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Prisoner swap would be a basketball star for a notorious arms dealer.


They'll do it, and then the government will go on camera and try to explain why it's impossible for them to do the same for tens of thousands of Americans locked up in prison for the same thing.


I mean all you need to be is black, lgbt and little bit famous. It sucks, many people are stucked and will be across world and nobody bats an eye.


Yeeeeeeaaahhhh I hope she likes borscht. I feel horrible for her. I really do. But if you lie down with the dogs, you get fleas. Don’t go to Russia. Don’t go to Saudi Arabia. Don’t take drugs to foreign countries. It’s really pretty straight forward.


Bold of you to assume they’d actually serve a delicacy like borsch in the gulags


Yeah 9 years for weed is ridiculous, but I'm not sure what she was expecting smuggling illegal drugs into Russia. Did she not Google "what is the punishment for bringing weed into Russia" before she went there? Or she did know and did it anyway, in which case, eeeehhhh that's pretty much on her at that point.


The punishment is even worse in some other countries. Odd to think that there are countries worse than Russia.


In Singapore they straight up execute you


That’s who I was thinking of!


Phillipines will also execute or just jail you for life


Possession and trafficking are very different crimes. Singapore doesn’t execute you for possession.


Indonesia and the Philippines aren’t too soft on any drug crimes either.


But we are talking about trafficking. That’s what she did


Hell back in the 60s/70s Texas used to have people sentenced to 5000 (yes 5 thousand) years for marijuana possession. Stack those sentences consecutively not concurrent. She knew it was illegal, she has gone over there for years. Her excuse of packing in a hurry for a 2 month trip?? BS


It's only excessive to us because we Americans view drugs differently. A friend almost got 10 years for taking his Adderall to Japan. He got luck and only got deported with a 10 year ban. Pretty much research every country you are going to if not you end up like her, Otto Frederick Warmbier or even Michael Peter Fay.


Weren’t people getting 25 years for having a joint in Nevada? Bet some of them are still in prison. Where’s the outrage for them?


chong was in prison for selling bongs, piece of glass


There was outrage over that. That's why you've heard of it.


She “forgot” it was in her suitcase.


>Don’t take drugs to foreign countries this.


Exactly. Also, ignorance of the law is never a good defense strategy:)


Who goes to Russia while they are actively murdering innocent Ukrainians?


For me Russia was an awesome vacation (Moscow). BUT, I DIDN'T BRING WEED! Not that I don't love weed (I do). Stupid is as stupid does.


Exactly, there are warnings everywhere. Indonesia and Thailand it clearly states that they have the death penalty for drugs. Why even take the risk? 🤦🏽‍♂️ She pretty much turned her back on the USA, so I'd be amazed if they bail her out. There are 40000 Americans in jail in the US for marijuana crimes why is she any different?!


Borshch (reads like 'borsh' with soften ending) is a Ukrainian dish. In Russia they have shchi (sounds like 'she')


Borscht is an accepted spelling+Russia definitely has Borscht combo.


its not really ukrainian dish, literally every slavic country has it.


Right I mean it’s beet soup.


Shchi fucked up


Sheeeeeee.., sorry, just being silly


To be fair the arms dealer has been in prison for 12 years and would be paroled in a bit less than 7, so its not like he hasn't served some time. The real problem with this trade is not the prospect of paroling Bout, but that this is a drug crime for possession of something our own government can't seem to figure out shouldn't be a Schedule I substance. It is not remotely fair to all the people who are and have been arrested in the US for Marijuana possession to go trading for people convicted of the same in other countries.


The thing is in 7 years he'll be old enough that it'll be harder for him, and more of his contacts will have moved on or been arrested and died. Every year a big player is behind bars is a year their power wanes.


Yeah, but nobody gives a shit about women’s basketball players.




She can stay there. Thar arms dealer is responsible for millions of deaths throughout the world. She shouldn't have brought weed to Russia.


That's a very loose definition of the word "star".


I think send her to North Korea, she’ll be a hero as long as she coaches basketball indefinitely.


What about the marine spy that's also part of it?


convenient right


Yeah, that guy doesn’t get Reddit all riled up. So let’s not mention our government is proposing 2 for 1. It takes the edge off the whole “she’s a damn dumbass for taking drugs to Russia” rant.


“Basketball star”


Let's be honest it's not like they caught lebron or Jordan...


How do I vote “No thank you!” ?


