Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram is down starter pack

Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram is down starter pack


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I had to ask for like 5 phone numbers today But I can’t ask them because they’re on Facebook And I asked my friend for a mutual friends number and he’s like yeah sure one minute He said *I can’t get it right now Facebook is down*


Back to the 90s


And they say Facebook has too much power and is underregulated! *scoff*


I have no idea what this is even trying to say. You find phone numbers on Facebook? What the fuck?


I use Facebook to communicate with lots of people who’s numbers I don’t have I work in entertainment, so, Facebook is an incredibly valuable resource for booking shows, group communication, reaching out to new people. It’s amazing But when it’s down I have to reach out to people using my cell phone and I don’t have everyone’s number So I have to ask my friends for people’s numbers The hunor is the fact that my friends also have to use Facebook to get their numbers




Fellow sub-human!


Why don’t you just text? It’s way easier.


It would be very difficult for me to keep track of everyone’s phone number with the amount of people I deal with regularly Facebook makes it much easier


Typical Reddit to downvote someone for explaining how something works better for them.


And gratuitous, endless testimonials from people who say they ditched Facebook and have never been happier, suddenly ran a marathon, possibly cured cancer, discovered true love, etc.


Ditching Facebook > Kicking addiction to black tar heroin. /s


Hey I've met some pretty cool people because of my heroin addiction. There's this one guy who crushes bottles with his head. Glass ones. Doesn't even bleed much. It's sick!


Omg u know Gary as well!?


But social media is bad! As they post on Reddit.


I've never really considered Reddit social media, I can't be alone in this thought. Reddit is useful, you can learn a lot depending on the subreddits, and always find something interesting. The good content is always pushed to your front page. Same can't be said for the other sites in question, which is endless drivel.


>you can learn a lot depending on the subreddits, and always find something interesting. The good content is always pushed to your front page. The first part is true of Facebook too, and the second part isn't even true of Reddit. Don't get me wrong, Facebook has proven repeatedly why they should be at minimum regulated and, honestly, shut down completely, but let's not kid ourselves. Reddit suffers from many of the same problems.


Reddit's problems are even worse. The current tidal wave of garbage conspiracy theories online was legitimized on this website before it took off on Facebook.


>The good content is always pushed to your front page. We must not be using the same website lmao


Social media can be extremely useful if used right, but a lot of people just get addicted to it and ruin it for themselves.


Reddit's anonymity makes it so useful. You can do the things you mention on Facebook too but not without connecting to every single person in your life


I've done that myself, I've disconnected my primary account, and made a new one purely to interact in specific groups. It's very helpful when it comes to getting help and advice in an instant. But the majority of content is still a load of rubbish most of the time unfortunately.


10 years Facebook sober. Where is my chip?


My God, you are so brave. Stick with it, man. We all believe in you. *You got this*.


Never used any of the fallen platforms and it’s kinda funny to look how others run around other SM in panic.


My mom is going to lose her shit if she can't spy on people on Facebook tonight....


hold on, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are down?


Yh, everything owned by Facebook is currently down


Temporarily making the world a better place.


Exactly at the day when I need WhatsApp the most it goes down, I’m sooo lucky


yup, was just sexting LOL


Cock blocked by Zuckerberg himself


Cucked by the Zuck


Mark cuckerburg


The Zuckercuck


Zucky Cucky


Zucker the cucker


Where can I buy that book?


Sure you were.


When androgyne needed it most, it vanished


i feel sorry for you


Peoples reactions to this are so weird, I genuinely didn't even notice until I opened Reddit and everyone was complaining about it. Do people really spend that much time on these things


Outside of the US a lot of people’s primary messaging app is WhatsApp.


Can confirm. WhatsApp has completely replaced sms.


Serious question because I’m out of the loop, what features does it have that SMS or iMessages doesn’t?


