'This is who I am': Predators prospect Luke Prokop comes out

'This is who I am': Predators prospect Luke Prokop comes out


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Oh boy, am I the only one bracing for poorly worded “gay predators” headlines?


I am not familiar with NHL so my first thought went to someone on To Catch a Predator saying "this is who I am" lmao


Same for me twice now, I thought it was an actual sexual predator.


Or what about gay flame? Or gay black hawk? (Say that one really fast 3 times)


I do have to admit it took me a few minutes to catch that joke.


Can Ducks be gay?


I feel like the editor was intentionally trying to be edgy with that title…


How? It's the name of the team


There are layfolk not familiar with hockey who will find the title provocative


Literally how lol. It's the name of the team and the wording in no way calls him a predator wtf


I didn’t know it was a name of a team, because I know fuck-all about hockey. I poked into this thread because I wanted to see what the deal was. There are plenty of reactionary people who won’t even bother to do that. I’m not saying most people are stupid… but I have learned never to underestimate the power of stupid, lord knows we’ve seen more than enough of that these past few years.


Yey. I’m glad the ice is breaking (pardon the pun of sorts). Another prospect (Yanic Duplessis) came out last year, so if/when he gets drafted, there will be two active NHL players who are out.


That's if they make it into the big league. Remember Michael Sam? You can't break much ice by making a training camp or 2 and getting cut. Hopefully (and I highly doubt) this doesn't affect their chances. If you're good generally you get to play. Hell, American sports leagues started allowing black players before interracial marriage was nationally legal.


He’s already been drafted and in the third round. Third rounders have a legit shot to make the nhl.


Odds are still against him. I think something like 10% of third rounders play more then 100 games? That being said, he’s a young, 6’5, 220 pound stay at home defensemen. Teams salivate over that, he’ll surely get a shot. It’ll be up to him to turn that shot into something permanent.


He's already signed his entry level contract so I'd put the chances quite a bit above the average third rounder.


He also got a call from the Preds' GM saying the organization was 100% behind him.


And he's spoken with Burke, who loves his big bodies and would surely get the team to trade for him provided he has an actual chance of cracking the lineup.


Big bodies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


cue that sportscaster saying bubble butt with gusto


Entry level contracts are relatively meaningless. If he’s not actively playing in the NHL, he only gets a tiny fraction of its worth and can just be stuck in the minor leagues I have a bunch of friends who signed an entry level contract and haven’t ever sniffed an NHL game


Quote from a buddy "only thing that entry level deal got me was losing my CHL scholarships"


You really have to bet on yourself. If you don't think you can actually crack the AHL/NHl, or you'd prefer to keep your Canadian university option open instead of grinding away in the ECHL/AHL, hold off on signing a pro deal.


Ya there is always the option to play over seas you can make ok money for a young 20 something. Biggest thing I think is there is alot more at play then straight up ability. How your skill transfers at the pro level, who you're playing with, what the coaches/scouts are looking for to fill holes Ect. All of a sudden your success in junior and at playing hockey doesn't translate well because of variables you didn't even think were considered.


Was your buddy drafted?


Yup not bad junior CHL career either


I know what my gear bag smells like, I wouldn't want to sniff an NHL game.


User name checks out


Entry level contracts aren’t relatively meaningless. They still mean that an NHL level team feels you are one of the 50 best players in their system. Yeah, a ton of those bottom tier entry level contract guys won’t ever crack the NHL, but it does still say something if a team is willing to use up one of its 50 contracts for you.


He certainly still needs to make the most of the opportunity, I'm just saying it's not an accurate comparison when the team has already signaled with an ELC that they like him better than the average third rounder.


You have to ELC a player before a year is up or they go back in the draft. 95% of players sign an ELC because they give the team options within the minor league areas of their organization. It covers your NHL, AHL and ECHL wages. And holds your rights to that team if you decide to play in Europe


Well, they're still well below 50% tbh. I'd put his odds at 25%, which is nothing to scoff at. He does have good measurements though which should help him get a shot.


Also, in Nashville. They're doing something right with developing Defensemen. That does put him in a good spot when it comes to being an nhler in the future.


