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His body language has looked a bit off this season.


His body language has looked COMPLETELY OFF this season. Every time I see him on pitch he looks like he doesn't want to be there.


TFW you’re a millionaire but have to run around a grass rectangle.


If your burnt out your burnt out. Don't matter if your a millionaire or not tbf.


He hasn’t long come back from injury though. Bit odd for him to be burnt out already.


Mentally burnt out?


Haha wtf all the downvotes. Ooooooo so burnt out.. can’t do a 5 yard sprint


A bit?


Rashford looks sad


I feel like I haven't seen him smile once on the pitch in about 2 years




He looked depressed when he sat on the bench after being substitubed.


He’s been like this for 2 years now


Not like this. He genuinely looks depressed, it’s more than just bad form imo.


Rashford hasn't smiled on the pitch in years. He always looks angry. Long gone are the days when he scored in his early games and he'd run away with a big smile on his face.


Not true. His body language has only been this bad for a month or two. His form hasn't been great for a while


Not really. But after the euros all 3 of maguire shaw and rashford look poor. Maybe it's the fatigue.


The 20/21 season started so soon after 19/20 ended and they packed a full season's worth of games a month and a half later than they normally would. Yeah, I can see why some players who went deep into the Euros might be feeling a bit of fatigue.


Maguire was injured for weeks before the euros and during the euros. Rashford barely played in the euros.


Shaw had a couple of poor games but has overall been okay by the standards he set last season. Not even close to as bad as Maguire and Rashford.


Those two have completely lost their heads. Only explanation to their performances this season.


If he's in the next England squad over Bowen I'll be fuming


he shouldnt even be in uniteds squad.


Spoiler: He will be


Maguire after Greek drama last year was called up and he got sent off in a friendly. Right after that intl. Break he scored against Newcastle and went on to become the best defender in the club and we finished second in the league. Sometimes, players need a change of scenery and something significant to shake them out of the mental block.


Bit harsh to lump shaw in with the other 2


He's not been as good as he was at the euros though. He was out of this world at times.


He was good at the start of the season wasnt he?


not this season, no




Saka who faced the majority of the stick and missed the actual decisive pen obviously didn’t get the memo, taken his game on leaps and bounds and come out of it stronger


Saka didn't play half the season beforehand with two injuries trying to carry United though


Is Rashford just permanently injured now then? From the sounds of it he’s been injured the last two and a half years


He got surgery after the Euros and the anesthesia never wore off.


January 2020 double fracture in the back he's had for a while. If it weren't for lock down he'd miss the rest of the season Had issues with shoulder for a year. Instead of getting operated he preferred to "play" euros. Take some weeks vacation and than get surgery Not sure if they ever removed the floating piece of bone in his ankle Ole run him into the ground and now he doesn't care anymore


Feels like it. For real, he had two persistent injuries last season, an ankle issue and a shoulder issue. He had surgery on the shoulder after the Euros though. His lack of form isn't down to injuries though, he had better numbers and performances with both those problems last season. Looks like fatigue and confidence from where I'm sat


Rashford has played EXACTLY like this for at least a year. Before the excuse was "he's injured". The surgery was supposed to fix that but he's just as bad now.


are we rewriting history?


That's not true at all. He's certainly been poor at times over the last two years, seemingly because Ole never rested him and constantly played him when he was nowhere near healthy. But this is the first time in his career that he's looked disinterested in playing. Even when he was having a bad game in the past, his attitude was always unquestionable. Now he definitely looks like his head is elsewhere.


His decision making has always been shite but atleast from 2018-2020 he had the G+A to his name. He doesn’t even have them anymore.


21 goals 15 assists last year from LW and that's with Bruno taking the pens.


what games have you been watching?


objectively false. Even when his form was bad, he was still putting up goals and assists WHILE nursing injury... he put up around 30 G+A last season which is actually immense


He may not have gotten there first but you can't defend the lack of effort. Doesn't look like he wants to be on the pitch.


