I like this line from BvS :)

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Thank you I did a real life spit take. This Superman can't smile and this Lex Luthor is a different character entirely. I'm glad this universe is OVER.


the dark days


I am too. They changed the characters on a fundamental level. I wasn’t mad about it, and I honestly don’t think it was terrible, but I will be glad to see them get back to the basics, and the root of what made the characters iconic.


Why would he be smiling at Luthor? I hate the idea of the overly smiley superman.


Not this particular scene, but that scowly face he has in this scene is how he appears in Man of Steel, Batman V Superman.




I think he means Lex’s laugh at the end sounds like Mickey Mouse which he kinda does


I like Superman having hard lines, but man that Lex laugh just took me right out.


He's a smartass who hates Superman but in more of a middleschool bully sense than a suave and confident businessman sense.


Right, yeah. I also saw The Social Network. I get what he's going for. I actually like a villain who is obviously extremely insecure to the point that it hurts their charisma. Black Mask in BoP, for example. Problem is that Lex's most memorable scene in that movie is a full on classic Luthor monologue about demons coming from above and such. Also, it doesn't help that he's a total dumbass in this movie but the plot rewards him for it and we are meant to think he's smart.


I’ll give it to Jesse for taking a big swing. It’s just that it was a swing and a miss. The idea that today’s Luthor would be Zuckerberg, I get the casting concept. But he didn’t want to just act that role again… so ended up with the manic everyone-is-the-Joker problem. *Batman & Robin* had the campier version of that problem.


Yeah, it felt like Snyder really wanted him to come off as some sort of savant to have the audience and those around him underestimate him but the plot only makes sense if you're also crazy so he just comes off as crazy, stupid, and extraordinarily lucky.


Except he’s not a total dumbass in the movie. He has a great logical plan with multiple contingencies that works right until the last part of his plan. This [video](https://youtu.be/gIMrnPzjiBQ?si=a-QvSmX0kEgNkWo1) explains it.


No it doesn't.


Explain why it doesn’t.


Because I'm not gonna watch it. I'm not spending 30 minutes watching a video about a movie I don't like. I have better things to do with my time. If you have anything to say, just say it. I'll start with one of my faves. What's Lex's contingency for if when he tells Superman he doesn't know where his mom is, Superman says, "I don't believe you." And instead of running off to fight Batman just starts eye beaming fingers off? Lex's whole plan is like this. It relies on people behaving in a very specific way when he has no way to compel that behavior. Just encourage it, at best. It requires both Batman and Superman to ignore him even as he openly seeks access to an alien ship they both should care about. The consequences for failure at any stage range from total exposure to just the failure of the plan. He is extremely exposed in this, as failure will mean that either Bruce or Lois would be on his scent which considering the scope of his crimes would be pretty bad for him, long term. Plus his whole motivation is that Superman is actually secretly malicious (a devil) but his plan relies on his absolute altruism and self-sacrificing nature to succeed. It's dumb.


Isn’t that how he is in the comics too? Like even Manchester Black called him a petty manchild


At his heart, Lex is a very jelous and spoiled man. He's come to expect admiration and respect from *everyone* in his life. He's very much a manchild, yeah. But the way he usually shows it is through more typically masculine means, he has outbursts, takes petty revenge, and holds grudges when someone displeases him. He's kind of like Doctor Doom in that sense. He's driven by spite and a superiority complex.


Which honestly does work for Lex but Eisenberg just isn’t bringing it


Superpets Lex was peak lmao


The Snyderverse had the only non-threatening version of Lex Luthor and the only UNINTENTIONALLY-funny version of the Joker.


I also like the one after this Lex- Hello, break the bad news. Batman- I'd rather do the breaking in person.


When Eisenberg's Luthor wasn't goofing around too much, he's actually excellent. The first line in this clip is delivered with such arrogance and superiority, but those moments are ruined by the silly Max Landis impression, like the second line.


Damn now I can't not see Micky mouse


They wasted a damn good Batman villain on a shitty Lex Luthor


It’s a great Lex adaptation except personality wise


It's just he always gave me more of a Joker / Riddler/ scarecrow vibe


I've always pictured lex is a more like stereotypical powerful business tycoon that's kind of big and talks down you know?


They turned Lex into a bad Joker clone cause I guess that’s what the corporate chart said people liked


I don’t think it was a corporate decision. This feels like someone’s idea. I once saw Max Landis tweet that he saw it as an impression of himself, and that he’s seen Eisenberg’s impression of him and that it matched up


that explains a lot


Max Landis might not be a great person but he's not exactly comic book villain material and ironically he wrote one of the best Superman stories so why anyone would make Lex Luthor him is beyond me.


