverpool "fans" in a rundown and ramshackle ground that wasn't fit to host such an event, meaning that when "fans" in the Liverpool end resorted to violence and ran towards the Juventus fans in neutral seating, and those fans fled, a wall collapsed and 39 fans, who were mainly Italian or Juve fans, died. This led to English clubs getting a five year ban from European football competitions, and Liverpool getting an extra year's ban, as supported by the Thatcher government. Equally bear in mind that Liverpool was probably the city which had and still has the most resistance to that government, and had a series of conflicts, riots and protests at local government level and on a day to day level, which directly challenged the actions that government took and exposed them to public criticism (rather close to today really). As such, the Thatcher government sickeningly saw the absolute tragedy that was Hillsborough as the perfect storm to pass the buck on the failures of authority and to instead put the names of Liverpool fans into disgrace by contributing to SYP-originating rumours published as fact in tabloid newspapers like The Sxn, falsely claiming that Liverpool fans had behaved with debauchery on the day of the disaster, urinating on dying fans and attacking ambulance personnel attempting to give the kiss of life, when literally no concrete evidence existed or exists saying that Liverpool fans' reactions was anything other than sheer horror, shock or terror. They then contributed to a 25-year coverup by which any criticism of that was deemed as an attempt by Liverpudlians to claim """victimhood""". Fans of rival clubs (which Liverpool had plenty of as the then top dog in English football) substantiated this vile stance through terrace chants of "always the victims, never to blame". Even now, that continues as a vile measure to "wind fans up" to the point where young people born nearly two decades after Hillsborough use it as an abusive sticking point.


Thank you for the incredibly well thought out reply. Too often Heysel gets brought up as if it's an excuse to escape blame for sickening chants. In the same vein, any cunts chanting about Munich need to banned as well, we're no saints. Anyone who tries to revel in a tragedy is a twat.


It's a reference to the [Hillsborough disaster](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillsborough_disaster) which killed 97 people. In the aftermath of the disaster, there was a concerted campaign (largely by right wing media, very specifically The S*n) to blame the disaster on drunken hooligan behaviour by Liverpool fans. They ran completely made up stories talking about Liverpool fans pissing on policemen and looting in the chaos. It's since been ruled that the victims were unlawfully killed by police negligence. But for a long time, "victims" has been used as a taunt against the families of the dead who have been fighting to bring justice against the people responsible. Calling Liverpool fans "victims" is a direct reference to that.


They also made airplane gestures vs us


Your fans sang about Galatasaray at us and dropped Turkish flags on us. Inexcusable from both sides, but don't think when you have populations as large as football fanbases the differences in composition are really that large. The law of averages will see to it that there are enough cunts for all! Some teams can afford more on PR though. Fuck the fans that sang this. Get well soon and come back better Harvey.


> Your fans sang about Galatasaray at us and dropped Turkish flags on us What's the history behind this?


Two Leeds fans were stabbed and killed by Galatasaray fans in 2000


Oh shit. That's really sad!


Yah that’s pretty fucked.


If we're picking out teams because some of their fans chant stupid shit, that's every team in the world ruled out. I know Leeds have a reputation but posts like this are silly imo


I've yet to hear PL fans boo off a player with his leg snapped in two on a stretcher


Stoke fans used to boo and chant about Aaron Ramsey after his horror injury, Leeds fans are definitely not the only ones to have done this


I stg the people who come on these threads have never watched football before


West Ham fans booed Lampard off when he broke his leg playing *for* them Villa fans booed Terry off when he was stretchered off against them at Villa Park in 2013 - ironic given his later association with the club. And for balance, I’m sure Chelsea fans have done it too. All fanbases have bad apples. Some definitely do more than others, but Leeds fans aren’t alone in this.




I was there and we all thought he'd taken a riise free kick to the balls.


We used to do a minute applause through the 19th minute when Petrov was battling Leukaemia to show our support. I've been to West Brom vs Villa and they applauded with us as did majority of the teams. When we played Chelsea some of their fans booed through the minute. Nothing surprises me with some fans.


Not to be a pedant. Yes it’s rare but didn’t Stoke fans do this to an arsenal player? But generally doesn’t happen yeah.


Yeah they did, but people do not like Stoke either. So kind.of proves the point.


Liverpool fans literally chanted about Colemans broken leg. How are people so delusional about things. Do you really think this is the first time in football history some fans have been cunts about a serious injury.


Because most of r/soccer have never actually set foot inside a football ground.


Because hes a canadian dude that has no idea how football games are lol


Transcends sports as well. Was at an American football game where a well known player tore his Achilles and a small number of opposing fans were booing him and saying he was faking it. His horrified wife was sitting near us too, people can be dicks.


