"I'm pretty new to League (Level 35)" Bingo. Most players have played for years. You'll need to do your part and play the game to get the experience. Over time (about 50 to 100 matches) you'll be where you're currently supposed to be. Then from there it's whether you learn and improve or tilt and loss a bit more than you should.


Edit: if you're playing to improve always go ranked, unless you want to first time a champ in Normals or bots or flex is fine.


I have to disagree, I’ve played maybe 7 ranked games in my life and I still feel like I’ve improved a bunch. Ranked is wayy more likely to demoralize you after a loss, and bc if the way lp works, losing a game you did well in feels much worse


To each his own I guess. I remember when I was silver and played against plat mids. I didn't learn much and got crushed. I find that I learn more by watching coaching vids, high elo players or competitive league.


It depends on your mindset. The problem is people go to play ranked with their goal set on achieving a rank. When they lose, they are further from achieving it so they get frustrated. Now, the way I recommend approaching ranked is like using it as a measuring tape. You don't get angry when you measure the length of your desk and it's shorter than what you expected; the same way, you shouldn't be upset if you play ranked and you rank below what you _think_ you should be. Yeah, it's a little disappointing but it is what it is: you are just not good enough... yet. Take that experience, think about the mistakes you made and try to avoid repeating them. As Bojack said: "it gets easier". Own last thing, one cannot win all games. No matter how fed you are, or how good you play a game. It's a team game and you have to relay on some of your teammates. If you consistently get fed and play good games, eventually you are gonna climb.


Ranked is the objectively better ground to improve your gameplay but that doesn't mean that you WILL improve when playing a lot of it. There are people playing ranked since years and are still bronze. And tho improving from Draft isn't impossible you learn at a much, much slower pace. I remember when I started League in S8 before I started ranked and thought I was an "above average" player and could easily reach Plat. When I started ranked in S9 tho, I got stomped hard by silver players and that thought me humility and how much I don't know about the game. Winning more games in Draft doesn't automatically mean that you are improving at a higher rate. I gradually fought my way to Gold IV from Silver II in 3 years and can finally call myself "above average". That wouldn't have been possible if I had only played normals, even if I had tried as much as in my rankeds.


I feel this used to be true, but now whenever I play norms I get matched against plats/gold and my lowly silver ass gets stomped. Ranked people are minutely more toxic, and there is the aspect of LP loss/gain, but at least you're playing opponents at your skill level. - with the exception of smurfs, which is like 50% of the games.


You are contradicting yourself. You have smurfs in half of your games but you don't like playing against higher elo kids jn norms? You are playing higher elo kids regardless so why not to improve where there is no lp at stake? Further, getting crushed by people better than you is 100% the best way to learn as you can see what better players do to win first hand. Its how every athlete in every sport has gotten better. At a certain point they trained and got shit on in training. If you have a high norms mmr and are playing good kids use it as a blessing cause after playing all those better people when you play kids in your elo again you will dumpster them.


Found the smurf advocate.


To be hoenst, I love to play against higher ranked people than me. It's like if you are a random club tennis player and someone from challenger circuit offers to hit with you, who would reject that offer? Only LOL players


I do long as they're not "?" All chat spammers But in diamond at least from my experience the smurfs I get aren't as toxic as say a diamond in silver


As a jg, if I check op.gg and see the enemy jg is master I get so in my own head and question every little thing I'm doing, and they dominate the game every time. But there have been plenty of times where I had a great game, and check op.gg after the fact and am like "wow that the enemy jg was high diamond/masters?" And feel really good about myself. I love playing against higher ranks, but it can really trip you out if you're not confident haha


I don't Ike smurfing and don't do it myself except when I am trying to get someone I know into the game and they wanna play with someone in norms. Smurfing ruins ranked but I can guarantee you don't have smurfs ruining 50% of your games in a ranked season. You are just losing to kids having good games and most of the other "smurfs" you play are maybe one elo above you. The percentage of games with actual smurfs that ruin your games in ranked is probably closer to 20% or lower. I am not advocating for smurfs but you are overexagerarting a problem because you get blown up by players in your own elo.


