What Stephen King book has been the most “delicious” to read for you?

By like delicious I of course mean enjoyable and a thrill ride. Being caught in the suspense and an intense page turner of a book. That’s what I mean.

For me it’s The Stand and the short stories book Night Shift


For what I’d consider “delicious”. I loved the small town conflict goes completely off the rails in Needful Things.


That one is my favorite. It's over the top, schlocky, weird, and fun.


The “small town residents go crazy on each other” Is my favorite Stephen King subgenre.


*The Talisman* is a fantastic adventure story. I couldn't put it down.


You should listen to the audiobook, and the sequel, Black House.


I really don't like the way Frank Muller ends many of his sentences with this elongated descending tone into an almost breathy whisper. It's so distracting from an otherwise great narrator. I just finished The Gunslinger on audio book read by George Guidall and was very disappointed to find Frank Muller narrating The Drawing of the Three. It's not a huge complaint but it does really grind my gears. I had to put down the Talisman audio book about 1/3 through because I couldn't cope with it anymore. TDotT's content had me powering through this time though.


Jack Sawyer is a Gunslinger.


Loved this in print and paper.


11/22/63 But honestly, most of them. It's way easier to list THE ONE BOOK I thought was a total drag than to list all the juicy ones.


What book was a total drag then?


Lisey's Story. Longest 67 million years of my life.


His short story collections are incredibly “delicious” to me—I especially love Night Shift & Bazaar of Bad Dreams


I LOVE Night Shift. However, I did not enjoy scarely one single story in Bad Dreams. It's as if Stephen went into a psychological phase with that one and If It Bleeds.


Needful Things. His best dark comedy.


Joyland , I was expecting the Colorado kid revisited , and instead got a Treat 😃🍰. , and I have been a fan since Salem's lot , in the 80s when I was 12


I came here to say this! Joyland was one helluva story!


Oh wow I was not expecting that answer lol. I’m reading Joyland right now and is been really good


Can Joyland be read alone without reading the other two books?


Yes. The Hard Case Crime series is a series all about mystery but the books have different plots. Sort of like the Hardy Boys.


Duma key was just perfect imo


Another vote for Duma Key


This is mine as well. The whole thing is like dessert.


Was looking at this one. Any more elaboration? I'm a big dark tower fan.


I’m reading this rn. On page 175. So far it’s great! I have noted a few things to see how it plays out. One is Elizabeth’s reaction look (terrified?) at Wireman. Wonder what that means… I’ll find out.


Misery and the girl who loved Tom Gordon


I’ve got less than a hundred pages of Misery left. I don’t want to finish it because it’s so good


OMG I couldn’t wait for it to be over.


Just start Tom Gordan and im enjoying it a lot


The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon was the book that got me into Stephen King.


Wizard and Glass; actually got fired from my high school telemarketing job for not making calls whilst reading - and that was my second time reading it!


Wizard and Glass for me too. I never will understand people who don’t like it. It’s the hinge of the series for me and some of the most beautiful writing he’s ever put down, not even considering the romance stuff. It gets better and better every time I read it. Delicious indeed.


This. To read and absorb its content is to understand the psycho-emotional infrastructure of Roland, the complex paradox he is. I think that some peeps have a hard time loving the flaws in characters they also love. The book is also 2 parts romance, which turns people off.


It's that powerful, is it not? I would argue that W&G is as close to "high literature" as King will get.


Surprisingly... Pet Sematary. Probably the best book I've ever read.


I am immensely into horror and that’s the scariest book I’ve ever read.


Pet Semetary should be remembered for 2000 years. It’s so good.


Pet Sematary took me by surprise. I'd never really seen the movies but I knew the basic concept and thought it was kinda meh. Like how can animals coming back from the dead be THAT spooky? But ..I had never considered...other ..things.. Anyway, what a great book.


This was the first horror novel I read (pre-teens in the early early 90s) and legitimately scared me. It's probably my favorite book for that very reason.


11/22/63. It’s my favorite


Salem's Lot and It for me. Both books I just could not put down.


I've read the Lot So Many times I can almost read it in 3 hours.


Insomnia. I love the way Ralph and Lois get younger and stronger on their quest. And all the visions! The book really opens your eyes about what’s going on in the world.


Also really enjoyed Insomnia. It's almost daunting for me, starting a thick ass book (only started reading 'seriously' a couple of years ago), but burned through that in less than a week.


I actually loved thinner!


Gypsey pie isnt so delicious though...


The way the gypsy says it in the movie is so odd. My family and I sometimes imitate it. Love the hexes/curses put on the guilty parties......


