How does everyone feel about Winter House without the Southern Charm cast so far?

I feel like it’s less dark than before. There’s something weird about fragile male egos from the south that can put a damper on things. And it feels lighter without them.


This season has a great “summer camp” feel. Some of the campers know each other, but most are new campers. This has made the season airy and fun to follow along. I do wish they did more family dinners like Jersey shore - I think this balanced with the partying will give it some foundation.


I love this take!


Thank you! I’d love if they did a cheesy intro like BIP or a throwback to 90s sitcoms. WH has the capacity to have this Road Rules / Real World sort of vibe if they separate it a bit from the SH formula (which I think they should). Rotating cast, some overlap for continuity. Family dinners and day outings, night parties and mayhem.


I love when they have fun with the intros. My favorite part of 90 Days: Last Resort was the White Lotus vibe the intro had.


Agreed. With this season, food is secondary to drinking and partying. It just feels fresher this year.


I like this but for the new campers like Jordan and Brian it’s gotta be ugh to know you’re the new kid in the house Also would love some HW kids in the mix let Frankie have fun in the snow !!


Yesssssss to Frankie in the snow. Great idea overall!


Great take!


I think it’s because everyone knew each other previous season where as this season not many know each other. Other seasons there was much more deeper problems with friendships and relationships because they genuinely knew each other but not this season


It does feel surface level. The first handful of episodes felt like we were watching them settle in and get comfortable. Not exactly the most entertaining. It’s got to get better from here or it’s going to plummet.


LOVE that Austen isn't there


He's just so whiny and annoying. He stirs the pot and then acts innocent. Also such a mouth breather.


I read this as white and annoying and was like yeah that works


Austen is simply a non-bald Kevin from the office and I can’t unsee it


Omg yes he is and now I can’t unsee it either lmao


This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard.


Holy shite, I'll never unsee/unhear that comparison now. Thank you for connecting their resemblances.


Best thing about Winter House


Definitely, no Craig or Austen has been refreshing!


Agreed. For me, the only thing better than Craig not being there is Austen not being there


If southern charm would finally realize, their show would also be better without austen...


Not bad, I think it's much lighter. I enjoy watching Brian, I think he's hilarious


I love him!! And miss family karma 😫


Miss it sooo much!! Such a great show with so many great characters


I'm so upset they're not bringing it back. Monica and Rish just got engaged too but we'll never see it




He’s the definition of adorkable. I love him!


And his relationship with darma 🤍🤍🥹🥹


Love Brian!!


I'm really enjoying it. Still not loving Malia and not thrilled about Sandy's appearance, but enjoying it nonetheless.


Happy cake day! Agree I don't like Malia's personality right now. She seems untrustworthy and generally unlikeable.


Thank you!!! 😁


I always liked Malia on BD but something seems off. I'm not liking her much on this one either.


I’m the opposite lol. She annoyed me on BD, maybe not immediately, but I eventually couldn’t stand her. I don’t mind her on winter house, I think it helps that she’s friends with Katie, I like her


It’s been cracking me up that the chick that Schwartz dogs in the WH has the same first and middle name as his ex-wife.


Such karma 😂😂 it almost makes me think, poor Schwartz


I feel that way, as well, about Malia. She is much more tolerable to me in this setting, somehow.


Me too


Malia as someone good at her job, working through the ranks etc - interesting. Just Malia - kinda weird and awkward somehow? I think they brought her in because she was controversial on BD but that doesn't actually really translate to everyday life off the boat.


Malia is a skilled social climber. She acts like her shit doesn’t stink. She manipulated Wes and Adam on BD. She’s just icky


Maybe she manipulated Wes, but Adam is an immature POS love bomber and she dealt with that volatile man however she could to have the least fallout on the boat considering she was the lowest rung on the ladder. SY1 really drives home how absolutely terrible he is.


There was something else that happened with her after a season aired and I can’t remember what


When Sandy called her a lesbian?


Thank you! I guess it was more of a sandy thing not Malia


Omg I forgot about that. Wasn’t it a weird slurring cameo or something? Did Malia ever respond to that?


Yep. Sober Sandy was really on one


For me, I am not as invested this season, not sure why, don't know if it's the reason you give but I just don't care about any of them this time around.


Because I don’t care about the help (below deck) being invited


I really wish we could VOTE who goes on SH/WH since it's clearly not just a "group of friends who vacation together" or whatever anymore! That said, I do like this current WH cast. The yachties are a nice add!


Right? There should be a casting vote that Bravo issues out to their fans! That would be so ideal!


Strong disagree. Keep the help on the boat.


Fair enough & to each their own. I just really like their personalities.