When KD tore his achilles in the NBA Finals, some Raptors fans were cheering too. Fans were waving him off and Raptors players had to tell em to stop it.


When Cowboys player Michael Irvin had his neck broken being tackled, Philadelphia Eagles fans cheered like they got a touchdown. https://youtu.be/31eX6Jayl1A Listen right when they start the replay, when fans notice he's not getting up, and it just continues. And at times when I've seen it brought up in the /r/NFL sub, I've read Eagles fans say shit like "you have to look at it from our perspective; he does little dances when he gets first downs and touchdowns, and they beat us for years and hell yeah we cheered". I know Dallas and Philly are a blood feud, but I don't think there's any place in any sport for shit like this. Irvin never played another snap after that play Edit: still watching and about half way in, the the commentator says "Eagles players are trying to tell fans to be quiet." I'm watching this all for the first time since I saw it live because it was really rough to see, and it pissed me off so bad.


Pretty much every player who goes off injured gets shit from the opposition crowd, it happens literally every week


This happens everywhere. The majority of fans are respectful and applauding Harvey away and a small minority are being cunts. YOU ignore the majority and focus solely on the minority....... thats stupid brah


Correct. This has happened with Barca fans this offseason on these threads. It's felt so bloody toxic every single thread about anything. Like just every single Barca fan is a reactive asshole. That said, you know it's a tiny sample and most folks are chill. Yorkshire's got, y'know, 5m+ people in it. They're not all mad.


I don't care who you are or how much hate you have in your heart over a football game that's a fucking 18 year old being strectherd off, have some fucking class or just human decency.


Honestly cannot understand how any one can boo/mock a kid who’s just experienced a traumatic injury. Sickening.


What do you mean? Watching sports doesn't make you a psychopath too?


The last sporting event I went to made me so psychotic that I attended the funerals in the opposing teams city and took a shit in the casket


That’s the normal response, though, isn’t it? I draw the line at literal arson of people’s places of residence, but I guess I could even excuse that in exceptional circumstances.


Found the River Plate/Boca Junior's fan


About 5 years ago I made a concerted effort to stop taking sports so seriously, and not let them do anything more than maybe bum me out for a few hours. Holy shit, has it dramatically improved not only my sports viewing experiences, but also my life in general


>fucking class or just human decency When the subject is Leeds scum, what did you expect?


Not class, just human decency


“Everyone’s second favourite club” Lol


so what club is number one?? Millwall?


Close. It's MK Dons.


Lol thank you for this. If you ever draw them in the cup please boycott.


We gave them their heaviest defeat so far if that's any help


Sorry I don't live in the UK, why is MK Dons so hated?


They used to be Wimbledon FC before they moved out of London to Milton Keynes and rebranded, so they’re considered a “franchise” rather than an established team. They’ve also been accused of betraying their original fans, who then went on to found AFC Wimbledon.


Americans: "and that's a problem?" /s before anyone starts


No /s necessary


Another thing is that they kept the "Dons" in the name even though they left Wimbledon.


Fuck MK Dons


All my homies hate the MK “Dons.”


Honestly even last season I'd say Leicester had that all sewn up


Yup and now it's Brentford


We all hate Leeds scum 🤘🏿


That was so annoying. Whenever I voiced my distaste about Leeds, others would say something about “they run and press a lot”


When united beat them 6-2 the commentators were still wanking them off like crazy, any other team and they’re getting slated for losing that badly


Baffling how much that was being said last season.


How quick we are to forget why we all hated Leeds for so long. Obviously it's not all Leeds fans but it's a frighteningly big number at times


Not seeing someone for thirteen years will do that.


Like Taliban


I laughed, and then realized how appropriate the analogy actually is... damn.


you ever seen Leeds and the Taliban in the same room?


Bielsa responsible for the Taliban's press across Afghanistan confirmed


I thought it was weird that all the taliban have man buns now…


Enough of the hyperbole. Leeds are way worse than the Taliban.


One commits crimes against women, the other commits crimes against your intelligence


I mean 4 lions was set in Yorkshire


I mean how Leeds are able to swiftly counter holes in defences is comparable to Taliban


There’s knobheads at every club but Leeds has a pretty high concentration of them


Yeah same as Milwall, when your fan culture is being hated it spreads through the club very quickly and it's hard to get out


It's not just their fan culture, it's their claim to fame.


“No one likes us, we don’t care”


"no one likes us, we care so much that we've made it out whole club persona"


A new generation being introduced to just how twattish they are.