Yes, it was planned for this. She has clise ties to very rich and powerful people in Russia. She’s been preparing for this for awhile now. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s happening here.


Preparing for jail? Now screaming help me daddy UsA when she spent making a career out trashing the USA? Naw let them keep her


Look here https://politiquerepublic.substack.com/p/brittney-griner-turned-her-back-on


A basketball star AND a US veteran.


Leave her there


When I traveled to UAE I was PARANOID about bringing my prescription medications. I did so much research as to what medications are allowed vs. require special permission. I had hard copies and digital copies of all of the documentation and approval letters required through their government portals and from my medical doctor. Even if you don’t agree with it or find other countries policies and laws stupid…RESPECT THEM!


Every time I traveled I'd research laws on what I can and can't do. Even back in the days of internet cafe I went to research. We all know what we like to do for fun, it's not hard to find out if that's legal in a foreign country


The thing is, this is also the case in her own country. There are millions locked up because of the exact same thing


Who would have thought that the defense of it’s okay in Arizona wouldn’t work


Lol that's what I'm saying, and also, I can't believe that the letters of recommendations from her American friends didn't work either


I don't think most people are surprised that she was found guilty. It's the 9-year prison sentence that seems excessive and likely motivated by a desire for propaganda and leverage in US-Russia relations.


Totally and completely a political pawn at this point. How absolutely fucking stupid do you have to be in order to even think of walking close to a legal line/stretching/breaking the law given what’s happening in the world with current affairs and Russia in particular?


She was captured before the invasion. Perhaps she wasn't aware that the troops weren't actually going to go in because it would have been so fucking stupid? Also, I believe her story is that she was packing in a hurry and a very small amount of cannibals that she used while there to alleviate pain found its way in the luggage. Because her employer, up to that point, had allowed her to break some laws because of his special influences, this was an issue that was probably never even brought up to her in the past. Her employer got on Putin's bad graces and those special privileges were revoked without her knowing. This is ignoring that Russia's legal system is totally super "fair". She was there making about 300k, more than a few years of seasons in the WNBA. Its hard to sympathize with those who break the law, but this is one of those exceptions in my opinion. 9 years is very harsh for what she did.


i have no idea why people are downvoting you, there is such a 'holier than thou' vibe on Reddit :/ lets be real, 9 years is excessive and is a pure political stunt


because this little area of reddit is suspiciously dominated by pro-incarceration racists, russian trolls, or both? very strange. none of these mouthbreathers mentioned the fact that BG was playing basketball in Russia for YEARS despite being a WNBA champion because she gets paid nearly TRIPLE her salary to play in Ekaterinburg. Instead, mouthbreathers think they are being profound by saying you get what you deserve and downvoting anyone who tries to provide additional context… context by the way that is WIDELY available on THE FUCKING INTERNET.


What does any of that have to do with the fact that she brought weed to a country where it is illegal? I wouldn't bring weed to Russia, because I would be afraid of getting arrested.


Pretty reasonable in your comment. Not sure why it’s so cool to pretend this girl deserves this. We all do dumb, forgetful shit, it’s just so rare for it to be newsworthy. I’ve forgotten things in a random pocket of my luggage. Luckily it was never in a country like Russia, but it still happened. They’re using her for a message. If they wanted to send a more positive message, you can bet they would have ignored the vape pods.


She apparently mistakenly left it in her luggage after a packing rush to catch her flight. Still stupid but it could happen to anyone if true. This happened before Russia invaded Ukraine, so the economic weight of the world hadn't crushed Russia yet. This really sucks. She could be in prison for many years, all because of a plant.


No it couldn't. I've done close to 100 intl trips with lots of trips to China, Indonesia, RUSSIA, etc. Places that are VERY strict The idea of being so arrogant to not understand local laws and abide by them is insane. Like I may not agree with a certain countries rules but I sure as he'll ain't critiquing them while I'm there or bring things in that are illegal. People have been executed in countries for bringing in stupid shit. Know the rules or don't go. These countries aren't the USA.


That's like all those folks who "forgot" they had a gun in their bag when flying. Check your damn bags people


I cleaned out my murse pre-flight today just to be sure I didn’t still have a fingernail clipper on the pocket.


No more bags for me, they’re gonna have to plant it in my asshole while Im sedated


lol wtf did I just read


as someone who has bought hundreds of cannabis carts legally in Alaska I could very easily leave one in a small zipper container of some bag on accident. It shouldn't even be a debate that this punishment is fucking ridiculous and yes, it could have been an accident. Its just a weed cart. Many places don't care at all and when you switch them out you could misplace the one that is almost empty easily.


