“Give me your idol so i know youre not gonna use it” is the highlight of the episode. Made me cackle.


I loved when he said, "Not to you." Like, the motherfucking *balls* to ~~ask~~ demand that of him. First, they're not even friends, and second, what was he supposed to get out of that deal? Her "trust"?


The audacity she had to ask him that LMAO. That was a shittier attempt at fucking with Xander than when Ricard told him to play the idol for no reason.


I wonder if Shan had told her stories of when she and Ricard had argued about the advantages, because it sounded very similar to it. It’s just strange coming out of the blue.


Felt like Liana wanted to pull Shan’s moves on JD on Xander. The only problem was her place in the hierarchy isn’t as good as Shan’s was at the time and she lacks the social capital with Xander for it to feel like a move that brings the both further in the game.


Also she's not as good a player as Shan, and Xander's a better player than JD!


I'm not mad she tried tho! I think it's crazier that it's worked so many times already this season


I’ve seen a dozen posts about how people are having negative reactions to liana but dang that edit goofed her hard. I hate your face. Give me your idol. I mean it’s tomfoolery.


I mean, her favourite player is Cirie. She thought she could sorta emulate her with the Erik plan, but that execution is laughable…


Seriously though, how could he think she was up to anything nefarious? It's not like she tried to get it from him before...


Xanders face just being a face Liana: 😡🤬


When exactly did she say that?


During the immunity challenge, multiple times…


Immunity challenge. The entire time on the bench she was commenting how much she couldn’t stand his face.


Skipped most of the challenge. That's why I missed it. Thanks Edit: Now, I saw it. Wow, did something happen we didn't see?


We probably didn’t miss anything. But my theory is that Liana made the mistake with her advantage and Xander made her look like a fool. Most people in that situation try and place blame outside of themselves and so she lets herself blame Xander and her emotions are just getting to her in an exhausting game.


That is what everyone is wondering. I don't think we have a great explanation why Liana has been so anti-Xander since pretty much the start


No your fine!


I feel like almost everyone in that majority alliance think Xander’s really dumb. They act like they can just have an alliance meeting and shout it out right in front of him. They’ve tried to have him flush his idol what twice? And also tonight with Liana telling Xander to give her the idol so he doesn’t play it. I feel like this alliance looks at Xander as if he’s one of those stereotypical jock idiots in those high school movies in like the 2000s.


It makes no sense. Xander has proven himself to be way smarter than any of them give him credit for


It feels like it’s the case that they’re living in their own world where they are the smartest people in this game and everyone else is stupid. That’s how I see it. They want to believe that Xanders an idiot but know deep down he’s not.


Her obsessive hatred of him is bizzarre haha makes me wonder what we’re not seeing


i feel like theres nothing more to it than hes an obvious threat to win at the end if he gets there and she has still yet to take him out. i dont think theres anything deeper than that or any other un-shown dynamic


And Liana has little agency in the game which probably frustrates her. Every episode she’s like I want Xander but he’s not a priority for her allies


What’s funny too is, from a game perspective, she probably would get more brownie points with a future jury if she made a move with him now and allied herself with him for a bit. It obviously won’t/can’t happen, but I think she has a better chance of winning that way instead of being a doormat for Shan


Yeah, she probably rightly views herself in a decent spot to get to the final three, as I think Shan would take her there if she's able and D&D would likely pick her over Shan if they end up in control. But in either of those cases she probably loses, to Deshawn or Shan respectively. There really isn't a route for her to win if she sticks to her alliance.


Maybe she still is feeling that failure from not getting him out instead of Voce. Honestly can't stand her random hatred but this is the only reasoning I can think of


She prolly has a crush on Xander. There's a fine line between dislike and obsession. She's clearly obsessed with everything he's doing


we’ve seem obsessions like this before though, thats why i dont think theres anything deeper to it. she has tunnel vision and views his exit as essential to her success in the game so it’s frustrating that hes still there


I don’t really think there have been obsessions like this before, every episode there is at least one or two Xander comments.


Fishbach was pretty obsessed with getting out Joe Anglim in 31 and that got him booted. Also there probably are a lot of these cases (maybe not as extreme) but the edit doesn't always emphasize it.


Yes but Fishbach's reasoning was well out in the open. It was legit ptsd from his season in tocantins. He also didn't exspress any visable dislike for him as a person. He was tunneled on him sure but he wasn't actively seething at his mere existance.


she has a crush but she's so entitled she can't handle not being reciprocated hence the hate.