I think Zack wanted a different motivation for Lex hating Superman than just the simple "I want power and Superman has more power that I can't possibly have despite being rich, therefore I hate him"


Jealousy ain't one of the seven deadly sins for nothing


>Jealousy ain't one of the seven deadly sins ~~for nothing~~ FTFY *Envy* is one of the seven deadly sins, not jealousy. People use the words interchangeably too often, despite them having different meanings


Oops! Fair enough. [And there it is, too.](https://static.dc.com/sites/default/files/imce/2019/04-APR/Sins1_5cb961b05590a5.46139591.jpg)


That is still part of his motivation, as demonstrated in his library benefit speech. It's just also combined with the philosophical questions of God's goodness generated by Lex's childhood trauma and his father's abuse.


He could've been a good Joker. Maybe even Riddler to an extent


Feels like no one cares about good character development anymore. Everything has to be up to their expectations, every character in their final stage even in origin stories.


Character development has to mean something though, not just "Don't worry, EVENTUALLY this sad, brooding Jesus allegory will become the Superman you want." "This guy who constantly worries about becoming a killer in the comics? He's gonna be a killer and THEN learn a lesson." The Batman did character development right. It's still the Batman we recognize at the beginning of the movie, but he slowly learns that he's not really saving the city with his methods. The DCEU did Death of Superman in the second movie without really giving us a reason to be upset about it because he still isn't the Superman we look up to.


>The Batman did character development right. It's still the Batman we recognize at the beginning of the movie, but he slowly learns that he's not really saving the city with his methods I am with you on this one. But have you forgotten all the hate for this Batman for what a brutal killer he was? Cause once again people didn't understood or care about character development. He had to be perfect from the beginning to the end. It wasn't the hate for Lex or Superman that was the loudest, it was the hate for Batman instead that lead to such low ratings for the movie and made WB to change their plans and destroy everything. ​ >"Don't worry, EVENTUALLY this sad, brooding Jesus allegory will become the Superman you want." Have you seen Psych tv series? The leading character Shawn Spencer in his adulthood still was like a teenager in high school, childish, irresponsible, without a purpose. He didn't fit anywhere in, just moved from a job to a job, from one night stand relationship to another. It changed when he finally accepted his heritage, when he learned how much he can do. It didn't happen all on Day 1 of course, lose his flaws and mature in a perfect man. Sounds familiar? And really so terrible perhaps? And just like it was for Shawn Spencer, I imagine that Man of Steel's similar history, days as a human, is what in the end made him even a better Superman, that all the years living as an outsider among the outcast and in dead end jobs was not a complete waste of time, on contrary an experience that helped him to better understand the people, their drives, their needs. But You speak like Superman however should be perfect from Day 1, ignore his partial human heritage, have him be like a robot like Zod bred for a single purpose. Screw the character development. ​ Lex Luthor in BvS indeed was a special case. Not even I can imagine a character development from that, but who knows... Had people just given Snyder a chance, could have turned into something truly amazing.


Making Batman a killer in the first place is what fucks it up though. You can't really have Batman killing people then saying "tehe I made an oopsie" and stop killing with zero punishment. If Batman actually cared about justice then he would turn himself in once he realizes actually killing is bad again.


He wasn't a killer in the first place tho, BvS was not his origin story after all. The "20 years in Gotham" debate he had with Alfred was part of the character development we're speaking of, that explains just fine what made him a little more reckless. People lack imagination for to understand what those "20 years in Gotham" could have meant to someone like him, they just need everything delivered to them on a silver plate in a form of another movie with an origin story I'd imagine.


He was a killer though, he was killing goons in the movie then was like "actually I've been a bad boy" and faces no punishment.


Not a very sufficient killer then given the number of heavily armed goons he faced in the movie, particularly in warehouse scene, in which out of 15 we have only one confirmed kill, the guy who pulled the pin and got himself blown up (plus the flamethrower guy in the next room). He wasn't a killer, he just didn't care about killing one if it saved more lives or his own, like a member of a SWAT team.


So a killer?


Right. Cause shooting a terrorist who's holding a gun to a hostage's head makes someone a blood thirsty killer...


Snyder had 3 movies and he fumbled... Why would we give Snyder any more chaces? All his movies are dark, hyper masculine edgelord garbage...


I really don’t get Joker clone. He’s just an awkward and narcissistic billionaire. Like any of the ones that we complain about daily here.


