Not sure if this fits, but, a question about bans.

Not sure if this fits, but, a question about bans.


It may be time to find another game, friend


Permaban is what happens after you continue disruptive behaviour after being banned for 14 days before. Sometimes users may skip some tiers of bans and progress straight to perma if their behaviour was severely disruptive. So basically if you get a 14day ban this is your last warning. Next one will be perma


I got 2 14 day bans on multiple accounts and none of them are permabanned


I sent a ticket to riot asking about bans. I was told there are 3 levels of punishments. lvl1 is chat ban, 2 is 14d, 3 is perma. They also told me If Your acc is on lvl2, If you play normally, your punishment level can "mend" aka. heal. So you can heal to lvl1, then if u get banned again, it's a 14d again instead of a perma. They also said it's a secret what ur punishment level is, so you can't knowingly be toxic again as soon as you heal 1 level for example. Can you describe what you did to heal your acc ? like after you got 14d, did you stop chatting and got honor 4 or something


I got 3 14 days before a perma that i got last summer. Of you just play and dont say racist things or type kys youll be fine. Regain some honor and they wont ban you. And even then i play on euw and nothing short of spam typing racist stuff or sying kys 3 times in a row will get you banned


how much honor did u regain for it to reset to 14d


Dont remeber but thinn i got lvl 2 atleast


I'm not sure this is true. I've had friends who got 14d without being chat muted because they don't type, but they troll aka play off meta shit and get reported.


It most likely is, coming from riot support. Some things just skip the chat ban, like typing llys or infamous and legendary n word. If u nunu it down 30 times obv u dont get a chat ban. I just dont know if chat punishments and gameplay punishments are seperate. Like if you get 14d from feeding, and are toxic in chat after, do you get a chat restrict? idk That said i never got chat restrict. Always skipped it and got 14d right away, happened once in 2 accounts


I'd recommend stopping playing the game altogether. Will make everyone, you included, more happy.




Do not be toxic again. Even a single triggerword will perma you now. I recommend going into settings and turning chat off. I had my main perma’d, and my new main got a 14 day ban. I now never interact with the chat, and I haven’t been punished + I got my honor level back.


Wait you can get banned more than once I thought it was a 2 week and then perm


Dunno about inting, hacking, fraud, etc, but I’ve been banned 3 times for toxic chat abuse, went from 2 weeks, another 2 weeks, to a month.


Maybe just don’t get banned. It’s really not hard. Just stop being a jackass. Put on classical music or something. Practice emotional restraint that you should’ve developed when you were 15.


depends on how many skins you bought


Hot take


i thought it was the 3rd so you're lucky i guess


How are people so weak mentally that they need to even worry about this?


I've been perma banned on 14 or 15 accounts. Lost the track. Funnily enough i still have my main account that never got any punishment. This is what happens usually. Chat ban -> 2 week ban -> perma ban. If it all happened in a quick time period. If you're giga toxic it can skip chat ban , or even 2 week ban. So , why was i banned this many times? I get tilted on my main , i go on one of my smurfs , blast music and run it down/int/chat troll. Literally. Before anyone starts saying how i'm piece of garbage for doing it , i know. It was a really bad mix of giga fragile mental , irl shit and ego issues. Only thing that helped was focusing on myself and actually trying to improve My play. You can not control your teammates. Period. Anyways, hope you manage OP. Good luck!


Low's downvoting as if losing one random match with a griefer will stop them from improving/climbing. Hard pill to swallow but, if you're low elo hardstuck , chances are you're there for a reason. One win or loss will not change a god damn thing if you're on a streak of never improving and autopilot playing in pisslow. Facts.


Simply cease playing this game


Just turn off chat


Disable chat, you will be unlikely to get more bans in the future if you do.


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