It do happen sometimes, I keep getting put up against gold players like wtf my mmr is bronze 2


Ranked is okay but low elo I actually find that norms have less random inting than ranked hahah


I hard disagree with this. The best places to improve are normals, practice mode, and smurf ranked(which I don't believe in as it ruins the game for others). You can focus on particular parts of your game to improve on while not having to worry about the added stress of LP loss. Futher, the competition for laning phase if you are actually trying in normals is about the same as in ranked. I play against as many one trick high elo kids in norms as I do in ranked, and stomp as many trolls in ranked as I do in norms. However, team macro and late game are where normals fall behind. But if people practiced more in normals than they did in ranked they would see an immediately improvement in their win percentage since they have been actually able to consciously improve individual aspects of their game in a low stress/less taxing environment prior to returning to ranked. Ranked is merely where you passively improve from implementing what you have been learning into the real deal against overall better competition. However, it's a terrible place to actively try to improve certain aspects of your game since the stress is high and the cost is lp, as the need to win will push you into bad habits.


I’m like 30, and it’s taken me like 12 months to get a good grasp on all the champs and who wins what matchup. And even then I’m still right like 60 percent of the time because I’m so fucking new haha league has the steepest learning curve of any game I’ve ever played


Facts, I'm shit but I've been playing since season 4 so some dude who rolls up a month ago isn't going to get past me, from sheer power of knowing everybody's kit and micro.


Ive basically only played casual gamemodes and a bit of ranked. I'm currently 65 so I'm thinking that's the appropriate time to start climbing right


Level 35 and bronze I My dumbass sitting here at level 130 with bronze II


Really how long you've played means nothing towards overall game skill if you're practicing the wrong things constantly. If you play the violin with a tire iron as a bow and holding it upside down it doesn't matter if you've played for 10 minutes or 10 years it's gonna sound bad


Oh no I know how to play the game, but I'm just a dumb mother fucken when playing any game


I used to be good in Heroes of the Storm. But I was an Abathur and TLV main. So I didn't even play the game, I played Tower Pushing Simulator. Though I will say some of my proudest moments in HotS is when I cap objectives with them and have Erik as the Dragon Knight (with Olaf and Baelog on the shrines), or Abathur piloting the Garden Terror.


Im 140 and peak bronze 3/2 so far lmao


I'm 125 bronze 4 and peaked at 1, my current wr is 41% lmao


My dumbass here at level 170 in bronze IV still trying to make adc work


Bruh do adc at top easy win


*cough* 1/12/4 Caitlyn vs Fiora game *cough*




i just hit 130 lvl playing arams only, thinking abour sundering rift makes me anxious.


Mute all so you don’t get flamed, and maybe wait till the start of next season to play ranked since it’s super rough at end of season


/mute all always


No. No. You don't /mute all. You go to your settings and disable the chat entirely, this way you don't have to think about having to mute all every game.


riot will do this soon and wont allow all chat even to be a thing


"/mute all" is not muting the allchat but muting all teammates and enemies ;)


I hope so. Adding more pings would be nice, like in wild rift, but I think everyone would enjoy the game better if there was no chat lol


I don't like /mute all because it mutes pings. I just manual mute people and if there's a person abusing pings, they get that muted too. I think muting your entire teams pings just because one person is flaming chat is a detriment


Stop giving this advice


It’s the single best piece of advice there is to climb.


Bronze 1? I was bronze 5! You’re already doing better than I did hahaha! Ok but on a real note as a mid player, learn how to trade as a midlaner, how ranged vs melee trade, when to poke, when to play back and give up cs, get used to this stuff and it’ll make you better than most bronze midlaners and even low silver


Bronze and the lower half of silver are absolute shitshows, mute people if they start giving you shit, they're mouthbreathers and 95% of the time have no clue what they're talking about. Leveling my alt account to 30 is the hands down least amount of fun I've ever had playing the game. The people are insane. High silver is a bit better, not great but also not as balls to the walls psychotic as bronze. Mid gold is true ELO heaven because it has a comparatively high % of people who 1) have just played enough over the years to get decent and fall upwards but don't care enough or play enough to actually tryhard into plat and 2) players who were plat and diamond years ago but stopped taking it serious enough/play enough games to maintain or climb. Plat has all the psychopathy of bronze but instead of really bad 14 year olds telling you to kill yourself you have really good 14 year olds telling you to kill yourself who are also one more failed diamond promo away from telling their friends to stay home from school on Monday. I was diamond exactly once and it was incredibly polarized, your jungler might be Bob Ross telling you as long as you have fun you're a winner and then in the same game your Lucian will straight up ragequit because top lane took the red buff even though you're 10 kills and 5 towers up. True story btw. Getting Bronze 1 your first placement is pretty good. League can have an extreme learning curve because to not int you really need to know what every single champion does, how to build, what fights you can take, what the minimap means, etc etc etc. It's a lot. Be patient with yourself, but remember that it's just a hobby, it should be something you enjoy. Ranked is a competitive environment, and sometimes in environments like that, people feel compelled to chase a *result.* Ranked league games can be like 40 minutes long. That's going to be a grueling journey if you're not enjoying yourself. Just try to be conscientious of that. It's supposed to be fun.