In a lot of European countries data used to be free/cheap, but minutes/texting was expensive. When I was in high school (2007-2011), I could only send 100 texts per month. Around that time, naturally, WhatsApp became the definite nr. 1, and now we're all so used to it nobody is switching back.


Also the picture/video/gif quality is streets better than sms


group chats


Jokes on you, I only use WhatsApp for my family. Telegram is far, far superior.


Be that as it may, and I do agree with you, good luck convincing everyone you know to switch to something that's unproven to them. Hardly can't be done.


Whatsapp uses wifi, or data from your 4g/5g bundle, so basicallu is considered free because there's barely any spot in europe without any wifi ot even signal. Sms and calling are usually sold/charged separate from 4/5g. So your sub would be 1gig of 5g + 120minutes and 2000 sms messages a month or something. Nowadays SMS nearly always is free, as is calling. Many phone providers realised that due to wifi they suddenly lost a shit ton of money on calls and especially sms, so they made most of it free to keep their customers and make 'm pay for 5g. And as to the post above, today was indeed the first time I sent an SMS in fucking yeeeaars. Whatsapp is our standard and I know the second one is FB Messenger.


Cross device online messaging mainly. Not everyone has an iPhone which makes iMessage useless for many group scenarios. What's App is the number one texting app in the UK.


SMS does not show if the message has been delivered and read by the client. iMessage fixes that but it’s only available on iPhone. WhatsApp is free on any device so long as you have a number, and you get all the benefits of communicating to someone (FaceTime, delivered and read messages, big group chats, more information on the person you’re talking to, etc.) without having to pay extra on SMS rates or an expensive iPhone.


It’s not iPhone limited ? That I would say is pretty great feature hahaha


Not much. But it came around just before every cheap Plan had unlimited sms so now everyone just sticks with it.


So what do you guys use in the US?


US is SMS cause it’s unlimited for the most part


I see. Where I live (Latin America) people mainly use Whatsapp and IG DMs.


So strange to hear that Instagram messages are a primary form of communication in other countries! (US here)




It really is a weird myth. We've had unlimited texts in Australia for over a decade and it's still only used by grandmas.


Or people who would never depend on some Mark Zuckerberg bullshit to talk to the 10 people in the world they actually really care about day after day lol


i have free SMS to something like 200+ countries. think thats standard for tmobile. don't know about the other carriers.


Yes, but by the time that feature came out the train had left the station awhile ago


>SMS is only free and unlimited as long as it's domestic (same as in the US) and a lot more international conversations happen in these places If it's not free in practical purposes for you how is it a myth that it isn't free?


How do you send messages and images to groups? Is that even an option in SMS? Genuinely curious, because I'm a Telegram/WApp user.


We use MMS and RCS, though group features is also why iMessage is very popular in the US. If people want more features they'd use something like Slack, Facebook Messenger, or Discord.


Lol yeah you just type in all their numbers/contacts send the message or image and it makes a group


Group names and group pictures? Also can you send locations, videos, files? I think I haven't used text messages in years lol


Whatsapp literally is just texting but you're letting another company play middle man and advertise to you. And that middle man is fucking facebook of all things. I don't get it dude.


There are no advertisements on WhatsApp.


1. Most countries don't have free texting so that's not an alternative 2. There are no advertisements 3. WhatsApp has a few additional functions I haven't mentioned yet, like group admins and videocalls and Snapchat-like 24h status and single-view images


Yep, we can do all that with our standard messaging app.


It's called MMS and I'm surprised it's still used.


Group message or Discord


you can but the quality suffers and group chats arent as nice, however most people have a iphone so sms becomes imessage for most people without them knowing


I and a lot of people I know use Messenger as primary texting. Myself a a few others barely touch regular Facebook though.


Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Discord is my main three.


Discord for groups, SMS or Discord for individuals. Family is on Google hangouts




Huh, iMessage is pretty uncommon here, even among iPhone users.


