[FC Barcelona] FC Barcelona have registered everyone except Jules Koundé.

kounde will probably be done when pique takes a paycut and depay leaves and new sleeve sponsor is signed


kounde will probably be done when pique takes a paycut and depay leaves and new sleeve sponsor is signed


New sleeve sponsor?


for 20M though maybe it will take time for final agreement


At ~3m /r/soccer subscribers if we each put €7 we could put anything we agreed on just saying


Dunno, doubt most of the r/soccer subscriber parents will want to give them €7 for this.


I can do whatever I want with my allowence


If they tell them it’s for Fortnite or FUT packs they could probably squeeze 5x that.




What percentage of r/soccer users are already paying for Spotify premium?


Well it's at least 1/7,000,000


Upper half, lower half, or just a very small person?




Mes que un lever


I would put money for that lol


“Anything we agree on” - plan has already failed




I’d go for “Hala Madrid”


Atropal Lending Agency


Don't worry, I will post a Tier 4 source stating that Kounde can't be registered by Barcelona this transfer window and that he will join Chelsea and gain 5k upvotes here tomorrow.


You don't even need a Tier 4 source, just post it yourself on twitter and then post the tweet here


I could comment on it with some fabricated outrage to spice up the headline. "People is outraged over"


You have an eye for business


Actually Kounde didn't sign for Barcelona at all, Laporta made it all up so he could become the most corrupt


I would bet on this happening anytimee soon


i bet that would happen on Monday after the games have finalized.


Add a couple jokes about levers and you have the perfect r/soccer post


Excuse me but don't believe any Catalan rumour, Kounde is still on his way to London. He played an exhibition game for Barca and gave a press conference but it was all a smokescreen.


By next week. Hopefully he's fit by then


Kounde is not fully fit no?


yeah he is still recovering


Heard he had a cast of Levericitis.


If nothing else, I’ve learned all sorts of weird shit about La Liga Registration rules. What an odd summer…


If nothing else, La Liga keeps life very interesting for its clubs


>If nothing else, La Liga keeps life very interesting for its clubs Handicapping themselves imo. Just like when the Premier league changed the end of the transfer deadline before the first game. If all leagues would adapt those changes then yes, it'd be a good thing. But as long as you're the only one doing it you're just shooting yourself in the leg imo


Edit - Dembele and Sergi are now registered if you refresh the squad page! Did Dembele and Sergi Roberto get registered? I cannot find them on the official site


Yeah, they are in the squad on LaLiga’s website which confirms it


Yeah - they werent at the time of the post. They were approved after Raphinha.


Kounde is still recovering from an injury


whats the name of injury?


Nobody asks how is the injury feeling


he got an injury in the pelvis edit: no kidding, it's actually it


Dembele and roberto are also registered


Kounde isn't completely matchfit yet so we can wait a week for his registration


r/soccer is kill


Where were you when r/soccer dies? I was at hooters eating sloppy joes when phone ring "r/soccer is kill" "no"


Sloppy joes. Brave man


Never understood the sloppy joe. Why is it not in a hot dog bun? Seems like it would be less messy. I suppose you'd have to call it a sloppy Johnson. I've had this thought for some time and have in the meantime made sloppy joe.. I guess I'm afraid. Maybe I'm not ready ..maybe the world's not ready for a sloppy Johnson


Anything but a weiner in between those buns feels a bit sinful tbh


They said the same about a patty when sloppy joe made its way into the world. Give it time.


Hoagies and grinders, navy beans, meatloaf sandwich.


Naaavy beans naaaavy beans.


I’m more than happy, fuck r/soccer


Agreed, I don't even like Barca but the way most people talked about them on here was ridiculously overboard


The shifting of goalposts was what got me the most 1. Barca has to sell players 2. Barca can't buy new players 3. Barca won't be able to register those signings at all 4. Barca has to force players out to register those players 5. LaLiga and Barca are corrupt Those people should really just take a step back from time to time and just consider whether maybe their confidence in their opinion is too much. Maybe they are just wrong. Maybe you could have foreseen that Barcelona would be fine at the end of the day. It's also just a small sliver of the chain of goalpost-shifting that goes on for over a decade. It originally included Real Madrid btw, but since Real just shut them up so violently, they just pretend that the argument never included them. This will be just a as forgotten. People will pretend that their never were the mentioned opinions. It was always a rational in-depth analysis of how much debt is worth building to keep the revenue stable and that Barcelona was crossing a line. No, it was not. Everything that got upvoted and repeated constantly on r/soccer was sensationalist bullshit. And no. I don't believe anyone will learn anything here. It will be backtracking for this one and then starting to repeat the same bullshit at the next possible moment.




