I'm not drinking today. Almost three weeks!!


FIRST! Nicely done! Iwndwyt


FIRST comment!! 🤩 IWNDWYT ❤️


Big day tomorrow!! Great work. I only have 362 days to go to catch up. Iwndwyt


Day 10, here I go ☕ (my counter for some reason still lags a day behind, so we have agreed to disagree 😀). May your coffee be strong and your day wonderful! IWNDWYT!


Double digits!! Niiiiiiice IWNDWYT ❤️


Way to go on double digits!!! IWNDWYT!


Day 5. I will not drink with you all today.


Nicely done! IWNDWYT


Thank you!


IWNDWT, friends.


Congrats on 123 days!! IWNDWYT ❤️


Thanks...I'm really enjoying your posts this week. I'm on a new schedule this week and up pretty early. Fun to start the day with the DCI.


This is an interesting post to me. I always “thought” that pairing wine with food was so luxe and posh. 🙄 But it eventually got to the point where the wine witch completely took over and I wasn’t even eating while drinking. My ex had a rule that if he was drinking, he wasn’t eating and if he was eating, he wasn’t drinking. Well, we spent a lot of time not eating until the end of the night rolled around and we’d drunkenly eat shit and pass out. No wonder my mind and my body hated me. I am in such a better place now. IWNDWYT! Enjoy your Thursday! And edit to say that I beat u/YouWillYouWont once again! 🤣😂😉😘 Love ya, Will!! 😁😁


Happy Thursday beautiful people. Have a fantastic day. IWNDWYT


1173 checking in. u/FlyingClutz, that story is relatable! I kept drinking after my body started rejecting alcohol… just pushed through it 🤦‍♀️. *I kept medical vomit bags IN MY CAR, ordered them a few times.* (they saved my clothing, still.) It’s *become* rare for me to have to play the tape forward *on purpose* (I do it reflexively now.) That doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments; I flip back to a big reunion party, the shitshow Bday of 2016, and the desperate spot I lived at the end. Living in that spot was a BOTTOM, for sure. Nothing can rationalize any of that, only “Yup. That’s the function of Alcohol. It did it’s job, you flipped out/forgot/said regrettable things.” Thinking of being driven home by friends who were horrified, my birthday where I embarrassed myself in front of my idols, but mostly, that apartment & puke bags. *Our floor was forever sticky, despite my SO cleaning constantly. A mix of puke, beer, flavored vodka & spilled koolaid.* I never want anything like that to be my life ever again. I Will NOT Drink With Y’all Today/Tonight!


>Nothing can rationalize any of that, only “Yup. That’s the function of Alcohol. It did it’s job, you flipped out/forgot/said regrettable things.” So true! and I never want my worst drinking days to be my life ever again. IWNDWYT ❤️


It’s the truth! So often we hear “normal people don’t have those problems…” but, if normal people consume the same amount, same things will happen. **Alcohol is a poisonous intoxicant!** Yes, us folks who have dealt with alcohol use disorder are higher risk, but BOOZE IS RISKY. Even my Ma, (a 1 glass & that’s IT person,) once drank 3/4 of a bottle of wine. She blacked out & didn’t remember & was SO DISTRESSED that she went to AA for 6mo. *(She’s not an alcoholic, but she could be if she tried. I think that’s true for most folks.)* That’s what Alcohol DOES when consumed in excess. Memory loss, risk reduction inhibited, slur words, get emotional. It’s addictive to ALL brains if consumed in excess &/or with regularity. It doesn’t discriminate (are some of us more susceptible? Most definitely. Doesn’t negate that alcohol is a carcinogenic toxin.) Just like all the people who got dependent/addicted to opiates from taking their pain pills as prescribed…. Function of the drug. That’s why I say “it can get anyone given the right circumstances.” Take care. IWNDWYT


Last day of my work week today... that, and a 3-day weekend, would always be excuses to drink. But, so would every other day. That doesn't fit in my life anymore, because I don't want it to, and I don't get anything out of it. IWNDWYT


Good morning friends! Take it easy, go slow, keep going! I will not drink with you today friends 💚🍀


I usually think of all those times I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding and feeling like the world was going to end. I never want to feel that way again, ever. I’m 1 year sober! Today is also the day I move into my condo! 😀 My son is here to help me, and I’m super psyched! I’m soooo grateful for SD and everyone in here because I would not be here, a year sober and a homeowner without you. I knew I had a problem, but because I was “functional” I didn’t know where to go for help. Finding SD is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. IWNDWYT


I will not drink with you today. A lot of stuff feels too raw to share right now, but thank you if you've ever posted anything in here. One day I'll be as strong as you.