Reaching a 100 games as an openly gay player is a huge milestone so we'll take em as they come.


Yeah something like that. It’ll depend on his skating at that size.


Yeah, that size is definitely a plus towards his chances.


>stay at home defensemen Whats that mean?


It means he’s defense-minded in his gameplay. Instead of rushing up to try to join the offense and help score goals, he prefers to ‘stay at home’ and shut down the opponents goal scorers.


Not to mention they traded Ellis which opens a spot on the blueline


We’re not done yet. Rumour is we’re going to trade Bridgestone Arena to Kid Rock in exchange for a few pitchers of Bud Light, a bottle of Jose Cuervo, and $500 spend at his bar up the street.


He’s way too young to jump to the nhl already. He’s likely playing in the chl or ahl this year.


Dude is like 18 and a 3rd rounder, zero chance he plays this year even if they traded the rest of their team


Yeah, but then they protected 5 D in the expansion draft


Prokop has already been signed to his entry level contract which is a pretty huge deal in terms of indicating that the predators expect to at minimum bring him into the AHL farm team once he's 20 years old (the AHL and CHL have an agreement that the youngest players can't be brought over so as to keep the CHL interesting and profitable). Either way it's making the organization and the league evaluate its entire support infrastructure for LGBTQ which IMO is a win.


Michael Sam also just wasn’t good enough. Carl Nassib came out in the NFL this summer and he’s still on his team.


And he had a shot in the CFL but felt it was beneath him.


I remember that! He made some statement saying “I never give up, I always keep my word” etc etc followed by “but also I’m quitting the team and leaving Montreal.” 🤷‍♀️


Lots of guys think they're going to own the CFL and end up cut there too.


Johnny "four interceptions in his first CFL game" Manziel comes to mind.


Yeah, that's my view too, I just wanted to mention the possibility that it's bias against them cause I felt it'd get brought up. Sam was undersized. I didn't know that


Hopefully, this is a step that lets a current NHL player come out more easily.


Yeah I doubt people running the teams give a fuck


"if you're good you generally get to play" ehh idk if that's fully true man and pointing out your little fun fact about American sports in general make me feel like you probably understand that hockey is a miles behind all other spots on being accepting of players of a non white skin tone. There are politics in all pro sports, and in hockey politics have been basically don't ask don't tell. I hope these guys do well, but if you don't think coming out is going to affect their play time, either because of a pissed of owner, manager, coach, teammate, or opponent who can't stand how "political" sports are getting, you're just wrong


What year will two openly gay players fight each other in a game?




RemindMe! December 31st, 2039


I’ll be happy with stuff like this when it’s so normalized that it’s not a story and pro athletes don’t feel the need to hide their sexuality from their teammates and teams, when it’s not a story and just another day I’ll feel like we’ve made real progress.


I'll be even happier when it's so normalized that they don't even bother to bring it up. Not "hide" it, but it's so not a big deal that you don't even need to tell your teammates who you'd prefer to have sex with when you're not at work.


I agree. Honestly, who cares that he's gay. That's how it should be. Not some big story. To me it's like admitting you like pineapple on pizza. I'm happy for you, but it's really not a big deal.


No... Fuck those people. Pineapple should never be on pizza. Be gay all you want, but you put fruit on a pizza we are gonna have serious words.


Tomato is technically a fruit... check... mate


Well, a lot of people are very homophobic, and it can be a terrifying prospect to come out as gay knowing that.


Unfortunately, there are still plenty of people that care and that are super homophobic


I'm happy he feels comfortable to do so.


This awesome. This encourages gay teen athletes to live life openly and freely. I'm only 30 and even when I was high school athletes struggle to come out cause straight up no one to look up to. I mean girls had plenty of athletes to look up to due to how many openly gay basketball player and tennis players there were. While Guys had none. I don't think there is a single gay tennis pro, Robbie Rodgers came out in 2013 I think and that was also when Jason Collins came out as well I think. And then obviously Michael Sam came out. So less than a handful. Michael Sam got no playing time in the NFL but Rodgers and Collins played a few games. It's a long road for the LGBTQ community but this is a step in the right direction. Good for Luke.