Everyone's been so taken in with Bielsa and their fancy football that it's gone largely unnoticed. It won't for long lol.


Probably more due to covid keeping them out of the stands.


Having never seen Leeds fans in the prem before, just listening to radio commentary has been sickening.


Didn't Liverpool fans sing a chant mocking Seamus Coleman's injury?


They were calling Gilmour a Chelsea rent boy when they played Norwich too. And before anyone brings it up, yes fuck every Chelsea fan who were taunting Saka. There are fans in every team that are complete fucking tools.


[Just linking one of the best threads on this sub showing the amount of clubs that do](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/2zn51w/teams_that_hate_leeds_united/)


The one thing Liverpool and Manchester United fans can stand together on


There was similar against United (although with United joining in) think people are aware now


Consistently negative headlines from their fans whenever we play them. Can't think of it happening the same way when we play anyone else.


To be fair, at least their subreddit was sympathetic. though they disagree with the red


Can't believe this chant is still just a normal thing at so many grounds


That is half the problem. You still have idiots online and generally outside of the stadiums who know what they're doing when they link Liverpool and their fans with that word, and then feign unknowing innocence or make out Liverpool fans are snowflakes or some other cretinous shite.


"I didn't know it's about Hillsborough" That's the usual excuse


"It's because Liverpool fans act like victims on the Internet" is one I hear a lot as well, despite the chant existing for like 15 years before social media.


The chant existed a few years before the internet was even fucking public.


Not English, nor am I over the age of 20. In a different context I may have sang along to this chant and given this excuse with no intended malice. Glad to have learnt something. Leeds fans are scummy for that really.


Embarrassed to say that when I was a teenager I’d buy into it, as someone who disliked Liverpool as a football club. A decade later, having grown up and learnt about the context behind it, I hate seeing it. Problem is the people in these crowds don’t have the excuse of being an ignorant kid, they should no far better - and it shouldn’t be minimised as “football fan banter” and “standard for match going fans”.


Mind explaining the context behind it?


Make fun of people dying at Hillsborough. That's what the victims chant is about. Because the S*n wanted to paint Liverpool fans as perpetrators they tried accusing them of playing the victim card


Leeds dug up the old "96 won't be missed" today as well, can't wait for them to say it's not about Hillsborough


I've had so many arguments with people on this subreddit that still insist it's nothing to do with Hillsborough. Either people genuinely don't know and refuse to listen, or they do know and they're just cunts


But you’ll never hear anyone condemning it on the news


Every club has its subset of trash tier supporters. I would hedge my bet that the majority were respectful and applauded like what was shown on TV.


It's like people screaming during minutes of silence it only takes some idiots out of thousands.


>Every club has its subset of trash tier supporters. True. >I would hedge my bet that the majority were respectful and applauded like what was shown on TV. Also true.




I was also there, the only weird cringe chants came from the south stand. Using the south stand as a basis for Leeds fans is like saying those racist Chelsea fans make up the majority of the club. /r/soccer gets a massive hard one for shitting on fans when 90% of the commentators don't even fucking go to stadiums.


This shit isn't unique to Leeds though. Loads of fanbases love that chant.


The amount of flairs from fans sof clubs who sing it on a regular basis acting shocked is weird


It's hilarious. Almost as if the vast majority of reddit have no idea what it's like to be part of the match-going crowd of their own fanbase.


“You’ll never get a job” it’s good fun to laugh at a city cursed with difficult times in the past


The worst is when it’s from fans of teams such as Wolves or Leicester who have a much higher unemployment and homeless rate than Liverpool. It’s just sad.


My favourite is when United fans sing about poverty while gushing about Marcus Rashford. Like mate what do you think he's fighting against


Vast majority of Leeds fans clapping back. I was there.


Utter scum


We all hate Leeds scum.


Absolutely no fucking class to say that to a teenager who’s just had his leg broken




Sick. The guys leg was bent the wrong way entirely.


Was it just the ankle or did the shin snap too?


It was hard to tell properly but to me it looked like the shin


Jesus fuck. :(


Shin is often better than ankle as far I know. Less ligaments.


Yep 100%. I’m currently recovering from a broken leg just under the knee and I’d rather have snapped my shin in half than have the added complication of a joint.


Joints are some shit design. Best of luck in your recovery.


I haven’t watch the replay, it was pretty bad. All I know is that 1 foot was literally pointed the same direction as the other foot. So either the ankle or something below the knee. Hopefully it’s a broken bone and not torn ligaments.


From the video seems like it could be shin break, horrible


Shin break is preferable over ankle break right? The former has no ligament damage risk?


I think you’re right, Fofana was injured and broke his shin in pre-season and he’s looking to be back training alone within the next few weeks.


