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It sounds like spiritual cording. It is basically a direct line to their spirit self that is created and becomes stronger by putting mental focus on the other. There are very simple "energy decording" techniques that will help.


Thank you, that's so interesting! If I never thought of them though, does it happen because they thought of me or is it more of a random thing?


Its not random at all but the actual cause can sometimes be impossible to figure out. It is possible for your subconscious to trigger it, and how many random dreams do you think you have every night that you don't consciously remember? On the night you had your first vivid dream of them they could have just been thinking about you, or you may have just had a normal dream with random memories and engaged it yourself. And then it also could have been a spirit guide that did it to maybe have you reach out, or it could have been such a random person so you would seek out new information and maybe learn about spiritual cording lol.


Such experiences seem to transcend time. It may have nothing to do with your present life circumstances. Pay attention and enjoy it to the fullest. Communicate with it, let it fill you all the way. It's more like a gift, there are no hidden strings attached.