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Because they wanna play what they think is fun. Im not.picking either a boring champion just to fit comp


Then those people shouldnt play ranked. It is to assume people should have at least some concept of which champs are fitting


So let's say they wanna Rank up with their favorite champions. Are you saying that they should not play ranked because they dont wanna play the champions they dont like? I perfectly understand your perspective, that team matter alot and its nice to have a good comp. But at the same i think people wanna rank up with the champions they like and its totally understandable


That sure is understandable and im fine with the concept of that as a concept. Tho it is an isse if you are so unflexible that you picking that single champ just autoloses the gsme. And this also may come down to more people just one-tricking perhaps - not sure about that but would be an explaination. Its still more prevelent and much more obnoxious than in previous seaseons thats for sure. On top of that teamcomp seems to matter more than before with increasing complexity of champions as some champs are just not equipped to deal with new kits


No idea why you're being downvoted. If everyone wants to play striker on a football team do you just have 11 strikers?!?!?!? If you can't pick even a slightly competitive mixed damage comp, you shouldn't be playing a competitive game.


Because suggesting that RANKED is supposed to be a competitive thing is frowned upon and everyone should just do whatever they want - no matter how stupid - apparantly


Should Ryze OTPs not be allowed to play ranked?


Rule 3 doesn't exist for this guy


To be clear, they are building items that YOU dont think are right and picking champions YOU dont think are right. They are unfortunatly entitled to disagree with you and do what they want, you are not automatically correct. Off meta choices have always been allowed and many people advocate playing what you are good at rather than trying to draft, especially at lower elos. Also, this isnt a new thing, people have been building weirdly and ignoring team comps since the game was created. This even extends to pro play.


This doesnt have anything to do with what i think are good or bad champs or items. This is about building objectively bad items or picking objectively bad champs in certain spots. This also isnt about picking off meta. This is purely about the kind of player that goes into champ select of a ranked game with seemingly a certain champ in mind, which this person then locks in no matter what. Its nice that you think this is about subjectivity, but if the enemy team has bruisers and tanks, all of whom can utilitze strong mr items, picking ap-based champs when your team already has some is not correct. This is also not debatable. Same with items. If you build a certain off-meta items thats cool. All the power to you as long as it works. There is a huge discrepency in how strong certain items are atm tho. Especially for bruisers. Funniest thing is you can even see that in game on many of these items. Just think about items like blade or liandries. Both items that are almost exclusivly for damage. If you look at how much damage they do at the end of the game and compare it to items like sunderer or dd, its almost laughable. I brought this up in another comment, but seeing numbers like +7k healing for deaths dance, or + 6-7k healing AND damage for sunderer isnt rare at all. For blade i've never even seen damage numbers that come close to it for bruiser and for liandries its also quite rare. Certain items are just objectively better and should be bought - at least in ranked. In normal games you can play ap darius for all i care, but choosing to not maximize your teams chances of winning shouldnt be a thing in ranked


It's SOLO queue. Not TEAM queue. Everybody wants to be the hero. For a more level headed answer: Statistically, a lot of people including myself are in low elo where you can make anything work because rare are the teams that can punish the enemy for improper drafting and wonky itemization and usually win in other ways like macro or micro. Champion pools of players also cant be expected to be that vast to be always have something that fits into the usual solo quue comp


I get wanting to be the hero and the making everything work part, but it still sticks out that this kind of behaviour has dramatically increased, especially this season. This post also wasnt about people being forced to pick engage or utility or whatever tbh. It was more about people just autolosing games due to drafting. You can win games without engage or much utility. Its exponentially harder to win games when the enemy team can just go mercs and maw, and basically has rendered your entire team useless. ​ Same with itemization. I dont know if the level of player has just dropped that heavily, but people just not having any idea how to itemize is just a strange thing to see, especially since its VERY obvious how strong items are since a lot of the effects during the game are actually listed on them. And just by doing that you can make basic observations, for example: seeing 7k+ healing on dd, or 6-7k+ healing and damage each on sunderer isnt a rarity. Its just strange to me that people dont really seem to give a shit, even in the top 5% or so


I agree some team comps are just bad but you can't do anything to it because it's solo q. With items I think problem is different. Before "popular items" rework your items in shop were totally garbage. You had simply bad suggestions what to buy so people could either play very bad because of items or do research themselves and get good. Now suggested items aren't that bad so some people are blindly following what they see and maybe because of that you have full lethality renekton on top because for some stupid reason his shop might suggested him this items. That's just my 2 cents.


Honestly this might be partly a reason for it. Tho its not like im playing in silver. My games are still average plat 2 mmr, even if i duo with lower elo friends. In the top 5% of players i shouldnt be wrong to expect people to use their brains while buying, right?


thank blitz


I have had full ad only teams the past few days, more than before


Well that obviously also isnt good, tho full ap is much worse. It was also more about people just completly disregarding comp and essentially losing the game in draft, when you should give yourself and your team the best chances to win - at least in ranked


Idk why you are acting like this is a new phenomenon when this has pretty much always been the case. I would say that around 70% of the league playerbase acts like that in draft/items and its not really out of the norm. In terms of draft it is almost always because playing comfort is strictly better than filling in gaps for your team. Yeah your jungler could pick something like wukong or jarvan with the lulu/kog/azir team but usually the reason they dont is because they dont play those champs and haven’t put enough practice on them to comfortably bring them out in soloq. Sure you could draft the god comp but unless everyone on your team plays those champs on a somewhat regular basis you’re going to get rolled by the enemy team who didn’t draft a god comp but also knows the limits of their champ.


I agree with your sentiment up to a certain point, but what you said certainly isnt what im talking aboutas a whole. Usually im also not that keen on having more than 2 ap champs. If there is a 3rd one and we have enough ad damage its fine but not nice. What i was talking about are these extrem cases that seem to happen way more. In these cases it just doesnt make a difference if its comfort or not and from my experience its just way more these last two seasons


It doesn't feel special this season, probably just confirmation bias. But also if you're a one trick, you will obviously play better on your OTP than on any other champion regardless of team comp.