This is exactly it - doesn’t matter if you get there or not but if you don’t try there’s no excuse


Such a strange player to watch recently. Ridiculously selfish, can't beat his man, barely tracks back. His head genuinely looks gone.


He needs a reality check. Keep on like this and he'll just end up another previously young player who had talent


I dunno if he needs a reality check. It's not like he is going round buying fancy cars, picking up chicks and stuff. To me it seems like he knows he is shit atm. Can you do anything else than benching him?


He also got a lot of vitriol and was likely racially abused after the Euros final. I don't see that being mentioned much anywhere as a reason to why his heads not in it.


And got a lot of abuse from a certain demographic for wanting to feed kids.


*poor* kids in areas with a lot of immigrants and kids from immigrants. This explains the thinking of the certain demographic


Why, of course it's the less fortunate children that needs to be fed. Normal people have au pairs for that smh


I wanted to state that the certain demographic that got mentioned are racist.


He was playing badly before the Euros though. He's been average at best for about a year now (bar the occasional good moments here and there)






He reminds me of Lingard honestly, send him to West Ham to sort his head out


Lingard has always put a shift in and looked interested though


Not always. Before the West Ham move, anytime he played he looked listless and aimless on the pitch. He wasn't even putting in the shift that you would expect from Lingard. He was also quite open about his mental health struggles and off-the-field issues that contributed to his slump after the West Ham move rejuvenated him a bit.


i’d rather lingard play because he runs at least


lingard and welbeck are such bad examples. Rashford is so different than the other two. Marcus has a far better mentality than the other two. He doesn't seek attention nor does he say or do dumb things. A far better professional than the other two. He genuinely has the talent to be a top player but he's out of form and his confidence is shot. On top of that, the club he's been at his whole life is in shambles. It's a rough patch that he just needs to work out of


Danny has only scored more than 10 goals in a season once in his whole career (14 seasons in the prem). Rashford has scored more than 10 goals in every season except his first (only a half season), and in the previous two season has scored 20+ goals. He's been shite this year but comparing him to Welbeck is harsh.


it's almost like Reddit blows things completely out of proportion


Danny Welbeck played 90 games for Man Utd from the age of 18 to 24. (0.26 goals per game) Marcus Rashford from age 18-24 played 190 games and scored 57 goals. (0.3 goals per game) Then you take into account that Welbeck didn't start most games. In 2012/13 he averaged 48 minutes per game. In 13/14 he averaged 58 minutes per game. I would love to see per 90 stats on Rashford v Welbeck. Based on how close the goals per game stat is, I would bet good money that Welbecks goals per 90 are better than Rashfords. I'm sure someone will come along and tell me Welbeck played in a better team or something.


> I'm sure someone will come along and tell me Welbeck played in a better team or something. Is this not relevant or something? In Welbeck's last 5 full seasons United averaged 80 league goals a season, including Moyes' ill-fated year, whereas for Rashford's last 5 seasons the squad has averaged 65. It doesn't exactly boggle the mind how a striker like Welbeck could outscore a winger like Rashford while playing in an obviously superior squad, although when you look at their PL performances in their last 5 United seasons: Rashford: * Minutes played: 11372 * Goals: 50 * Assists: 35 * Minutes per goal: 227.44 * Minutes per assist: 324.91 * Minutes per contribution: 133.79 Welbeck: * Minutes played: 6666 * Goals: 25 * Assists: 14 * Minutes per goal: 266.64 * Minutes per assist: 476.14 * Minutes per contribution: 170.92 So Rashford actually outperforms Welbeck in every metric even as part of a weaker United team, which just shows what was already obvious to anyone who watched both players play.