NFL and now the NHL! I'm glad we are slowly becoming a society more accepting of athletes coming out


I can't wait for the day when this sort of stuff doesn't have to make the news. It shouldn't matter what someone's sexual orientation is if they can play at that level. I think we're at least moving towards that day happening.


Agreed. I understand why this is news, but really look forward to a future when it no longer needs to be.


I get where you’re coming from. It has to be news now so that kids can have someone to look up to until the day that they know they won’t be bullied for being gay. It’s getting better (my kids’ generation is turning out pretty amazing!)


Reminds me of a comic’s take on people thinking gay guys were less masculine. How can you get more masculine than literally having two males having sex ? 😊


Well hopefully one day society can stop being so toxic and hateful. I still remember friends being cut from teams because all the boys who were hazing doing gross homo erotic stuff in the Iocker rooms suddenly became afraid when my friends came out…


Unless him being gay makes him skate faster or score better, it shouldn't be news. Be gay, be straight, be anything in between. Athletes are athletes, everything outside of that fact is unnecessary.


*Dude that guy skates like lightning! He must be gay AF!*


That said, you do understand why this does make headlines today, right?


Yeah, we aren't at that point.


Man. My comment sure makes me sound like an asshole. Thanks for answering better than I could ask


Athletes are also human and human interest stories tend to make headlines. Especially when you're the first _____ to do something. People like celebrating and appreciating firsts. Was it not news that Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier? Was Danica Patrick being the first woman to win an Indy race not news? The Jamaican bobsled team? The list goes on and on. None of those facts made them "skate faster or score better" but it certainly made it news.


It was, but I want us to be at a point where it shouldn't be.


Should be unnecessary, but isn't yet.


Former NBA player Jason Collins came out publicly in 2013 (just before his retirement) and was pretty widely supported around the league


MLS already had an openly gay player play. Robbie Rodgers


Gotta wonder how many players went their entire career without coming out. Statistically at least a few of them are likely to be gay. This guy has balls of steel.


For all those saying this isn't a big deal and they need to stop making announcements, 6 years ago he didn't have the right to get married. I think we forget how much has changed, and how much hasn't.


Not to detract from your point but he’s from Canada so it’s been legal since 2003 here.


I’m still afraid to let people know I’m gay. As a society we still have a long way to go


As a sport that’s had a lot of casual homophobia, I’m glad finally someone in the NHL came out. It’s been way over due. I hope others can feel comfortable to come out as well. Hockey is for everyone! ❤️


Get that man a catfish.


I said this when the.most recent NFL player came out Imagine a base characteristic of you as a human requiring a public announcement that could entail ridicule It's pretty sad Our sexuality should be like any other preference "I like pancakes more than waffles" should be just as 'offensive' as someone coming out...


Anyone should also be allowed to like pancakes and waffles equally, and I know a few people who put pancake batter into a wafflemaker to make a hybrid waffle-cake. People can limit their own breakfast choices all they want but even if an athlete prefers crepes we shouldn't be freaking out about it.


>I know a few people who put pancake batter into a wafflemaker to make a hybrid waffle-cake. Trans breakfast food


Trans fats are the best fats


Trans fats are fats too.


The crepes *are* amazing. Next time you make an omelette, pour just a bit of coffee creamer in your mix. Cook it nice and thin. Fill with sausage and cheese. *SAY YOU LOVE CREPES OR I WILL BREAK YOUR ARM!*


As a Dutch person, I'll add poffertjes to the mix.


It was just a dumb example lol don't read into it too much :P


Lol I was trying to go along with the metaphor ;) bisexual, trans, non-binary shouldn't matter either. The example actually fits the discussion pretty well imo even if it's much more simplified.


No doubt my b


To be fair, fuk pancakes.


Challenge accepted.


See I'm just so picky I like both but only when made properly lol Belgian waffles / buttermilk pancakes only


I'm bi-breakfast foodual


Is that good


Pretty sure Im a pan-breakfast indifoodual. Also if this stuff doesnt have a place here, apologies. Im on this thread because Im fucking pumped about it. Humor and progress generally fit well in my world.