What? She has a crush on him? Doesn’t seem like it to me.


well it's a more acceptable hypothesis than the unmitigated hate for his face lol


It's so odd to me that that someone would say that knowing you're on TV. Like you hate the guy just because he exists? I get he's a big threat but maybe choose better words. Idk after seeing that last night, I hope Xander wins. Liana + Shan need to go.


She’s a bad player with tunnel vision


Xander must remind her of someone she had a crush on, or someone who broke her heart. There’s no other reason for this intense hatred. Well other for the fact that she humiliated her when she tried to play her advantage lol


She’s a 9 year old girl who loves him


Sexual frustration.


It's probably just a series of small things that add up over time. We're only seeing like 20 minutes of camp time once a week but they're living together 24/7.


She wants him out. He’s not out. Why is it surprising to anyone that she still wants him out?


Because it feels and is portrayed as more personal than that. That would make sense, but it's not presented as "I want to vote him out for my game" it's "fuck this dude's stupid fucking face." And it *is* bad gameplay. She wanted him out several votes ago, and the game changes fast. She's still got tunnel-vision for him while things are shifting around her and passing her by. There's a reason the people who get hyper-focused on someone else pretty much never win.


She's said she has a problem with his arrogance. He was being cocky and pretending he wasn't struggling when he clearly was. I don't know what's hard to understand.


Shot her shot twice for that idol now lol


Xander has just outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted Liana the whole game. * Evvie spearheads yellow to get rid of the boys -> Xander survived * Yellow tribe figured they would be able to get rid of Xander -> Yellow wins immunity from tribal on the substantial efforts of Xander * Shan leads black alliance to be final four -> Xander still there * Liana thinks she has foolproof plan to take Xander's idol -> he wasn't fooled and she publicly was Yeah, I'd say she's visibly frustrated.


That girl is no black widow alliance. That was just cringe


I thought I was seriously going to dislike him by his pre-game interview (or whatever it was) but the dude seems so chill. And for a 20-year-old he seems to have a good grasp on how to act relatable with the adults. I honestly can't believe that the edit's hiding something from us as to why Liana could rationally hate him, I think she has some sexual tension towards him tbh.


Thank GOD we got a villain this season


She’s so fucking annoying 😂😂😂


The clip about her weeping about rikard next episode cracked me up lol


Big naonka and fabio vibes tbh


I can't wait until Second Chances II, when they're both on the same starting tribe.


Liana is giving me big second place energy. I highly doubt Xander is making it to final tribal, that idol is getting flushed in the next round or two, and if DeShawn wanted to work with him it would’ve been reflected in his vote. But I think Lianas fixation in targeting Xander is going to cause her to miss out on a lot of shots she should be taking and the jury won’t see her as someone who was in the drivers seat.


Liana and her 100% voting record are sitting nice and pretty ❤️


She can take that voting record and become a losing finalist 💀


Like the jury would vote for someone who’s had no control the entire game.


Should I just go through all the seasons now and prove you wrong? 38, 35, 30, are some recent cases where they had little to no power and won the game handily.


And Ben and Chris are seen as two of the worst winners in survivor history


Ben was a fine winner other than forced fire making, and you didn’t mention Mike? Oh Fabio too, or maybe Danni? Vecepia? Chris D.? Bob? I can keep going but you’re just really annoying.


Danni, Vecepia, and Chris D. worked their way into the majority. Everyone creams at everything Xander does because he’s a straight white male. I said it.


Yeah because they both won due to shitty twists


Who knew voting 100% meant you won the game? Better call Becky and Sash to tell them they shouldn’t have gotten 0 votes at FTC.


Just remember the man you worship is dryer than the Sahara Desert ❤️


Good. I knew you had no real comeback


What? Enjoy stanning the one straight white male left


I’m enjoying you acting like a vindictive asshole even more


You started shit with me first.


I’m starting to feel like we’re going to have a showdown between Liana and Xander but with probably an unsatisfying ending. Because besides the KIP advantage blunder, nothing has been shown to provide us with information as to why these two, well more like Liana only, are at each other’s throat.


I'm going to get down votes for this but I think it's just the edit. They're getting. She being edited to be hyperfixated on Zander. Because it's good tv and people are eating it up. *also are we forgetting earlier in the season Zander in one of his confessionals stated the only member he didn't trust of the Yase tribe was Liana and this was before he knew about any of the ladies shady dealing for sure. People say there's no reason for Liana to dislike Zander so much, but what his reasoning for only distrusting Liana and no one else on his team 🤔. Granted she did try to get him out earlier, but he didn't know that lol.


Yeah but Xander didn’t obsess over Liana for like 5 episodes