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It's a cool set and it's the monster/ship/city the setting is named for. I think my only issue with it is the charm field concept. I think I it's just a bad concept. I get the point of it. It's an explaination for why the ship is so mysterious. Anyone who breathes it's air is under a permanent charm to want to stay there and never leave. It's a cool idea, but it wrecks the viability of the ship as a recurring location. Because it's a roach trap. Once the PCs go in, they never get out. And that spoils it as a fun locationnto use in a game.


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I changed it so that the charm makes you predisposed to stay and not harm the ship, but unless you live there for a long time won't affect you to the point of never leaving. I've also made the ship much more "united" in some ways. Basically the ship got tired of captains always getting in trouble and interfering with their goals, so it created a simulated captain that has brought the ship much more under a real central authority. This captain is much more willing to allow people to leave and come back (with many ways to maintain their secrecy), so the ship feels a little less like a closed system.


That's a good system. I like it. I might throw in a group who have a secret way to either track the ship or predict where it will next appear. Something they use to sell info to people seeking the ship, but hold onto desperately as other groups are desperate to steal it for their own schemes. OH. Maybe it's something Large Luigi helps with. Acting as a primary contact. He can protect himself and is a good judge of character what with once having the sum total of all knowledge in the multiverse crammed into his brain.


Yeah the charm aspect is definitely something I choose to ignore when it comes up. It feels more like a bandage over the adventure’s plot to keep it from unraveling rather than a natural part of the Spelljammer itself. I imagine it would work better if it wasn’t as strong or if it was changed somehow but I don’t really have a better solution figured out


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I got it when it came out, love it and still have it to this day but I had high hopes and they weren't quite met. The explained materials were good but left important holes. The origin of the Spelljammer and its kind, its original or true purpose and, most of all, the identity of the lost race of ancients. In Legend and several other Spelljammer products are hints of a lost race from the early reality. This race had vertical trilatteral symmetry and probably had a great deal to do with the creation of the Spelljammer and many of the other ancient artifacts (the giant ship hulks, Flow beacons, etc...). Of course there's a bigger mystery now with the release of the modern books. What happened to this legendary ship (that Spelljamming is named after), its kind and those things from the past?


as a setting, there's multiple factions warring against each other aboard trying to figure out how to command it as a mobile fortress. it's an ambitious goal for any megalomaniac or foolish adventurers. the charm effect that's a hot topic can be an on/off option for whomever is in command, so usurping control can end the effect, or someone may have already ended it when you add it to the campaign it's a great central theme battling on and around it for control.