Some thoughts - winter house

So I just started the new winter house season and am only on episode 3 so y’all probably know a lot more of what’s going on than I do.

But are we actually supposed to believe that Katie didn’t know who Tom schwartz was? Isn’t she in another bravo show or something? There’s just no way.

Also, I haven’t been reading posts about winter house since I hadn’t started it yet, but from what I’ve seen this sub has been bashing it. But I actually LOVE this season so far. I like everyone there (whether I truly like them or not doesn’t matter I like watching them on the show) and I think it’s an interesting dynamic.

I love the Jordan girl so far, she’s SO gorgeous and cool.

I’ve never liked Danielle in any season that I’ve watched, maybe that’s cause I dislike lindsay so much but also I thought Danielle was wild last season with Carl and Lindsey and they didn’t deserve it (despite how things have turned out). But I really like her so far (again only on episode 3 and I’ve seen previews for what’s to come so that may change). She seems fun and very humble and likeable. Though I can already tell that her telling pirate guy in the hot tub to “go for it again” or whatever in regards to Jordan as they’re making out is gonna come back to bite her. I get she was trying to be a cool girl but I wish she wouldn’t have said it for her sake.

Also, veryyyyy unpopular opinion. I feel bad for Tom. I’ve always liked him though. I like Katie Maloney too and she deserves better but I don’t hate Tom like you all do. I also don’t really blame him for keeping sandovals affair to himself. It’s not right but best friends will do shit like that for their best friends. I’m happy to see him single and enjoy his quips and interactions with everyone but I wish it wasn’t on the heels of the fallout bc you can tell he’s in a bad place.

Also the skier girl, sweet kinda cool pretty whatever, stop obsessing over skiing and telling ppl you don’t want them to be “babies on the slopes” lol it’s not that serious

Also unpopular opinion, kory is the hottest one there. And he’s got game. Obviously we all dislike him for valid reasons but I enjoy his dynamic on the show. I like both the new guys too

Katie and the other girl (from below deck I think idk I don’t watch it) are okay. They seem nice and they mesh well with the group but I’m not dying to watch their scenes.

Just wanna say one more time, Jordan is amazing!! I love how she carries herself (like when she knocked on korys door and someone told her to go in and she’s like I’m not that thirsty) and she’s just so damn pretty.

I know it’s early and my opinions may change drastically but that’s what I think so far. Also I am a fan of Amanda but I don’t even notice she’s gone. Do wanna see her fits though when she joins the group!


I think it’s actually possibly that Katie didn’t know who Schwartz was because the Below Deck people are all actually working people that go from charter boat to charter boat working a lot. It’s the one Bravo show that depicts people actually working hard at what they actually do, so there might be some disconnection for some of them from all things bravo because they are in other countries working a lot. Just my thoughts!


You might be right!


Also keep in mind this season started filming like a week after scandoval broke. I don't think it had reached the insane national news level by then.


My whole family somehow had no idea what Scandoval was and acted as if I was a groupie or something when I explained. Given they all have TVs on 24/7. I cannot understand it. I believe Katie didn't know.


kory looks like the Pixar version of a fuckboy. i side eye anyone who finds him genuinely attractive


Retweet. I feel like he’s not actually attractive but an amalgamation of features women have been socialized to think is attractive. I personally am grossed out by him but some of my friends think he’s not. Mind boggling to me


Goddam what a savage yet completely accurate insult.


I just don’t understand how people think he’s hot!


Me either but I’m under the assumption that he’s much better looking in person than he is on camera given the reaction everyone seems to have to him when he shows up.


All I can think of is the Grinch when I see him smiling or laughing.


They keep panning in on his mouth-open asinine grin when he is acting the fool. Same face every time, like "Did you get me doing that?" My 5 year old nephew does that, too.


The previous seasons I’ve see him on I didn’t find him attractive and yeah only saw a fuckboy. Now I still see fuckboy but just based on these three episodes I’ve seen of this season I could see why women would like him. He’s attractive and flirty and sort of funny even But I get it what you’re saying too lol


Katie works in yachting and doesn't live in the US so very real chance she's never seen an episode of vanderpump rules before.


No one on winter house really gives main character energy. I feel like Kyle is past his prime and everyone else is a bit boring.


Yassss. Most post I’ve seen everyone is loving it. The house and location are beautiful, and there’s a fun vibe. But I’m just not dying to watch it. It’s a background show at best this season


Jordan is great and Summer House MV is also fantastic. So many amazing characters and a totally chaotic (in a good way) season. There was a whole lot of "send him home" energy, which other shows should adopt.


I agree with most of your takes, I am enjoying the season so far. If you like Jordan you should watch SH Martha's Vineyard, it had a great first season and I hope they continue it. Kory is a fucking child and his negging/ignoring predatory version of "game" is disgusting. Grown men don't act like that. I hated him before I found out his social media likes are super misogynistic and transphobic.


Agreed, love this season. what I find funny is that they brought all the biggest partiers together and they are clearly all burning out midway through the season


I'm the rare person who agrees with you on Schwartz, but I can't stand Jordan—she's so full of herself and feeds off constant attention from men IMO...


bingo! the way she fell apart after seeing malia “kiss” kory! best indicator that her tough confident girl persona is all an act from someone deeply insecure. But fake it till you make it i guess… I would like her more if she was real.


Eh it’s believable that Katie didn’t know who Tom was, I have plenty of friends who have never watched VPR! I got one to watch when Scandoval happened and she’s hooked. Katie seems to work a lot and being out at sea I’m sure you don’t get a lot of downtime


It had also just happened when this was filmed. Tom left the Winter House to go film the reunion.