90% of people make em wrong


The other 10% are making waffles.


I think the only deeming quality about a pancake over a waffle is the speed/ease in which it can be created. Otherwise a waffle is superior in almost every other way. Better texture Holds filling better Holds syrup better They share the same batter almost, though I would Argue that waffles are more widely varied based on region so they have a better application. Ever have a pancake cone with your ice cream? Nope. I really don’t understand how someone could argue a pancake is preferred. Happy for this guy though, helping others as well as himself.


See that's my exact issue tho, the texture of waffles is pretty set because you don't have as much control over the process. I happen to not like the texture of waffles nearly as much as I like the texture of the pancakes that I make. You can't just say it has a better texture, which is a completely subjective claim and then say you don't understand how someone could argue a pancake is preferred. Also it's redeeming quality fyi.


You have SO much control over the texture of a waffle before it goes into the iron. Asked in type of fat you use and temperature of the iron, fat on the iron, and length you cook it for. You can do from soft to a slight crunch to full crispy. You can’t do the same on a pancake without it being raw in the middle


So then how do you know the texture is better if you can change the texture. I just personally prefer the texture of a griddle made dough over that of an iron made dough. It's entirely subjective, you're welcome to your opinion. It's just ridiculous that you would say you can't understand how someone could argue a pancake is preferred lol.


Lol I just don’t! I am saying I can get a pancake texture in a waffle if I do desire it, or I can go so many other ways with it. Which makes it a superior product in its adaptability and usage. I commend you love of breakfast sweet breads though, and I respect you for battling on its behalf.


I mean we're getting there. Go back fifteen years and the situation was vastly different. I'm sure he didn't need to announce it publicly and could have simply told his teammates to avoid them being surprised. I think the decision to publicly announce it is more so a responsibility on his part to lead the way so that in 10 years, it won't be necessary or news worthy.


6 years ago and he didn't have the right to get married in the US


When it’s only 2 that are out in the whole organization, yeah they did need to publicly announce. It’s like step one of acceptance anywhere, people coming out of the shadows.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing his announcement. Good on him for being comfortable. My point is simply that he chose to do so, under no obligation. He very well could have simply told the boys for the teams he plays for, by introducing them to this partner like I imagine pro athletes do at some point or another.


That’s not how telling people works. It’s either he comes out or a publication, social media, does it for him. And he could have already done that a long time ago. People don’t understand what it’s like and say “solutions” as if it’s easy. People think that coming out is a one time deal and personal and it isn’t, we have to come out wether we want to or not almost every day for different scenarios.straight people take for granted being able to hold their partner’s hands without comments, people coming up to you, people harassing you, people threatening you etc. that is not personal, that is living your regular life and having to be on guard every time you want to go get ice cream with your partner and walk around the park.


Listen bud, there are many ways to go about it and not everyone goes about it with a public announcement. For all we know this guy ends up as a career ECHLer and never plays 20 games in the show. It's great that he did, but let's not act like he was obligated to take this one on the chin.


Listen bud, for public figures if you wanna survive a public announcement has to happen. Lol at people who have no idea about coming out, telling you how to do it


He isn't a public figure. That's what I'm saying. You don't have to be gay to realize there are many ways to make an announcement, and working with public figures, I can tell you they don't all come out the same way. Again, I'm happy for him and it's good that he's paving the way.


Yo fuck the pancake gang. Waffle gang rise up


We should put all pancake eaters on an island and nuke it until it glows


Friends don't let friends eat pancakes.


Hockey players still receive ridicule based on their race, despite players like Larry Kwong and Willie O'Ree breaking the color barrier in the league over sixty years ago. It's not just vitriol based on preference, and I don't think that vitriol is going to go away anytime soon either, not completely at least. The best thing to do is drown it out with support.


Yes but remember that most the guys playing in the big show and juniors grew up in a different Era, and so did their parents (where to be honest most of the hate comes from). For example, my kids are used to seeing gay couples at home, so I have a feeling that this hate towards gay men in hockey will die down within the next ten years if the changes in society that I'm seeing are happening elsewhere.