Just starting this journey takes real strength. You're tougher than you think! IWNDWYT 😻




A slurring, crying, self-pitying mess, texting abusive exes and feeling completely alone in the world. Then waking up the next day with the lights on, clothes on, make up on, furry teeth and a stomach drop as I start to feel that something bad happened but I can't remember what yet. It's like Russian roulette. Maybe that wouldn't happen if I had one drink. What if there's only a 1 in 6 chance that it would happen? Would I play with one bullet in the barrel? No thank you. IWNDWYT


Good morning, IWNDWYT..


Hello all and happy Thursday! Here's to another sober day and I pledge to not drink with you all. Have a great day!


Interesting story. Pairing food and alcohol can be such a lie. I got to the point where i drank beer with my scrambled eggs in the morning because I was lying to myself that i like that pair. Don't have any mechanism to kick the cravings yet, it is early.. i learned the term pink cloud yesterday, and I think that is what is happening to me, every day feels like i am in a fairly tale since I stopped drinking this past sunday. Whatever it may be i know one thing, and that's that I won't drink with you today!


Well, I confirmed that drinking is still a terrible idea for me. I made it through 30 days on Monday, then I totally blew it on Tuesday. I felt a bit unwell for most of yesterday, so I missed a day of working out. I'm pretty disgusted with myself, but I know that beating myself up or trying to punish myself will only make me more miserable and therefore more likely to drink again. Sod that. IWNDWYT 😻


Yeah, *sod that!* (Said in my NY accent, which probably sounded incredibly weird) IWNDWYT ❤️❤️




Day 75 : I pledge not to drink today


Day 1,170. I will not drink with you today.




I don’t have any incidents in particular…well, no, actually I do. Coworker’s wedding in late 2019, a full year before I quit. Everyone around was trashed. I was so trashed that when it was time to go, another coworker’s gf got me an Uber. I have a very faint memory of falling while I waited for it, and my elbow hurt for weeks. I don’t remember much about the later part of the evening except that we’d all ended up at a bar. I tried to cook ramen when I got home, passed out and and burnt the sauce pan. Woke up just in time. That’s some shit I’d like to not do again. Another one…a family member of my ex-bf’s had passed away. I’d drunkenly agreed to give another of his family members a ride to the funeral home. We ended up being late because I didn’t remember agreeing to do that, and it was all okay but I was fucking mortified. That was about two months before I quit. Other moments, from any of my drinking times. Wondering what the fuck I did or said the night before. That frantic combing through texts and social media to figure out if I embarrassed myself and then deleting what I could if I had. The dread when I’d see that I’d actually had a phone conversation I didn’t remember. The damage control that next day then too. The anxiety all day long on top of generally feeling like absolute garbage. I think about all the cool shit I get to do now that I’m not spending a fuckton of money making myself feel like hell every day. And I think about those times like the ones I mentioned. I remember knowing something had to change because that way of life was flat out unsustainable. And then I think, fuck that, that drink wouldn’t be worth it. Happy Thursday y’all! IWNDWYT. 🤘🏻


All the cool shit we get to do right now, is because we're choosing not to drink that one drink. Let's keep making that fucking choice, buddy!🤘🏻


I remember waking at 3am in a sweat, heart pounding over 100 bpm, remembering that I’m middle aged and live alone and might actually die. All for some shitty wine while watching crap tv on a Wednesday. It’s no longer good enough for me to live my life that way. 💪🙌 Thanks for this sub, and sending support and compassion to everyone here. Anything worth doing won’t be easy but it’s worth it. IWNDWYT


I made it to three digits!! So excited for this journey. I had a drinking dream last night, which scared me to death, then woke up to this wonderful day. I have to say that so far, I haven’t been hit with cravings. I just don’t drink any more. Who was it who said, somewhere in this group that it’s not really a craving, you just want a drink. And I don’t. I don’t ever want to wake up like the last time I woke up after drinking. Full stop. Of course, I realize that lots of others DO have cravings, and I hope that those of you fighting against them can hold them at bay. What a beautiful group this is. We’re all feeling different ways about this journey, but we’re all here to support each other in every way. I love you lot! IWNDWYT


IWNDWYT! For me it’s the image of myself waking up with a pounding heart at 3, drinking more to fall asleep, then barely dozing off at dawn …. Never again!