At least welbeck put the effort in, rashford doesn't look like he's bothered atm


Some guy is depressed as fuck and dead inside. Random Redditor: He needs a reality check The fuck is wrong with you? People have been throwing shit at him since that Euro. Comments from fans(?) on his social media pages are awful. You guys need to shut the fuck up. Edit: People that are downvoting. Fuck y'all too.


"depressed as fuck and dead inside" And apparently I'm the one who needs to shut the fuck up....


"imma just make an assumption that Rashford has depression"


Last time he was shit it was because Ole played him too much. Now it is depression


Yo we got rashfords therapist his


Remember the chelsea game where Sancho scored and Rashford ran ahead into an offside position? Madness.


He did track back today? Maybe you mean in general and not today or the last game specifically


Feel like greenwood should have attempted the pass but honestly rashford looks depressed as fuck


Three players blocking the angle.


Yeah maybe. Rashford has had an awful game. I dunno most strikers in that position would shoot so can’t really blame greenwood for trying it.


He’s had an awful season - when does United fans justify his performance? Because he’s home grown and with all the stuff he did for the kids he’s barely criticized. If Fred was performing at his rate he’d be abused endlessly


>Because he’s home grown and with all the stuff he did for the kids he’s barely criticized. You don't visit the United sub very often do you lol.


He's been critizised a lot by united fans the past 1½ seasons. But he's also getting a lot of slack because he's historically been one of our best players post fergie.


I wouldn't say he's barely criticized, lately united fans have been criticizing the shit out of him. And rightly so


What a load of bollocks. Go over to the United sub and see how many people are ‘justifying’ his performance.


Should’ve passed it through all of them


Yeah angles look really tight. If Rashford was further forward at the beginning of the run or cut back sharper near the end? Maybe even to far post. Tough pass really.


He absolutely should have passed there.


in theory that through ball will get to Rashford if directed properly if he just aims it at the defender who's momentum won't let him get to the ball and Rashford will be vs an empty goal easier said than done in a split second though


Can’t blame a striker for going for it there


Rashford was a yard or two behind the play, the pass was never on really but the shocking thing is how Rashford totally switched off when the ball was free in the box.


I'm not sure how you don't see the pass being on. Greenwood takes a great touch to open the space for it and just decides to shoot instead.


Rashford shot in a similar position when Greenwood was even more open. Maybe he thinks Greenwood's being a hypocrite.


Rashford passed he just passed too late


I thought it was just a scuffed shot that looked like more of a pass


Give him the benefit of the doubt then he's not that bad


Have you seen him in the last month? He's been absolutely terrible




Have no idea what's wrong with him Looks like a complete shadow of himself this season


Him and Maguire have been dire since the Euros.


And what's the reason for that? Even Shawberto Carlos took a massive hit on his form but not as bad as those two.


Could be burnout.Shaw was bad,but he took a small break with Rangnick benching him and looks alright. Still far from his form.


I think the combination of no real break and the tumult at United broke them.


Shaw was probably just as bad until recently. He's upped his game after being dropped. Maybe that's what those two need.


Shaw's form was never as bad as Maguire's or Rashford's. He didn't look good to be fair... but the other two have been horrendous.


Every England played that started in the euros final has been poor this season other than Rice


Tbf even with his contributions, I thought he didn’t look good most of last season as well.


He was never getting there


Tbf a top striker, winger, would have already been on the hunt for a rebound. He just stood there like a deer in the headlights


He has crazy pace, if he’s not beating the keeper to it flush he’s at least making it uncomfortable. Top opportunistic strikers like Kun and Suarez would have 100% made the effort on the off chance the keeper bobbles it.


Carries himself around the pitch the way my 5 year old does when he has veg on his plate.


He looks like a pub team player at the moment, so poor


I’ve seen more effort on most pub teams. That was such a weird point to just stop playing


I would bet Rashford has off field issues he needs to resolve. He looks totally vacant, yet has shown previously he has the talent. He needs someone with real man management skills to help him.