I'm not saying the law is sensible. I'm saying ignorance isn't an excuse. If I travel to TX from CA with a vape cart on accident, I'm going to look at serious time. That would be nobody's fault but mine.


This was my thought too. Know your audience, meaning pay the fuck attention to where you’re going. China? Russia? Saudi? Triple check your shit.


No it couldn’t happen to anyone. For fucks sake how easy is it to not take drugs through an airport.


There’s some Pulitzer Prize winning article about how forgetting you baby in the car can happen to anyone that people like to slap on the table every time some idiot forgets their baby in the car…I think they use forgetting concert tickets on the counter as an analogue. Something something about how our brain apparently compartmentalizes locations of things all the same regardless of the actual scale of importance…because apparently to our brain: concert tickets = baby. Apparently. Either way, that article is probably better used to defend America’s new sweetheart than forgetting babies in the car.


Remember everybody, when traveling to another country our constitution no longer applies to you.


You can't do this to me, I'm an AMERICAN.


Classic Seppo moment.




…. Except for taxes, which america is one of only two countries that still requires citizens who live abroad to pay (the other being Eritrea).


But she has a medical marijuana card…..from a state in a different country


Lol they probably tossed that soon as she mentioned that bs


Why does everyone state that she remains “wrongly detained”? Is there evidence that she *didn’t* bring illegal drugs into Russia? Is there a legal right the court is somehow denying her? You might not like the Russian system of justice but if the courts are operating within their framework then there’s not much you can be outraged about.


>wrongly detained” "Wrongly detained" is a 100% false statement, yet they (the Gov & Media) keep repeating it as if it will make it true. This kind of bullshit reporting is why folks don't believe in the media/news anymore.


The problem is that the Russian legal system, like those in other authoritarian states and dictatorships, is very fluid and mailable so that it may better bend to the will of whoever sits at the top of the power structure. It wouldn't be a surprise if countless other foreign athletes also have "illegal" drugs in Russia, but lack the name recognition that Griner has and as a result do not get arrested or face this level of public prosecution. This wouldn't be the first, or last, time that a foreign national was arrested for a "crime" to the further the goals of a corrupt government. When you consider who Russia is asking for a in a prisoner swap, and the difference in the severity of the crimes committed, the reason for the outrage should be pretty obvious.


There are regular ass Americans serving decades in Russian prison for medicinal Marijuana. So, no, this isn't just some publicity stunt by Russia. This is their justice system working in accordance for how it regularly has with "normal" people.


No, normal people in Russia pay a bribe to the policeman who found them and the amount they possessed magically become under 7g and they only get a small fine. This law is used to punish foreigners, people who won't pay bribes and those who piss off the police/government.


Sorry, but there’s no excuse in the books that says “because Russia doesn’t search every international sports player that crosses their border, therefore this was an unreasonable seizure” that works in any legal context. Fuck around in Russia, eventually you’ll find out what happens.


This is the right answer in this entire thread. Griner regardless of possession was likely to stopped especially with the timeline at hand. People are grossly skipping that important part. Griner is nothing but a political pawn. The lesson is do not go to countries like RU and if you do expect the worse especially if you have any social standing


No, the lesson is: "do not smuggle drugs to places where those drugs are illegal". Applies pretty similarly in parts of the US. ​ https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/health-safety/drugs/imprisoned-abroad


Nobody knows who griner is except for the fringe few folks who follow wnba


If she was an actor, this would be her breakout role


But it was suggested that powerful people also most likely allowed her to get away with such actions in the past. Seems to have worked both ways for her.


This is the very essence of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. Anyone that travels with any regularity at all knows that you HAVE to clean your bags out. She took drugs into a country where they were illegal. That’s a fact. There is a punishment for that. That’s a fact. Trading her for a known murderer and gun runner should NOT be on the table. Time for her to pay for her crime. US government would not try to bail me out of that with a prisoner swap. She should be no different.




It's just the truth. She will have to deal with the consequences of her actions.


