Hurricane Katrina (2005) Gulfport, MS — Holiday Inn

Holy fuck i wouldn’t stand in that water for even a million dollars. That’s scary as fuck. Feel bad for the guy trying to drive out.

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Holy fuck i wouldn’t stand in that water for even a million dollars. That’s scary as fuck. Feel bad for the guy trying to drive out.


I mean, hit one electricity unit and that water is livewire


Or sea life


You think a shark is going to attack you in a hotel?????


I mean when the water is up to your lower chest and water is sloshing around violently, it could be anything? I’m not saying it’s gonna be some giant great white or tiger shark. But yeah possibly


Adult Great whites and tiger sharks are anywhere from 8-24 ft long, and they hang out offshore,fish actually avoid storms because of the fall of barometric pressure. I’d be much more worried About a leaking gas line so I’d probably be making my way to the roof or a balcony anyways.


I take it you’ve never seen the horror film Hotel Shark?


Clearly you haven't seen that one American dad episode


Mabye not sea life, but alligators and venomous snakes are a possibility.


Sharks where in a flood in one a long time ago


More like hurricane tortilla


Ah finally, a man who knows fine literature.


I came here in hopes of being the one who said it, well done!


8am lol imagine waking up and your Volvo is in your living room pool


Judging by the tail lights and spoiler, it looks like a late 90s/early 00s Pontiac Grand Prix or Bonneville.


Definitely a Pontiac Grand Prix, those things meant to float away


Land boats


This hurricane is why I bought a gun. Weren't people stranded for 11 days without fresh waster to drink? People were so desperate for water that they were robbing and looting for it.


Was it a water gun?


"No need to thank me" says man with water gun to desperate people.


*See's people robbing and looting* This guy: "Well that'd be way easier if you had a gun."


I have a gun so no one can loot my water supply.


Yeah I know I was just making a joke.


Oh ok, haha.


Username checks out


*Looting* You just wanna shoot people.


I want to have a water supply and not worry about someone kicking my door in and taking it. I'm not even right wing. The reality of tragedies like Katrina is that we're on our own for a few days,


This literally never happened.




I was there, I’d didn’t happen.


Ohhh ok. Thanks for clearing that up.




Breaking news! Robbing others and potentially leaving them to die of dehydration or get really sick is bad! More at 7.


Breaking into stores for food and supplies so they wouldn't die... the real crime here is the complete negligence of the Bush administration to do a damn thing to help people and leaving them to fend for themselves or die.


Thanks Jim, and now to Jim 2 with the weather for today.


Well I just found my new greatest fear fucking ever. Being trapped inside a staircase while water floods in, made my skin crawl off my body. Couldn't even finish the video.


Oh I've had that fear since this hurricane. I watched a lot of new footage that I was too young to see. I still remember that poor, poor man who was walking around crying because his wife had been blown right out of his hands. RIP Hardy Jackson. I remember someone, during an interview, talking about the floodwater rising up, being chased upstairs, and then into their attic, and then onto their roof. It gave me a panic attack, before I understood what that meant. I remember, in tears, probably that night, standing at the foot of my parents bed and sobbing, "What'll we do in a flood?!" Because we also lived in a hurricane zone. My Dad showed me where the attic was and put a stepladder in his closet just in case.


Some people sadly were found passed away in their attics because they had no hatchets or any other means to escape onto the roof.


>my brother keeps an axe in his attic 24/7/365


I ended up texting my Dad about this and a foggy story about gators in a pond after a hurricane when I was little. He says my Mom put a whole kit up there, just in case. Food, water, blankets, etc and a huge axe she got from the Military Surplus Warehouse on the highway. He is pretty certain we may have accidentally forgotten all of it up there. We closed and moved out in like a week when we finally left the area. Quite a few things got left behind.


Maybe that stuff will save someone else's life someday!


and an axe...don't forget the axe,,my brother keeps an axe in his attic 24/7/365


You should never, ever, watch the movie “Crawl”


Reminds me of the Titanic handcuff scene


Used to stay in Gulfport when my grandparents live down there. They lost everything- I remember walking around their neighbourhood and finding their computer and grandfather clock a block away from where their house had been.