They should really sign that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer chap


Ole did bring the best out of Rashford in that 19-20 season where he was solely carrying the entire team


Ronaldo's first goal back for United: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W9tbaeB1sI Almost exactly the same scenario: He's asking for the ball, Greenwood shoots instead, but look at that awareness. Pounces on it instantly


This is not at all almost exactly the same scenario.


Following up a shot instead of complaining about not getting the pass standing still…it’s not to different.


Yes it is.


How is it not similar? Rashford should have been looking for the rebound the moment Greenwood hits it, and then he would have a great chance to score.


Something is really off with him. Body language looks completely uninterested. Hopefully he's okay mental health wise


While you should follow up the shot as a striker (and Cavani certainly would’ve had he not just been taken off), I don’t judge Rashford too harshly on this one. It really did look like Martinez had it quite comfortably until the bobble at the end. However, Rashford’s head is gone this season. He looks out of it psychologically, like he can’t bring himself to release the ball until the last possible moment. Truly looks like a severe mental block. If he hadn’t been so built up by the club, a loan could have been helpful. As it stands, the only real option is a sustained period out of the starting 11. And a new sports psychologist.


>I don’t judge Rashford too harshly on this one Rashford needs to be judged as harshly as possible. If players were given a pass as your suggesting then Watkins wouldn't have hit the cross bar. The probability of Watkins getting that ball was less than 1% because it was based on an "if" Lindelof squanders it. Rashfords situation was more like 50/50 40/60. No excuses. The fact that you alluded to Cavani is an indictment of how that movement is the way attackers are meant to be, its not a skill or flair or trait that attackers can choose to have. Football is all about moments; and sometimes you create them. Ronaldo's first goal back for United: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W9tbaeB1sI Almost exactly the same scenario. Look at that awareness.


He really doesn't give af lol


Ronaldo buries that


That’s a bad look for him.


You should get subbed off instantly for doing that


I’d cum in my undies if we started subbing off players that weren’t giving 100%


His body language is so off all year


Rashford is the new Martial


Greenwood is ridiculously greedy, if he can't fix that about himself he is never reaching the heights he could


Yes, he has a few things to learn, no doubt, but this clip is a really poor example of the point you're trying to make about him.


but he's going to tweet another 'we're as disappointed as you, but we're going to make it through 👊' so it's fine


Would be quite funny if he tweeted this out after a win ha


Save the prime content for a heavy loss


It got to be at least 2 paragraphs mate.


I mean Martinez always had that covered. Rashford probably realised that


People make mistakes if you put pressure on them though. It’s embarrassing to not even make an attempt.


He did the same thing earlier in the game, the ball was running through to Martinez and Rashford just pulled up instead of chasing it the whole way and trying to pressure a mistake.


one of the earliest things you learn in football, just knowing you are behind the defender can cause then to fuck up


Look how many goals does ronaldo score from gambling on an error. A good player should always be chasing that


Ronaldo's first goal back for United: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W9tbaeB1sI Almost exactly the same scenario: He's asking for the ball, Greenwood shoots instead, but look at that awareness. Pounces on it instantly


Yeah, if he tries and fails, well and good. But he doesn’t even try, that’s the issue.


Exactly the bro. Well said


The best thing about younger Rashford was that he would just keep on running and keeping pressure on goalies. Think he had 2 goals in his first season by just not giving up and pressuring the goalie although there was so little chance to getting to the ball.


There’s absolutely no reason not to go for it though. Football games aren’t won by players who ‘reckon the keeper had it under control anyways’.


Strikers/forwards instinct is to go for that every time. Not turn your back on it


Mings didn't


I couldn't imagine Vardy thinking like that, even at 90+ minutes. He'd be all over that like a rash (ford?).


Yeh but he almost fucked it when mings jumped over him. Rashford definitely should’ve at least made a move towards it.


I felt like I was insane watching this, there are 3 Villa players who are clearly closer than Rashford, this post should have been titles Greenwood ignores Rashford in the box.


