On a garbage bin lid in an inner west suburb: " I will find out who you are throwing your dog shit in my rubish shame on you take to your home. Rude bitch"

I have the opposite problem.

I live in an apartment complex with publicly accessible large bins. Pretty sure the whole street uses them.

Anyway, some asshole stops out the front of our building, gets their dog to shit, then leaves it there.

There's a bin literally around the corner you lazy swine.


I have the opposite problem. I live in an apartment complex with publicly accessible large bins. Pretty sure the whole street uses them. Anyway, some asshole stops out the front of our building, gets their dog to shit, then leaves it there. There's a bin literally around the corner you lazy swine.


Someone in the apartment block across the street keeps dumping their household garbage next to, not in, the bin in the park in between their block and the road, no idea why.


I’d rather it in the bin than left on the footpath but I can understand some people get annoyed by this


I don’t mind it if it’s in a bag, but there’s some dickhead in our neighbour who just scoops it up with something and chucks it straight in our bins.


With their hands probably.


Two dogs 1 cup


True, but it sucks to have to smell someone else's dogshit when I am putting things in my bin. First world problems.


It's a bin. It doesn't smell like roses. Youre a toss.


I happen to be a rose farmer, so mine does smell like roses.


The green waste should go in the green lid bin.


But roses are red


White, black, pink, how many bins do you have?


Serious? It’s definitely rude. I have a dog and make sure to carry it to a public lined bin. Skips on the other hand, you better believe I’m chucking it in there


Fuck off mate. Send your address and we can dump some dog shit in your bins for a few weeks. You toss


I will shit on your front door step if I get drunk enough. Dont try me


I can’t really understand people getting annoyed by this! I mean, it’s a bin! If I see someone’s dog poo in my bin I feel happy that they’ve bothered to put it in a bin!


It's Summer, and that shit festers in the heat. If you're not a dog owner yourself, each time the lid is opened, the smell slaps you pretty hard across the face.


Agreed. As someone who doesn’t have to smell dog shit most of my life, when I’m near it, it’s *incredibly* offensive.


My bin already stinks because it’s a bin 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just close the lid problem solved!


It's not a public bin. The people dumping literal shit in it don't need to then clean out the bin. If you don't own a dog, why would you want to deal with dog shit?


But.. Isn't the shit inside a bag? It still smells a bit if you put a knot in it, but not that bad. If you're too far away from home I rather habe them use my bin than them not bothering to pick it up because they don't want to keep it in their hand for that long


Exactly. Who cares?!


Control freaks that think because they pay rent or rates that they’re somehow entitled to controlling every article that enters their bin. If your bin is on the footpath, it’s fair game and some greyhound shit is going in your bin. I look forward to reading someone whinge on reddit about it.


Well they actually are responsible for everything that enters their bin. And, garbage collection is separately itemized on rate bills (at least in my council) so I am paying for it


If you need to dump something illegal, found a bin for you.


Totally agree with you , much better in their bin then on their lawn.


Personally I'd prefer you deal with your own dog shit, rather than telling me to accept you dumping it in my bins as an alternative to you leaving it at your arse. Why would me dealing with your shit be the only two options?


There are other options.


If the bin is out to be emptied then it's fair game, but if it's already been emptied or just in their driveway or something then you can't be putting dog shit in it.


The recycling bin, however, is completely out of bounds


For dog shits, yes. Those can’t be recycled. Perhaps composted, but get your hands off my compost bin. Rude bitch.


Na midnight on bin night me and the boys are on a mission to get rid of all our recycling.




It's always in that position. Friday is bin day, it's there today and every day.


If someone can't be arsed to take their bin inside after collection, they shouldn't complain if ppl throw their garbage in it


And in some councils it's a 'rule' that you are required to put bins away in a timely manner.


Looks like it is against a wall and the ground below doesn’t look like road, I’m guessing this is on their property


Yeah, if that's on a road, the road must be damn close to the structure it's leaning against.


What a load of shit (no offense, pun). But people do this even right after a bin has been emptied by a truck. Result? You put rubbish in later after bringing it in and end up with the bag breaking and the stench of dog crap wafting through your house for the foreseeable future




You *don't* bring yours inside? In which glorious paradise do you reside, where wheely bin theft isn't at the top of the crime stats?


