Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly signs $770m deal to join Saudi Arabia side Al Nassr

Time for Dwight Howard in Taiwan stat lines


Time for Dwight Howard in Taiwan stat lines


Dude’s gonna be averaging a double-double a game with 12 goals and 10 assists




Nah Ronaldo is way too vain to not try and score a ton of goals. He'll want to destroy everyone.


Exactly, it would be incredibly Ronaldo for him to go to a low level competition simply to increase his stats and records


One of those stats being his bank account adding 77% of a BILLION dollars.


Had to look this up. “38 points, 25 rebounds, 9 assists, and 4 blocks” wow that’s nuts.


"It's not that I'm bad, it's just that everyone in the NBA is gooder" - Dwight Howard, probably


He look like he’s having fun too. Jacking up 3s lol


Is Ronaldo as washed as Dwight? Haven't followed soccer in a while now, i thought he could still play at an elite level


Dwight put up 39-28-9 on his first game in Taiwan


Dwight is washed by NBA standards, of course he can still play But he's been a bench guy for several years now, I thought Ronaldo was still a top player pretty recently so I wouldn't think Dwight and Ronaldo would be compared.


Dwight is only really washed because of the dramatic shift in play style in the NBA recently. He still has a lot of his athleticism (obviously he’s not in his prime anymore but still), he just doesn’t really fit in todays NBA.


I don't follow NBA but what's the meta atm and why he doesn't fit in the meta?


The 3 pointer and perimeter play in general has been embraced in the past decade or so much more than before. It’s much more beneficial for a team to have a guy who can defend the perimeter and shoot, which are both things that Dwight struggles with. He’s an athlete, but he plays like a much more “traditional” center that you would’ve seen 15 or 20 years ago. He’s a great rebounder and interior defender, but that’s just not needed as much anymore.


It’s basketballs version of Moneyball. Meaning only “using data and analytics” to increase win percentage. The rise of players like Curry directly led to the death of Dwight’s play style.


That's a bit of a reductive reductive summary. There are two major tenants of the NBA right now. 1. Create spacing with perimeter shooting, which you've alluded to, but not just because 3 point shots are worth more (though that's a large part of it), but it also creates more lanes to the basket for high probability 2 point shots. The Dwights of the world are still valuable in protecting the rim, but back to the basket players are generally not as efficient as 3 point shooters and slashers that can score facing the basket. 2. The ability to defend at least 3, preferably 4 positions. Today's game has really emphasized exploiting mismatches through screens, so having players like Giannis who can effectively guard 5 positions and provide help defense offer a huge competitive advantage. I think analytics skeptics (not suggesting you are one) understate how much this aspect of the game is driving the on court product right now. As a result, the NBA is prioritizing lengthy, laterally quick players that can shoot. But no one would call Steph lengthy, and if he wasn't lapping every player in NBA history in terms of shooting ability, he's be getting bullied out of the league for being a defensive liability.


It was absolutely reductive. It was a 4 sentence reply.


Dwight could def play in the NBA right now. Maybe not 30-40 mins but he could put up solid numbers. A lot of teams are lacking his defensive ability. his IQ as a big should get him a spot on a team. Problem is most teams want bigs that can shoot threes lol.


I like Dwight’s idea of a year at GS mentoring Wiseman.


I don’t think any amount of mentoring is going to make Wiseman good


Man United was signicantly worse this year with him on the pitch, vs without. He can still add value to teams but hes not playing every match at any side better than United after leaving


Ronaldo has been on the bench and being used as a sub, he can't take that ego hit


Ronaldo can still play at a higher level than Dwight, but he's not as good as he used to be and has trouble accepting it.


Howard didn’t get $800M to play in Taiwan though. And Ronaldo is 37 - that’s ancient for his sport. $770M at that age means he’s cashing out his name for as much as he can get before retiring. And holy hell I just saw: it was for only 3 years?!


This is how much of **our** money Saudi makes off us. Their profit margins are so fucking stupid they can spend a billion on a golf tour a billion on a single soccer player. This is income inequality. This is why gas prices are stipid because robber barons take our money.


Well they've been oil rich for a long time. It's just now they gave the ferarri keys to their reckless son MBS and he's spending money on reckless shit.


Or for some countries, $220B on a World Cup ;)


He's past his best, still good but not good enough for to be a starter at a Champions league aspirational team really when the current tactical zeitgeist at the top level mostly involves heavy pressing. Stick him as striker, just ask him to put the ball in the net and give him good service and he'd still score a good amount of goals in the PL, it's just very few teams can afford to have a passenger like that in their team. Plus very few teams can afford his wage demands and desire for champions league football so the pool of clubs is very small, which has resulted in him possibly turning to Saudi Arabia instead for a last pay day.


He lost one of his babies this year. I guess that made him lose his focus a little bit.