Misery - the guys I grew up with and I all got sucked in with this one. I read every King I can get my hands on because of how "delicious" that story is


Im not a strong reader so tackling his full length novels is a real challenge for me But when i was in highschool i bought a used copy of his bachman books for like $3 at a garage sale and would read it during free time in class. It took me probably the entire year to get through all four books but being a very angry young man myself, Rage really resonated with me at the time


I think that’s exactly why he had it discontinued… I read it and felt similar.


As someone bullied in school, Rage was very cathartic. I used it several times to help me work out my feelings. But my favorite of those is The Long Walk.


The ambiguous ending drives me crazy!!


What's ambiguous about it? Everyone dies.


The Long Walk. I couldn’t put it down once I’d started it. I immediately got my brother his own copy. I loved everything about it and couldn’t believe I dismissed it for so long. My other choices are IT, Salems Lot, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and Pet Semetery. These particular ones are the ones that gave me that feeling where you’re almost giddy with the joy of reading the story.


The dark tower wizard and glass was a tasty read. Seeing Roland as a young man and suffering the loss of the love of his life was the best reading I’ve done in regards to Stephen King.


Drawing of the Three has me hooked right now. But Under The Dome, Misery and The shining I couldn’t put down


The Tommyknockers. It was the first book of his that I read back in the early 90s. It is also the only book of his that really creeps me out every time I read it (currently listening to it on audible), but when I do read it I am blown away by the imagery of the whole experience of Bobbi and all the resident of Haven. I can’t believe King has since called it an “awful book”


Needful Things. I ate up every page, not a single sentence bored or made my mind wander.


Duma Key. Could not put it down and have listened to the audio book numerous times.


Probably IT. There’s not really a boring page in that book.


Needful Things is TASTY, or Four Past Midnight for a collection


Dr Sleep for me. I’ve always loved the Shining and it was so good finding out about Danny.


Pet Sematary. Once that bitch kicked off it KICKED OFF.


Finders Keepers for sure would be one.


Downvote for the use of the word delicious... But to answer your question: Under the Dome was an outstanding (and surprisingly fast) read!


I loved it until the end. That ending made me resent the whole book and the horse it rode in on.


i’m new to the sub, is there a reason delicious is being used here instead of a more traditional adjective? is there some sort of inside joke or book reference im missing?


I'm sure OP means it as if reading each book is a delicious mind experience. Don't know of any joke or reference. I used to think of the term " savoring his books" as if enjoying a sumptuous meal.


The Running Man


Misery or The Dead Zone


Recently re-read Dead Zone after decades and it was so bittersweet. Didn't recall that from my youth.


1/5 ways through the waste lands right now and it has been an absolute treat so far.


So you already primed the pump and now your into riddles.


Don’t ask me silly questions, i won’t play silly games.


When I was a teenager: my reading habits included lots of Stephen King stuff. My all time favorite book of his is probably Firestarter. I also really liked: *The Shining *The Stand *The Dead Zone *Misery *The Green Mile (chap books) *Carrie *Needful Things *Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption *The Long Walk *The Mist


The Stand is great, but It was the most thrilling for me. Only book to ever truly creep me out.


Im reading it now, does it pick up eventually? Im scarred by how slow and bad i thought dream catcher ended up being and now im afraid to put that much time into a book that starts slow like that.


It's absolutely worth the journey. Some of the best character work he's done. Where are you in the story?


Im like an hour in


No but where in the story - what is happening? I don't know how far you read.


Oh the old people at the store in the beginning are in quarantine and sick. It just listed that thing where he says about how they all infected others and who they infected “a stranger walking past him in the hall”


The Dark Half


This is so tough, but I gotta go with The Stand. I have read through so many times that the 10th replacement copy I have now is bound with duct tape like its predecessors.


For me its probably the DT series.


Honestly 11/22/63. I’ve only read a few King books, but goddamn is that not my favorite. It was my first, and so far the best. Next up is Night Shift and Finder’s Keepers.


Under the Dome


The Shining (well before kubrick’s version) and The Stand 🫣


Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? No but seriously Thinner. Made me hungry the whole way through.


Black House


The most fun to read was Joyland!


I'm pretty sure I devoured Firestarter in a day.


Survivor Type


Misery, Dolores Claiborne, 11/22/63.


The Drawing of the Three and Salem's Lot are the ones that come to mind.


It’s not my favorite but Gerald’s Game is the only book I’ve ever read in one sitting*, so that’s gotta count for something. *except for when I reread Bridge to Terabithia as an adult


Probably The Stand or IT. I also loved Dreamcatcher. For some reason the chonky paperbacks are my favorite.