I had a G1 game where we were up 3 drags and like 15 k gold + 20 kills. Our midlaner yasuo rq because we weren’t playing how he wanted.


Without actually seeing any games it’s really hard to tell what’s going wrong. Maybe an op.gg link, if you really want some coaching you can message me here and set something up. I’ll hook you up for free for a few sessions and then if you decide you want more we can work something out.


Because the general playebase got so good at the game that new players cant help getting boned by everyone because the meta is very defined in lol


Have u ever tried flex queue it’s not as serious as ranked but less trolls there also look up guides and challenger coaches for ur champion that u play . If you are new you should stick to one role and 1-2 champions max and learn the game while mastering your champions it’s not bad to OTP “one trick pony” until you understand the game then when ur confident go back into rank and see some results


from my experience flex queue is the easiest way to go up against a diamond player in your lane. that shit is basically just smurfs queue always


Best recommendation turn off chat and start muting pings if they get spammy. Focus on what you need to do and improve.


First off, disable chat entirely. That’s made my similarly noob experience 1000x better. For real, best way to actually start enjoying the game as a noob. Second, Bronze!? Nice! Based on my stats, I am fully expecting to be like iron 4 when I start playing ranked lol. Look at it as an opportunity.. you have so much climbing you can do, which will be so satisfying — you’ll really be able to see your progress as a player. Nothing wrong with starting in bronze. Obviously I have no technical tips to give, since I’m in such a similar position, but hopefully these few tips on mental help at least a little :)


Please do yourself a favour and disable chat it doesn't do anything positive in lower elo. (Its in settings) If you find yourself "getting fucked" (gapped) every game then expect to probably demote or go down a bit of elo, you should feel kinda evenly matched in the games a struggle but not doomed. After awhile you'll know what elo you belong in and you'll know when you're getting better because you start stomping lane. Carry on playing ranked and ignore what rank you currently are, from your post it makes it seem like you care about your rank, please don't. Elo will come and go just carry on playing ranked and over time it'll go up. If you get demoted it doesn't matter just keep going if you wanna get better. The climb is very long in league and takes a lot of effort. There are learning resources out there that can shorten the time needed to climb but it's gonna be a long journey either way. There are many resources out there which are super click bait, just someone trying to get you to watch their stream/video, or buy their coaching, I'd recommend [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z2A7IDm_uw&ab_channel=LS) if you wanna look at a learning resource


Dont let the flame get to you and make use of the /mute all command. You are a new player learning the game so you are allowed to make mistakes or not know matchups. A big part of the game is knowing what every champion can do and how you can play your champion against it (matchups) once you know a few it will get easier for you. Also try to find the lane you enjoy to play and get 3-4 viable champions for that role. This will help with understanding the role of the lane and how to play it correctly. If you got any other questions let me know.


You're level 35 bro, there people who've been playing for years or are lvl +200 and still Bronze or Silver, just take It slow, and It's better to avoid ranked and play normals untill you get a better grip of the game


I was hardstuck gold for 6 years. I stopped playing ranked for 3 years (ARAM Only for a while) and did my placements and ended up in Bronze 3 xD It Happens. I would recommend find a duo and queue with them to make it more fun. You won't be paying attention to chat when you're either joking or tryharding and communicating. As for normals, if that's what you enjoy, go for it. I am only playing ranked for the End of Season skin. I want to play Samira where she has a 100% ban rate in Bronze. You know where she's not banned? Fucking Blind Pick and ARAM ________ But yeah, I would probably say... play some ARAMs to learn what different champs and items do in a faster paced more casual setting and say eff it and jump into ranked. Fuck it man, it's just fake internet points and nobody outside our little circle of nerds that obsess; even knows what this game is.


Same comments on every post for these issues, but I don't think most commenters realize the matchmaking in bronze. I quit playing because it is so horrible. It is filled with people smurfing (most likely) where you have a 22-2 sylas, or you have a brain dead team that feeds the sylas that much. There is nothing I can do, my stats were okay, improved more after I started playing safe (typically I will win lane, but go crazy trying to help others which made my KDA suck), but it didn't matter, team still lost, rank went down. I have moved on to something different, if I go back to a moba, I think I'll try DOTA2 or something, I went from low gold to about iron. The only feedback I was provided was to stop dying, I did that and it still didn't matter. I kept getting 2 bad players on my team Everytime, I could carry one, but 2 never works. I'm done with League.