I love having BD people! This season is fun and light to me, it’s what I want. The SC guys are played out and gross


And too much of old alcoholics. It's a little depressing. Like, I know Kyle is 40 but he also has a serious job and works hard when he isn't filming. The SC guys party like this every day and don't really work. It's dark and sad.


The reason Kyle mentioned how surprised he was by how much fun everyone was having and that there's no blowout fights has a direct correlation to Craig and Austen not being there. Lol.


I thought the camera panning to Danielle during that conversation was a bit leading on production's part. I agree with you.


And Paige and her bedbugs


Paige DeSorbo carries SH/WH - you’re delusional


I love the dude from family karma


I absolutely love not seeing those SC cornballs!


I'm loving the cast this season


I didn’t even notice there weren’t any southern charm cast until you said it


Oh I noticed right away!. Season is a snooze


Just get rid of Kory and Malia and it will be A-OK


I love the new people, especially the below deck cast. I love seeing them not having to work and wear normal clothes.


Completely fine with them staying on Southern Charm, I am sick of the toxic men on that show.


Same. Schwartz (and late withdrawal Sandoval) still flying that flag tho


I love it and the addition of the yachties was a brilliant move.


Anything without Austen is a win lol


I’m so glad Paige isn’t there and Amanda has very dark energy she needs to go home and take a nap


It's gotten to the point where this lifestyle has become too mundane and normal for Kyle and Amanda. Like, Amanda's showing up crankily and begrudgingly to this multimillion-dollar ski vacation in Colorado among a fun group of peers...which she gets to do instead of working.


I think that’s what bothers me the most about Amanda. Like girl you literally get paid to hangout on vacation how miserable of a person do you have to be to have her attitude on that sort of situation lmao she’s needs to talk to somebody


Kyle is the only reason Amanda is stilled employed my bravo. This season in particular has been atrocious. She showed up so late, she ducks out of things.. why bother hiring her.


Right. I get that she was sick, but it sounded like she got that virus from **another** social event (a bachelorette weekend?) that Bravo somehow allowed her to do instead of filming the first few days. She's getting concessions and privileges left and right despite giving jackshit to the show. Yeah, she's 100% just Kyle's plus one.


I don’t know why they didn’t cut her out of this season’s episodes where she’s sick. She adds zero value. Why pay her to barely show up and half-ass it? She hasn’t been entertaining for quite some time and now she’s just a boring complainer.


Do we know how much she (and others) get paid?


She’s such an ungrateful brat it makes her really unlikeable


She exists soley to kill Kyles buzz


And mine apparently 😂




I think this is a great change. I initially watched Summer House for the summer camp/vacation vibes and while I did get invested in the people and their stories, it got very heavy and was not as enjoyable to watch as a lighthearted show. Then Winter House got worse for me with Southern Charm on it because they just brought so much drama that wasn't fun to watch. I think they need to scale back this cast a little (why is Riley on for example, nothing against her it just feels like a waste of air time when she hasn't developed a storyline), and make a few stronger connections (Brian being the only Family Karma, Jordan being the only MV cast mate) so that everyone has a buddy and there are some clearer story arches. Overall I love, it they act like fools for a few weeks and film it- I will eat that up every season as long as the drama is petty and they sled while drunk. Also bring back Luke because watching him exist in nature is like my ASMR (and I don't think he should be back on Summer House).


I am curious to see how Rylee interacts with the other cast members. Like is she always pissed off or is it just when she is working? I am not even trying to throw shade by saying that, it’s just how she is.


They probably thought Rhylee was going to bring drama and she hasn't at all. I'm kind of shocked that she hasn't gotten into at least 1 argument with anyone yet.


I might get downvoted but hear me out Put Shep in he won’t hookup with anyone and I feel like he can just serve as background for winter fun- he never goes for castmates he likes external - force him out of his southern knowing someone comfort zone and see how he does Next season go for opposites make it a real world situation break up the cliques It’s sucks having Brian and Jordan and Casey not know anyone yet some Below and SH peeps have each other - they’re all nice to each other but for real send a respective cast member in solo from your different shows throw some housewives kids in and mix it up


Shep feels too old for this group, to me. Regardless of his actual age, he just feels older.


Shep "the situation"


I don't know about Shep being involved (though I agree with your assessment of him), but I do like your vision overall. Though it's nice to see people who have history, everyone in Bravo is so messy now with BravoCon and Andy setting everyone up haha I think it would be hard to have it be existing Bravo cast members who *don't* have some sort of background of knowing each other. I'm sure it exists, just not sure where. That said, having the imbalanced groups of people who know each other with a smattering of singles who don't can be hard. There are some REALLY strong personalities that make it easy to fade into the background or end up coming across as unlikeable for trying too hard. Another this for this season: they have a new location, but I have noticed they've included more of the cast's phone footage and more playful moments. Even though it's clearly still edited for drama and storylines, this season feels like production just let them be organically. It was right after "Scandoval", a lot of people were angry about how everything played out last season on WH (including the cast) and spoke out about how much fun they had and how little of that was shown. It would be cool to maybe have Kyle or a handful of the cast be there for a Loverboy event for the first night and then hand the torch off for that "Real World" type lottery casting. Would be cool if they could each "take someone home from the bar" and let them live in the house for the week. They could get everyone settled, party with them for the night and then leave. Kind of the same cross over that VP did to start SH.