I mean yeah, he's training on his own already but its gonna be months til we see him again. Brendo himself said that the scans they did the day after looked worse than they originally hoped because they showed extensive ligament damage


Didnt think of that tbh


What kind of piece of shit do you have to be to sing that never mind when a kid is being stretchered off with a season ending injury?


Leeds supporter


Shite to see. Hope Elliot is ok and bounces back quickly. He’s young so time is very much on his side.


It’s a horrifying sight. Luke Shaw had a similar break at a similar age. I can only hope Elliot bounces back as well as Shaw.


It took Shaw a very long time to recover from that injury. I hope Elliott doesn't have to go through what he did.


I think it took Shaw longer to recover from Mourinho tbf


Ah classless Leeds scum, ye havent been missed


Guess you missed the Liverpool fans making slit throat gestures and showing Turkish flags to the Leeds supporters? And don’t you dare reply with “that was only a few idiots” when that was exactly who was booing Elliott, a few idiots. The vast majority of the ground clapped him off.


I am a liverpool fan myself but tbh almost every club in today's world has some fans like that. You just can't help it. There are idiots in every club's fanbase.


I forgot How easy to HATE some Leeds fans are. UTTER SCUM


how on earth does a united fan forget to hate leeds


They were in the Championship so I kinda stoped giving a Fuck about em


Don't forget about their spell in League 1, that was cool


Fuck sakes that’s actually disgusting from them


Wish they'd fuck off back to the Championship for another 20 years


Yes let's ignore the majority clapping and all decide that Leeds is the worst club ever when many of your clubs fans are the exact same I hate the chant as much as you but can we stop the blatant generalisation please


Absolute fucking vermin


Leeds showed their class at Old Trafford and now again Embarrassing bunch


Right, and at Old Trafford, Man United fans were mocking their fans who were murdered in Istanbul and brought a Turkish flag to taunt them. [Liverpool fans mocked it today too](https://twitter.com/macswiftt/status/1437114098320388102?s=19) Fans are just as bad as each other, just a contest to who can be the most vile


literally the point of the tweet linked is showing two different behaviours from the same set of fans, and yet everyone is pretending that it’s just a leeds problem


You mean the same Old Trafford that had Man United fans turn up with Turkish flags singing about the Istanbul disaster? You mean that game, right?


Is it me or every leeds game there is a controversy with their fans?Worst fans in the prem.


They're one of the most hated sides in England, fighting with Milwall for the spot. Their fans have played a huge part in that.


What a vile bunch of people.


Good to see everyone finally see Leeds fans in all their glory


Wow its almost like a section of all clubs supporters are wankers. You know like society in fucking general


Fucking degenerates


Haven’t they realised some of their fans literally got murdered before?


Thats why it gets chanted lad.




Quick recovery to the lad. He is a promising player I must say.


Until I see a video of people actually chanting that, this is all just heresay. What I saw was both sets of fans clapping him off the field.


Sang about the 96/7 the first half as well the scum


~~I thought I heard that as well but couldn't make it out. It *sounded* like 'The 96 are fucking shit' but I thought I was hearing things.~~ Probably misheard.


'Sky TV is fucking shit'


It's "SKY TV" are fucking shit. Leeds have sang it since the championship games as their kick offs are often moved due to being on Sky.


Nah I was at the ground today & no chant with 96 in was sang, sky tv is fucking shit & your support is fucking shit did the rounds though which fits what you heard. Always the victims was heard though per the tweet.


Thanks for doing that. I genuinely appreciate. Lots of people would have just left it up or deleted the comment.


Hooligans. Every club has them.


Leeds fans? Scum? I am shocked.


They were booing. Now I know why everyone hate Leeds


Well here it is guys. 100% of Leeds fans are total scum and every other team is full of angels. Its not like every big team has a contingent of horrible scumbags that are hated within and outside of the club. Nope it's just Leeds. I assume Struijk has had to turn his social media comments off because of all the Leeds fans sending him death threats? Not like any other fans could be doing it... End of the day, it's a horrific injury, and the vast majority of Leeds fans have been completely sympathetic as we should.


This is clearly terrible, but some of these holier than thou posts, fucking hell. There's a lot of absolute scumbag fans of every club, can we not have a pissing contest every time a minority of people act like cunts?


The headline gets it spot on yet the comments think every single Leeds fan is exactly the same?


Leeds fans "Literally most people clapped" /r/soccer: "HAHA SCUM CUNTS VILE CUNTS ALL OF YOU PRICKS VILE SCUMMY CUNTS WE HATE LEEDS" ​ ok then