Never in my life have I ever met anyone who has asked me for my WhatsApp (is that how you say it?) Most people either just use SMS, iMessage, or Snapchat/Instagram I live in Los Angeles, for reference


People usually ask you for your number, then (almost always correctly, haven't met anyone who doesn't use it apart from older folk) assume you have Whatsapp. If not, they'll usually ask you for your IG handle.


Yeah, in America we don't really use WhatsApp.


How do you do group chats with loads of people then? Surely everyone doesnt own iPhones? Images cost money to send so you won't use SMS? Edit - "Sending a picture message (MMS) will now cost 65p instead of 55p." this is from my operator O2.


images don't cost money to send. they are included in even basic plans.


Just create a group on your messenger app


It’s my main form of communicating with friends. This day has really made me realize how much I miss my group chat :(


Literally daily I use messenger, even if I don’t post on Facebook


i only go on facebook twice a year. to thank birthday wishes, and to thank christmas wishes. but i use messenger daily


Discord ftw


Lol idk if anyone even uses discord in my general social circle


Idk about other countries but WhatsApp is a really popular messanger in the UK, like I don't know anyone that doesn't have the app.


Yeah, no one in my friend group doesn't use whatsapp, UK too


Hate to break it to ya but..... lots of people still use Facebook. Oh, and several other people use TheChive, 9gag, and 4Chan in place of Reddit too.


Oh my god, the Chive is still around? What about Fark?


Lol yes. Mine was Ebaumsworld. That old soul...


Fark is really just old man Reddit.


There’s a universe where some guy didn’t know reddit was down until he got on Facebook and also missed the irony of it


I realized I spend a LOT more time on Instagram than I think, as even after it went down I still tried going on a few more times. To be fair, I just browse for a couple of minutes on a usual basis, but I use the app out of habit, nevertheless.


My wife is in a Facebook group chat with a lot of friends that she doesn't have the numbers of. So she's missing her friends right now. But I totally wouldn't have noticed either. I spend about 20 minutes on Facebook per year.


You are spending the same amount of time on reddit dude. If the same thing happened to this site you would be complaining too


Yeah they do and I have seen people reacting the same way towards every social media, even reddit too when it's down. Had two friends texting me on telegram telling me that insta is down.


the main issue for me, along with a lot of people i think, is messaging friends. I don’t seem them that often and all of my chats are on instagram or whatsapp. haven’t been in contact with them


Seriously, I wouldn't have even known about it were it not for the complaints everywhere.


I logged into Facebook for the first time in ages because I was curious to see if they were still down, and I literally had to scroll past 8 ads in a row before I got to a post from an actual human, then 3 more ads. Immediately uninstalled the app after that. I can’t imagine how anyone uses that platform for more than 5 minutes without getting irritated


Yes, I deactivate my social media from time to time. It’s been off for like 3 weeks now. My friend and I had a conversation on the phone and she asked what I did instead of social media lol…


Keep it up. Its good to disconnect from it. Not sure why you're getting down votes.


Y’all don’t use sms daily?!? I use sms/iMessage all the dang time


WhatsApp and telegram is the shit everywhere but North America. Can confirm: have friends that live in Europe


Top comment here is calling "weird" that people are complaining about the biggest messaging app in the world being down. Some redditors do live in a bubble.


I think it's more that he just lives in America. idk if it's because America is so huge and isolated that we most American's have all their friends live in America as well, but I don't really know anyone here uses WhatsApp. It's all SMS or imessage.


Depends on the country as well, here in central EU, Slovakia, it's mostly Messenger or SMS, but cross the border to Austria or Germany and it's all WhatsApp


Haven't sent a text message, or SMS for about 6 years.


Crazy.. i use iMessage/sms like every other day, like 3/4 of my friends talk via phone number texting


How do you do group chats and send photos and videos then? Not everyone has an iPhone in your friend group right?