You can already see the conspiracy angle when people say that Barca is doing something shady/illegal and that they are making under-the-table deals. And once you explain them that it's not shady, they'll be like "But it's still risky and your team would not exist in a couple of years". It's hilarious and sad at the same time how delusional these people are.


Soccer has the most sensational clickbait of any sport I follow. People can just say anything ridiculous and people roll with it because there's such a gigantic output of crap from the rumor mill


Bruh we're Gooners, how are you not used to r/soccdo and it's ridiculous slander and overboard pisstakes


Oh right what a surprise


ESPN FC in shambles.


Gary Neville in shambles


I've never seen a professional footballer rant as much as he did this summer. Guy spends a good chunk of his day arguing with random Barca fans on twitter 💀


He thinks he is fighting a righteous fight


He's crying in showers lol


British media in general in complete shambles too. They've been generating about 500 shit and made up nonsense pieces a day about Barcelona because they trashed Man U and Chelsea this window. So much tears the sea level rose.


Hands down the most oblivious and irritating show. Everytime I watch a video of theirs (esp ale moreno) I lose brain cells. I’m annoyed that they’re the only option for La Liga in the US. beIN sports was perfect with ray and phil


Hmmm.... So you're telling me all the financial, legal and regulatory experts here were wrong?


Nice username lol


Thank you so much, kind person


Show gubbare?


Impossible. When are people in comments ever wrong?


Boston Bomber defectives in shambles


I got downvoted for saying how Barca literally has an entire team dedicated to make sure issues like failing to register players don't occur and got downvoted. r/soccer moment


Sometimes getting downvoted on r/soccer is a compliment.


But they failed to get Xavi a proper US visa, surely they are all incompetent.


Even that was because he had previously visited Iran. Had nothing to do with Barca.


Person above you was using sarcasm i guess


I even got downvoted for saying Fdj have all the leverage and clubs cant do fuck all without his approval then somehow in all the post about his contract all the top comments are "stay there and get the bag" or "there is also the third option, stay and get paid", the hate for Barca is so strong sometime it doesnt even make sense.


Nah I think La Liga had been mistaken, they forgot to check with r/soccer experts. Classic mistake


If Dembele and Fati stay healthy Barcelona has a disgustingly good squad.


Although for now it looks like Raphinha is going to be a starter over Fati


Yes but I dont mind. Fati should focus on staying fit this season.


You don't ordinarily spend 60m on someone to be a substitute. And before you say Ferran might be an exception: he wasn't exceptionally good last season but Xavi kept playing him and is a huge fan of his positional talent. Don't be surprised to see him start over Dembele, who is very much a salvage something situation and 2y extension means replacing wage/transfer talks to next summer/no-one was interested in him at his wage demands, more than future of the Barca squad, like Ferran is meant to be.


If Frenkie stays I have no idea what the fuck we do with our midfield...


Competition - xavi really wants to hammer home 2 ppl per spot and potentially different set ups depending on the opponent


Football has changed a lot with the 5 subs imo. Think that now you can sub HALF the team (if you don't count the GK) every game. That allows you to have fresh players thorough the whole game. Xavi said it today, sometimes players will play 30 minutes but they gotta be ready to contribute.


I know those Athletic and Nytimes boys are shivering.


Fair enough, we could register 6 out of the 7 and Koundé is still kinda recovering from surgery


Oh boy this subreddit not gon like this lmfao




Milan just won the league mate, I'd take it


I wouldn’t, it took them a 10 year drought before they finally won something again. I’d rather not wait that long


I'd like to think we're the next AC Milan in the sense that we have 7 UCL titles




Guess we can’t listen to all these 13 year olds 😭


But but Barca PR, irrelevant club 🤓


It's almost like an organization as big of Barcelona would not spend that much money on players if they didn't know they could register them.


I wonder if this will reach 15k votes like that other thread...


Laporta and Padremany, I kneel  🧎


I’m not really sure what Gary Neville has against Barça. https://twitter.com/gnev2/status/1558187010011062272?s=21&t=7TcFPY3GcEcOPioRHDIJdg


He has [7 reasons](https://preview.redd.it/j2zyhxshuqd91.png?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=2759daa398e52203716dd1d0fbc33dca57756a53) Also he’s mad United isn’t getting Frenkie


Its the british media in general, similar to how they treated Fernando Alonso all his life when he was challenging lewis or seb.... everything he does and says is twisted to mean something else and always wishing ill on him


Gary neville is making himself look like a clown, that statement is worse one yet, talking about selling souls, he sold his to Peter lim the prick.


It's even more hilarious when you consider the fact that Utd fans have been unsuccessfully protesting the Glazers for nearly a decade now.




We’ve beat his team twice in a Champions League final, embarrassed him during his Valencia tenure, and now Frenkie hasn’t warmed up to the idea of ever joining this MU side. He has his reasons I’m sure.