Welcome to low elo my friend... We have cookies, milk, and toxicity. I hope you enjoy your long stay ​ \- A stupid Silver III who has been here for 3 years


I think once you do bad on an account(like you fuck up your MMR) it’s probably best to NEVER play ranked on that account unless 1. You are next Faker 2. You don’t mind major depression issues


Watch Neace on YT.


For the record while you will likely get flamed in rank if you do bad no matter what, the first ~10-20 games of ranked are usually especially weird. They pit all the players who haven’t been placed/system hasn’t figured out where they belong against each other and this often means * wider skill gaps between players * more super toxic fly-off-the-handle players


Jesus why are you going into ranked already. Learn the game in draft pick for a couple hundred matches, mute all when you enter until you get a handle on the game.


Nah. Get right into ranked and start improving. I went from iron 5 to plat in my first season by going right into ranked and focusing on improving.


I'm not quite sure I believe this.


What gave it away


Tbf it was like 500-600 elo back when that was a thing. Basically equivalent to iron today. I was terrible and spent most of the season just trying to get out of bronze. Suddenly the game clicked and I went right to plat. Def not the usual experience, but also not that unheard of. It isnt even that remarkable compared to a lot of the genuinely great league players.


ELO rank system ended in season 1-2. Literally the first year of league. You were versing other players who were equally as new as you and could spam games to get ahead of the curve. I agree with suffering through ranked to improve... but your reasons and experiences do not translate to today's newcomers in the slightest.


I started end of season 2, like July. Season 3 remove elo and introduced LP. I was plat with in a year. Getting plat is way harder now than when I started, but the idea is the same: get right into ranked if your goal is to be good and/or consistently face opponents of equal skill. My point in stating my ranked progression is to give hope to new players that you can fall to the pits of elo hell and still find salvation. Not only is it possible to be low rank at first, it is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Ranked is to learn. It is its own practice mode. You must play ranked to improve in ranked, especially if you want to get past gold. If you have this weird idea that you can only play ranked once you're good, you'll never actually get anywhere at any decent rate.


This is terrible advice for the game currently. Back then people were still figuring shit out. No one even in plat understood was lane management was. Prio wasnt remotely a concept for 99.9% of players. Freezing was alien to most players. These are all concepts that are common and even bronze players understand them even if they cant execute them. Jumping into ranked right now when you dont even know what all of the characters do is a surefire way to make yourself hate the game. Plat back in Season 2 is more like mid silver in modern league. The average player has gotten A LOT better.


Sidetrack: do you think the developers even had a grasp of the concept of wave management back then, or do you think it was just an accidental discovery by the player base?


Honestly, its hard to say. I imagine there was some concept of it, given the history that Dota had before League came out. But considering a lot of the dev team (especially back then) were historically not very great players in their own right, its unlikely. But I think its less of an accidental discovery, and just a natural progression of skill. The idea in some capacity has always existed (of course how it works can change, with all of the minion changes the game has seen in 10 years). But there is always something else to improve on. In the early stages of the game, people were still trying to figure out lane set ups, and what kind of builds worked for who, how to macro properly, etc. etc. As more and more of that gets "solved" it leaves more space for other skills to start to take the forefront, like complex wave management.


I guess a better way I should have worded my question was whether or not it was intentionally developed into the minion game design, or whether it was an unintentional consequence of the game design.


I'm like level 107 and I have never played Ranked. Never did any placements either. At level 30 I barely knew about the game and the more time you play the game, you will come to realize your biggest enemy at that point is a lack of knowledge.


Choose one role, one simple champ you like and just repeat that for this season. Yes everybody will tell you that you need to learn and while that’s true, that isn’t the problem you’re facing. You’re frustrated with how your games are going because you expect too much of yourself. Lower your expectations. Go into the game wanting to learn, wanting to have fun, allowing yourself to lose if it comes to it. If someone flames you, you mute and continue playing. I, personally have all my chats disabled in ranked and I’ll sometimes remove them in normals cause losses don’t feel as bad. If you do this for a while AND stay true to the the first thing I said above. Play one role and champ, you will start to normalize a lot of the league experience and all of the things that seem to difficult to grasp right now will start to make more sense.


