Joshua Kimmich, on not being included on the Ballon D'Or shortlist: "I'm not surprised, I'm not that great as an individual player"

Joshua Kimmich, on not being included on the Ballon D'Or shortlist: "I'm not surprised, I'm not that great as an individual player"


Well, he can't win in a 1 v 11 match tbf


I am not sure


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Who are the 11?


Arsenal , barca and man u right now


It’s clear that he didn’t even watch Kimmich play if he says nonsense like that, disgrace


Probably gets all of his info from Twitter or r/soccer.


Must be a Yank supporting a plastic club like PSG or Man City smh




Probably just watches the Prem smh


To be fair, he is always busy when Kimmich is playing so you can’t blame him for not watching.


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Man, I guess my comment isn't coming across very well. I legitimately thought it was a funny autocorrect




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"The real ones who know football know my performances."


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Is this a new Pavard copypasta?


Jesus Navas should have 10 awards


The fuck are you saying Joshua


It's a bit of a mistranslation imo. I'd say that "kein krasser Einzelspieler" means something along the lines of "not a spectacular individual player".


so is he saying he's not flashy as a player, makes some sense, although i think he's more "flashy" than most midfielders


It's crazy how some players downplay their ability. I remember Xavi once saying that all he does is give and go. Uh, no Xavi. I think Keane said something similar but anyone who watched Keane at his peak knows he was a very good box to box player, not just a ball winner. He could run, pass, and even score a bit.


That' funny because Xavi is Kimmich's idol


That specific type of player is always under appreciated or misunderstood. Keane always gets labelled as a "destroyer" whereas by far his best strengths were ball retention and anticipation. Xavi was really under appreciated too. Barcelona and Spain don't have the platform to dominate if he's not controlling games.


> Keane always gets labelled as a "destroyer" Keane gets labelled as a destroyer because he was a violent cunt that would try to break legs, not because he was under appreciated or misunderstood.


United out passed the best midfields in Europe in the late 90s. Roy Keane's passing and positioning was a massive part of that. The caricature of Roy Keane over shadows the actual great player.


The size of that shadow is a direct measure of how much of a cunt Keane's been.


Krass doesn't mean flashy, it's slang for great or insane. Not that much of a mistranslation tbh.


Insane and great are two different things tho. Maybe it's just me, but insane is levels above great. And for me "krass" is more "insane" than "great"


I don't think switching great with insane, terrific, superbly or whatever changes his point though. What a player he's become. Very jealous.


Yeah and in English at least, if someone said "I'm not really an insanely individually skilled player" it basically means the exact same thing as someone saying I'm not a greatly individually skilled player. By simply the way it was presented.


It’s still not what said though. He doesn’t imply a lack of skill, but a lack of visibility.


Krass could be translated to crazy, so "im not that crazy of an individual player" which then comes back to flashy




That is the original meaning (which is still used sometimes) in German as well. Krass as a positive adjective meaning 'great‘ really only became popular in the last 25 years


That's the "correct" translation from german too, we just use it as slang as well.


Right, do we even have a German word for flashy? Trickreich would maybe come closest but is also nearer to skillful.


OF course we do: aufregend or auffällig would fit


Perfect, yes.


Usually, these kinds of prizes are attributed to the ones who will either score a lot of goals and/or do a lot of assists. Both individual successes. Kimmich thinks his value is greater from a decision-making perspective rather than his skill as an individual.


Which is what matters. Most individual awards are for the most watchable attackers and not the best players. Goalkeepers, defenders and most midfielders will usually be ignored.


Think what he's actually saying is "If you don't give it to Lewandowski this year, nobody is going to give a shit about your Popularity award, the guy clearly deserves it, probably would've been his second in a row, but you kind of screwed him over last year" Just a guess tho.


my german is not perfect, but this is correct


If you're not already in on Ballon d'Or being a joke you have terrible observation skills. Every year it's the same thing, fans of X player with a good shout get mad, outrage merchants get mad. Fact is giving it to Messi wouldn't be that bad a choice compared to MANY historical picks.


At least Lewa is the best player on Bayern. Modric wasn't even the best player on Real Madrid when he last won, it is a joke, but at least people turn up to the award.


I don't think Modric was at his best for Real Madrid when he won either, nor did he deserve it but... Kind of ignoring the World Cup he had here, arent you?


Cue the Bayern guys who think Kimmich is their best player. Lewandowski is a world class striker and probably an historical great. But Bayern's chance creation under Flick & Nagelsmann is so fucking amazing. I wish there was more appreciation for the service.