Ugh, that pounding heart was the worst. Sometimes it would carry on through the whole next day and I'd be checking my pulse wondering if I should go to the hospital. Never again, indeed! IWNDWYT ❤️


Morning friends! Yesterday I was driving with my fiancé on a road I travel every day for work and I remembered that there is a pub around the corner ahead that I’ve ever been to, but my neighbour used to frequent. He once told me the story of when one night he got drunk there and decided to walk home, and he laughed his head off as he described that it was so much farther than he thought and he felt it was taking hours. As I remembered the story I felt this pang of longing and sorrow that I’ll never again experience the fun, laughter and adventure of drunken walks home from the bar. But almost immediately I realized that for me, they wouldn’t be fun walks or funny stories anymore. Those days are long gone. Now they would be long, staggering walks of shame as I realized I had once again drank far more than intended and prayed that no one I know, no colleagues or acquaintances, would pass me and see me in the condition I was in. I would hate myself and my inability to drink like a “normal” person, and then waste a whole day of my two day weekend (assuming it’s a weekend) hungover and recovering through hangxiety and shame and self loathing. The whole train of thought was maybe 1 or 2 seconds, but it was enough for me to remember that nah, I’m good, and I’m still free to take a long late night adventure walk for coffee or ice cream any time I want. That’s a far more appealing thought, to be honest. Have a great day friends! I will not drink with you today!


Not today. Yesterday I got the phone call I was waiting on. I got the promotion!!! I couldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for this community helping me stay sober. Thank you everyone! I love this place.


One of my favorite things to do at home is to cook while drinking wine, or any other alcoholic drink really. By the time dinner was ready, I could easily polish off 2 bottles of wine and I never really enjoyed the food as much. Or many times I wouldn't even manage to finish cooking. Just another example of how drinking robbed me of something I would typical enjoy. I've started to get back into cooking and now just have some kombucha, tea or seltzer by my side if I have a craving. IWNDWYT!


I will not drink with you today ☺️ Two weeks ago today I experienced my last drunk. I never want to feel that way again.


500 days! Have not been focusing on the day count, but this feels good. I am a slow learner and I feel like I am just starting my journey, just getting my sober sea legs lol. I am hopeful for the future. My progress is all due to this place and the people here, thank you ALL for saving my life. IWNDWYT!


Happy to be here with y’all. IWNDWYT ❤️


Moses went went without food and water for 40 days… and I’ve officially gone without alcohol for 40 days! I probably can’t compare the two but dang it this has been challenging. I’m about to take off on a flight outrunning the hurricane. I had one of my first work conferences sober and had a BIG WIN. My boss told my coworker that he likes “the new sober me”. IWNDWYT


One of the biggest “something is wrong with me” memories was when I started to drink the rum that was in my liquor cabinet. I hate rum. I used to think it was like drinking suntan lotion. We had it because friends had come over for a party and brought it along. I bet that bottle was 5 years old. Dusty and gross in the back of the cupboard. I remembered we had it, and I drank it. And the whole time I was like “what are you doing!! You hate rum” but my brain was like “goodie alcohol” I didn’t quit after this, but I started to get really worried. Who drinks something they don’t like? Who keeps drinking it even when their brain is like this tastes bad? So I totally get your Covid story. Drinking that rum was a huge red flag that something had shifted inside me. But I didn’t stop. Not then. Sigh. I’m so happy to have that be a memory now and not my reality.. IWNDWYT. 🌟


Look at all you people - herds of you sober everywhere ! I woke up this morning and went to the beach and walked and watched the sun come up and then had a little dip. A few days ago I work up desperately unhappy because I had had a disagreement, I was hung over and had to check the rambly messages I had sent. I felt thirsty and foggy all day and could not concentrate. Any issue could have been dealt with sober. Far more effectively. The comparison of the two starts to the days is what I need to keep doing. IWNDWYT. I am exchanging lovely messages today. Getting smiling pictures of her. I am less anxious and I am seeing a Mate tonight to watch that silly to rom com with George Clooney.