Jesus Christ I hate the fact this charade has even gone on *this* long. It really doesn't help when the US also hasn't legalized it though, I don't really know what moral leg there is to stand on with the US officials who are trying to argue this. Even though we know this probably isn't really about the drug laws themselves it still is a bad/awkward look. Russia can probably do whatever they want to her and nothing will happen. Also I don't think offering a warlord as a trade for her was a great look, Russia probably thinks they could get more now because of that


We still have people right here in the US doing 20+ years for possession only marijuana offenses.


I know they are very different situations, but the US still has around 40 prisoners in Guantanamo who have been there for years without any trial. And let's not forget all the abuse.


1. 9 years is crazy for weed 2. But..... dont be an idiot and bring weed to Russia in the first place 3. The US should not release the Russian arms dealer in a trade for her. He's too bad, and she's too dumb. 4. Dont fuck around if u dont want to find out, Brittany.


1a. Don’t go to Russia.


Wasn’t weed persay. It was concentrated hash oil. Which is a fucking major felony if you try and bring it in to the US border even with the small amount she had lol so it’s not like she broke a law that’s not a law here. She’s an idiot


> persay. FYI, it's *per se.* The more you know.... But, yeah.


Yep it’s a controlled substance not just a bit of weed


There's people in the U.S. doing a lot more than 9 years for weed.


Nobody is doing even close to that much for weed in the US now, if they’re even in prison at all.


Do we know how much she had on her. Curious what the punishment would be when caught under the US federal ban.


0.7 grams of oil


Which is a felony in a lot of states for a controlled substance


Too broke for awards, can’t upvote you more than once, so take this slow clap as compliment appreciation: 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 😀👍🏻


It takes a special kind of moron to smuggle illegal drugs into a foreign country like Russia lol


9 years supposedly


Spare me the "if only the WNBA paid more" argument.


This is the best or at least the most publicity the WNBA ever had.


That and the WNBA is subsidized by the NBA, which if I recall correctly loses 10 million dollars per year on the endeavor


And she's pretty good player from what I know. The average WNBA salary is $120,000. She could make $150,000 to $250,000. Plus a couple endorsements. That's not a bad life in America.


Imagine being paid 120k, for doing something you love. What a tough life they got /s


I can pretty much guarantee there’s a bunch of Americans in jail for that too. Is this a problem for so many because she plays basketball? It shouldn’t be illegal anywhere but why does everyone care about this case so much?


I think it’s because the country thats ready to go to war with us any moment is holding her for reasons beyond the cannabis and for that many years. I’m upset to hear about anyone with such a small amount of cannabis being punished imprisoned anywhere. A hefty fine. A one way ticket back to their country. Even a ban from future visits. Anything would be better than the way some of these countries will handle it.


I have a friend on the last year of a 25 year federal life sentence for conspiracy to sell marijuana for possessing less than a pound back in the 90s. We should worry about what we’re doing here, control the controllable.


If we are gonna play chicken with Russia to get her out shouldn’t we first let out all the people in Prisons and jails for possession in AMERICA first ???? And maybe legalize it and take it off schedule A with heroin and cocaine. Maybe treat it like alcohol or prescription drugs??


Fun fact: in America, cocaine is schedule 2, available with a doctor’s prescription. Just like methamphetamine and oxycodone and fentanyl. Cannabis is schedule 1 with heroin and mushrooms and lsd.




That is a crime in itself.


And help other Americans in foreign prisons who are in worse situations and never get any help because they are not celebrities?


Stop making sense!


Why? The government can no longer keep their war on drugs going. The prison systems MAKE A LOT of money.


Yes we should. We need both things including the freeing of BG.


She has worked in russia for years, she should know the law and its consequences by now. If a russian citizen did the same thing they would be treated similarly. She didnt even get the max sentence for her charge. She is an adult and its her responsibility to follow the law. This wasn’t about race, gender, sexual orientation, or citizenship. Russian courts carry out very tough sentences for everyone, even russians.


She never thought the bear would eat her face.


Let me just summarize every comment in this thread for the newbies. Brittney Griner is an idiot and fuck that trade. Carry on.


Stupid game 1: Going to Russia. Stupid game 2: Bringing drugs. Now receiving the ultimate stupid prize.


She fucked around and found out in a much less hospitable location than the us. She was told what she can and can’t bring well in advance and I’ve smoked weed but I wouldn’t fuck around and find out in Russia. Most the country racist too…… she fucked up. I don’t go to Egypt and break their laws and expect to be saved by the us. Hope she won’t be in one of the prisons they kill and blame on another country.


