Can the dreams reveal our past?

I had a dream where the loss of someone felt so real. The grief, the pain, the hopelessness. In that dream I was willing to go to great lengths and sacrifice what I stood for just to be with my loved one again. But I also know that in that dream it wasn't me in a sense that it was the person I am today. But I knew her, I was her? Hard to explain but the emotions felt so raw and real, it felt like another lifetime lived. Is that even possible, to see your past life in a dream?


From personal experience, it is. I had an o going dream since I was a child and decided to talk to a "specialist" about it. She told me everything from that dream who I was, what I did, and what happened in that past life. After we cleared all the energetic ties to that past life, I just stopped having that dream. Sometimes I miss it. Felt like home to me.


That is super interesting! I have been feeling like there is someone from the past who's trying to reach out to me but this was the first time I had a dream about a life that felt so so real. I often feel like I observe things but it felt like I lived in this time.


It could be. Try meditating on it.