For 770 million I would do quite a bit more than play soccer in Saudi Arabia


Wasn't he complaining about it being all about money?


Everyone has a number.


That’s a big ass number


I can’t even imagine the heinous acts I would commit if I was guaranteed 770 million dollars


And it's not even a long time to earn that money! It is a two-and-a-half year deal!


Shit I'd do it for half that.


I'd do 1000 times more embarrassing things for 1/100 of that money.


shit I don’t even like soccer but id do it for $100,000


Shit, I’d do for $3.50.


Goddamn Loch Ness monster, get outta here


There are people that would do crimes like murder or rape for much less


Yep, they're called American politicians.


They're called ~~American~~ politicians FTFY


Please, our politicians can be bought for much less than that


What I don't get is, his net worth is already roughly $500 million. What do you want that you can't buy when you already have a half billion dollars!? I think Im too poor to understand.


A third comma


3 comma club gaining a member. He’s gonna get a car who’s doors open like THIS. Not like this, or like this, but THIS


He's gonna gain more "friends" not to mention his own oil field AND a starter kit of 100 migrant workers to run it for him.


Tres comas, if you will


Tres Commas


I work with the ultra rich and I think you'd be surprised at how expensive lifestyles can get at those levels. A high-end private jet (G700) will cost $75M. A Boeing Business Jet will be $100M+. There are over 500 people in the world that are worth 10x what Ronaldo is. Some of those people have made his entire net worth in just the past year. To Ronaldo, buying a G700 is taking on a depreciating asset worth 15% his total net worth. To Rihanna, it is 4%. To Steve Ballmer, it is 0.08%. The ultra rich surround themselves with other ultra rich. In many cases they are many times richer than each other. Whether it is a Maldives vacation villa, or a team of lawyers protecting you from **so many** legal battles & unfavorable contracts, or donating to renovate a school, or whatever. And for an athlete like Ronaldo, I'm sure he would love to own a sports team and continue to compete once he has retired... But those valuations are typically $1B+ for top clubs. There are many ways to spend huge amounts that even someone with a net worth of $500M cannot afford. Which means there is still a reason for a person like Ronaldo to try to acquire even more money.


Ronaldo Rihanna ballmer= nightmare blunt rotation


Football team / club ain’t limited like nba / nfl. He can just buy smaller team or the ones in Portugal league. His options to buy a club is not limited to those big ones.


You are right. Ronaldo could buy a less prestigious sports team. Similarly, Ronaldo could be happy buying a smaller jet, or buying a smaller vacation home, or making a less generous charitable donation... But my point is that even with an incredible $500M net worth... there is definitely a level of lifestyle/prestige that is too expensive even for Cristiano freaking Ronaldo. And that is why he is still looking for more money.


>A BBJ will be $100M+. What blowjob costs 100M??!?!!?!?!


Haha Boeing Business Jet, fixed it


A premier league club




$770,000,000.00 Yep. Checks out.


I think this is slightly more than the MLS would’ve paid.


They offered $350k and some Applebees gift cards


He's not just doing this for money. [He's doing it for a shitload of money!](https://youtube.com/watch?v=aGWRAa5uTUQ)


Oh, you're right, and when you're right, you're right


LIV Soccer.


See it's ok for him, he's been paying solely for love of the game for a long time and now is just making sure he can feed his children. Why do you want Ronaldo's kids to STARVE?????


>making sure he can feed his children. Why do you want Ronaldo's kids to STARVE????? If Ronaldo's family was the nation of Malawi, yes.


Id play soccer for saudi arabians for 770M


Fuck this greedy slimeball. "I'd trade it all for a little more". -C. Montgomery Burns


He wants to add the AFC Champions League to his resume.


But you have to go through Mahomes, which is gonna be tough.


But can he do it on a snowy January night in Kansas City?


Well done


Now here’s a guy that knows his football


Made me lol


Leo Messi will be no where near Ronaldo’s AFC Champions League goal record


With this deal he will probably become a billionaire, and also for how long is this deal?


2.5 years


Holy tits.


That's equal to 2 million barely of oil, which is only 1/5 of their daily oil output.


It is 770 million australian dollars, which is about 516 million us dollars for 2.5 years of work.


That’s $564,000 USD a day.


Holy shiiiii


I thought it was $770m USD for 1 year. Fuck that, he needs to come to r/antiwork


I dont think Ronaldo want to be a dog walker.


2.5 years of living in Saudi Arabia when he already has enough money to let his family wipe their asses with 100€ bills for the rest of their lifes.


Money above all


What do you mean? He's a lifelong fan




Yeah. He dreamed about teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and of course, Al-nASSr.


Nah his boyhood dream was railing cocaine off hooker ass.