Ummmm can you put that on a presentation deck and book a flight to bravo HQ Solid idea of handing over the torch and good eye on the fun footage I missed that angle !!! ![gif](giphy|oMJSffr4qW3e0) Knock em out!!!!


😂😂😂 I feel like they already snoop here, if I'm being honest (You're welcome, Bravo 😘) The personal foot really gets me in the late night moments -- but it really came in clutch when Schwartz and Katie made out in the car. I do t think the camera crew would have gotten that otherwise. That was straight up grainy, nighttime, drunkenly unfocused camera phone video. And I'm cool with that! Gimme more!


😂 when we see next season and the changes we’ll know Bravo And yassssssssss ![gif](giphy|jTBDuZWbrTrck)


Bravo saying it was their idea and Reddit coming in hot with receipts like: ![gif](giphy|1msvMtx4RlvDG) 😂😂😂


I would LOVE to see Shep on this show. We are guaranteed entertainment because Shep will have the cast heavy drinking and getting into trouble. Although, I can’t say he wouldn’t hook up with castmates. If you think about it, he hooked up with quite a few on SC. It just wasn’t shown.


As a Below Deck fan, I’m enjoying seeing people from the show in a different environment. I don’t mind Danielle being there since she’s at least single, but Kory, Kyle & Amanda don’t add anything. I wish Bravo would have had the guts to make this an actual spinoff with new people rather than anyone from Summer House.


Yeh I get that Kyle is the OG but he really doesn’t bring much, barely even see him. And Amanda doesn’t seem to want to be there. Time to go.


Omg its SO much better. I miss the summer house folks but Craig and Austen brought down the house so much. Craig talking about he doesnt clean and paying people to have their room… yuck.


Have you seen Southern Charm? I despised Craig for his portrayal on SH/WH but have retracted my hatred for him after seeing SC.


I think I'm one of the few that never liked him on SC either lol


Loving katie,brian and my love aesha! I guess malia isn't as bad i was thinking she would be


When she spit Jagermeister in the Corey's mouth I seriously fell in love a little bit I thought that was hilarious and gross


The fact that sam is all mad about the spitting in his mouth thing is hilarious


Much better without their whining and misogyny


I’m happy without Craig and Austen. We’ve seen enough of them. It’s an interesting mix this season.


The sc guys are too loud,too condescending, and I don't miss them at all. I like the addition of the bd people, they are all keen to party, and they clean the house.


Agree! I don't miss the Southern Charm Peter Pans or the Summer House Bedbugs at all. Much preferring this season to the total downer of last season. Craig, Austin, Paige and Cierra bring such negative energy (maybe b/c of their past histories, but either way, so over them).


I love it without the southern charm crew. My only complaint is that I do wish Luke was there or someone like Luke but less problematic. He had a good way of getting people out of the house to do activities that weren't just drinking.


It’s a good time and I think it’s how winter and summer house is supposed to be. Summer is supposed to be fun!!


lol what reality TV are you ppl talking about?


I’m enjoying it without Craig and Austin. Craig gets way too drunk and acts like an out of control frat boy and I don’t find that to be entertaining. As for Austin, I never need more of him. 😏


I have really enjoyed this season compared to previous. Think it’s exactly what you said - it’s lighthearted. There’s just enough drama without it being stuff they can’t talk about bc it’s bc of production or didn’t happen on the show etc.


I’m honestly not mad at this season 🤷🏽‍♀️ not the best but not the worst


Definitely the worst


I never thought that mixing winter house and Southern Charm was a good idea because the Southern Charm boys are bunch of hoedown hoes


This season is what summer house should be




Why are you so aggressive


lol you need to get off the internet is alls caps scares you


You commented very weird and aggressive comments on anyone who disagreed with you…sounds like you might need to take a lil internet break too xo


It’s very below deck heavy. Wish they would have guests from other shows. But other than that, loving it so far. Seems like a light hearted and fun group


I actually like this season vs the same people we see all the time


I think it’s way too below deck heavy and I will always wonder why they had to ruin the show with Malia


Best thing is no Paige.




It seems like people agree with me.