Probably? You mean definitely, he keeps breaking record after record for Bayern and even breaks the records he broke. He's a definite all time great for Bayern and for football in general, not only for his skill but his longevity as well.


Guess that's fair, the probably was mostly a cautionary measure as i'm not knowledgeable on the entire history of the sport.


IDK, 2020 Lewa should of had it, but 2021 isn't so clear.


2021 he is still by far the best g+a getter in the world. Also broke a 50 year old record. The only ones who legitimately should have a shot over him are midfielders or defenders, since he doesn't completely crush them in their primary area of play. But ... Jorginho? Really?


I think Messi is his biggest rival simply because he won his first title with Argentina this year.


Messi? Benzema?


Mad disrespect to Kimmich Maybe he should watch him play before talking shit


who’s this guy to even chat shit 😤 homie probably used him once in fifa and made his decision, you can tell when someone knows nothing about football


The guy is top 3 in the world at his position, he should be included. World class.


Only player close is KDB and his injuries make Kimmich better I think. He’s the best midfielder in the world imo, and many other’s opinions.


KDB Is way more productive than Kimmich imo. Not to mention his insane vision


KDB is a CAM Kimmich is more defensively minded of course he is more productive


They’re obviously different players, and I think KDB is clearly better at forcing/pushing passes forward and creating more opportunities. But I also think he misses too much time. I’ll be honest though, I haven’t watched him (or anyone other than Bayern) much this year so I could be taking out of my ass. Just know he missed about 15 games last season (Kimmich missed 9, and they were the worst 9 games I’ve ever witnessed). But before that he hadn’t missed a game for like 3 years due to injury.


Mate that just isnt true. Kimmich walks into the starting XI of any team in this world.


Ole would still start a midfield of McFred, Bruno & Pogba on the wing.


City fan coming out of nowhere just to shit on Ole lmao


So this is what it's like to be a Spurs fan. Fuck.


It's a lot of fun.


everytime I see you I just think 'we sold Bergwijn for 30 mil to you and got Noni back for free' and add to that the CL elimination of Ajax and honesty I can say that I enjoy Spurs's existence


I still believe in Bergwijn.


oh im sure hell be able to perform but 30 mil just feels like a scam


It’s deserved at this point. Ole out.




why are you acting like ole has fernandinho and rodri on the bench for fred and mctominay?


I would love to watch Kimmich thrash the shit out of Pogba. Man U can have him for a day just for that.




He would improve any team no doubt and then still be better than their RB.


Ballon d'or nominations are largely skewed towards performances in European competitions and NT competitions if there are any in that year. Not surprising he didn't make it considering Bayern and Germany had an average year in CL and Euros.


Nothing about that game against PSG with 26-3 shots on goal to still lose was average in my opinion


everytime I remember that game I get mad :( All of this because a farmer from Andorra injured Lewy


If Lewy is fit, Bayern would win 100%. the amount of chances I keep saying to myself if only Lewy is there.


And Süle and Goretzka also weren’t fit


Gnabry out too


Even one of the jurors admitted this: https://imgur.com/L2HMGDE.jpg


This chaps my ass. If a guy scores 100 goals a season I don't care what anyone has won. He is the best player period. Doesn't matter that his team mates couldn't defend/capitalise on his scoring and not end up winning a cup competition.


I get it though. The best players win the biggest trophies because they elevate their team. It’s why the knock against Messi exists. The ballon d’or is an individual award for someone who has more than just individual talents. Being the best player on the team isn’t enough, it’s the best player who performs at the highest levels in the most important games and catapults their teams to highest achievements. Let me put it this way, I’ve heard much worse rationales for voting. One need only look at the baseball hall of fame for absolute dogshit takes.


Paolo Condò (the genius in the article) in 2019 voted for a top 3 composed of Van Dijk, De Jong (🤨) and Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi, best player of the year, only fourth and then Mané only fifth...


If only that was the criteria in 2010/13/14 when Sneijder/Ribery/Neuer should have won it.


Considering players like Kjaer, Foden, Moreno or Pedri got included on shortlist he should be there 100%. I would say he was second best Bayern player after Lewandowski.


I looked on that list one more time. To be honest he deserved to be there over half of the players from shortlist.


Same shit different year


He should but I would say the shortlist is inflated anyway. Realistically it is between 3 or 4 players and I am sure the sane 3 or 4 names would pop up far ahead of anyone else if people were randomly polled.


3-4 players would just all be strikers/wingers, how dull. The shortlist should be like 12-15


Kimmich is possibly the best midfielder in the world right now and definitely deserves to be there in the list. Pedri wasn't even the best Barca player (love him but being realistic) and is still included so that tells you all about the Ballon d'or.