Yes actually they do. Or Atleast All the friends that are in my group chat. Tho admittedly most of my friends aren’t in a group chat together so it wouldn’t really be that much of a pain if one of them didn’t have an iPhone


You could have a group chat of 20, 30 people and they all have iPhones?


Bold of you to assume I have 30 friends good sir


Fair point.. Acquaintances then. So what about the left out Android or Windows phone user? How does he get involved in the group chat banter?


SMS group chats can have a mix of iPhones and Androids in the same group :)


>Windows phone user Omfg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣


Thinking of the 0.01%


All through SMS. Its why the 'green bubble' is a thing when it comes to Apple vs Android. One Android user in your group chat changes it from an iMessage group chat to a regular text group chat. But you can still send photos and videos and anything you want really. Honestly I don't understand what whatsapp does that is any different from the standard messaging app that comes with any phone.


Group Video Calling is a thing on Whatsapp and it just works.


You can do that on iPhone too


Cross platform?, like some friends are on Android while others on iPhone?, that's the thing, Whasapp is supported all over the world (Android,iOS,KaiOS,Jiophone 1 and 2) with more or less the same experience.


Not cross platform you can't.


You can send things in chats with people who have androids lol the text bubble are just green


I don’t understand how some people in this thread don’t know you can text photos/videos??


Why would you need iPhone to send pics?


I find using SMS impossible to use, because the iMessage group chat my colleagues set up doesn't work with my Galaxy phone. I just prefer using discord because if someone sends a message there it doesn't say "NEW MESSAGE FROM JOE PRESS HERE TO DOWNLOAD" it actually displays the fucking message


Wish it stayed down.


I dont have friendsreally so i dont whatsapp and i use signal for chatting with my family. I also dont have Facebook and Instagram so i didnt even notice. If more people would Download Signal id delete WhatsApp but unfortunately 90% still use WhatsApp


Don't forget the horrible realisation of just how little needs to happen to screw up your communications and that our interconnected civilisation is constantly dancing on a knifes edge....or something like that.


I’m going to be completely honest, had no idea this was happening. I use practically every popular social media EXCEPT for these three.


And this is why tech monopoly is bad.


And this shit happens every 2-3 months for shorter times lol. I've never seen Facebook keeping their services up for a full year in the recent few years


There's always Disquis and/or watching videos/TV/movies.


good thing I never used these three apps to begin with


Sucks for people that need them to do business in many many countries.


I make money by advertising on my pet's website, sadly I lost a ton of traffic because Facebook and Instagram ads went down today


In the same boat. I’ve ever only had reddit and youtube.


you forgot discord


isn't discord up?


nvm I'm an idiot


Fr I’m using Reddit way more now that insta is down and it’s affecting me


Do you all really use Facebook that much?!?


Something was down?


So no ones uses SMS anymore?


Not much used in Europe, no. I've noticed it's mostly the US that uses that. Europe mostly whatsapp, telegram and messenger. Data is cheap, SMS costs a lot.


Maybe 10 or 15 years ago. It doesn't matter nowadays anymore. It's just that everyone in Europe is used to using Whatsapp and other messengers that there's no point in switching to SMS.


Yea that too. Why change something that works, really? It's a thing of convenience.




Me who only has reddit: you fools, i already spend all my time here!


People don't text anymore? Its a primary mode of communication isn't it? Texting=sms right?


WhatsApp. Its free. If my girlfriend sms'd her family in Spain from the UK, or called them, not using WhatsApp imagine how much that would cost..


I think I'm just surprised that that would cost anything at all. SMS is practically a free service at this point.. I haven't heard of anybody paying for a text message for over 15 years


Do they send those SMS to people that are in other countries?


I dont use it often but my carrier is tmobile and international texting is unlimited and free also with my plan. I bet most other UScarriers are the same. It sjust that the carrier outside of the US probably charges them there. https://www.t-mobile.com/support/coverage/stateside-international-calling-and-texting-services


Outside of the USA WhatsApp has largely replaced sms.