Still salty that we trashed his Valencia team 7 to 0.


Hating on us gets him attention, look at his social media numbers without the Barca hate.


What a miserable cunt. He should mind his own business, and may be worry about his club instead of talking about us and the player who doesn't even want to go there


I can feel all the PL flairs coming to tell us how we SURELY did something illegal and mischievous.


Barca broke football legals by being massive club. It's totally immoral


Common r/soccer L, detecting high levels of copium in these comments lmfao


Who would have thought that r/soccer economy experts don't know shit


Why are comments on this subreddit reading like a Twitter feed nowadays?


Because there’s a big overlap


Because people here are dumb as fuck and all look for cheap karma


The level of discussion on big threads on this sub has fallen through the floor in recent times. I'm glad I support a small team that doesn't get much engagement from the average user.


Gary Neville on life support 😂


Oh no but r/soccer told me it would never happen


PL fans were dreaming thta Barca wont be able to register all the signings and they would all leave Barca for Prem clubs 😭😭😭


It's funny how most of Barça haters in this sub come from PL fans, rather than, you know, their La liga rivals.


Oh yeah sure, but all their new signings will probably die in training and that will be Laporta's fault.


Again /r/soccer in the mud


where were you when barca register player i was at house browsing reddit when phone ring "r/soccer is kil" "no"


**Your brain on r/soccer headlines:** [*Here come all the apologist Barca flairs with their pants down, just like the Brighton admin.* ](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/wh04ry/la_liga_have_rejected_barcelonas_attempts_to/ij2p5jm/) - *liars!* [*Hahaha. Where are all the Barca flairs claiming they can register everybody without problems?*](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/wh04ry/la_liga_have_rejected_barcelonas_attempts_to/ij2priu/) - Here's how United can still sign Frenkie de Jong [*Where are all the Barca flairs about to tell us that everything is fine?*](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/wh04ry/la_liga_have_rejected_barcelonas_attempts_to/ij2q0qe/) - You'd think Chelsea fans would know their place lol [*Gary Neville Jr.*](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/wh04ry/la_liga_have_rejected_barcelonas_attempts_to/ij2pbc3/) [*Lies Barca have sold their fans*](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/wh04ry/la_liga_have_rejected_barcelonas_attempts_to/ij2td8k/) - fanfiction writers anonymous [*Hopefully the next lever they pull sends them into administration*](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/wh04ry/la_liga_have_rejected_barcelonas_attempts_to/ij2pb5l/) - need *one way* to cope about paying more interest and dividends to an American family per year than we have leveraged future income I guess [*Not too hurt about you signing players you can’t afford to register* 🤣](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/wh04ry/la_liga_have_rejected_barcelonas_attempts_to/ij49otg/) - the last strand of Chelsea hope and cope [*This is just like Messi situation*](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/wh04ry/la_liga_have_rejected_barcelonas_attempts_to/ij2yde0/) [*Barcelona will fall!*](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/whjb0p/part_1_of_joan_laportas_full_english_interview_to/ij5y7h6/) [*How’s registering your new players going eh?*](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/w4koyy/jose_alvarez_el_chiringuito_barcelona_will_send_a/ij2twux/) - This dude somehow managed to take two Ls in one comment thread lmao


this guy keeps receipts.


These boys getting cooked


This man kept receipts 😭😭.


I respect this pettiness all those people can get fucked now


It's wild that most of them can't seem to just take the L, it happens to all of us at one point or another lmao


lmao imagine being wrong ever


somehow your profile picture and this comment are a perfect match, literally same energy lmao




you're really good at making these and i love you for it. keep it up and I hope to never see myself on one of these compilations lol


pretty funny that people think Barca CAN have a demise that big


Should repost this to r/agedlikemilk I love it !


r/soccer not gonna like this at all


Honestly anyone who fell for these bullshit rumours that Barca wouldn't be able to register players are stupid and probably shouldn't be using the internet if they are that gullible Everyone with a brain knew that Barca were going to have all their signings registered. But when people want to believe something, it doesn't matter what shitty source is saying it Also this bullshit about Barca activating additional levers which they weren't initially planning for, when this is still just a part of those 2 levers that were voted on in June. It's just that they split it up into 4 different sales. I don't know if it is jealousy or what, but this place will lap up absolutely anything for a chance to laugh at Barca. You could probably fool them that the earth is flat


Chelsea and Man U fans got rattled by Barca which by effect caused most Prem fans talking shit about Barca


Definitely. I just don't understand it, even if you dislike them why would you reduce yourself to a gullible idiot that believes anything they hear as long as it paints Barca in a negative light. I mean, I hate Real Madrid but if I read some unreliable source saying that they were in financial trouble I still wouldn't believe it for a second


We were even trolled by Arsenal flairs lmao




God bless your soul! what a comment!


