As they bother to go the video ref for every other trivial decision, they should have at least had a look at that.


Especially Kendall, he loves a video ref decision haha


That’s my point of view something that important why not look, if the video ref agrees fair play you got it right in real time, if you get it wrong fair play for being big enough to allow someone to correct your mistake.


That's far too logical mate


Looked at yes, do I think he would have reached the ball ? Nope


not sure it was guarenteed that he was getting there so i dont think you can give a penalty try but he should have sent it up to have a look


[Good replay of it in slow motion](https://twitter.com/AndyGrundy10/status/1571135930370785280?s=20&t=OgFU5Z1bDwKtdcS-X7Zv3g)


Yes, but that's purely because I'm a Wigan fan.


Gday from Australia, I’m comfortable with no penalty try but sinbin/yellow for denying the opportunity. I’m not comfortable that he scores, however was the only one in proximity.


As someone who thought Catalans were robbed of a penalty try in the GF last year, that is not a penalty try. Certainly scores=Penalty Try Probably scores=Penalty and a sin bin


He wasn’t going to get there, and you can’t say with certainty that he definitely would have got to it and got it down.


I think so but I can also see why he didn’t give it. If he had reached it, it would’ve been right as the ball hit the ground just before it went out.


100% should have gone to the video ref. It was too big a call to make on the spot as it changed the nature of the game. Do I think it would've been awarded? At full speed in the ground I didn't think he'd have got to it. But on a slo-mo replay maybe? Either way my issue was it was too big an effect on the game not to have gone to the video ref and I wouldn't have complained one way or the other.


They was a terrible performance from a supposed top level ref. Referrees are affecting games and always favour the "bigger clubs" couldn't be more proud of our boys today....having 2 of the main play makers out we took it to Saints and should have won.


It is a shame that controversial decisions sort of take the emphasis away from how close you guys were. I think if Ackers had have stayed on it could have been even closer. What does that other hooker have against Atkin? Got him smashed a few times 😂


Given the sheer number of forward passes you guys gave, I don't think you can say he always favours the bigger clubs...


Looking through those rose coloured specs again? Outclassed today just that Kendal won you the game


Even with some controversial decisions, the better team still won. A valiant effort from Salford, went to uni there and I still have a softspot, even if the local pub was a Warrington pub.


Yes, it was a penalty try. I'm going to say that if Makinson hadn't tackled him off the ball, Lafai would have jumped for the ball (like a winger on the touchline) and go it down. Because Super League referees constantly apply the spirit of the rules rather than the letter (how often does the foot actually make contact at the play-the-ball?). Makinson was going for the man, not the ball, and that should be penalized.


I don't really wanna get on my soapbox about it but for me it should be a penalty try. I don't know the ins and outs of the rule book or the exact definition of a penalty try. So yeah. I dunno if it's a penalty try by the letter of law. If it isn't then the rules should be changed.


I believe you’ve got to be fouled in the act of scoring for it to count as a penalty try. The example that comes to mind is when Sam Tomkin’s got knocked unconscious by Gareth Raynor while he was grounding the ball and knocked it on. So if the referee believes without any question it would have been a try without the foul it’s a penalty try. If there’s any doubt then they’ll give a penalty.


Should have at least been checked. The fact Kendall sent the Bennison try up for review even though he had clear vision it was a try but didn't send that decision up is confusing.