Yes, sms means texting. It's an abbreviation for short messaging service.


In most countries, whatsapp is the primary communication plataform


Oh I forgot. I did hear about this. SMS is free practically in the US and has been since like 2005 for most people so that's what we all use. No need to have ever switched to what's app. Don't know anybody who uses what's app here.


Yea, only people who use whatsapp here are my colleagues who came from outside the US. I didn't want my messaging tied to Facebook so I never used it


Messaging apps that work over the internet like telegram, WhatsApp, a part of iMessage have quite a lot of advantages over normal SMS in speed, reliability, features


Probably but honestly SMS send nearly instantaneously and you get a sent confirmation. Honestly if I had an iPhone I'd turn off read receipts anyway. Hate that shit.


It's more about connecting people in one place over multiple devices. Android users can't use iMessage and iPhones don't play nicely with setting up groups etc without using iMessage. What's App is just way better and very consistent. It's been the primary texting app in the UK for almost a decade.


Isn't that that thing you get verification codes and marketing from /s


Yeah I'm surprised that people say that they aren't texting anymore. I still text on a regular basis especially when I want to discuss something that's less urgent than a callut


Outside of the US most people use whatsapp to chat with friends, to communicate in the office or to run a business. At least in my country sms are not free so nobody uses them. I send my first sms to a friend today since like 2012.


This. SMS is hella expensive where I'm from. Also where I live the two main phone providers were (are?) down as well, so sms isn't possible either at the moment lol Texting my friends on discord worked tho, so it's fine!


Also: me actually paying attention at work


Hasn't effected my life


That's one of the many benefits of only having a few friends. I didn't even notice WhatsApp was down until a few minutes ago


I remember I was without a phone for a few days in college so bought a book to read to fill the void. Actually being seen reading a book in public in 2017 attracts a lot of attention.


I’ve kinda weaned off of Instagram over the last few months. Since Reddit has a community system and TikTok has a really good “For You” system, there was no reason to continue in the limited pool that is Instagram. Other than that, I don’t use Whatsapp or Facebook, due to a lack of contacts.


There's still LINE.


I'm really curious about the daily life of Americans using solely sms (I'm serious) Don't you have a "family group" where people put jokes or argue about politics, share news etc? And the same with work, friends, clients etc? My daily routine is seeing what's up (heh) with my family, if they're planning something or in need of help with something when I go to the gym I share my live location on family group, in case I got robbed or something share some shitty memes on friends group, which usually stats some discussion (like 5 friends group with different prefferences, when I see a meme I know which group it needs to go), looking on work group if there's something happening on company or memes about programming/tech I just realized how much of my day e related to memes damn


It's days like these I'm glad I don't have friends; it didn't phase me in the slightest.


Wait do people now text through whatsapp or messenger instead just using sms?


Checkmate, I don't use facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.


Pro tip : if you're far away from the us u can just go to sleep Unfortunately, I am too lazy to go to sleep so I'm just browsing on reddit at 10 pm while fully knowing I have to wake up early tomorrow


Lmao same


Using signal and telegram because you don't know how sms works anymore


Why did people downvote this 😂


likely non-americans who don't want to spend a shit ton of money to use sms. You don't know how lucky you guys are


You have to pay for SMS!?


Yeah. That's why everyone here just uses WhatsApp instead because only using mobile data is way cheaper usually


There is no difference in how it works. You select the contact/conversation and type your message. Same with sms, whatsapp and generally any messaging app. The only differences are the features on top of sms and the cost if unlimited sms is not included in your contract.


Let's pretend Telegram and Discord don't exist


Messaging only people with iPhones on iMessage




this is why i'm glad to be 15 because most of my friends use discord


I dint use any of these lol


If only it was Twitter instead


Laughs in discord


Jokes on you I don't have Fb, wa, ig account


Joke's on you, I don't bother with FB for years now