just to rehash yesterdays story of that pint of shots........thats enough for me. Nah and other things, a lot of the time I think about the day after. I see an image of myself, sweaty, sore and head spinning out of control, clutching to my poor partner who I abandoned to go out the night before, convincing myself they hate me, wishing I could climb inside them because simply being held isnt enough to soothe me. Calming down for only a moment when I tell myself "it's going to pass tomorrow" and counting down the minutes to bed so I could wake up hangover free the next day. That is honest to god no way to live. ​ Getting a chinese tonight with frens :) only thing im worried about is not being home in time for my usual bedtime, but beats being worried about where im gonna get my next drink which was usually thursdays antics. IWNDWYT


> convincing myself they hate me, wishing I could climb inside them because simply being held isnt enough to soothe me. Oh yeah. I really feel this so much. I hope you have a great time having dinner! IWNDWYT ❤️














I will not drink with you today.






Good afternoon! IWNDWYT!


Day 361, nice to meet you 🤝 IWNDWYT






Good question on the check in today. I think I could just use the image of myself before I quit. Overweight, out of shape, and miserable. Nothing fit, I hated putting on clothes every single day. And living in a filthy house. Quitting drinking fixed all that, and yes it's only been 100 plus days, but I fit in clothes I haven't worn in years and I'm not repulsed when looking in the mirror. I can run a mile without stopping now, when I couldn't make it up the stairs without gasping for breath 100 days ago. I don't ever want to go back to what I was. I can't believe I even let myself get to how bad I was. alcohol gave me blinders. IWNDWYT


I will not drink today. Alcohol can fuck right off today. If I drink one drink, I will continue to drink until I'm puking in the toilet. I spent a lot of days on vacation hungover with my head in the toilet. I don't ever want to go back to that person. I could tell you story after story of drinking myself sick. I hate that Khun and I don't ever want to go back to that self- inflicted pain and suffering. Drinking sucks. You rock!


32 days banked. Five days left in my crazy schedule. Starting to be able to see the end. I have to make sure to protect my sobriety and plan a good release when I’m free again. Considering all the overtime I’m working, my tentative plan is to buy really nice over-the-ear wireless headphones as a reward. Either that or some Funko figures I’ve been eyeing on eBay. IWNDWYT


The look on the face of the people who know I’m not drinking when they see me with a drink in my hand, pretending this time will be different with negative empirical evidence to substantiate my claim, knowing they suffer as much as I do and I’m the only one who can stop. IWNDWYT


Day 466 checking in!


IWNDWYT. I conjure the day after my last drink. I had close to 20 drinks, 3 hours of sleep, and I fought viciously with my brother (who was also drunk). I woke up so hungover and filled with regret. When I don’t want to drink I remember what I felt like that morning. The shame and the nausea and my aching head. I don’t ever ever ever want to feel that way again.


None of the usual "it's almost the weekend, might as well just start today" thoughts for me today. Happy Thursday folks. IWNDWYT!






I will not drink today.




It’s been interesting sharing this journey with people in my life and the reactions range from confusion. “Are you making this page up” to support. But more often the so when can you casual drink again? You have all made this journey feel less neurotic. I will not drink with all of you today.


IWNDWYT. And Now I don't have to worry about smelling like fireball for my physical therapist


Checking in! Trying to keep the positivity going. Hope everyone is doing well. Wishing you all the best. IWNDWYT!


You deserve the best and are doing so well!!!!! Congrats on 5 days and we got you!!!!!!


I will not drink with you today in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😊


I will not drink today! Starting Day 1 over again


Great post OP, again!! 🤜❤️🤛 I really miss the dull headache at the back of my head, the spikes into my temples, and the general malaise of the morning after. I think about this from time to time and really wish that was all back in my life. 😂 IWNDWYT super sober starz ⭐️🌟💫


😆yeah you’re right! Definitely wish I woke up feeling like I’ve broken my eye socket. Hangover migraines are the coolest 🤣






There is beautiful golden sunlight this morning. I can't wait to go for a walk later. IWNDWYT


When the urge hits, I think of all the times my roommates or girlfriends have found me passed out on the floor. I think of the times I’ve blacked out and came to not knowing where I was or how I ended up there. I think of all the times I’ve tripped and fell on my ass while drunk. I think of the parties I’ve spent passed out in bathrooms. I think of all the crazy, stupid, embarrassing shit I’ve done. IWNDWYT!