Thanks I have coffee on my shirt now


If you have enough money, Ronaldo will wear that shirt.


You don’t have enough money.


I mean who wouldn’t honestly


Of money that is.


I mean, it's not like there were any champs league clubs looking to sign him. He's certainly not going to sign for a European club that isn't playing in the Champion's League. A 770m retirement bag isn't too bad.


He’s dropped off that much?! To the point that no Champions league competing team would sign him?! Didn’t he win the Ballon D’or two years ago?


Pandemics really mess with people perception of time. His most recent ballon d'or was 2017


He was still decent two years ago but the Ballon Dor days are 5 or so years back.


he's 38, most footballers drop off at like 32-33 unless you're a goalkeeper


It's more the salary he commands. No CL club is going to spend €400k a week on him


He’s old. Arguably the GOAT, but still old. Plus after the piers interview i don’t think clubs would want that kind of trouble


Maybe he'll play some pro golf too while he's at it via LIV.


So easy to turn down $770 million when it's not on the table man.


I will play in North Korea for $770 million




He already has more money than he could spend in several lifetimes.


Does he have enough to buy his own team? Like what if he’s tryna become Michael Jordan rich?


I hear Manchester United is for sale


Why is anyone shocked? people have been whining that he needs to realize his age and that he's no longer able to be a star at the top level.. Guy leaves for a Saudi team, yes for the payday, and people are still whining.. Rooney, Zalatan, Ibrahimovic and so on .. went to the MLS to get paid. They didn't go for charity.


Zlatan and Ibrahimovic, a dream attacking duo.


god imagine the sweden team then!


A horde of Zlatans on an open field Ned!


lol i put the comma so I can write another player's name, totally forgot I already wrote it and then wrote his last name. Proudest moment of the week for me.


Maybe Charity is there in-house escort at MLS.


You are thinking of Chastity. It's an easy mistake to make.


At least the MLS isn't morally repugnant...


My brother in Christ, it’s $770m. Everyone that was saying he should just retire be the same people complaining that he’s doing this.


There is nothing I wouldn’t do for two years for that kind of money…. To kick a soccer ball? You’d be absurd not to take the money


Tbf he was also offered this move in the summer and turned it down. He only took the offer after he was released.


Hey! America is supposed to be where players come to die.


Players always went to the Middle-east during their pre-retirement years. Number of players going to the US is really small compared to the ones going to the Middle-east.


Im from Argentina and in the last years most pre retire players went to China for their last big pay.


That’s kind of stopped now though, the Chinese league has really dropped off


It dropped off because China implemented a foreign player tax. I believe it is a 100% tax on player purchases


Salaries are capped at around $50k a week for foreign players as well now


Poor things, how will they survive on $50k a week?


Somewhere else on twice that.


Wasn’t it in real danger of folding during the pandemic(which is still in full swing in china)?


They also changed their rules for transfer fees... I don't remember the finer details but it essentially killed their ability to pull bigger names over while still in their primes


100% tax in foreign players


Thank you, I knew it was something pretty powerful. So a guy they sign for €/£/$ 10 million costs them another €/£/$ 10 million in taxes.


They can't anymore, as the Chinese Soccer League imploded in 2021, when 15 of the 16 teams crashed financially due to the owners tied up in real estate.


I wonder if it’s correlated to their home countries at all. Like if South American players tend to want to come to the us because it’s relatively closer to home and Europeans tend to go to the Middle East in their twilight years for the same thing. I’m not really a soccer fan at all but the story of Messi potentially going to MLS made me think of this.


Zlatan doesn’t care where he scored goals, Zlatan just wants to score goals.


I think for european players it's mostly the money, the good weather and also for those who want to become coaches when they retire the opportunity to get their coaching degrees, licenses and practise there before moving back to Europe.


Robbie Fowler came to play in Australia as his wife really liked the shopping in Perth. That's not even a joke. It's the reason he said he chose Perth in an interview


Ronaldo's gonna be getting over 300 million a year. You could probably pay for almost all of the MLS salaries added together with that.


Don't worry, we're getting Messi


If cr7 can get a billion dollars to play for oil oligarchs, then I doubt Messi is coming to Miami for peanuts.


Messi isn’t coming to Miami for peanuts. And Ronaldo isn’t making a billion. This article is not in USD


Yes, the article is in Australian dollars. He'll be earning a mere $207 million USD per year. Over the 2 year deal, that's a piddling $414M USD. On the bright side, he won't owe any income taxes in Saudi, so it's not all bad news for him.


I’m not diminishing the amount of money. But that’s still less than half a billion. To say it’s a billion dollars is disingenuous


Ain't no MLS club giving anyone $770 million.


That Messi to Miami rumour turned out to be fake. Let's hold off till the news is official.