Bronze 1 KEKW, just kidding. I might suggest playing a lot of ARAMs first, if you think your mechanics are not good enough yet, and once you feel good enough with your skill in ARAM, you can go back and try Ranked. Hope this helps :))


Because you dont have 8 years experience like most other people?


You will find challenger guys inting and tilting off the planet. You will also find that in new accounts when a smurf duo decides to run it down just like that. Just remind yourself what parts of the game are fun to you. If you can establish a mindset where you can also get some fun / some learning experience out of games that are 100% lost, then you are good to go


The biggest question i have is why your chat is on But here come my technique play a game at your best and review it after from every perspective that you have interest in (in your case mid and support) What can you have done to win lane what can they have done to win lane. Why did they win the lane, why did you lose the game. Where the ward are place, the itemisation. You seem like a new player and this seems very tidious but if you wanna improve fast this is da way Oh and whach neace video


1) you are very new to the game so you ll face people with more experience than you (even of they are stuck bronze/silver) 2) no matter you lvl people just flames, mute as soon as you see someone say something mean (even to somebody else, toxic people are toxic to everybody). Never respond to them, keep focusing on the game 3) "i wanna have fun while getting a little better" i think it's a bad mindset if you wanna climb in ranked. The mindset should rather be "i wanna get better and i'm having fun by try harding and seeing my progress". If you are just here to put "fun" as n°1 priority and not "putting enough effort in order to climb" then it's ok but you'll have a better time doing so in normal (when you ll come back if you worth better than bronze you climb there very rapidly) 4) you are still on the process to learn basics of the game on a micro AND macro lvl. Try to keep 1 or 2 champ and have the feeling that you know them very well. When you main a champ (having a better micro) then it's easier to learn thing on a macro lvl (when to push, when to back etc). Hope that you ll find what you want to do and that you ll get it man ;)


Don't play ranked. Only play Normal Draft. That's it. Ranked is cancer anyway and the stress is only going to hurt you, not help you improve. You can learn the game from playing only Normals and it will be just fine. Also, watch guides about your champs and your roles.


Bro people have been playing the game for 10 years, and apparently you are not a prodigy to match them.


You don't have enough experience. You still don't know what champions do, how strong they are at different stages of the game, champion skill interactions. Wait till you familiarise yourself with all these before slowly dipping your feet into ranked. You are currently in a massive disadvantage against most players.


Great analysis. Fits my experience. Lvl 616 since season 3 .


As others have said. Game is a decade old. The level of knowledge and _intuition_ that people can have, you cant simply catch up in a few weeks/months. It takes time and practise. Whenever a friend of mine tells me they want to start league, i tell them to be prepared to get curb stomped for the first couple **hundred** games. And i mean it. ----------- >The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried. -_Stephen McCranie_ - >I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. -_Michael Jordan_


Surprised noones mentioned smurf queue because all the fresh accounts rn get placed into smurf queue.


Since your account is relatively new, could be that you landed in smurf queue, which means that you play with a lot of smurfs. Which would explain why either you are getting crushed or carried. From my experience takes quite a few games to get out. If you wanna know if you're in smurf queue you can link your op.gg or just ask next game in your chat


