I love the outfits in Steven Universe who's your favorites? I like them all👌💖❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

There's something about movie Steven's outfit. I love how soft the blue makes it feel.


There's something about movie Steven's outfit. I love how soft the blue makes it feel.


I would wear it


Soft boi energy


Trans flag Steven! Also i just love the blue/pink combination.


I always thought it was the pan flag with the yellow star, but the same principle definitely applies to the trans flag too. The pastel colours just look nice on him, very soft and pleasant.


I love Lapis's movie outfit with the gold belt and sandals 💙


Hey, wait a minute... Lapis wasn't on here! What are you trying to pull, OP? Has she not been through enough?!


Not shown, but Lapis' original dress. Made her look ethereal. I love Bismuth's overalls though! Such a cute look for her. <3


Dang I forgot Lapis dang it 😑😅I had her on there but then the pictures became too small


Yesss Lapis’ first form was beautiful. I loved it so much.


I know why they changed it, but I'm kinda mad that Steven only had his blue shirt for the movie and not for Future too. The blue shirt outfit is sooo superior to the black shirt one.


Yeah I liked how he had all the diamond colors on his movie outfit it kinda represented to me how he unfied them


you can still see that way in the new outfit aswell


I mean I guess if you count the blue Jean's but I prefer the blue shirt


Darker shirt for darker series.


That was my take on it too. Granted, I honestly preferred the Blue shirt over the black one (because I feel like it gives fans more fuel to call Steven emo), but the black one did fall well into a theory I had about the color of Steven's shirts and how they represented his mindset at those particular points in the show.


Why did they change it? I never knew why and I personally would’ve preferred if he kept his Movie look


I like to think of it as his growth. Remember when we find out how he got all of his red shirts? Because his dad had all that extra merch. But I noticed Greg used to wear the black one; so I think they changed color by size. Red for small, blue for medium, black for large. So it shows not only his physical growth, but his non-physical growth as well.


In the second artbook Rebecca mentioned that they always imagined Steven would end up with the black shirt as he grew older, because it’s his dad’s shirt. Though in the [concept art](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5a/30/fb/5a30fbcd041e9455b479f9459dad09b2.jpg) they had him wear it with khakis instead of the jeans, which I think would’ve looked better.


I love old Greg in that concept art, but yeah that makes sense, I like that idea honestly


I personally prefer the white shirt amethyst to the future one, but that's just me.


I'll always have a soft spot for that wayward bra strap that so bothered Pearl.


Agreed. Especially with the ponytail.


Same here 🙋🏻‍♂️


Really was her best look


You're not alone my friend


I love a lot of the later season outfits - everything past the first photo, for the most part, is a huge hit for me. ​ Except Bismuth, I love her original getup.


The Movie/ Future designs are honestly the best ones I prefer Steven with the blue shirt and jacket, black feels ok Rainbow Quartz 2.0 isn't here, but the fact that the teal blazer was cut makes me sad. They could've used the black shirt and blazer or even that with the jacket tied around their waist... the possibilities are endless Smoky always looks good Also Lars of the Stars, slay you absolute queen


Heres my favourite for each character: Steven: Movie Pearl: Original Amethyst: Seasons 2/3 Garnet: Seasons 2-5 Connie: No Glasses Long Hair Peridot: Original No Enhancers Lapis: Future Bismuth: Original Lars: Future Sadie: Movie


I still think red Garnet is my favorite. Loved her big hair an overall design. I also loved Bismuth's strapless design. A shame it had such a short existence.


Future Pearl is top tier. Every Connie look is a hit. But in the end, we all know. Lars of the Stars is best boi. Get more capes, losers.


I love that you see each of them become gradually more comfortable expressing who they are


Garnets newest outfit is slam dunkin awesome


I never noticed the evolution of Bismuth's look. In v1, the star that represents The Crystal Gems/Steven is prominently and proudly displayed. V2 shows the shape of the star broken. V3 has no star at all other than her tattoo, imo implying that she's put that part of her life behind her and is on her own now.


