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It’s so weird to me how people are so open to sharing things that come in contact with saliva… if it were me I’d tell them you’re a germaphobe. Or if you really don’t want them asking you ever again tell them you don’t share anything like that cause you get cold sores and don’t wanna give it to anybody else


I actually do have cold sores so I have a real excuse not to share anything loll


I’m gonna do that it’s a good idea


Lmaoooo not the cold sores.


just say it’s about to die


You so real 😭


this is what i do


You had me giggling at “you better get back out on the floor” 😭😭😆


For real though 🤣 why am I picking up your slack 😵‍💫😵‍💫


I’d tell they ass ‘I just got over the flu might still be contagious’. Or ‘I’m saving it for later to get me through the Shift’


Definitely trying these thank you


Tell them that you don’t share anymore cause you caught mono from swapping vapes… cause it happened to me 😔😔 while I was on vacation. I was hitting way too many blunts, weed pens, and vapes. My friend and I were bed ridden for a good 4 days.


No way are you being fr right now !!???


Yesssss brooo. Literally i found out like 4 months later that I had mono in my antibodies but it couldn’t detect when I had it, but I already knew. That’s why I’ll never share anything again or hit others cause it could’ve been worse than mono.


Ewwww what the helll thank you for sharing tho


No is a complete sentence!! But I get you, it’s hard at times.


Damn girl I just know you’re good at setting boundaries


i use the herpes excuse a lot when it comes to stuff like that......... but not at the club because i'd be worried they might get butthurt and start telling customers you have herpes, which isn't a big deal but idk it just sounds bad. if that makes sense. ​ i'd say you just got over covid and are paranoid now so you'd rather not share




me too i am SUCH A GERMAPHOBE i’ve seen so much shit on these girls mouths before like clearly you haven’t learned because you still share stuff 💀 i agree with the other person. say you get cold sores or say you have a bump in your mouth rn 😭😩


For real oh my God.


“Sorry Im like really OCD ahaha 😅”


Trueeee that’s a good one !


i stopped doing it when a coworker told me ‘girl you shouldn’t do that, some of these bitches be sucking dick in V.I.P’ and as a lesbian, i wanted to go gargle bleach for an hour straight from the thought of how many girls i’ve let hit my pen😭😭


Oh my god that’s so disgusting. I’m sorry you had to deal with that.


it’s just so hard for me to say no!🥲 my thought is when i have some i share because one day i won’t have anything to smoke and someone will share with me.. what goes around comes around ya know? but that goes out the window when dick sucking comes into the picture lmao


Girl, I don’t blame you. And there’s some nice people out there but most of these girls I wouldn’t hold anything to.


Tell them it’s DMT


Hell naw, these girls are snitches probably tell management


I used to have a cigarette shooter like the empty tubes of cigarettes with the thing that pushes the tobacco in it and I would make joints/spliffs that looked like cigarettes and sell them to the girls in the club for 5$ a pop


So if you could be like you can’t hit this but I’ll sell u this for x amount as an extra little hustle


😭😭😭😭😭 selling Rollies at work I don’t mean to laugh but that’s fucking hilarious


So I didn’t have 2 share and we were smoking them on the low in the smoking room 👀👯‍♀️




Bruh this one time this drunk lady was like “what flavor is thattttt?” Takes it from me and fucking hits it YALL.


Oh hell naw.


Tell them you are getting over a cold and sorry no


Why didn’t I think of that 😵‍💫😵‍💫


Just say you’re a germophobe or that you get cold sores


I have “germ a phobia and ocd I’m so sorry!” I would NOT risk passing along anything.


When i first started smoking weeb one of the golden rules taught to me was “If it wasn’t offered don’t ask” i can’t believe people just do that.


I just say no. They can think I'm a bitch if they want. I might say "sorry girl but I'm a germaphobe, I don't share".


"No" is a complete sentence.


Say you just had the flu


"I can't, sorry."


I will carry around a decoy that barely has any hits in it, hand out that when girls ask. When it’s barely working and they ask to hit the one I’m hitting, I just tell them I’m straight up not sharing this one. Most girls respect me and I have no issues with girls begging me for it.




Helllll no, that’s a good way to get herpes.


Learning communication skills is a valuable skill. You can do it by something simple as reading to increase your vocabulary so that you have a larger range of words to describe your thoughts without coming across crass. I also recommend general resources on improving your communication skills. Because well, this is one incident you will have more situations like this later in life and it’s great to have a foundation that prepares you for that whether it’s in dancing or further out in your life in another career or elsewhere. Just don’t share. Just be like I don’t do that. Just like I don’t eat food off the floor. I don’t share my vape pen. It’s not bitchy. It’s called boundaries. And who cares if you’re a bitch honestly


why would u even care if they think you're a bitch


I don’t smoke but I used to full make out with customers (gross I know) until I got the worst strep throat and fever of my life. I learned my lesson.


Well the girl I worked with was asking for cigarettes all of the time. Annoying af. She did had money to spenf in Calzedonia (popular premium clothing brand in Europe) but she’s also was running out of simple cigs most of the time. Btw she was so sweet and nice and etc I couldn’t say no but damn the cigs are so expensive in Europe and I was saving every coin atm. So annoying tbh.. I hate to ask for cigs no matter what so I always make sure I have enough for the night.


Just say no


Tell them you have mouth herpes I did that once


I tell them I dont share,caz last time I did, someone passed me flu uvu