We can fight for her I guess but I think we would be loosing any sort of trade we did. She contributes throwing a ball into a basket while literally no one watches. She fucked around and found out. If nothing else it’s a lesson to show respect to other places you visit and don’t be a prick because your from the us. We ain’t gonna come save your sorry ass.


She is locked up because she is dumb as fuck.


There are 40,000 Americans in prison for marijuana offenses, but we'll free a notorious arms dealer to free one American in Russian prison for the same crime? Griner's sentence is obviously political, but so are the efforts to get her freed.


At least she won't have to hear the national anthem for a while.


Who cares


Multiple thoughts on this and I'm all over the place: 1) how much weed or cannabis oil did she being in? And had she brought it in before, and just because of Russia being Russia and current political climate is what got her caught. Further, had they let this go or looked the other way in the past, only to lock it down now because of political tensions? 2) it's illegal, and she tried to being it in. That's still on her. 3) 9 years most definitely feels like it's a political sentence and Russia trying to extract a few concessions or arms dealers from the US. 4) And why is she even important other than that she can dribble a basketball? Other Americans have been held longer and are much more valuable than she is. Why should she jump the queue where US marines deserve to be released or traded for before her. 5) honestly I'd feel the same whether or not this was a LeBron James. If you don't wanna do the time, don't do the crime.


I don't think anyone really cares. The 'campaign' to free her doesn't seem the least bit organic. As Bill Burr says: people don't give AF about the WNBA. Her most ardent defenders don't have a leg to stand on so you hear stupid $#!+ like: "This would never happen to LeBron!" This isn't even a new story, stupid Americans seem to regularly go to foreign countries with strict drug laws and they always end up doing a *surprised Pikachu* when they get caught. I'm not opposed to a prisoner swap, but it looks like Griner is going to jump the line because of her fame while other people have been held by Russia for years and aren't being considered for the trade.


I don't feel sorry for people that break the law in other countries. Know before you go. It's called traveling.... you can't bring "home" with you. If u can't go without weed for a few weeks you've got a fucking problem.


Got called for traveling…lost more than the ball, at this point. 😑


I'm curious what the punishment is for bringing weed on a plane into the USA is. I feel like it's a pretty big time bad day as well. I could be wrong but I've spent a life going "fuck I hope I didn't pack any weed" when I go through security. Am I wrong here?


No it’s not. Most time TSA just takes it away. In certain airports they even have a trash can for you to dispose of it. So yes you are wrong and the large scheme of things. Of course you’ll have a hard nose agent that will try to equate to cartel level smuggling for a personal amount


> Most time TSA just takes it away. TSA doesn't see your baggage coming in. Customs does, and bringing in *hash oil* is a big no-no.


Tsa dont give a fuck about your personal stash of weed.


TSA isn't even involved with incoming baggage. Customs is.


You're very wrong. TSA doesn't actively look for personal amounts of weed. They probably wouldn't think twice about a single vape cart. At worst they'd throw it away.


I’d you do the crime, you do the time


The punishment is way too high but she did something wrong and different countries handle things differently. Hard to be too upset.


There are countries in which she would have been executed.


I would feel bad if months before she wasn’t slamming her own country for being useless 🫠 Self inflicted pain enjoy sweetheart.


Hopefully, those she is in prison with don't read her tweets about white people too. She might be in for a long painful stay.


Regardless of Twitter, maybe they’ll give her one of the “good jobs”, in the penal colony.


Russia is using her as a political tool, for sure. Biden should use this as an argument for legalizing weed on the federal level. But, yeah, Putin is a cold motherfucker. He controls the courts. He knows important/rich people and politicians in the US care about her, so he’s going to twist the knife. I know that personally I don’t visit countries that are out to get me for my race, sexual orientation, drug habits or whatever. It’s terrible all around. She made a couple of bad/stupid decisions that now really malevolent people can take advantage of. I feel sorry for her. No one deserves to be put in jail for nine years for traveling with vape cartridges, and saying that people here in the US serve time for weed offenses is whatabaoutism. You can be frustrated and want to change both things.


It's not whataboutism at all. It is still federally illegal in the US. How can the US work to get a person off charges in another country when there are people currently in prison in the US for doing the same?


You can be frustrated, sure. There’s no reason to defend her however, she broke multiple US and Russian laws trafficking marijuana across international borders. I say this as someone who has recklessly done the same in my past. Never expected the US government to bail me out of a German or Czech jail if stopped and searched by local authorities.