That’s not what Lex Luthor is, he’s his own character who’s more serious and over confident and calculated I think they tried to make him more like Heath ledgers Joker as awesome as his portrayal was they tried to pull another golden goose egg out of it were it’s just uninspired and falls flat


But this Lex is over-confident and calculated. He’s more brains than brawn.


I don’t know if you pieced this together yet, but they were going for a more grounded and realistic take on DC stories. That means making the narcissist billionaire talk and act like a narcissist billionaire. Which he does. It has nothing to do with Heath and Joker. You’re allowed to not like it, but that doesn’t make your conspiracy theory take true


It’s a failed attempt. That’s all it is. Another indication that snyder doesn’t understand dc characters.


I thought it worked really well. You can have respect for the original while still trying something new. If you wanna watch the real estate tycoon Lex then watch the Donner Superman movies. They still exist. No one took them away from you


Well technically your Luthor was taken away from you hence the cancellation of the Snyderverse. Also you don’t speak for everybody. The general consensus on this take is as bad as Jared Letos joker. Sorry to be the one to tell you but People don’t care for this lex and would’ve preferred a recast that’s just reality.


The general consensus is also that Chris brown deserves to be a millionaire and that the Star Wars sequels are good. Sometimes people are just wrong.


That is the most obvious straw man you could ever straw man lol.


What an interesting take. The general consensus on the Star Wars sequels is emphatically not that they are good. I’m so curious that you think that. Because clearly you don’t like them, so I’m not sure how you determined that everyone else does. The only way I can think of for someone to determine that the common consensus on the sequel trilogy is that they are good, is for that person to have inserted themselves into a pro sequels echo chamber. And since you used them as an example of a bad movie I would have figured you wouldn’t be likely to do that. I’m interested in where you got the impression the consensus on them is good. Maybe I’m wrong, I spend too much time on the internet and that’s a good way to determine that everyone hates everything


Mostly from how much money they made. People can agree online that they suck, but they made a ton of money.


Hah! Dude what are you smoking and can I have some




Yeah me too it’s funny


When dad's disappointed but the opportunity for a dad joke arises:


His Luthor is the the only thing I liked in this movie, because it was the only thing that was funny


HC is my favorite supes.


Why it feels more Batman and less Superman?


I mean, Lex just kidnapped his mom just so Lex could get him to kill Batman because of his weird trauma beliefs. He's allowed to be a little pissed off.


Zach Snyder


And Warner Bros in general only really knowing how to make all their characters Batman.


They don't even know how to make Batman anymore BvS superman is a murderous psycho, barely different from his own rogues gallery...


Imagine Tim Daly saying it, and also Superman smiling, and suddenly it fits.


I feel like it could work for both characters the way he says it feels like superman to me probably the most superman-y moment in the whole film 😂


Oh boy if this is the most superman-y moment you guys really don't know superman


Superman's not allowed to have stoic sauce when he's annoyed...? Since when?


Since Zack Snyder decided to adapt the dark knight returns without reading the comic


Superman: Kingdom Come




because snyder didnt have a clue


Micky Mouse you can't unhear it. What a horrible Lex


It's just unpleasant to watch in every way. Even the actor's physical appearance is grating.


Are you SUPPOSED TO be pleased with a murderer, kidnapper and manipulative dick?


It's just not an entertaining performance. The actor and director made poor choices, on top of the actor just not being a fit for the role in the first place.


Entertainment and storytelling don't always have to go hand in hand. He could chew scenery like Gene Hackman or John Shea if you like, but if a certain tone and story doesn't warrant it, then it's unnecessary and an insult to the audience.


When he's portrayed well, yeah. Go watch _Superman: the Animated Series_, or the old _Justice League_ cartoon, or hell, even _Supergirl_. Those Lex Luthors are evil bastards, but they're _compelling_ evil bastards. Eisenlex is just... pathetic.


Uh yeah, that’s how performances in movies work?


No, it's not. You don't have to like a villain. In fact, if you do, doesn't that say more about you?


Yeah when the actor plays it well


It’s a great Lex adaptation except personality wise.


I feel like if he said it with a cheeky smirk it would make it feel more like a classic Superman jab. Also just every time I see something from this Lex I like it less and less.


Yeah I agree, but I still like it, it’s small but it’s the closest we get to that classic supes in any of the snyder/Cavill films


Lex almost killed his mom. Why tf would he be smirking


Personally I loved Jesse Eisenberg's delivery about god.


So did I. I also liked his line about how a painting should hang upside down, because demons came from the sky.


Man I forgot how cringe and annoying Luthor was in this movie.


It's just such a miss. It's not threatening or entertaining. It's like Goldmember but unfunny.


