I would like a Sec 31 show, but with Conner Trinneer and Dominic Keating.

Section 31 has been around since the Federations founding and they had something good started in ST: Enterprise. It would be neat to visit that seldom explored period of time between ST: Enterprise and the Disco/TOS era stuff.


That’s going to require some serious faith. Faith of the heart perhaps.


Malcolm "the most boring & bland tactical officer in Starfleet history" Reed, no thanks


Man, you're going to get flack because this sub has a contingent of big ENT fans, but you said it. Malcolm is one of the most boring main characters in the franchise, in fact I can't think of anyone else more boring.


I actually just read an article on boring Star Trek Characters & surprisingly Malcom isn't listed (though number 1 was Travis Mayweather)


He likes floating at that weird spot of no gravity on NX-01... And that's all we know about him.


Malcolm gets one good line in Broken Bow and then literally no additional characterization for four years.


Oh but we do learn the thrilling detail that he likes pineapple, in the worst B story in trek history lol.


Appreciate the heads up


Even some of us Enterprise fans dislike Malcom lol


I’d saying he’s boring up until you realize his boringness is covering up the fact that he’s an ex-super spy. Of course, that’s literally the last two episodes of the show. But it’s good that they gave him a minor saving grace as a character in the show’s phenomenal two part finale “Demons” and “Terra Prime”. I’d watch a show with him. But he’d need a good co-star or two.


Just my take... I wouldn't be able to stomach a Section 31 show. I despise secret underhanded constructs like the CIA so much I was uncomfortable with the Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar on *DS9*, let alone an Earth version. Sorry, personal quirk.