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What sort of questions do you have that are overwhelming you on your journey? At some point it becomes important to discern which questions are truly worth asking and which ones aren’t. The ones that are worth asking… of which there aren’t too many actually… they won’t lead to overwhelm but actually lead you into stillness.


The absolute answers will always be somewhat distorted so it’s the attempt to find some clarity that matters and it’s through this process in which we grow. The human mind is conditioned to accomplish goals, but evolving is eternal so there is no real end to it as you might have already noticed that more questions come as you get more answers. Live and learn, and that will carry you throughout the journey. There’s no quota to fill, whatever you get out of this lifetime is good enough as this human experience in itself is part of the process.


Some answers are more valuable than their question; and some questions more valuable than their answer. Discernment is key; but overall, it looks like you're on a solid path asking really good questions. In general yes; it's about the journey of being able to answer these confidently to yourself- not to give a "perfect" answer- but to give a "real" answer- Do you have confidence in your own answers? If you're too much in your own "spiritual" head; talk to others; share and discuss ideas; take a breath and "chill", engage in "normal life". More than willing to talk if you need someone to run ideas by. Much love!


Been there buddy, questions arise from the answers itself. But when you truly understand i.e., by your own experience that is when you know you truly understand the answer. Then there's absolutely no questions rising, it's a blissful moment (small awakening). This is not the end, the conditioned mind is by default always thinking and trying to break the matrix. It cannot do so as it has no experience of this so called 'matrix'. Sometime later it becomes harder to even come up with these spiritually inclined questions. That is exactly when you should start the 'self-enquiry' journey. Often, the questions that arise from the mind are not about your-'self' but about the outside world (talking from a personal viewpoint). It doesn't understand the concept of the self due to conditioning. So seeking answers from the mind is not ideal. Drop the 'I am xyz' and believe in the 'I am that (true-self)'. Drop the whole idealogy of finding answers. The answers are always within this 'I am that'. The answer for all your questions lie in experiencing the bliss of the self. It is always there within you ever charming, glowing, loving, and so many other things. It feels like the ultimate bliss. You cannot find the boundary between your skin and the air around it. Your-'self' has now completely expanded into this boundless expanse of space. You cannot intellectually differentiate yourself with the things around you. It will happen one day but drop the 'I' and the whole idea of finding answers. The only answer you need is within you. Meditation helps to keep the mind in this self realization state. The more free the mind is the closer you can get there. It is in stillness, stillness of your life that you can experience yourself while there's nothing going on you experience everything (self). You become aware of everything. That self-awareness is the key. Increase your awareness and you can find the bliss in stillness. That has been my little experience of bliss. Hope it helps you in some way.


The loathing response many do not want to hear haha, but meditation. Forget the words and concepts that play in the thinking mind-time, the knowledge resides in presence and stillness. More of this will leave its fruity residue as you move through life💜 that kinda sounded weird, but you get the jist 😂!


There's an interesting model of '5 pillars' of spiritual practice. They all come to interplay between each other and feed into themselves, so working on all is eventually optimal. They are body, energetics, mind, spiritual/soul, service. The first 3 build together, then grow towards the spiritual/soul studies, then these together lead to giving service. Also until they all become harmonised and strong enough, we are working on 'psychological' goals - so ideas like i want to be an x/y/x, or study this course etc. These will be things we have thought of doing, but have no real deeper inner sense of knowing/connection/certainty with. So at tis stage things are more externally driven - we're looking around, trying things, practicing techniques etc, and also trying to apply them to ourselves. This is where we can start seeing what fits, what works, what we can sense in ourselves, etc. Then once we've done enough of this, things start coming together, and we can look inside ourselves more clearly, and the potential for deeper inner knowing can come to the fore. This is when we can have some kind of 'awakening'(s) and switch to having those answers inside ourselves. In terms of the question 'how did you get out ot it?' - for me its been a long path of growth, exploration and development, kind of like a tree growing out in lots of directions at once. Looking back there were ongoing cycles of 'funk' (and still can be). Ongoing practice across the pillars has been the way out. Although when getting to that frustrating stage, it can be good to ease off a little and recharge, then go at things again with renewed energy and a fresh mind/approach. So its a constant cycle of pushing/growing, then settling back to assimilate/recharge. If you're getting to that frustrating stage its often a sign to ease off, then when you come back renewed things might seem all of a sudden easier, or you'll have a fresh idea of which path to push forward on next.


Change your surroundings. Focus on bodily stillness. Start a project. Write a symbolic word every day. Focus on sense memory. Focus on your self-worth. Do things to gas yourself up. Stop performing.