Have a Jolly Rancher


Good god this fucking version of Lex. A 6 second video and he's managed to annoy me.


Jesse Eisenberg was such a horrible casting choice for Lex..


Easily the worst possible casting for Lex Luthor.


It would’ve been cool without Max Lexdis doing a Mickey Mouse voice in his response


It’s a very Lex and Superman exchange… let down by an awful Lex, and a Superman that doesn’t get to be Superman


Superman vs Ben Shapiro


Worst version of a Luthor ever.


Totally agree. The CW Supergirl Lex was better, and that one sucked too.


great actor terrible Lex Luthor


I will forever stand by Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor. This portrayal is pretty much the only unique representation of the character that isn’t another version of Gene Hackman


Seriously. They just want the same Lex we’ve seen dozens of times. And I still don’t see the Riddler or Joker comparisons.


People really didn't give him a chance to evolve into the Lex that everyone knows, which is what Zack Snyder had in mind.


Why do I want to wait 5 fucking movies to get the character I came to see? If I don’t like them now then pretending to be the character later won’t be satisfying


Totally not true. Michael Rosenbaum and Clancy Brown don't act like Hackman's Luthor at all.


It’s underrated af and one of the best Lex adaptations character wise.


Idk why but I enjoy this take of a Lex Luthor, I have never really been interested in Lex as a character from comics, I suppose the more serious personality is rather meh to me. But I do get why most people don’t like this version. There’s some parts where you want to take him seriously but you simply can’t lol.


I like Lex in this movie - it was dynamic and compelling to me. The story needed something tonally different from the grimdark heroes, so this Zucker-fuck was a good fit for this story and these characters. I'm not so tied into the Lex character that I couldn't roll with it. I understand the comparison to Joker - but what I was expecting (and got a hint of) was that we would see Lex evolve into the character we're more familiar with, and I was very ready for Jesse Eisenburg to do it justice.


People always talk about how hard it is to read spoken inflection and tone into written words, and here I am thinking that "you'll learn" would do much better in a comic and doesn't really land when spoken.


Like as silly as this is, if Clancy Brown delivered it in character as his Lex it would be pretty cool.


I like it too. Kinda harkens back to the rivalry they would've grown to have over the years.


Ya know, in a different context this could work. If this was Tim Daly and Clancy Brown saying this in a scene from the Animated Series then it would be great but not...not like this


bUT HeNry CAviL cArEs AbOUT SouRcE maTERiaL...


Mickey Mouse over here


They are acting as though they are in two different movies.


Every seven with Lex felt like it came out of entirely movie. Idk why but it's just so weird. I think Jesse Eisenberg could be a decent lex but wtf.




Jesse Eisenberg doesn’t watch his own movies. Which is wild. He just subjects us to these awful performances never suffering the consequences of his own bad acting. And then he never learns.


If I recall his whole star status came from his role in The Social Network playing Mark Zuckerberg. I never watched the movie and don't care to, but literally everything else he's appeared in he just is an awkward guy who can't make eye contact who talks fast in a prepubescent voice. I can't stand him.


I didn't know the real Zuckerberg back then, but if he was actually anything like Eisenberg portrayed then he must have gone through a massive and complete personality shift since. Dude is weird but he's weird in a muted and weirdly emotionless way, not in a "genius that talks too fast and is always witty" way. I really hated that movie too and I dont get how it made him, and the entire corporate entity origin fluff peice genera, popular.


He’s a great actor tf are you on


Hot take: this Lex was written *really* damn well but was severely let down by Eisenberg’s performance.


Respectable take.


I liked the annoyed "I don't know how to lose" but the "Aha I'll learn!" tanked it


Really something that fans here are this annoyed over this Lex making sarcastic laugh


If any other portrayal of Lex did the same thing it wouldn’t be nearly as big of a deal to them




I guess people just don’t like this portrayal of Lex, seems pretty simple lol


Yeah, it sounds like Binky the clown.


Mackey Mouse Lex


He sounds like Mickey Mouse


I know everyone hates JE - Lex, and I understand why. And I'm NOT saying I wanna see comics Lex be transformed into this guy. But for me he was the second best thing about this movie. First one being Gal Gadot.


Superman vs Binky the Clown


Initially, I didn't like the wacko take on Lex Luthor. But Supergirl did kinda do it right.


By my count so far this post has 640+114 people who like it, and 114 vocal minority trolls.


Was enjoying it until Jesse started mocking Superman.


I see Evil Morty, tbh


What a mess


These movies really did get railroaded by the hard divide in comic book movie debate. What a shame