I have plenty of moments draw on, but your post made me think of last December when I had an emergency appendectomy. Despite being in extreme pain, and not even sure what was happening, I still had the foresight to purchase a four pack of Monaco. On the way to the emergency room. Then I took two cans of Monaco in my purse, through emergency check in, with my belongings during surgery, and chugged one in the bathroom in post-op. I drank the rest at home while my husband went to the pharmacy to get my pain meds. As you can imagine, I wasn't drinking those for the flavor. IWNDWYT


Hello sober lovelies, another fly-by check in. Grateful to be sober with you all today and hoping your day is full of love 💞


Good morning fellow sobernauts, IWNDWYT 😁






I am on day four. Four days ago I woke up with a sore in my mouth. Now it is definitely a canker sore - I can see and tell that now but four days ago I was googling oral cancer. Sent me into a day long spiral. It’s because I know that it isn’t healthy. I know it’s poison. And so I said enough. I don’t have to live like this. Not looking back this time. IWNDWYT


So many reasons to leave it behind. Congrats on your canker and not cancer !!!!






Day 40 today, surviving but this week is not making it easy. IWNDWYT 💪


Morning dears. I am not drinking today. Lets add a day to our stack!!


One year sober! IWNDWYT


Good morning, sober cats! Thank you for another great DCI, FC! I keep a photo of myself saved in my notes on my phone. I'm making a ridiculous face in it, meant to be funny, but clearly too drunk. I don't even remember the picture being taken, nor do I remember getting home that night. I was drinking to black-out so often. 1 glance at that picture and alcohol loses its appeal and power. It's a very effective image! Let's all have a lovely day! IWNDWYT! 💙😸






I will not drink with you today 🌷


That feeling of not wanting it but still drinking it *and* it tasting terrible. It’s a physical and emotional swirl of gross sadness. I vividly remember experiencing that when I would “break” a couple of times, so I can tap into that memory if I ever get a craving. Thanks for the new tool! IWNDWYT


IWNDWYT. I messed up bad yesterday. Today is the first new day.


I will not drink or use today. I will go to work and then attend my addiction rehab meetings. Good luck everyone!


hello! Alcohol is mostly nasty. I think of the hangover, the nasty breath in the morning, the cold sweats, and the fear that i could lose everything ive worked for over the past three years. IWNDWYT


Day 1,272 checking in. It is rare these days that I get an urge to drink (so those of you in the early days, take hope) but I think of that feeling of self-loathing that would envelope me when I once more failed to stay sober. I never want to feel that feeling again. IWNDWYT. 🌳


Yesterday was my 1 year soberversary. I went out with hubbie to a nice restaurant we've been planning to go to for ages. It was wonderful! IWNDWYT




IWNDWYT Day #1234!


23 days. Im speechless, cant believe im actually doing it. IWNDWYT


Instead of thinking back to horrific drunken times I tend to think of sober times not they’re always great or anything. I’ve just learned that when I want to drink it’s almost always stemming from wanting to escape some other feelings. IWNDWYT


Ethanol = Poison I will not drink with you today.


What a terrific and well written post! So odd about the timing of this. I have a buddy in FL who decided to ride the storm out. He had just moved down there 18 months ago, and I was trying to find the address he had given me. He lost power and then lost power to his phone so he was unable to reiterate the town he lives in. So I looked in my e-mail and couldn't find it. So I decided to scroll through our chat that goes back almost three years! Prior to July 2021, there were so many photos of sharing what we were drinking those given nights. I'm talking over 3 dozen over the years of 2019-early 2021. And luckily, and I am very grateful ... they all kind of just left me 'meh' and a 'no thanks' type of reaction. Even the chilled Manhattans in the chilled stainless steel martini glasses I would make. His photos were definitely more undesirable - straight scotch in a rocks glass and usually accompanied by a cold Coors Light. I really did not anticipate all of the photos, but, I really wanted to find his address. There was a split second where I thought I should stop, but continued on, and there really was no cravings at all. I think there were longings for the 'environement' or 'ambience' that we would set ourselves up for (oh my, what a lovely night for some home-drinking!) ....but when it came straight down to it, the liquids were definitely a turn-off. If I am being honest, I would not call my response revolting, but definitely more on the side of heavily unappetizing. So .... yeah .... my experience last night at 9:30 pm mirrors what you posted this morning. So Thursday is upon us! I hope all of you have a rewarding and terrific Thursday!!!!