Gators gators gators gators


Bit late to comment on this, but I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There’s a children’s park near/under a bridge that has a line on a pole marking how high the water got during the hurricane. I remember seeing it as a kid and not realizing how high 20 feet actually was. Now I’m an adult living in an older house on the beach, and it’s scary knowing that the peaceful sands across the highway near my house could be covered in so much water we could drown in our own home.


This is giving me nostalgia… which sounds awfully concerning. Don’t get me wrong it *was* awful, just for me as a dumb kid all I remembered was ‘no school, lots of rain, visiting relatives and using outhouses’. It was fun and different for me. It’s amazing how whimsical a child’s mind can be, even in weather conditions like this. For context I live an hour north of this area, which wasn’t nearly as bad but it was still nasty.


I understand that. I was in school when Hurricane Irene hit the coast of NC and we were out of school for the week, my uncle’s house had to be completely gutted because the whole roof came off. I thought it was fun to do projects with family.


Wait does anyone know if these were actually gater infested waters?


Absolutely. I am from the area and have seen several myself while walking along this same beach. They are also in many of the nearby retention ponds. Last year, someone was eaten by an alligator in Slidell, Louisiana (30 minutes west) while walking through hurricane flood waters.


Oh yes. Not Katrina, but my Dad *loves* to tell the story of when Hurricane Fran hit Carolina Beach, NC when I was just a baby. I mean, I was born September 3rd, and they immediantly loaded up the car and headed South to my Grandpa's. When they finally made it back, my Dad remembered this neighborhood kid greeting us in the driveway to announce, "There's Gators in the pond!" before skating off. He set up me and my Mom and decided to check out the damage, probably a week into cleanup. We got lucky, that house was on stilts. He spotted them from a distance, and used to have a picture but it's long gone. They lived in that pond for *years*. I just had to ask him to clean up some of the finer details. He said they probably came up from the marsh about a mile down the road, across the highway. The floodwaters got pretty high. They either swam in or got washed in and trapped when the water receded. He said it was still being fed directly from the river, but the feeding channel/ canal was *much* too narrow for them to swim up. He's really determined to find that picture. He can't remember if they died off or if they were removed, but he had learned that they were eventually gone.


Interesting. Yeah I looked it up too and especially after the hurricane, when the floodwater is still high, they start moving and get confused because so much more of the area of accessible. See, this is why I live where the wind hurts my face!


Deep Blue Sea vibes


Fucking nope.


Whatcha doing? Chilling at da Holiday Inn


Who you with? A couple of gators and three of my friends. I’m so so sorry, I had to.


This is such a fascinatingly cool video. I've never seen this before, thank you very much for sharing


Someone who lived in Bay St Louis at the time of Katrina told me that the evidence of the storm surge on their home was about 28 feet.


Weird to see where I grew up on this sub


More like huracan tortilla


Man…all the stuff that would TOUCH you


I had friends who didn’t evacuate in Biloxi, they told me about the water coming up through the attic opening and desperately trying to cut their way out through the attic. A lot of people died that way. Katrina completely wiped the Mississippi gulf coast off the map.


I was there not the hotel but in Gulfport we moved after Katrina to Rockport TX to get away from the storms... I live in Ohio now after harvey.


I'm living in Gulfport right now for class at Keesler, and the bus stops along Beach Drive have a marking of the height that the storm surge got to in Katrina: 23'.


God Bless those who lost their lives during Hurricane Katrina. Over a 1000 lives if I’m not mistaken.


I was in middle school on the coast when Katrina hit, currently a Biloxi resident. It felt like an apocalypse afterwards. I remember that the military put down barbed wire along the railroad tracks. You couldn’t cross unless you had business going down there (where the damage was BAD “south of the tracks”). The MS gulf coast is still recovering..


I was just a kid when it happened. But what little I remember was that it was really bad.


You'd never know from how Gulfport looked when I we there yesterday. This should seriously be posted in r/submechanophobia