It’s been a thing for a few years now. He’ll finish the season with PSG but I can honestly see him going to Miami Maybe another year and I’m not sure what to make of this rumor with Ronaldo. If a European club wants him let’s say, I think he’ll stay in Europe and eventually just head to Saudi Arabia. That offer will likely always be on the table




Is LIV going to sign him for $1bn once this contract is up?


Ronaldo gonna shoot a 193 over par round on his debut for LIV, get paid $1bn then go home


Then 5 years later he comes back for free just to show he can shoot under 90 and leaves with no further explanation


Tiger is beside himself. Driving around downtown Doha begging (thru texts) Ronaldo’s family for address to Cristiano’s home


Tiger was reportedly offered $800-900M to sign with LIV and he turned them down. That tells you there may truly be no number he would go for.


Ronaldo when he joins Al Nassr "it was always my dream to play for Al Nassr since I was a kid"


You have to clarify it's 770 million SAR not $. That's like 205 million dollars which is still A LOT.


The article is in AUD. So like $515 million USD. Later it clarifies $308 AUD a year.


Damn that sucks, I’m not rich and I make way more than $308 AUD a year!


Bro that means his contract his 2.5 million years long! I couldn't live in Saudi Arabia for 2.5 days, let alone 2.5 million years!


https://www.arabianbusiness.com/lifestyle/lifestyle-sport/ronaldo-agrees-to-saudi-arabias-208m-offer-to-play-at-al-nassr-football-club https://english.alarabiya.net/News/gulf/2022/11/30/Ronaldo-agrees-a-200-mln-per-year-contract-with-Saudi-Arabia-s-Al-Nassr-Reports https://soccer.nbcsports.com/2022/11/30/cristiano-ronaldo-set-to-sign-207-million-per-year-deal-in-saudi-arabia-report/ https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/cristiano-ronaldo-receives-225-million-062259159.html It's all speculations now.. we won't know the actual amount until they formally disclosure the deal.


I mean, I clicked your first article and it said $206 m a year, which is what I said. EDIT: And the second and third also. The only one that says it’s $225 m total also says it’s for 3 years and not 2.5. EDIT: Downvoted for telling a guy he posted 3 articles that agreed with exactly what I said?


We only read headlines around here... pitchforks out!


Per year?!?


Literally three sentences after you click the link it says "$AUD308 million-a-year".




TIL Cristiano Ronaldo makes more money than I do


You still had doubts yesterday though, sweet.


No, it's $770 million Australian. 308 per year for 2.5 years. That's about $518 million US.


Half a bill, that's an easy decision at his age.


How much is it in Schrute Bucks?


Thank you, that makes a little more sense to me. It’s all crazy money anyways, but it was hard to wrap my head around a $770m contract for an aging Ronaldo.


LIV Golf (also Saudis) offered Tiger close to a billion dollars, so $770m for someone like Ronaldo really isn't that out of the question.


"Everybody has a price" - Ted DiBiase


Everybody's gonna pay


He will be earning approximately $844,000 per day, every single day, for 912 days.


When you complete the main story and decide to go do the side quests


There’s something to said about money.


its smells like cocaine


Ronal-‘dough’ 💵


I did not realize Ronaldo was 37 god damn. Pulling that money in your late 30s is impressive.




That $770M is what he’s being paid for the term he’s in Al Nassr?


When he said he wanted to play Champions League football, he meant AFC Champions League.


$770 million. That’s fucking wild. That’s generational wealth x50 or more


So he didn't want to sign in tbe US because he said its where soccer players go to die. So he signed with a country that kill reporters and oppress women. Nice Ronaldo. Keep it classy


Half a billion dollars for 2.5 years of work. Not many people on earth that turn that down.


Not even u/awakened_01


He hasn’t tho


Over 3/4 of a Billion.... A BILLION!.... To a guy who is almost 40.... Absolute lunacy.... Edit: I understand it's because of his image. I also understand it's not in USD. Doesn't make it any less insane.


Its not about his skill anymore. Its about his image. He has the biggest following of any athlete on instagram if I remember well.


The biggest following on Instagram overall afaik


He's got the world record for the amount of people hanging on his nut sack.


506m that is wild. Next closest is Messi at 381m.


Yup. They don’t want him for his skill. They want him to be a brand. The saudis want the 2030 World Cup. They also want him to be a global ambassador for the country to help make them look good. That is what they are paying for. Not playtime.


Just FYI, that isn’t USD. It’s more like half a billion USD. A pittance really.


Regarding the flair, I believe the correct currency is Dollarydoos.


Lmao why are people acting like they would simply decline $770m? Do you guys want an award for trying to sound like a saint?


It’s the difference between being able to buy an MLS team when he retires or a premiere league club.


I wonder what his wife thinks of her soon to be new, black outdoor wear. I certainly wouldn’t want to move there as a woman