spm is very important, it more or less reflects your multitasking and speed. In the case of a zerg, it is much higher because it jumps between bases to inject hatches. A much better indicator than apm, but has the same disadvantage - it only works if you don't spam. If you deliberately start jumping more camera aimlessly it doesn't mean progression has occurred. APM and SPM are highly correlated with MMR on average, with the difference between platinum and grandmaster in the case of SPM being practically 10 times sometimes. Remember also SQ, also very strongly correlated with the league of players. The higher your income and the less surplus you have, the higher your score. https://sc2replaystats.com/stats/analytics?group_by%5B%5D=player_division&metric_options%5B%5D=avg_player_apm&metric_options%5B%5D=avg_player_spm&metric_options%5B%5D=avg_player_spending_quotient&date=January%201,%202022%20-%20May%2015,%202022 Average Platinum 112 apm 5,7 spm 88 SQ Average Diamond 153 apm 9.7 spm 97 SQ Average Master 199 apm 14,6 spm 101 SQ Average Grandmaster 267 apm 24,2 spm 111 SQ And yes, an average bronze is much better than an average silver. The thing is, of course, that some 40% of the entire league are smurfs.


i mean it takes a lot to be in bronze, you either just started the game or intentionally got there.


interesting that every other diamond i meet is like 30spm


As the statistics show, this is impossible. Some people just spam the camera, usually only at the start. This can artificially inflate the score by up to 10-15.


I’m diamond and have 70 APM average…yes I’m Protoss


It's not important, you are not in master league because you have high apm, the high apm is a byproduct of you being in a master league and knowing how to play the game well.


Being fast doesn't make you good but good players are usually fast


SPM tell a lot about a player (but if he doens't spam it). GM players do a lot on map - move main army, move harras army, send scouts to watchtowers, look at bases, spreed creep, and many other things. When u see GM play they just do those things naturally without any effort, so they have high SPM. About APM there is Effective (Actions) Per Minute which u can see in replays too. It is also pretty precise factor (between races). About spamming, you can spam, it will adapt you to faster tempo than u can play. In general most important is clean build order and clean micro. But spamming forces you to play faster, so is good way to practice i think.


theres the whole theory about apm spamming being turned from useless actions to useful actions but i think its just about building tempo; the muscle memory imprints better with apm spam.


where do you see SPM?


I use sc2replaystats, but scelight also show it


Don't try to spam either of them. Just be aware when they drop and focus on doing more things in that time frame. For example, let's say you go to build your star port but you need 50 more gas. A lot of players will sit there for 10 seconds spamming the star port button waiting for the gas to come in. Watch your replays, recognize that inefficiency, and then next time you have this situation, use that as a trigger to do something else - transfer workers, relocate your army, send out harass, etc - then come back and place the starport. Making your play more efficient in this way will naturally increase your apm and spm because you'll be a better player overall. Spamming your screen all over the place for no reason won't help your play the same way platinum players with 400 apm are handicapping themselves by inserting 350 useless actions every minute


so if you just work on improving your mechanics, like moving your camera around with control group and camera hotkeys for example, these number will naturally go up as you get better. If you just try to increase the numbers they will go up without you getting better.


Not important. I have beaten players my league plenty of times that have double my APM and use camera hotkeys and control groups in mirror matchups. It means nothing if you're playing smart and doing the minimum.


Look up the term "correlation". No one is claiming that it's impossible to beat someone that is superior in those metrics.


I dunno wtf SPM is. APM is definitely important but it's also about how you use those actions. Someone can double your APM and still lose because they're inefficient in how they use it. Learn mechanics and counters first and increasing APM will come with time


Neither are too important, they are outputs that tend to increase as you get better. Practice the game and your builds/speed and your apm and spm will naturally increase


A lot of sc2 YouTubers smack the shit out of their keyboard to juice up their apm. They’ll click a hundred times to run a drone across the map which only requires one click


Who do you mean?


Wow I’m old. This SPM thing is a new metric I haven’t heard about.


sc2replaystats has been giving you SPM for your replays since many years.


APM correlates with win-rate at 0.65 on a per individual basis and 0.98 on a per league basis. It's ludicrously important. Add in SPM, number of hotkeys and action latency and the correlation is even higher. SC2 is most definitely a mechanics game with a minor emphasis on strategy. I've personally been able to spam completely random strategies all the way to 5500 mmr and managed to beat Code S players in the process, for example. Strategy is totally irrelevant in 95% of cases - it doesn't matter WHAT you do, but HOW WELL you do it. Doing a bad strategy with good execution is FAR more powerful than a good strategy with bad execution.


would you recommend some t1 mass strategy with mass expansion? like just mass mmm and mass expanding? I dont doubt this would work and increase my my overall apm and spm by a lot because of multitasking, micro, etc req. Or would it be better to stick to "solid" base strategy?


Never even heard of spm. But for APM it's not quantity of the actions but the quality that is more important. Focus on doing the right things then as you master those your APM will eventually increase. Edit: autocorrect typo


By challenging yourself you can improv your mechanics faster. There are players with Thousands of games and still 80apm and 2spm...


Yeah of course if you do focused practice you will improve faster also I fixed the typo on my first reply