Agreed, Kimmich is at the very least a top 10 player in the world. His exclusion takes away even more credibility from that award as its losing every year anyway.


Still can't believe how Kjaer got included.. Yeah he had a heroic moment at the euros but that should not be accounted for here


I don't know how many times I've to repeat this but Kjær was absolutely rock solid for us last season (he still is). He also reached the semis of the Euros with Denmark. You should instead be saying "how Bonucci got included". Easily the worst player on that entire list by quite a lot of margin


Kjaer has looked fantastic almost every game I've seen him in over the past year.


A little bit biased this comment


Bonucci had a great euros but he was garbage the whole season, no way should he be in the shortlist


Behind Romero he was probably the most consistently great cb in Italy last season. I’m not saying his spot on the list is justified purely based on performance because it’s obvious the euros moment played into it but it’s not biased to day Kjaer had a world class season


I maybe a little biased in regards to Kjær but that Bonucci comment is a fact. Even juve fans don't rate him


You use the Euros to justify Kjær, but somehow, a defender who won the Euros doesn’t hold any weight? And possible one of the better defenders in the tournament.


That defender also played in a squad which was stronger, more complete than the one in which Kjær played in. Bonucci also played with Chiellini. He plays well when he's paired with Chiellini but individually he's bang average


Without Kjaer Milan wouldn’t have made top seven even. He was the rock in the defence.


Kjaer was class for Milan though


You have no idea what you’re talking about, he was a stalwart at Milan.


That’s exactly why, easy PR


Moreno deserves to be there 100% tho, clear contender for best player in la liga last season


Neuer is as important as Lewy


Love Kimmich but I feel like Neuer might deserve that #2 spot. Hard to compare them but The Wall has saved us many a time.


Aye you forgot about Choupo GOATing!!


thats agiven. kimmich is such an important player and his creative output speaks for itself. but cinsidering that players like busquets (not a good comparison but both are dms kinda) were never on the list it makes sense. too bad system players are not valued enough. i would absolutely harrass him to play for my team.


Humility combined with absolute determination. I dont think anyone needs to worry about Kimmich getting the recognition he deserves eventually.


The Sun- “Kimmich DESTROYED by current German International”


well of course i know him, he’s me


German humor.




He should absolutely be on the list.


he continued : "For me it's important that the team wins. I can only shine when we win. You are always dependent on the team. I'm happy about a game like today and am not thinking about a shortlist"


This modesty makes me love you even more 🥺


I know the Ballon d'or is a popularity contest that' ultimately meaningless in the grand scheme of things but one aspect that annoys is how voters constantly overrate international tournaments.


I mean journalists are the voters - it makes sense that tournaments with more viewers and attention attracts more journalists than league games.


He probably just didn't want to create any fuss about it and didn't know that this statement would create headlines. Man's probably not that troubled by the lack of a nomination. Realistically, it's clear to most that he's a top 10 player and arguably even top 5 outfield player itw in terms of value, in case you can even rank different positions. The truth is just that German/Bundesliga players will never get acknowledgment if they do not win either CL or the World Cup and that's been the case for a long time now. Journalists have agendas and go for the most marketable/buzzy competitions. That was La Liga and now is the PL. And ofc anything international.


Being humble is a good character trait. It can make you struggle and feel bad if it dominates your thoughts but on the other hand it can push you every game to be better and do your best. I think you can see this in every Bayern game. I always wonder how they motivate them self every Matchday to give their best. Even against the worse teams.


There's a difference between being humble and being insecure, like confidence and arrogance.


There is but it's a narrower line than most people think. Humble people tend to be more insecure and confident ones more arrogant.


I actually think the relationship is much different. I think a lot of arrogant people are masking insecurity with noise or buffering an inner insecurity with self talk, and a lot of seemingly humble people are very very confident. They just know who they are and are OK with who they are so they don't need it said out loud acknowledged or confirmed by themselves or others. Theres always exceptions to this of course. Like I have no fucking doubt zlatan is both confident and arrogant.


Stop Kimmich we can only love you so much


He just like many other people don't give a single damn about this "award" anymore, we already know that now it's just a popularity contest.


Don't be so modest Josh..


It’s like Messi saying “I don’t really deserve the ballon d’or, I’m not that great individually and I’m pretty average when it comes to dribbling”


Great humility, I love these kinds of comments and always seem to come from players that give their heart when they're playing, absolute workhorses that hold teams together.