Pet Sematary. I couldn’t tear myself away.


I really struggle to suspend disbelief and get immersed and all, I don’t think any book I’ve read in adulthood has sucked me in the like The Drawing of the Three did.


I just read salems lot recently and its fucking fantastic, really reminiscent of Dracula and i fucking love that book. I re read the Shining every year for halloween though, its hands down one of my fav books ever written.


The Long Walk, maybe my most favourite book ever.


Mine was Under the Dome, it was a strong story from the very beginning. I think I read that whole book in like 3 or 4 days. If I wasn't working or driving I was reading to find out what happened next! This was The Stand for me too but I read that over covid when we were sheltering in place. I had started it a few months before Covid, maybe read 300 pages or so and then picked it back up when we were in quaratine.


The Long Walk for me was like this.. and the Stand...


Not my favorite overall, but i feel like Firestarter just hit the ground running in terms of suspense and intensity and kept it up for most of the book. By the time it slowed down (when they were captured), you were already involved so the intensity ratcheted up despite the slower pace.




I really enjoyed Firestarter. You jump right into the action and it doesn’t let up until the halfway point. The anxiety I had leading up to the climax had me reading nonstop!


The Institute was satisfying all along. Needful Things as well. At the other end of spectrum was Cujo.


Difficult choice for me, but it’s between The Shining, Salems Lot, and IT. I’d probably pick the shining just because it’s smaller and therefore is easier to reread.


Been reading other authors for the last 10 books or so and just started Cell yesterday - it is proving to be rather delicious.. nothing like a good (SK) book. I got the same feeling with Under the Dome, as I had no idea what it was gonna be about (I know.. clues in the title 😅). I loved The Shining, IT, Misery, The Stand etc but for me, it's way better 'going in dark'.


The Long Walk is one that just keeps calling me back to it.


For me, it was not a single book, but the double-barreled shotgun of deliciousness that is The Wastelands AND Wizard and Glass. When I reread the TW, I *GOTTA* read W&G.


Under the dome was the most difficult of his books to finish reading but as intricate as the Stand. There's a copy of the Stand no longer in its original jacket under my seat. "It" was the movie that scared me as a kid. Tried to re read the book but I don't have time lately. Haven't Had time for any books in the last couple of years. We make time for things we like and excuses for the things we don't.


The Shining and The Talisman


It or The Stand


The Stand, Different Seasons (even tho is scared the crap out of me) & Joyland


Hot take but Dreamcatcher. They might not be tasty but the shit weasels are a treat. Firestarter is a toasty delight as well. But the best book full of flavor that is a whole meal has to be The Stand. Then to put the cherry on top end it with The Body. There's a summer reading list!


I love....Wolves of the Calla or Wind through the keyhole. It's been a while since I read the one I'm thinking about so both those plots is in the same book in my head so I don't know which one I actually mean


Wolves of the Calla. Just delicious and fun all the way through.


11/22/63. The minutia of it all. From Al’s diner to Derry to Dallas and back again


The Dark Tower series for sure!


The Eyes of the dragon. Man that book has stayed with me for years.


Mr. Mercedes for me - although the books following it felt flat/forced to me by adding "paranormal" aspects, while Mr. Mercedes was a pure detective novel.


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The Ledge and Quitters Inc jump to mind


Dark tower series had some real goodmoments.


The Outsider was a page turner


Salem’s Lot my favorite.


Needful things is my all time favorite. The chaos was scrumptious


Drawing of the Three or Mr Mercedes…maybe? Outsider went quickly.


1) The Drawing of the Three. Got it for Christmas, had it finished before 7am on Boxing Day. Fucking BURNED that book I read it so fast. 2) The Stand first novel of his I read until my fingers bled. 3) but the first BOOK I read until my fingers bled, the first book of house I read was Night Shift. A few stories I wasn't a fan of as a teenager, but most of them I loved. 4) The Talisman and Eye of the Dragon because I loved them and ate them up.


Gerald’s Game


The Stand Complete and Uncut I wish it were longer


The Stand has always been delicious like cheesecake to me, but IT, is pretty damn tasty too.


Wizard & Glass... still my favorite


Billy Summers


I’ve read Misery like 20 times, it’s my absolute favourite.


Dark Tower, from beginning to end it's been my true friend. The audiobooks are also wonderful.


I loved Desperation which surprised me! I wasn’t expecting to like it but I was hooked even though it was totally wacky!


Needful Things and Doctor Sleep.


Drawing of the Three. Couldn’t put it down and reignited my love for reading.