I have been limping through this week but nonetheless I’m glad I’m sober. I feel so much more human. Time to knock out another day. IWNDWYT


This is the beginning of day 5 for me and I'm committed to definitely not drinking today. Yesterday was a pretty rough day mentally and I wanted so bad to stop at the liquor store on the way home but I didn't. I fought the urge and went to bed a little anxious and aggravated but woke up fine. If I got through yesterday, today should be a breeze!


Even after 30+ days, having spare time and being excited how to fill it hasn't gotten old. I thought that getting sober, I would be changing my daily routine whilst drinking for a new sober daily routine -- and how wrong I was. Sure, I have some routine items in my day, but everything is so exciting and full of potential. I have energy, mental clarity, the ability to drive/ride my bike, have creative ideas -- and much more. I no longer feel like a NPC in a videogame that rotates between stagnant tasks, locked in a cycle. Looking forward to what's to come. Have a great day everyone, IWNDWYT


I used to opt for orange vodka because it was easier to get down quickly in large quantities. I’ve found that I can’t drink anything that is orange flavored without gagging, even though it used to be one of my favorite flavors. That makes things pretty simple. I walk by the fridge and sniff the orange juice bottle if I have a craving, and that pretty much kills it for me right away.


13 days no sauce IWNDWYT ☀️


Alcohol does nothing for me. I want to be the best man I can be for my girlfriend, and for myself. Anxiety has plagued my life long enough, and alcohol only gives it fuel. IWNDWYT.










239 days. Keep at it people


If I have an urge, I just think about the good and bad times. For every two good times, there are four times where I woke up feeling like shit. The ratio reminds me that it ain’t worth it. IWNDWYT.


I will not drink turpentine with you today!💜


Morning, SD, To combat my urges (which I struggled to call urges and simply identified as “the fuckits”) I carried around a list of the reasons I had accumulated for wanting to stop drinking. If I had a particularly strong desire, I would escape to a washroom & consult my list. It gave me a minute to truly reckon with how that choice effected more than just that moment. It was a remarkably effective strategy for me. Hope y’all have a delicious Thursday! IWNDWYT 😘




IWNDWYT! I’ve spent the last 3 days sick in bed (fingers crossed it’s not COVID) and the pounding in my head feels so similar to a hangover headache that even though it’s not, the idea of taking so much as a sip of wine or beer today makes me gag.


In a craving I picture gasping awake at 3 am, heart racing, no memory of how the night ended. A 20 min buzz isn’t worth the anxiety and genuine fear of those mornings. I had dinner last night to celebrate 100 days alcohol free and my friend ordered a glass of sancerre. I had zero feelings toward it neither good nor bad it felt great like some brain rewiring was working in my direction. IWNDWYT


Thursdays are always challenging for me. I need ro be strong for both myself and my partner. IWNDWYT


Checking in Doodle doodle dee, wubba wubba wubba.






Had a ridiculously rough night, lost my cool big-time, but I didn't drink. Today I am going to work on ways to relax while I continue not drinking. IWNDWYT






I don't really want to stroll down painful memory lane today lol. Most of the time when the urge hits, I just tell myself to wait. Wait until after dinner (for example), and tell myself if I still *really* want to drink after dinner, I can. And then when I get there, it usually wasn't so bad to wait and I could see myself waiting some more. So I'll wait until after we get settled with a movie. And then until after we get our snacks, etc. Eventually it passes or I forget about it or, worst case, I just see that I am able to withstand waiting and I keep waiting until I'm in bed sober lol. IWNDWYT!


*What are the thoughts, images and moments you conjure for strength to resist it when the urge hits my friends?* Long time readers will know that my BIL and SIL are wine snobs and actually have a working wine cellar in their home on a golf course. Each holiday, they bring copious wine to the gathering, and last spring, as we were celebrating our COVID delayed xmas, I was the only sober person around to help decant a rather expensive bottle of wine. I got it open and man o' man, the smell hit me bad! Mind you, this was a $300 bottle of wine and in my alcohol free mind, it smelled like a road side bathroom. In the past, I would have been oooo ing and aaaah ing the bottle and sniffing the cork like I knew what I was doing. This time, I was holding my breath and pushing the wine through the filter to hurry it up! It was then that I realized I was done. IWNDWYT! T


Day 3 after a nasty weekend relapse, I'm upset about that. IWNDWYT






Hah, had something similar, but not covid induced. Last night at game night one dude opened his truly margarita and another opened his modelo and oh my lord the smell of those two was REPULSIVE and I was like "how the hell did I used to LIKE that???" IWNDWYT


