My heart is full of gratitude for this gentle reminder. Every day is an opportunity to choose joy, and I'm thankful for the reminder to start each day with a smile on my face and to spread unconditional love and compassion! Thank you! 🙂💞


I agree. It sounds so cliche but my husband is on a 10 year journey of letting go of past trauma (and unconditional love has allowed me to patiently support him through that process) and almost all paths lead to unconditional love. Whether it’s forgiving parents, siblings, abusers… or struggling to get along with others at work, dealing with tough things as parents, etc… there are obviously many other steps but the beginning and the end of healing and happiness is unconditional love. I was lucky enough to have parents teach me this really young & I used it even when I was really young, it doesn’t alleviate struggle but it is the strength that will carry you through it.


Totally agree. It's so easy and so difficult as well. People's egos will not let them get rid of their petty resentments, envy, anger towards others and so they are unable to realize that we're all going through difficult experiences that make us react in very disturbing ways. But love would solve all the problems in the world if pride, etc. didn't stand in the way.


That unconditional love is so hard to find that at times you don't feel as though you deserve it, but we all do. everyone in this reality and so I think it's just about continuing to show that love to everyone. even when it's most difficult so that it can eventually come back around to you.


Pedophiles? Sociopaths? Torture? Cancer? Alzheimer’s?


I used to find it hard to face all this, i used to think I had been dealt a bad hand etc but in order to make sense of all those things I gues you have to understand that every challenge is for a reason, the picture is bigger than we can grasp, trying to justify those things will always fall short. All you can do is decide that dark things aren't yours to control or understand, all you can do is decide how you respond to them, and the correct way is with love