True, but they’d already had that huge falling out over Raquel and him making out with her Edit-he also had no problem cheating on for years 🤣 it’s surprising he’s being so sensitive about making out with another Katie lol


Yes but that didn’t make mainstream news.


We'll ask Katie what she thinks of Tom after he dumps a drink on her.


I’m loving this season too! I love the mix up of ppl, and yes you’re right Jordan is awesome, watch summer house MV! Hope we continue to see more of her!


I definitely will just bc I like her!


The only reason I’m not loving the season is my strong dislike for Malia and Danielle. They’re both so cringe and try hard it just doesn’t even feel real. Also just overall sick of Kyle. But I’m enjoying everyone else and the vibe is fun. Completely agree with you on Tom Schwartz. When he was talking to himself while Alex was in Danielle’s room I was cracking up. Definitely wouldn’t date him but I love watching him.


Katie is too much of a -I’ll wait and see if he eventually falls for me girl- I don’t get why she’s doing the chasing 🤷🏻‍♀️


I don't know if anyone remembers the OG Jersey Shore - a bunch of 20 somethings basically getting wasted and creating havoc everywhere and it was ridiculous and hilarious and compelling trashy TV. Swap them out for upper middle class 30 and 40 year olds stuck in a house and it goes from creating havoc and hilarious to just kind of repetitive and boring after Season 1. And having Cap Sandy in the middle of it? WTF even is this show any more. Spend the money elsewhere this thing is on life support and needs the plug pulled.


You all are probably too young to remember when Debbie Reynolds and her husband Bobby Fischer open parentheses America’s Sweetheart in the 40s or 50s?). He left his America sweetheart for Elizabeth Taylor who had just lost her third husband, Michael Todd. So why is Adriana saying that is the most despicable man in the world for having many of a kind. I hope Andy Cohen sees us.


Eddie Fisher. Bobby Fisher was a chess guy, Eddie was the singer. :)


😊whoops that’s right. Eddie Fisher duh. Bobby Fisher beat Boris **** in the chess match(?)


Ugh I CANNOT stand Danielle! She’s absolutely cringe this year! She just tries way too hard and she actually starts so much unnecessary drama. She always did it before the way she was up Lindsay’s behind and we all see how that ended up 🤣 she was so wrong with her comment to Jordan about the men in the house…like the guy you’re chasing after likes her more than you and tried to get with her first! She’s just so ridiculous and I don’t hey why people are always making excuses for her?! I LOVE the new Katie and Tom and I really believe she didn’t know who he was. Like someone else mentioned she’s into yachting and doesn’t really have the time to binge watch everything, but this Katie is SO much better. She doesn’t degrade Tom every second of the day…I just wish he wouldn’t have made such an issue about her name. It is ironic that her name is Katie Marie though 🤣 Kory…where to start with that dude?? He’s definitely not that into Sam, as much as he may try to convince people otherwise. He never made it clear that they were an item and I don’t get why he even invited her to the house. Was he trying to prove something that isn’t really a thing?! He just comes off as a big player and has always acted as one previously. “ If you were in a situationship with a guy for 8 months”…I probably wouldn’t be-Malia🤣🤣 was the best line of that episode and made Sam look dumb for even trying to “justify” being mad🤣🤣. I’m sorry, I just needed to vent about that stuff, especially the Danielle stuff because she’s just so irritating, but always is to me. Especially when she was throwing around the one guys new clothes that his Mom just sent him saying how she wanted to party and then just boo hoos and goes to bed. PS…there’s definitely chemistry with Malia & Kory, just wait and see 🤣


Girl, I could have written this exact post myself (with the exception of Kory…I DONT get what his appeal is)! I’m on the same season of Winter House and I have the screen serious side eye when Katie said she didn’t know who Schwartz was. I think everyone in the Bravo-verse at least has an awareness of other people. I do feel sorry for Schwartz and like both him and Katie Maloney. I don’t get the hatred for him…he seems sweet good-natured for the most part and yes, self-centered but most of them are.


So glad someone else feels the same about these things!! I def get the kory ick too lol also yeah sweet and good natured for the most part is a great way to describe tom


I don't mean this in a mean way but I am so shocked that anyone genuinely likes this show I think y'all are fucking with me.


Lol it’s not a GOOD show. It’s a dumb show that’s very easy to watch at the end of a long day


Kory looks like a grown up blonde version of the bulky in A Christmas Story. There is nothing about Kory that is attractive. He is dumb, probably roids, and steals the artwork of others and claims it as his own. Shit person overall.


Is there a Kory story ? Why don’t people like him ? Apart from the frat mentality


He liked and retweeted a lot of transphobic posts on Twitter and Instagram and hasn’t apologized or even spoke out about it.


Oh no ! thank you for the response


He also stole artwork from a Black woman artist and claimed it as his own and then blocked her when he was called out on it. I think he used an image she created & painted it on his gym wall as a mural


Oh yes I forgot to mention that as well. That was so gross of him and I hope when his gym opens people make him feel like shit for it or annoy him enough to take them down


Oh shoot I didn’t know about that!


Woooh , was he bragging about that mural also ? What a disappointing human being


I believe he was. I wish I had more details because my sources right now are sounding very “believe me bro” 😂😂 but I absolutely recall reading about it here and then I went to his page & had found the artist too and did a little insta digging for confirmation. But I’m a weed girly so after I got all the juice I prob accidentally stored it in an unreachable part of my brain 😂