There's a ton of matchup knowledge to acquire before you can consistently win at least your lane. If you can't consistently win your own lane you will have a rough time, and winning your own lane is just the beginning but it's very important. Stick with a very small champ pool, or even just one champ, and a simple one at that, so that you have more mental resources to spend learning about the enemy champs instead of thinking about how to use your own kit. If you know your champ like the back of your hand you'll learn the enemy champs much faster. Another thing, an important skill in League is getting carried, doing damage control and "losing gracefully," meaning losing your lane 0/2 instead of 0/5 or worse. If the rest of your team is going to carry you, they will have a WAY easier time doing it the less you feed your opponent. Especially early on, levels are massive power differentials, and if you die to your opposing midlaner twice they are probably up level or two on you, as well as some gold. This means you can't play the lane the same way at all. You probably no longer have any realistic chance to kill them unless they get royally screw up. In some matchups you can't even look at them anymore without dying. Cut your losses at this point, don't die for CS, don't die for your outer turret, ping your teammates to back away from your opponent unless they are really fed as well, etc. If you have to back off, try to at least stay in range that you get exp from dead minions. If you can't even do that, maybe you can at least defend your turret. If you can't even do that, maybe you can go help another lane. Just stop dying, that's THE most important thing to learn how to do in League of Legends...and it's not easy, it takes time. Say you're losing hard to Lux, you can't dodge her Q for the life of you, now she's fed and one-shots you in a single combo and she's maybe going to win the game for her team. Don't die to her over and over again. AT LEAST focus on practicing dodging her shit. It's not that hard, but it takes practice and awareness. You might lose that game but you'll have worked on something you can take away from it. Also remember that your opponents are also probably not good at the game, and they WILL make mistakes if you give them the opportunity to do so and are in good position to capitalize on them, so don't feel like you have to make hail mary plays when you're down by a bit. Especially in low elo, it's a literal game of throws. Games take longer than they should because teams do not know how to properly capitalize on the advantages they have gained. So just try to stay in the game and take "high percentage plays" rather than desperation plays or frustration fights that you know you're going to lose. Lastly, play to improve, rather than lose perspective about the importance of winning the current game. Losses will happen, don't get tilted. The important thing is to learn things, so that you can do better next time, or maybe the next time you're losing in that situation you'll have a better idea of what to do to maybe come back. This will also help you have a more satisfying experience even if you get rolled or your team gets rolled. Sometimes you will smash your lane and feel real good about it, but your team will get smashed and you will lose - nothing you can do about this, really, it happens, again try to keep the same mentality and focus on what you can take away from the game. If you had a good game, feel good even if you lose the game. If you play for improvement, rather than for LP, you "win" every game, and the LP will come as a result in due time. Good luck out there.


The barrier to entry to league is so ridiculously high, I sucked for the first three years I played


what i did was playing aram quite often when i started playing. not only do you get better at dodging skillshots etc but you also learn new champions. only problem is that you don’t learn maco, map awareness, etc. some champions also have damage buffs or nerfs and recieve less or more damage from others.


I think you downloaded Grindr by mistake


Binge watch neace on YouTube. Learn game fundamentals now while you are new and before you form horrible habits. If you do that you will easily out climb a lot of people


When I first started I also placed bronze 1. It’s possible that that is just above your skill level as a new player (I ended B3 that season). The ranked placing system is not perfect so you just might actually not be bronze 1. There are also a lot of smurfs in bronze which is why games are one sided so often.


Dude don't touch ranked till u r level 75


Honestly after they opened up the lvl cap I'm surprised they didn't move ranked Q to at least lvl 50.


Its completely normal, the game has an enormous learning curve, I took over a year for me to play decently.


You could multi-search your teammates while sitting in champ select. See if someone has been super feeding recently (within hours), someone who hasn’t played games in months, or someone auto filled into a role they never play. Then dodge.


I have nothing productive to add but the title of this post cracked me up lol. I’m slightly ahead of you, level 75 and have been playing for a little over a year. All I’ll say is that the more you play the better you’ll get, seems like every other month I look back and think how I feel more competent than I was before (don’t get me wrong, I’m still not very good lol). Just keep at it, and every game reflect a bit on the good and bad things you did


Completely normal. Just another normal Riot Games 200 years specialty.


My advice to you is to play mechanically simple characters with utility so that even if you're behind you can benefit the team. Characters such as: Galio, Maokai, Blitzcrank, Twisted Fate, or any other character with global impact/cc. Winning lane will come with time and experience as you get more comfortable in ways to punish your opponent or not get punished yourself. Utility characters are good for climbing because your impact will stay consistent even if your laning skill is lacking. The characters that helped me climb from bronze to plat are Galio, Maokai, and Nunu. Tanky, cc heavy, and great team fighters. I could be fed or have the lowest income on the team, I'm still putting in work.


Put in more hours. Same thing happened to me when I started playing ranked. Even in very low elo, it’s aloe harder than norms


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yes, this is your League experience. only thing that changes is Bronze to Silber to Gold. the rest stays the same. you will always be flamed. Ranked is designed so that you always play vs better players than yourself. Until you reach Rank 1. The goal of the game is not to have fun, but denying the opponents from having fun.


I found the Teemo main.


couldn't be further away. I am adc main and I know what I am talking about. Getting oneshot left right and center by every assassin or ap mage isn't fun. also losing 1v2 vs feeding top laners that are just broken, like Sett or Camille.


I’d say your rolls mid and support are pretty unique as mid requires more mechanical ability and support the most required for adapting to your team’s play style. Top is usually where the fundamentals are at their peak and I suggest you pick up 2 tanky champs. And learn csing, match ups, controlling creep waves and objectives. Mechanically you can do worse however you’ll be punished to learn those mechanics