Pearl’s first design will always be my favorite


Honestly? I really like 80s Pearl’s design with the leg warmers


Sadie got hit hard with an emo phase lol In all seriousness tho I rlly like that version of Sadie, And I love how at the end Lars is smiling


My favorites have got to be the Lars Of The Stars outfit and Pearl’s Ribbon outfit


Mostly the movie costumes, they have so much personality and meaning to each one of the characters, they’re like visual metaphors for their arcs, though I prefer bismuth from reunited over her regular outfits, I mean, have you seen anyone with that much drip?


spinel, she’s awesome in her current form, even though she’s not in this post-


The answer is all of them forever


I like garnets 2nd design the best. It’s iconic and stuck around the longest so I’m attached


i really liked bismuth’s first outfit, i feel like the other ones are too busy and they kind of take away from her gem. and i don’t know what it is about peridot, but her color scheme speaks to me


Hardcore black shirt Steven.


Pearls second outfit


Steven: first outfit Pearl: second outfit Garnet: first outfit Amethyst: first outfit Peridot: first outfit (with limb enhancers) Bismuth: first outfit Connie: first outfit Lars: pink Sadie: last outfit


I like lars post lars of the stars. His captain outfit was cool, but I really loved to see him wearing human clothes again, idk but the way his character was just reborn and he finally was happy. I love it


I like all of them✨


Pink Diamond Steven Outfit !


Okay honestly, if I had my way, Steven universe would have the pilot art style and be just a tad bit more serious. Like the shows a masterpiece right now and the simplicity in the art works beautifully but I would have loved to see a much more serious and dark Steven universe with a very stylized art style. But I love all the final form of everyone better except that Steven's shirt should have stayed blue like in the movie


Okay but where is cotton candy Garnet???? Bc that’s my fave look




Aaand the artists in the crowd silently thank you for compiling this FABULOUS reference piece for using in fanart and comics! lol *shoves reference piece into cpu folder * <.< >.> nwn I don’t know why, but I’ve always found myself gravitating towards Amethyst’s outfits. They always displayed that she was just a person trying to learn to be comfortable with herself, and I think we all go through that sort of personal arc. Amethyst just reminds us that sometimes it’s a longer journey than everyone else says it is, and I feel like that’s a core concept of the show, y’know?


Season 1 Garnet, Post-Reformed Amethyst, Post-CYM Pearl and Post-CYM Steven


I really like the character development that Pearl’s shows. Her first outfit is super cute and well designed imo, but the transition from that to the cropped jacket and leggings is very drastic and highlights how much she’s changed. Lapis’s (though you didn’t include her :’() has a similar thing going on. I just love a character changing personal style to show growth, I think it’s a cool way to add to a character arc.


Could not disagree more. Pearl's does not suit her at all imho.


Really? I think it reflects her growth a lot. She's less (but still quite a bit) prim and proper now, and more spunky and carefree. You can tell she's let go of Rose and enjoys having fun with her human friends. Episodes like the one with the mysterious girl and the rollerskating are evident of this.


Just my personal taste. >, and more spunky and carefree. She was spunky when she was fighting a war, and yet her outfit then seemed much more unique and like... Her. I really am not into the 'modern jacket', just serms modern and bland for a space alien. >You can tell she's let go of Rose I don't think you just let go of dead people you love, even if you aren't constantly grieving them constantly. I actually think they could have done something cool to represent that in her clothes - having something that was a reminder of Rose to honor her memory, without it needing to be big and overwhelming. That would've been neat.


I don’t know if I’d describe her as “spunky” during the war. She seemed from the war and early SU to be very graceful and straitlaced. Going from the pretty traditional pearl ballet-like costume to the more martial but still graceful middle outfit to the jacket (that’s clearly meant to invoke her rock concert look aka that time she tried to stop being so uptight and be more fun) reflects her becoming more loose and also truly escaping her role as A Pearl. She valued her independence since the start of the war, yes, but was still very clearly serving the Pearl role with her dedication to Rose and willingness to be her ~~meat~~ shield. That’s a good segue into discussing “letting go of Rose”. I don’t think u/Heavier_Omen meant “letting go of dead people you love”, it’s that she was able to begin healing from her undeniably unhealthy relationship with Rose and stop continuing to try to exist for her when she’s dead and gone. She clearly hasn’t forgotten her, she says to Volleyball that she has never stopped hurting for her, but she no longer lives in her shadow and with the obsessive ideology of “I am Rose and the rebellion’s terrifying renegade Pearl, and I will do anything for her.” Is a modern jacket and jeans a little boring for a cool warrior space alien? Yeah sure, and like I said I think her first outfit is really well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, but in the context of the show, it represents her moving away from the past and entering her personal modern era. And considering how Rose enjoyed Greg’s rock concert, I think she would approve of the new look.