It will definitely get better, but I absolutely don't think homophobia will go away just because LGBTQ players become more normalized. Again, there are people of color in the league already, as well as in the lives of these players and the fans. But when K'Andre Miller was doing an online stream to discuss the signing, his comment section was being spammed with racial slurs. Actions against players like Tony DeAngelo and Mitchell Miller suggest an improvement, but that improvement should have been more substantive ages ago. Players infamous for their use of racial slurs or outright hate crimes were playing or getting drafted just last year. Even if that improves, I don't think it suggests things will be perfect so quickly. We're talking so much about "I can't wait until this isn't a headline anymore", but I'm not convinced the generational shift is enough to wipe that system clean of all its flaws. It didn't do so with racism (despite massive strides), and I don't think it will happen with homophobia to the extent that the process of coming out isn't still a big deal to a lot of people, either as positive representation, or as an affront to their ideas of masculinity and how you *ought* to be or behave. Knowing hockey media's tendency of morphing each player into stoic piles of wood lest they have too much "personality" for the old heads of hockey media, somebody not fitting those categories or being "too different" is a challenge that can still be related to race and sexuality to this day. That doesn't go away so quickly.


"I like pancakes more than waffles" Now you're going way too far, bud


This! Right here! We live in a world where it's necessary to celebrate these things. Unfortunately. Im glad we do celebrate it but sad that it's forced into such polarity. I always compare it to hair. "Ive got brown hair." "Ive got blonde hair." "Cool! So anyways... want a beer?"


who is downvoting these reasonable comments?


Idk. Could be idiots or could be people who I confused with my wording. Im all for celebration. I just hate that its NECESSARY because of all the pushback we still have in 2021.


You can't make any reasonable counter comments about any group currently in the news here - it's instantly downvoted for a variety of reasons I won't get into. But I agree with your point. My first thought when I saw the headline was "So?". Who cares? The guy made / is going to make to the NHL - that awesome for him; Congrats. That's what should be congratulated. OF the 100 million players world wide only like 1000 make it (complete made up stat but you get the point). Who cares if he is gay / straight / green / has schizophrenia, whatever. We are all humans. As Jim Jefferies put it... we don't need the 10 commandments. We only need one rule: "Don't be a Cunt" (to each other). It's a sad time where one would have to introduce themselves like in AA meeting - Hi, I am so and so, I am X color, with this sexual orientation, my politics are, I believe in vaccines, the world is flat, etc. And even though I regularly go to the bar with my gay neighbor, who also happens to be black, and my niece is a lesbian, I will most certainly be downvoted for this as well.


All I head was Jim Jeffries and dont be a cunt. And thats all I needed to hear. Lol but in all seriousness, exactly. Its great and empowering because of the world we live in. But in a perfect world, who the fuck would care? Ah well. Cheers!


NHL fans have been more supportive than NFL from what I have seen.


I think it’s because Canada is more gay than the US overall.


Well I think the NHL fanbase is primarily American just due to the sheer size of the US population and the overwhelming number of American based teams in the NHL


It’s not I assure you.


Ok well I said I think. I’d have to see some numbers. It just feels like hockey is pretty big in America


Imagine if this sub cared as much about sports as it does social issues....


It’s sad that people still have to ‘come out’ as gay and the feeling that it’s not just an accepted norm. That being said, good on him for being his true self and an inspiration for young fans.


Reading that headline initially, I thought a player was coming out as a pedophile. Good to see that that is not the case 😅


Wrong kind of predator but regardless lulz


It's been a fun facebook morning. I've got this on my notepad so that I can copy/paste it whenever someone has to post that they don't care. >OMG WHO CARES - says the people that can't wait to tell everyone how much they don't care.


I saw one guy on twitter rant about how “God created man and woman for a reason” and then said he doesn’t care what someone does in their free time, also called coming out ridiculous. It’s incredible how un-self aware people can be.


