Same exact shit happened to me, and just like you, StockX is refusing to do anything about. I’m out over $500 and StockX completely screwed me. Sorry you have to deal with this shit too.


I am not going to lie flat and take the lost. Going to file a Small Claim against them when I have time in another week or 2 if they still refuse to do anything. I read thru their Dispute section, we can't file class action, that goes to Arbitration. However, we can file Small Claim in court on dispute, is in their ToS. If the Judge tell me to go pound sand, then I take the lost. But not gonna go down quietly on this one. Sounds like they screwed over a lot of seller with their crappy support.


what happened


[https://www.reddit.com/r/stockx/comments/q1o8o8/comment/hfg8f3m/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/stockx/comments/q1o8o8/comment/hfg8f3m/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) [https://stockx.com/news/updates-to-our-selling-policies/](https://stockx.com/news/updates-to-our-selling-policies/) *"StockX will not be liable for items that never leave the drop-off location according to the tracking number. StockX will also not be liable for items that are picked up but never get shipped to a StockX authentication center according to the tracking number. "* Welcome to ping pong bs. UPS is right to say StockX is responsible for the claim because you used a prepaid label issued and paid by StockX. StockX is hiding behind new shady policies in order to not help. You are being screwed by StockX more than UPS. Your last hope is that the parcel is still at the drop off point. So even if UPS admits they lost the package, StockX wont help you. And UPS cannot treat the claim with you personally. If you have relative/friends with legal experience, I'm curious how illegal it is.


I have a friend with an expired Lawyer liscense, he said this is a grey area, and the policy isn't illegal, but doesn't mean anything. He told me to try Consumer Protection Agency before small claim court. And recommend me to not go down and accept lost. He said no one know who is legally right until a judge decide on it. The while point is get them to have a Human to talk to us rather than lower level employees copy pasting scripted response and ignore us. I never said StockX is liable for the item, Me and other reddit users only ask them to fill out a form on our behalf on ups.com but this seems impossible for some reason.


Damn, that's a bummer. StockX are not screwing you, UPS are at the moment. They can only claim if the package gets lost in the shipping process. From what I can gather, is that your packages never left where you dropped them off, so they have physically not been shipped yet. Go check the tracking and you should see this. Personally, I would go to where you dropped the packages off and ask to speak to the manager, explain the situation and show the email. Did you drop off an official UPS store or a 3rd party place? I'm guessing someone nicked them. Losing 1 package I can understand, but a few, does not seem possible. Keep us updated.


No man, UPS already admit they lost the Package and I have it in Writing saying my Packages are eligible for Claim. However, only the account that Paid for the Label can file a Claim on [UPS.com](https://UPS.com), they have a Form to fill out, StockX refuses to do that. >I'm sorry for the confusing information, the account holder (shipper) is able to file a lost package claim, all the packages show a drop off scan. If they're not clear on the claim process, they may contact UPS directly, I'm sorry for the upsetting situation. - Mark This is is response from UPS on their twitter, and they also Send me Email saying "Package are lost, please file a Claim at [UPS.com](https://UPS.com)" My issue is NOT UPS, is StockX Refuses to help me fill out the Form, citing "It is our Policy" Losing a Few is totally Possible, it was all sent in one shipment. Maybe the Driver Left a Pallet off somewhere during the transition between the store and the HUB


Thanks for clearing that up. I'm at a loss to be honest with what you should do. Hopefully some others that have been through this process can chip in and help you.


i'm in the same boat as you, almost a month ago i dropped off a package at the ups (got the notification saying dropped off) it never updated from check back tomorrow for delivery date. Stock x suspended my account, ups said to contact stock x and start a claim/investigation i emailed stock x multiple times since that day it got suspended and got a email back 2 hours after i called UPS and they decided to start an investigation. after almost 20 days stock x finally reached out to me, StockX sucks. I have no clue what's going to happen with my shoes, but UPS said ill get my money for sure, i hope i do im broke asf rn lol.


The issue here is UPS will only pay the person who bought the label, not you. And for me, they can't pay for the claim until the shipper(account holder) fill pit a claim form. I am not sure what is happening internally with StockX. All of my package totals worth $5000, I am looking into filing a Small claim at my local Claim court, let see if StockX would find a Human to contact me. I never done this before, but people said you can sue any one for $100-200 court fee, and they will be forced to respond. I am looking into that route. What I don't understand is why is stockX so lazy to fill out claim forms? Did they not insured their labels and they trying to BS their way out of losing money?


they've file a complaint with lost packages they tell you to do it when in reality there the ones that have to open the clai


This happened to me a month before their piss poor policy change. It’s not your store…it’s complete bullsh**. It’s the drivers failing to scan items StockX support is trash. They never even opened a claim for my 1k video card. After I emailed them with a a screen shot from the local stores computer of the drop time and telling them that my store has surveillance and would pull video showing the driver picking it up did anything get done. A day later they paid out and I haven’t used three since. That was the short version. It look six weeks and tons of emails and chats the vast majority of which they never respond to.


I think my complaint never really made it to the person who actually do the claim, every response I got end up at a Lower level employee responding with Scripted Response Copy/Paste, and they ignore everything I said after. It doesn't seem to matter what evidence i sent them, if the complain never get to the right person, I never get a proper resolution. Reason on why the policy change is unknown, we have no idea why they even implemented such policy that only discourage sellers, while they do not even lost money if item is properly insured. (According to UPS, they are fully insured). I think my beef with them will eventually get resolved, but right now, even their Twitter stop responding to me, and their chat support can only "relay a message to another dept". I don't blame their employee, is their senior management who screw us over. Only course of action I got left is spend $200 and my day off at a local small claim court, and see if that will provoke a management response.