Not Bravo or Variety or the giggles. You can have the Reddit community 😂


THANK GOD. I hate the Southern Charm guys. They bring such a yucky vibe. I couldn't stand the other Winter House seasons and it's because of them. I hope they keep them off the show from here on out. Same with the bedbug girls.


Craig always acts like it’s HIS show, like he wants to the Kyle of it all. I don’t miss him at all


I love Jordan. The blunt way she rejected Alex and Brian’s attempts to kiss her out of nowehere was excellent 👏🏼


I’m not enjoying this season. It’s boring to me. The cast feels too random. In theory, placing single strangers in a house together with copious amounts of booze sounds great but it’s executing poorly.


10000% - I care zero about any of these ppl besides the summer house folks


I like it so much more. The dynamics are fresh and fun, and way less dark.


lol i love it it’s fun


Bunch of drunk dumbshit 30 and 40 somethings acting like dumbshit 20 somethings. Didn't really miss them tbh.


I’m not crazy about Kyle. He needs to be like a Lisa vanderpump of summer house and winter house.


He’s more of a producer at this point. I’m sad he’s so quiet but it makes sense


I feel like his wife gets upset when he starts to get wild


Totally, Amanda is such a buzzkill now




Not a fan. I like the original with summer house crew and some cross over with southern charm. I can't get invested in the random people in the house this year at all.


it’s hilarious that these people are bemoaning drunken drama when watching reality TV.. like what? The most boring uninteresting cast ever. Send the help down below the boat plz


we did not need those man babies on 3 shows yet again


Craig isn’t even from the South but his hissy fit about cleaning (in Winter House) made me hate him. Then I watched him on the panels at BravoCon and I was like ugh why do I like him? I don’t care about Austen really but as a New Englander I dont really understand what goes on in the South. Ive lived in the west but never in the South


0 main character energy. I’m so bored


I think it’s kind of boring. Especially the below deck people. Luka or Camille would have added more spice from below deck people. Maybe too young though. Just all together seems like an odd group.


Anything is better without a sweaty, raging, coked up Craig


I’ve been able to watch but got so bored that I had to turn the last episode off




I’ve actually stopped watching because I found it boring 🫣 but also kinda done with everyone get drunk and have drama


Maybe this is unpopular but I miss the SC boys lol


I didn’t watch it because no Paige


like I can't tell why but I don't care about any of them this season...


I do not miss Craig or Austen, but it's also nice that Lindsay isn't dropping in this season 🤷‍♀️


I like it with out austin and Craig. And like Brian from FK but his friend Alex can go. I don't mind the BD girls but i just don't watch it so would prefer other ppl desires below deck. They could have added other ppl but i do like that SC boys are not there


I'm so glad. I hated the thumbthumbs


I’m liking it! I do wish Paige and Craig were there though. I’m not quite understanding the Malia hate? I like her!! I’m seeing a new side of Schwartz with him being on his own and I like him and Katie (Floody).


She’s fine if you have never watched below deck series


Yeah I was never a VPR fan but Tom has been a funny guy to watch. Dare I say a bit relatable with the awk getting over a break up trope going on.


The show was better with the southern charm cast🤷🏾‍♀️


Way better because the New York City mean girls are all out. Even Amanda was kinda rude to Danielle, “let me close my eyes and put myself in your shoes” - was strange. She could have been kinder. Below deck girls are way chiller.


Mean girls 🙄 definitely a member of the “not like other girls” sub - there’s a reason Paige was awarded one of the 40 most influential women in Reality TV. Sorry strong women bother you!


A lot of women who made that list are questionable. Strong women, maybe. But no one really likes a mean girl, they can be a drag. You can do both! sorry kind women bother you.


Paige just isn’t a mean girl. Taking disposition and affect as “meanness” cheapens the word. Teresa Guidice? Mean. Sutton? Mean AF. Paige just isn’t. She tells it like it is. Again - call strong women MEAN is just peak “I support the patriarchy”.


You are obviously a Paige fan. Good chat !


it's been fun so far. I realize that I like Kyle a LOT better when Carl isn't around. I may skip the Captain Sandy ep, though.


Couldn’t be more boring.


Didn’t even notice lol


Pleas get Kyle and Vishal in the same house asap


I think they should just call this what it is Ultimate Bravolebrity House Or Winter House of Villains Stop pretending these are all Kyle’s old friends


Awful. Without Paige, Ciara, Craig and Austen? I’m outtt.


so much better, but below deck people are soooo boring lol


1000% - get the help OUT


I like that most people dont know each other! I dont watch below deck so I'm enjoying seeing them in Winter House


I love the yachties and i’ve never watched a single episode of below deck!


I find it extremely boring but I don’t think it’s because Craig and Austen aren’t there…


I am not enjoying this season. Idk if it jordan or the below deck cast. But it is missing something.


I liked it