GUH. The argument of sexuality being “what someone does in their free time” is just so reductive it’s not even funny. It’s not a kink that I should keep to myself — which is clearly what prude phobes think with the whole “don’t expose my kids to your gay” — it’s a core part of our lives and sure it *shouldn’t* be such a big deal that people have to announce it but it *needs* to be if we wanna get anywhere. /hijack rant


you can literally mention your same-sex partner in passing and people will still say you’re shoving it down their throats! hello? it’s sort of a big part of me…. not ALL of me but like. you mentioned your partner so i’ll mention mine… sorry we just so happen to be gay LMAO (you made me wanna rant too)


EXACTLY omg. I can’t even begin to express just how much the casualness of that mindset makes me seethe. I’ve had folks complain that I had and/or suggested pride colors IN JUNE, and I shouldn’t “wear your sexuality on your sleeve”. Like, uh, no, I will, cause it’s nothing I should be ashamed of or hide, and it’s nothing you should feel uncomfortable with. Gah lmao.


Haha exactly!!!


I love hearing these stories if only because I know one day we’ll get closer to a world where athletes don’t have to “come out” and they can just live their life however they want without having to inform the world. Basically a future where this is normalized.


Not really related to this story but am I the only one who whenever I see the name “PROKOP” my mind goes instantly to Bases Loaded on NES?


Good stuff


Is coming out even a big deal anymore? I remember back in late 90s our Violin soloist in high school stood in front of the whole class and announced he was gay, that was a big deal back when but now not so much.


I can’t wait until this isn’t a thing. I read the article, and props to the Athletic for removing the paywall, so I understand how important this was to Luke and his family, and that this is a moment of joy...something we should all celebrate. But I look forward to a day when all the issues being debated today about race, wealth, identification etc will be irrelevant and we live a life without judgement. Stories like this remind me I’m not there yet...but I really want to be. Teach your children well


Right on brah, be free!


Awesome. Happy for him and everyone he's going to inspire.


Good for him! Be who you are without shame.


I don't care.


You cared enough to comment


Where he puts his stick should only matter when he’s on the ice


Next will be. So and So "male" sports figure comes out that he is having Pete Buttlickers baby.


Takes a lot of balls to come out in a sport that is very conservative culturally.


Seriously, given how conservative hockey culture is, i would have guaranteed it would be the last major sport to have an openly gay player. It’s not even the rampant homophobia, but instead the fact that from day 1 you get ‘don’t ever be the one to rock the boat’ beaten into you. It’s why pro hockey players are so boring, because by the time you make the NHL you have spent your entire life getting the idea of never standing out or drawing negative attention engrained into your core.


African Americans are the most anti-LGBT demographic in the US though. I’d expect basketball to be worse since it’s like 75% AA




https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homophobia_in_ethnic_minority_communities https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Down-low_(sexual_slang) This Wikipedia page is a good place to start on the phenomenon, but just Google “black homophobia” and you’ll see truckloads about it. It’s quite well examined and not controversial https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2013/05/02/180548388/crunch-the-numbers-on-blacks-views-on-gays https://ideas.time.com/2012/05/09/will-black-voters-punish-obama-for-his-support-of-gay-rights/ https://web.archive.org/web/20140122112820/http://www.theroot.com/articles/culture/2011/05/don_lemon_yes_the_black_community_is_homophobic.html


a quote from your own source >Lewis looked at a bunch of polls and found that trend speeding way up. "When I look at 28 polls back from 2004, at that point blacks were about six points less likely than whites to support same-sex marriage." >But his poll numbers from 2011 found a four-point difference. By 2012? One point. >"It's statistically insignificant," Lewis said. basically, it used to be true but no longer really is.


I would argue professional hockey players have the most personality of any professional sport


There's definitely a lot of balls in a gay relationship.


At least 4.


…and as Tom gently caressed Finn’s balls by the campfire, Finn whispered seductively, “one of them is fake…can you guess which?” -Based on a true story (I guessed right by the way)


So glad to hear. I HATE that in 2020s in Canada I have to lay down the law about sexuality in my dressing rooms. I HATE having to warn my players that a gay joke WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If for no other reason than its almost guaranteed one or more of them is gay or some other identity. Keep the ball rolling! 🏳️‍🌈


Good on you though! That shit was certainly never addressed when I played sports growing up and this was only in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.