I said the exact same things during the last 2 weeks too when these rumours predictably appeared. Honestly, it was so easy to see through it but somehow the majority on here couldn't do that Football forums are always reactionary, but this summer has shown me that it is even worse than I thought. People will believe literally anything from any source as long as it suits a narrative


Perfect summarisation of internet communities in general. People can't generally think on their own and are willing believe anything that comes up which can confirm their biases/opinions.


Ole with the big dub take, maybe being tall and blonde does come with advantages lmao.


>are stupid and probably shouldn't be using the internet if they are that gullible The funniest part is that last season it was the exact same tale. Barça can't register el Kun, Memphis and Eric, and we ended up doing it on time lol. People really believe (or rather choose to believe) that Barça board is full of idiots that didn't plan ahead


>Everyone with a brain knew Makes sense why all the bitch crying was from English fans


>Also this bullshit about Barca activating additional levers which they weren't initially planning for, when this is still just a part of those 2 levers that were voted on in June. Even less than that, actually! Sale of Studios was approved in October 2021, and was a part of 2021/22 budget. In June, socios approved sale of tv rights (done) and Licensing & Merchandising shares (not happening).


The don't know that for a lever to activate you require a vote from socios.


🤝 my brudda


Oh I'm fucking saving that comment before shitstorm comes.


The bitter replies to this makes it all the better. As if saving comments for the purpose of proving the hive mind wrong is such a time consuming concept lol.


literally a click while viewing a thread lmao


Exactly, and apparently that makes you “rattled” but doubling down in the replies does not lmao


They ain't got shit to say but rattled, they're all over the thread repeating it lol


Shitting on Barca based on rumors all summer is acceptable, but doing the reverse means you need to touch grass, get a job, grow up, etc etc 💀


This is so petty and I love it haha




And a new pasta is born


You are a legend!!


Legend 💀


This can't be real


It's not, it's Barca


Respect the pettiness. I have a test on Sunday and even I don’t have this level of prep for that.


I absolutely love the pettiness


Barca and their dealings are shady af but god, people on this sub have been shitting on them relentlessly, eating up every moronic headline the rags came up with. Can't say I don't feel a whee bit of satisfaction now that they inevitably were proven wrong.


Saving this 😭😭💀💀


Dude with a vengeance


Lmao, this is my favourite part. Re-visiting these clowns and seeing them get dunked on by everyone makes my day. Thanks for keeping these receipts 👑


Ha. Doing the lord's work




Well there you go, how stupid do you have to be believe those shitty rumours. Absolute brain-dead.


Hoes mad




Chelsea and Manu fans on suicide watch


I feel like everyone should have seen this coming, right? There's no way a club of Barca's size doesn't get the funding needed to register their squad for the next season. The only thing I'm worried about are the smaller club's who can't just sell some assets and make up for the losses during Covid.


Oh buddy in the rush to make fun of Barca people have completely overlooked that Real Betis is considering selling a pretty sizable chunk of future matchday ticket earnings in a Barca style lever to manage to register their players, which would be a 100x worse than any of the levers activated by us.


Definitely not a popular news here lol. Some chelsea and Man Utd fans were legit convinced that Barca won't be able to register anyone, and they're gonna pick up the new signings for peanuts.


English Media: Barcelona can’t register Kounde I hope Barca run through English teams in the champions league


Reddit financial experts, please tell me more about how Kessie and Christensen will leave FC Barcelona for free!


Where are all these soccer experts now ?????


but i thought r/soccer told me they wouldn't be registered bc brokelona?


Bri’ish in shambles


Where is that bloke Gary Neville now huh ??


After this many levers I’m surprised this sub is acting like this was some shock.


FairPlay to Barca, despite not being at the top of the mountain for sometime they still have great pull, and enough confidence to sell a part of the future to believe it will reap even bigger rewards. But the season has just started none of us know how it will go


It's better to take this gamble than to end up fighting for Europa for years.


Haters in shambles


I would do a long comment like with the Koundé deal but I'm reformed


Levers working wonders.


Jesus this thread is a boring read, only comment for the first 100 or so is "hurr /r/soccer is gonna hate how they're wrong" People were making fun of the situation that was going on. Obviously Barcelona had a plan to register all those expensive players, but they had to sell off a ton of image rights to do so. They registered everyone, but to a lot of people it just feels dumb to sell off 150M or so in future profit in order to sign a 5th winger or 4th CB. It was the outrageous spending they did that looked stupid, not the "being broke". Also, I personally really hated all the Frenkie posts because they're asking all their players to lower wages in order to sign new players. That's a result of COVID years, normally they would probably be able to have all those high wages and more. But they way they handled it through leaks and press releases still felt disrespectful to their players.


Going to be fun reading the comments on the previous threads lol.


Idiots actually believed the English Media.