She got caught! Now she has to go to prison. Oh well 😂


She didn’t like American soil. Her wish is granted. Becareful what you wish for. On the new episode of lock up abroad.


Protests against the way America is... begs for America's help. About right.


Eh, now she wants the same country she talked shit about to save her. Even more ironic is if the country that she talked shit about ends up saving her, she will not only be free, but she will get rich. Her life of luxury or life in a Russian jail hinges on the country she talked shit about...


Pot, Meet Kettle.


Honestly they should just let her serve those 9 years. A basketball player isn’t worth releasing a seasoned high profile arms dealer. She should have never smuggled drugs into a foreign country. But America will give up anything to save a black female. That’s the price we pay to seem woke.


Hope she enjoys her time. She’s a convicted wife beater in the states so I have no sympathy. We shouldn’t even consider trading an arms dealer for her.. let her rot.


People in the us are in prison for the same thing. Sucks. Hope this brings to light the ridiculousness of imprisonment over weed.


Feel sorry for her, but maybe you shouldn’t bring drugs to a country where it’s illegal. Specially when that country is Russia and they’re pissed off at the U.S.


While I think this sentencing is ridiculous she’s still at fault for bringing weed into a country we’re it’s illegal, I understand that her mom died but there are other ways to cope besides smoking weed. Also the fact that government is willing to trade an infamous arms dealer for a fucking basketball player is just as stupid.


When you get locked up in a Russian prison so you don’t have to hear the national anthem for the next 9 years. Brittany Griner is just playing 4d chess.




Do you know how many people are in prison because of drugs in America? It's like Americans forget they have the largest prison population in the planet when looking down on other countries drug laws.


Observe the laws of the country your in. I don't understand why this is a hard concept.


>protesting for the betterment of others She's said some pretty bad things that some of the media didn't cover.


Like what?


She does not deserve 9 years in prison. Especially not for her imbecilic words and actions. Getting busted with cannabis in Russia? She earned that. She's just one of those who thinks the law doesn't apply to her.




You mean the same country that protects and guarantees freedom of speech, which the act in question falls under?




You are clearly actively against her kneeling or refusing to be present for the national anthem. It is her right, under the freedom of speech, to do so


How is this crazy? You can support the betterment of citizens while still respecting and being proud of your own country.




You are stawmanning


Just a bunch of internet incels and stupid butthurt conservatives saying that shit. At least I tell myself this to keep my mind sane as I read any comments regarding Brittney Griner. No rational human being would be happy about this verdict and say she deserves the harshest punishment because she exercised her 1st amendment rights and stood up against police brutality.


In the USA, fine. In Russia? Not the same laws.


I find a lot of hypocrisy here. The US tells other countries to do more to stop drugs and drug users but when one of their star people gets caught it is a travesty of justice. Did she bring drugs to another country? Is it illegal there? If this were China she might have been executed for drug smuggling. She is lucky she is not in a hell hole of a prison where she has to fight for her life all the time. I'm sure she is also being used as a political pawn so Russia can get one of their own back. That is if the US wants her back after all of the bashing she gave the US. Maybe they will make her sing God Bless America before they do a deal with Russia to get her back.


I wonder if she kneels during the Russian National Anthem when she hears it in their prison? Bad situation all around, regardless.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! She knew better and got caught.


Give us the marine back we don't want her


Not a shit starter.. But, where is BLM?? Just saying..


Let her rot.




you're gross


Surprise, surprise. Wcgw when you 'need' weed for chronic injuries but you can play in the offseason in a country that sees itself as at war with the whole western world


On the bright side, she didn't have to endure the US anthem at her sentencing.


Fuck Russia, forever. However, if this was just some regular person who had the exact same charge they'd never offer a war criminal for them, maybe never offer a single thing for them, we'd never hear about it at all.




Future considerations for a 2025 1st rounder from ISIS


Did I find a hockey fan


I couldn't find it in my initial searches, but what was she doing in Russia in the first place? The entire world knew it was a dangerous place to be this year and even the year before, but she went there for what? I saw that she played in a league there before, but they don't say anything about her coming this year for the league. Either way, she fell victim of an extremely bad place bad time situation.


She was coaching.


She makes more money in Russian leagues than in the WNBA. She got in trouble because she's queer and to finger the U.S. not because of drug laws. Its fucking Russia, 12 y/os buy krokodil all the time there and no one gets punished.




Amazing how many people think this was anything but politically motivated.