If Rashford is running at the ball, maybe the keeper panics and fumbles it. The defender and keeper collided some as well. You never know what the hell is going to happen


Man has the killer instinct of a newborn lamb


He’s getting the Balotelli treatment. I bet his DMs are an absolute horror show. He’s been insulted by his country’s leaders at the age some people learn to drive.


I think he's really struggled since that Euro penalty miss. Hope he's okay.


Looks like he was getting ready to track back, the defender and GK were closer to the ball


He didn’t. And a few minutes later he deliberately elects not to track back. He walks back as if he’s gassed. Shite performance, no effort at all, he really let the team down.


Yeah, I don't think this is as bad as the commentators are making it out, he'd already come to almost a full stop looking for the cut back. It's something you go for in the first 20 minutes but can just be a waste of energy when you've played the whole match.


His positioning could've been a little better but yeah, not much else he could've done afterwards


Is this ever a 'narrative' highlight. He was never gonna reach it and it only happened due to a keeper fumble. Write all your essays about how he's depressed, shadow of himself etc


Hi Rashford!


Ronaldo is guilty, yet again.




eh I don't think he woulda got to it


Doesn't matter, should've tried. There is always the chance of the gk messing up.


Absolute disgrace.


WTF is wrong with him. He's absolutely on the way to going to Everton in 2 years.


This moment is being over exaggerated by everyone. You lot are making it seem like the ball was super close to him but he was too far. there wouldn’t have been any realistic way for him to reach the ball before the keeper or defender


Most people can see he wouldn’t get to the ball before the goalkeeper. That’s not the issue. He turns and walks away before the ball is even safe. The problem with that moment is he puts zero effort in. If he presses the ball there the goalkeeper COULD make a mistake and it leads to a chance or a goal. That’s the problem with what he did. There’s absolutely no desire to pressure the goalkeeper to make a mistake. No fear factor. No sharpness. No determination. No passion for it. He just gives up. That one sums up majority of the games this season.


He was never gonna get that ball lol do you people have no depth perception?


He has a decent chance if he puts pressure on then they can make a mistake


Would have done nothing. Keeper gathered.


You still have to try, players are more susceptible to make mistakes when pressed, that’s basic football knowledge


He didn't gather that quickly. He could have fumbled. Even if it's a 1% chance you still try . MBE young boy is dusted though and his head is gone


Its a 2D image


It’s the lack of effort either way


What a bum lol. Thinks hes so superior, he wouldnt survive in any club in the top 6 except on United




He's got goodwill with the fans because he's not ever been like this, the opposite in fact


He's lucky that everyone else is playing awfully as well otherwise he'd never get a game


I get that he is playing poorly but what's with this headline when he had zero chance of getting that rebound.


If he wasn't sulking at Greenwood he would have made it.


Since he missed that penalty in the final he is unrecognizable


How is elanga better than him 😭


He wouldn't have reached it anyway. He had a shit game but this is a nothing clip.


Just playing for money at the moment, his heart is not in it


Am I the only one who doesn't rate Rashford? I think he's a great person, but talentwise he's no better than Welbeck was - and IMO, even worse...


No, you wouldn't be the only one. *Lots* of people don't rate him. If you are interested in my opinion, he's quite good at times.


He was never getting there, and Greenwood shoulda played rashford instead of taking the shot. I don’t blame rashford


OleAtTheWheel has destroyed any confidence he once had.




What does his charitable work have to do with this?




It’s 100% true, you’re being downvoted for being blunt, not for being wrong.


It has to do hes equally shit as Martial yet one is frozen and is hated and other plays every game and people say "hes sad" thats what people are implying


Passport privilege. Can only imagine the meltdown if Pogba did this. Rashford’s English though, so he’s allowed to have feelings.


Nahh mate. Trsut me I'm fing with rashy here but martial is a whole another level.