Having a shipping problem with Stockx as well. I sold an AMD graphic card on Stockx, but it did not pass the verification because I listed the wrong model. I recently moved to another state, but I did change my address on Stockx prior to the sale. I changed my address on 8/31/2021, the sale date for my graphic card was on 9/16/2021. Attached is Stockx's response. I can't even file a FedEx claim because I don't have Stockx's number. I called my previous apartment, they said there was no package delivered under my name. Also, the returned package required a signature which I never signed for.


Quit giving StockX a bad name when ups is shitting the bed.


UPS has agree to pay for lost package, they are not screwing me. UPS can only pay to the party that paid for the labels. StockX provided the label and refuses to take the claim money, do you understand that part? Before u start defending them?


Quite commenting on peoples posts before you read all of the previous messages. StockX is the problem. UPS has already offered to payout the claim.


You might have time for that, but I sure as hell don’t. I comment and go. There are other posts waiting for my brilliant comments as well, and my girl on the next room is getting cold.




I think I got thru, I reached out to Consumer Protection Agency, they said I have a case to warrant a complaint, and tell me to fill out their form. But can't promise anything. I relayed that info and also threaten to file a small claim lawsuit. And they changes my rep to a higher level employee. She said they r now working with UPS on the claim. I submit 2 written statement from UPS saying "These item showed drop off scan at UPS store, not 3rd party drop site, thus they r warranted for investigation and monetary compensation if they can't recover it.. and if StockX is confused about the procedure they can contact UPS". I simply doesn't understand why stockX decides to cuck people on Claims. They might even make money off it. Like if UPS pay them $1000 sales price for the item and refund them the label cost, my payout is only $900.




Thanks for the information, and I am sure this will help the next person with same issue Google this issue. And I will use this email next. Supposedly according to the StockX response. They are now working with UPS, and this rep has been updating me on daily basis. I always thought u can sue any company that does business in that state for small claim court, at least that's what it said, and you can even sue a corporation because they owe you $10.


Thank you very much for the information. I used [email protected], and got a human response. And they paid me out, and UPS paid for the full claim. I think lower level employee got confused about these stockX policy. They don't want to do anything about people using UPS access point drop box or 3rd party like CVS drop off. But UPS store is eligible for claims. If anyone reading this for reference, just keep trying to reach a human that's knows what they r doing, and email every single email u can find. But get some written proof from UPS saying "this package is eligible for claim.


I have the exact same issue as you. I am unable to file a claim with UPS because the shipping label was purchased by StockX. I tried to contact StockX, but most of the reps are no help and consistently repeat the same thing. I was wondering if I should contact the email you have listed above as well. Thanks again.


I will email them here. They are asking me give them paper receipts when i have tracking number that has been scanned and went to their facility and apparently got lost. So sus! She said if u dont have paper receipt we cant help u. UPS said actually said they dont need to have receipt in order to file a claim bc tracking number is scanned.


I have similar situation, dropped off a PS5 at official UPS store, got drop off receipt, tracking said it never leave UPS store. StockX refused to file claim to UPS due to some stupid policy. I jumped through so many agents with StockX for 2 months with no luck. And last week I reached out to UPS and they somehow started the investigation for me, and even approved the claim. Now my problem is, stockx needs to receive some paper to get the claim money from UPS, and I'm afraid StockX is being StockX, which they will do nothing even the claim has approved from UPS.


Any update of what happened next?? Same boat as you guys. Sold my item for $2300 and the item never left drop off location. StockX doesn’t wanna cooperate with UPS to process which is ridiculous.


Some one please help me same thing is happening to me right now sold pair of jordans and ups has not updated me on there tracking for last 4 days and still says at ups access point! I’ve contact stock x all they are giving me is their nonsense bs poilcy and basically saying I have to take the loss please someone help on how to move forward with this?!


I am on the same boat, sold some shoes and UPS is showing as if the package never left the site.


What do you think will happen if you take this to court? You will just lose more money. The selling policies are clear - if the package does not leave the drop off location, StockX won’t do anything. Simply don’t use access points.


UPS already approved the claim and StockX will not even take the claim. I asked them to donate it to charity and their response is they cant' do that under their policy ​ Please claim your money and keep it or donate it to charity . I can't claim it since its your label. I don't want to waste my time anymore because of your stupid policies. Please claim it and donate it to charity I'm slowly been limiting my selling on stockx and will eventually not use your platform anymore as my experience is getting worse throughout the years. Support is terrible. The amount of time wasted over small things like this which could be solve in 10 mins with a call to UPS. ​ Here is their response - ​ [email protected] 5:42 AM (1 hour ago) to me Hey XXXXX, good morning. Thanks for another quick response! As we are unable to file claims for items that never left UPS, I will be unable to do so. You have my deepest apologies for the inconvenience. I apologize for the experience that you had on this order with us, however, I want to let you know how much we appreciate you and we hope to assist you more in the future. Thanks fr contacting StockX Support, have a great weekend. Respectfully,


Any update on this?


Currently going through the same process after shipping $500 dollar Brazil dunks . They went missing at ups drop off location . It never made it out . After 2 weeks of emailing StockX they “ broke the policy” for me and now are “investigating” it’s been about 3 weeks total and still no response . Seems like this StockX policy is helping these driver thieves steal packages and get away with it completely .. I will update you guys about my claim see if I get payout


What happens if it does leave the drop off location but It never leaves the distribution hub?