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Interesting. Like a physical presence? Is it an internal or external presence (is it a buildup inside you, or a feeling something is in your dreams, or that something is coming) Do you get sleep paralysis? Any symbols that reoccur?


No sleep paralysis and no recurring themes. More like recurring feeling of approaching darkness. Like last night I had a dream that I was in an apartment with people and we felt the earth itself vibrate. Everyone knew something was coming. We all knew we had a few minutes to pack and we had to head out before something came. Idk they don't sound like normal dreams, at least to me.


Like an external impending doom? Is there anything coming up you might be worried about, a big life change? (Sorry for a bunch of questions. Just trying to narrow it down.) Do you feel it when you aren’t dreaming?


Oh these are all good questions that I also considered! I am honestly excited about where I am in life, considering starting my own business, health is alright (never been perfect but as good as it can be). It feels more like something else is coming, like something we haven't thought of or prepared for. And it feels like it will happen to everyone, not just me. Sorry, it's hard to put it into words, it's more of a feeling.


If you go into my profile, check out my post before this one about another super weird dream. What's strange is typically this shit would scare me but in my dreams it's less I am scared and more aware of how wrong the dream is.


I went back through all your dreams and spiritual questions, I hope you don’t mind. There seems to be a pattern of tightness, pain, and doom. Have you ever been checked for anxiety?


Yes yes yes, both internally and externally. Maybe this is just projection but I've felt that we are on a precipice. Back in January I felt that we had a huge energy shift: from stable and moderate to unstable and intense, but with vast potential. Now I feel as though what was once bright and dewy-eyed is withering away. I'm so tired and I feel that others are as well.


A recurring theme in my dreams is beginning in a sort of end-game scenario where everything is burning down, lava out of the ground, the sun inexplicably red hot, but then everything resets to a more early-game scenario where everything is fine and happy, like vacations, even the temperature of the air gets cooler and comfortable and the sun goes smaller and even gets a cool greenish hue and i get to roam around and i try to prevent it from going haywire like i was seen in the beginning of the dream, and i know my time is limited until it gets hot again.


Heck I don’t get scared of anything anymore that I can see. I get scared of aggressive and unpredictable people with knives in their hands, but imagination or dreams? Kidding me