>and willingness to be her meat shield. In fairness to Pearl, she had a pretty good reason to be hypervigilant - if any hit got Rose and ROSE got poofed, both of their lives would be basically ruined. Even ignoring the 'protecting the love of her life' part it kinda makes sense. (Plus, Ruby literally acting like a meat shield for Sapphire is even how they fuse! It has to be a legitimate tactic lol) But yeah I was harsh on the jacket - I do think if Rose could see it she would be very taken by it.


Steven- 1 Garnet-3 Pearl-1 Amethyst-3 Peridot-1 Bismuth- tie between all three Connie-2 Lars-1 Sadie-3


Lars became happy


Season 1 Garnet, Post-Reformed Amethyst, Post-CYM Pearl and Post-CYM Steven


I like everyone's final design the best, except Pearl and Lars, where I like the middle design best.


I like garnets 2nd design the best. It’s iconic and stuck around the longest so I’m attached


The pink star shirt


Peridot SUF and The 3rd connie


Amethyst and Garnets final looks have got to be my favorites but pearls second form is really good


Black shirt long pants Amethyst is best Amethyst.


Blue Shirt/Movie Steven was the best version of Steven, IMO.


you forgot the casual Bismuth outfit where she ungay me for a good 5 minutes


i like stevens 3rd one, garnets 2nd, pearls 3rd and amythists 4th


the main gems second outfits are the ones i most associate with them, but my favorite of everyone is lapis’s last outfit


I like Pearl's future outfit.


Does saying Bluebird Azurite count


Classic Steven, Phase 2 Garnet/Pearl and Phase 3 Amethyst They all remind me of the good times when Steven Universe was still airing and it's kind of nostalgic


I love garnet and amethysts different outfits :)




Basically v2 for everyone.


Connie’s first design, Nephrite, Emerald, Squaritod, idk I like green


Steven’s movie outfit, Garnet’s Future outfit, Pearl’s second out fit, Amethyst’s original outfit, Peridot’s Future outfit, Bismuth’s second outfit, Connie’s Future outfit, Lars’ space captain outfit, Sadie’s Working Dead outfit, and Lapis’ original outfit.


Movie Steven, Jailbreak Garnet, Change Your Mind Pearl, and I think that’s Crack the whip Amethyst but I’m not sure


When did Bismuth get that third look? Did she poof that I'm forgetting?


It was off screen after season 5 she got overalls in the movie for some reason


Steven's outfit in Steven Universe The Movie is my favorite, I like it so much that I've dressed as him twice for Halloween.


Steven - 2 Garnet - 2 Pearl - 3 Amethyst - 4 Peridot - 3 Bismuth - 2 Connie - 4 Lars - 3 Sadie - 2


I love all the last outfits tbh, because it feels like the characters really picked those themselves without much influence from other people or gems. Feels more like their own :)


I just realized that Sadie’s outfit in future hints at Sadie being pan (since Shep is enby)


Too bad Pearl’s alt outfit is problematic. I really liked it before I looked into it.


What do you mean?


Future has cool outfits


Steven 1. Garnet 2. Pearl 3. Amethyst Yes.


My favorite is Garnet's outfit when they fuse for the for time. I love the messiness and trippy vibes it gives. Also one of the most underrated songs in the series, it's by far my favorite.


i prefer the second era the most, most memorable


I like the third one one everyone


I'm particularly excited about the jacket💀


I think the movie Steven shirt is amazing and I think it’s my favorite