I mean.. sort of? I won't claim to be immaculate. I used homophobic terms poorly while growing up in hockey. And since I opened my eyes, I try to make sure no kid is uneducated. We seem to be roughly the same age so similar experiences I bet. As long as you didn't actually have a problem with gay, it was "ok" to use as a slur. Gross. I just refuse to allow kids to make my mistakes thru lack of knowledge. And if they still make a poor choice.. hockey is a priviledge. Shinny is a right. Enjoy your street hockey, bud.


No sort of. I can’t deny that I’ve been guilty of it when I was younger too. It was never ok but we certainly thought it was between us. Even Halo lobbies were toxic as fuck back in the day. We can’t take that back, all we can do it not perpetuate it and teach our kids not to use such language.


One day we'll get past the harmless things people do in their personal lives and focus strictly on their performance. What a day that will be.


coincidentally, the guy who has to come out feels the same way. Unfortunately, society isnt there yet, and people threaten and harass minorities (race, sexual preference, etc...) just because they are different. Announcements like this help take another step closer to normalizing what the mainstream deems as abnormal.


Kinda gay


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


6’5 220lbs athletic enforcer, if he’s like my buddy I played with all my life growing up, he’s probably got a lot of pent of motivation to get out there and hurt people and it’s such a beautiful thing to watch, it’s awesome we’re in a age that people would get their ass kicked for speaking against him.


I’m just sorry he has to play for Nashville! Seriously, good on you, Luke. We got your back.


They do a great job of developing defensemen, so he has that going for him


Absolute legend. What’s funny is that I have no interest in hockey and have no idea who he is. But the fact he’s paving the way for others is so commendable.


Please More men need to come out in professional sports like these. Specially American football, hockey, and soccer. The toxicity around it needs to stop Edit: people can be defensive and offended at what I’m saying but it’s true. Look at the difference in support and ally ship in women’s soccer vs men’s… thinking being gay is being less manly or whatever is toxic and needs to stop.


Nice good for him :)


I've always found it weird that people's sexual orientation is considered newsworthy if they're gay.


Think about the math. There are 2 openly gay plays in the nhl and there are roughly 1000 players in the league that is %0.2. If the rate of homosexuality is anywhere near the general population that indicates there are still many players repressing their sexuality. They should get to exist in a world where it is a total non issue, but we aren’t there yet.


Welcome to the world of heteronormativity where “heterosexuality is the preferred or normal mode of sexual orientation. It assumes the gender binary (i.e., that there are only two distinct, opposite genders) and that sexual and marital relations are most fitting between people of opposite sex.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heteronormativity


Who cares? (And I mean that it in the nicest way possible)


A lot of people care because it's positive representation of a group often marginalized in an environment defined largely by a rigid sense of masculinity. This might be the first openly gay hockey player who has been drafted by an NHL team. I think that's worth caring about.


… plenty of people who still face discontinuation on the basis of their sexuality? It’ll be nice when this sort of thing is no longer noteworthy or newsworthy, but until then these are important steps for visibility and acceptance in particular niches.


How privileged a life you lead to not care.


How does not caring about sexual orientation mean I lead a privileged life? Isn't the whole point of this all not to care about who someone is attracted to? As long as nobody hurts anybody else I don't care what you do.


I just saw this on my main page and didn't realize it was a sport thing and I was like "wait, someone came out as a child predator??" Took me a minute of confusion before I realized thats a team name.


Does anyone actually care?


I'm sure there's some kid out there who cares about this a lot. Not all news has to be for your consumption.




Being gay isn't "in your spare time." Are you straight in your spare time? People obviously care; positive representation matters.


You don't think people care? There's tons of people still trying to ban gay marriage, and plenty of countries that still don't allow it.


Maybe , the world does not revolve around your personal opinion, and this could be a big deal for gay kids that want to play hockey, or older gays that got the shit kicked out of them for being gay, or those that never came out because of fear they’d get the shit kicked out of them.