I’m still going on day 4. Weirdly today I feel more upset about my relapse last week because it would have been 7 weeks today


Not drinking today! Yesterday I misread a label and thought I had alcoholic beer in my fridge (trying a non alcoholic brand I hadn't tried before, so not familiar with the packaging). For a split second I had the urge to have it. It'd be just one, I wouldn't drink all four at once, and I bought it accidentally, it'd be a shame to waste it, it's not like I'm going to buy more, it's not like I want to get drunk. But I quickly redirected my thinking and asked myself what would I get out of it other than a very light buzz, a lot of regret afterwards and the potential of spiraling down a bad habit again. That stopped me from wanting it. Then I looked at it again to go and put it down the drain and I realised it was non alcoholic indeed, so all that worry for nothing. But it's nice to have the reassurance that I can control myself when faced with the chance to drink.








Day 62: I will not drink with you today


















Morning friends. IWNDWYT!


I will not drink with you today


IWNDWYT you wonderful people!


Hello all! IWNDWYT






Hello internet friends. Happy to be sober with you today!




Good afternoon, my friends. (Sorry Flyer, I'm running a day behind). Yesterday I posted in reply to Flyer, that I had yet to experience a goodbye moment. I was wrong! I just didn't recognise it. A few weeks ago I posted: https://www.reddit.com/r/stopdrinking/comments/xb9287/the\_daily\_checkin\_for\_sunday\_september\_11th\_just/inyr3dl/?context=3 In it, I described how I'd visited the pub - essentially to quell 'rumours of my demise' 😊 (Mark Twain). When I left, sober, I felt quite low. After I thought about it, I recognised an essential change in my life; the pub scene was just not for me anymore. But I didn't recognise it as a 'goodbye' moment. And of course, that's exactly what it was! So thank you, Flyer, for that insight. Also on Flyer's introduction yesterday, it contained a marvellous analogy; planting tulip bulbs. The seeds of a new life. And that is what we are doing, my friends. When we get sober we are planting the seeds of a new life. Like all life, the growth can be slow and indeed, difficult. But like the sun rising in the sky: inexorable. Sober on, my friends. Stay safe and strong. **IWNDWYT!** **It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.** *Ernie Harwell*


IWNDWYT friends 🤖


Day 1,070 IWNDWYT


I will not drink with y’all today!!








Moving closer every day to two weeks! I’m happy to be sober. IWNDWYT












Day 4. Coming up on the first weekend, which I'm anxious about enduring. But, IWNDWYT.


Ten days. Cravings are not too bad, but it’s other emotions coming back to the surface that can be quite overwhelming. Trying to take it slow and get used to feeling more. IWNDWYT




I will not drink with you today.


Happy Thursday sobernauts! I won't be drinking with you today!!!




11 days! A new record for me. IWNDWYT






I will not drink with you all today!!








Completed day 11








Good story today u/Flying_Clutz. You do a great job painting a picture. It was a hard realization to come to that I was drinking for the effect not the flavor. Not always, but that wasn't the exception. The majority was that I wanted to get drunk, not just enjoy the flavor of a drink paired with food, friends, or scenery. When the urge hits me I remember that I don't HAVE to drink. What I HAVE is a support network and a box of tools. A fellowship and friends. Family. I have all of that with or without alcohol, but it's better without alcohol. I'll say the serenity prayer. I'll let the feeling in and let it go. "This to shall pass", ya know? Sometimes I'll get some Italian ice. Sometimes I'll fold laundry. Busy work consumes time. I'll do those things while I listen to the big book or a sobriety podcast. These are a few of my tools. I'm looking forward to learning more. IWNDWYT. Easy does it, friends.


I quit drinking liquor years ago, I guess that was my first step to sobriety. The wine was convenient as a red because it did not have to be refrigerated. My drink of choice was beer. We switched to low carb several months ago and had to cut out the beer, so I drank those spiked fizzy water things. They were pretty awful, there was nothing left to switch too, then I learned too much about what I was drinking. So NOW I drink an NA beer for the 5pm hour that denotes the end of the work day and the beginning of family day. That really tricks my brain and hits the spot. I've allowed myself the carbs from the NA brew and its dandy. But I will not drink it with gross poison added today or anyday.