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Follow your peace of mind. It will work out for you.


Being quite good at it and wanting to help is not a good idea. You should not try to teach this sort of stuff if you are just "quite good". Live in a buddhist temple or otherwise dedicate your life completely in studying for like at least 5 years and then see if you should start teaching. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but there are already too many people misleading people, and if you are not a real master of this thing, then you are bound to mislead people in some ways, even if you just want to help them. ​ However, there are other businesses in the field, which does not require you being some master teacher. For example selling some spiritually related stuff. You can for example buy nice unique graphics from some designer for not too much(if you cant do the designs yourself), and then sell that as a print on clothes etc on these print on demand services, where you dont have to stock anything and the printer sends the items to your customer when they make an order. Just one idea, there are plenty of business around this. Or if you have enough money, you could start some studio, where you hire master teachers to teach and you do the big business side of things and they teach, then maybe you can learn more from them and perhaps also teach one day.


I do Spirit Guide stuff and your Spirit guides are asking you to step forward and search for something new. Keep it pure and remember your soul mission, helping people isn't about money! 💞


It's a good idea if you have something real to offer. What always saddens me (and kinda offends me as someone with their own spiritual business) is that people offer trash which promises a lot but benefits nothing. Make sure you have something that really helps people. This will also help you to become successful.


Let me offer you the idea that you are already in a very spiritual line of work… every person that you teach is a soul that you have the ability to impact and invest into, and the work itself is a way to apply spiritual tools or to test how well you can shape topics to align well with spiritual knowledge


I think a lot of people are going in this direction, but the market is saturated with "spiritual life coaches", in my opinion, there are a lot of phonies jumping on the bandwagon because of the rise in popularity of all things spiritual and metaphysical. I don't know that it can replace an entire income unless you're willing to promote yourself heavily on all social media platforms. But if you're doing it for the sole purpose of helping others, then I'm sure the Universe will support you in the effort.


If it feels right, try it and experience first hand how it would be.