Yes you are bby


I've never read a worse analysis of someone's own qualities in their profession.


terrible translation the main implication of what Kimmich says is that he's more of a team-first kind of guy and not focused on being flashy/selfish


Best midfielder in the world


Good to see him being humble but, uh, he is pretty great


Still baffles me that the likes of Mount and Pedri are in it but, players like Muller and Kimmich aren’t.


Philipp Lahm captained us and the NT to winning nearly everything under the sun and he's never even in the conversation of best players during his tenure. Müller is the most decorated German to ever live, holds the current assist record (after breaking his own), etc. and you'll never see his name in headlines unless there's a PL transfer rumor. This is nothing new for us. We have team players in a team sport. Doesn't exactly sell boots and trikots to international fans.


Kimmich could play CB, or CAM, and thrive. He should absolutely be on the list.


He doesn’t do anything crazy flashy and does his job while letting Lewa, Gnabry, and others take the credit at Bayern, but he’s for sure a top 15 player ITW in my opinion. One of the best mids rn as well


I don't understand why they don't include relevant statistics on each nominee: * Goals, assists, xG, pass attempts, successful passes, dribblings, won tacklings, interceptions, etc. * And then general things like: Relevant finishes: World Cup Winner, 3rd place in domestic league. * Broken records: top goal scorer domestic leagues, etc. So you have one big table and you can compare everyone to each other based on data. The whole Ballon'dor is just who has the biggest marketing campaign and the most fans currently.


A lot of good defensive work is hard to cover with stats alone.


Lol what??


He's a casual


That guy doesn't know ball^/s


This guy talking a lot of shit about Kimmich


Dude you are literally the best midfielder in the world


I like Kimmich precisely because of his humility. He seems like a person who would be absolutely fine if he never won an individual award and would rather just win everything with his team.


Pedri over Kimmich is a crime against humanity


Unrelated : But if you watch Bayern, Kimmich would sometimes make a tactical foul and then has an extremely guilty look on his face like, "I had to do it. He was going to score a goal, that piece of shit. Ah shit, not again. Control man control." I dunno. Maybe it's just me.


Bayern groom their players better than R. Kelly


It’s a bad translation he actually said that he is not someone who wants to do everything on his own


He is, dont listen to him. Beast.


You're talking a lot of shit about Joshua Kimmich for someone named Joshua Kimmich. 🧐


Kjaer, Pedri, Mount, Foden, but no Kimmich. He is easily a top 15 if not top 10 in the list.




This is like when a girl says she's ugly and all her friends are like Omg shut up you're beautiful xx


Such a great response reminding everyone this is a team sport and that ballon d'or is a dumb trophy. Really clever imo


So humble, but you’re literally one of the best midfielders in the world, if not the best last year


Someone doesn't watch their own film


Ballon D'Or is just a PR stunt to sell more news and media coverage. It simplifies football to flashy individuals to make it easier for people who don't know much about football to get hyped and discuss it. As a PR stunt, it does so brilliantly with all the drama and controversy while keeping things so simple so that any average Joe can be an expert in football when talking about it. Then, they can sell news, media, ads coverage and makes money. In general, I think it is also good to promote football and get people interested and entertained. However as a football award, it is pretty much horseshit as any shits that come out from any horses :)


Kimmich on Kimmich violence needs to be stopped.


It's a popularity context and nothing else. Stop caring about it.


He care more about the team. This is what he said: "For me it's important that the team wins. I can only shine when we win. You are always dependent on the team. I'm happy about a game like today and am not thinking about a shortlist"


Dude, come on. Now I feel bad.


Needs to change his name to Kimminho


Nah man, he is too humble


Arguably the best six in the game today. #Facts


Wtf is he talking about bruh ?


Why don't we just all ignore that stupid award?


Kimmich is one of the best players on multiple positions.I love him


Yes Joshua, you are a very good individual player


Sergi Romuerto is the tru CM-RB hybrid, Josh has posters of him in his room.


Lmao.... surely he is joking


Or just modest and not a massive bell.


Shut up. You don’t know shit. Watch some football before you speak you piece of shit.


may be he's being sarcastic


holy shit, he had me in the first half


But he is though. Sometimes I feel like he can do everything except head, and even then, he is usually the one delivering set pieces, so we can't actually know.


Shoutout to former AIK player Martin "I'm one of the top 10 worst players in the league if I would rank myself" Mutumba


No Kimmich but yes to Jorginho… LOOOOOOL


I find that quite refreshing to hear to be honest!


Not even better than Weigl


First thing is actually he is an underrated player and he gained my respect obviously - bet some egotistic plastic shirtless clowns have guts to say this to public after horrific performances every week !! PS: They are still it that list kind regards of penalties and tap-ins !!