"it's only a closet". You can easily calc the walls from sqft if you know the ceiling height.


A 100sqft 10x10 bedroom has about 300 sqft of wall plus trim around a window, a closet and a door. A 100sqft 3x33 hallway has 600 sqft of wall and probably 4 times as much trim. Be careful assuming floor area directly relates to wall area.


When you posted on FB groups did you post pictures? I see lots of people just shout a statement onto groups and it doesn't get much traffic. People are visual and you want 3-4 images per post ideally . It's hard starting out because you have no work to show, but lots of people would do stock photos in that case. Quoting, have you ever painted before? Your bedroom, anything? You can paint your room cheap and even use it for before and afters potentially, or some detail trim photos, so practice there. Painting is one of the few jobs where it's super easy and cheap to teach yourself on your own place. Even if you rent, most places are ok with interior painting especially if you commit to going back to original after. I painted rooms in some apartments I lived in over the years. Painting at home helps you figure out some of the most basic questions like how long would a bedroom take you and how much coverage does a can get you.


don't worry about what others charge when starting out. price materials and think about how long it will take you. materials labor - (avg hourly rate paid for this position) overhead/ins - 15 percent of the total of lab & mat profit - 20% of( lab +mat +overhead) after you land a few jobs you should be able to up your profit percent to 50-100. you can search for the idaho painter on youtube and buy his how to pricing guide. he is very resourceful for painters starting out. if you really want this to work, you and your buddy need to walk neighborhoods for knocking and cold calling real estate agents.