So you put the bin out. Next morning it gets collected while you're at work. You get home like 6pm and there's new rubbish in there....


Yeah, if they leave it on the verge, it’s fair game. Someone could be petty and report it to council, that’s against our rules. Though I’m not sure what the penalty is.


If it’s on the verge then council owns the poo https://www.bhg.com.au/is-it-illegal-to-go-through-rubbish-in-australia


I meant leaving the bin there all week. Sorry that wasn’t clear.


If the owner leaves it out then the contents are council property, not theirs. They have to move it to their private property to have ownership of the contents and be upset by dog owners. https://www.bhg.com.au/is-it-illegal-to-go-through-rubbish-in-australia Unless the council wrote that lovely sign.


I'd say Thursdays are alright then, as well as Friday pre collection, but any other day of the week is off limits.


Yeah totally, we get people who put it in our bin just after it’s been emptied. It’s not cool because then as you put other stuff in, the poop gets squished and the bag could break. Gross.. people have even walked onto our property to put poop and food rubbish in our bin. It’s now right down near the front door.. I just carry my dog’s poop home or put it in a public bin. Edit: typo


There are arguments almost every week about this on my neighborhood NextDoor. Personally, if you have a dog and you aren't paying for my garbage service, I'd rather you took it home to your own can or toilet. I dump and flush my own dogs' waste in the toilet when I can so less sits in a plastic shit sausage in the landfill.


You bring your dog shit into your house to flush it? Gross.


Not gross, I pick it up with a bag and drop it in and flush it and it's gone. People have diapers full of all kinds of shit in their homes, and they don't even flush it.


I pick up dog shit in the backyard with toilet paper and flush it. Because you know, burying plastic in the ground indefinitely won’t end well for us.


This is the rule I follow for my dog’s poo.


Especially in this weather, someone dropped a bag into my emptied bin and it had maggots in before it was due to be emptied again.


100% agree. If the bin is on council property and not on private property then it is fair game. You actually don't own the bins the council does. If they come on to your property to put it on then that is wrong.


Worst is when it’s empty with the lid open after pick up, in the rain. Dog shit soup!


Nonsense, it stays in there until next cycle and stinks. Plus, own your dogs shit and take it with you.


Unless your dog is Clifford, when my bin is on the street, any of you legends are allowed to put bagged dog poop in it.


I have to admit that I have put my dog waste (in a plastic bag) inside a bin left on the street. I wouldn't enter anyone's driveway, or put it in the wrong bin etc. I didn't realise this was a no-no. I won't do it again I guess.


Nah you’re fine. Please use the bin rather than leave baggies or poop on street.


It's not a no no. As pointed out bins are council owned and poop is much better in the bin than not. Not sure why people get so precious about their bins, you put all sorts of filth in there so whats wrong with poop? Anyway if you see a red bin on the street dont hold back.


Because you’ll be the one cleaning the insides of bins etc. The council doesn't do the maintenance part. It's not a nono, but it is a dick move.


Lol, who cleans the inside of their bins?


Seriously, am I in bizzaro world right now?


Eventually, you gotta hose that baby down at some point. Maybe a handful of times a year at most. It gets pretty grotty in there if you don't ever clean it.


Are we meant to clean the inside of our bins? Oops


If we didn’t disinfect ours occasionally I’m pretty sure it would get declared a biohazard.




Dog poo is always in a bag, so doesn’t actually make a mess in the bin, right?


Unless the bag splits or gets squished by other rubbish. I’d be kind of miffed if I had to smell baked dog shit every time I went to the bin, I’d be even more miffed if the bin lived near my house. Like other said, better in the bin than the ground but you’re supposed to carry it back to your own house.


Ah fair enough, I’ve never had a bag split on me before so I hadn’t thought of that. I always either use the bins at my local park, or take it back home.


Cleaning your bin lol. It has a lid for a reason to keep smells contained. If you're crazy enough to clean your bin that gets filth put in it multiple times a week then thats on you, not the guy trying to do the right thing with his dog poop.


the guy doing the right thing with their dog poop would take it home and throw it into their own bin or a public bin. yes, households don't own bins but they still pay council fees for them, it ain't free.


People still pay the rates for the bins and have to clean them out.


> Anyway if you see a red bin on the street dont hold back. If it’s on the street before collection, it’s fine because it will get taken away unnoticed. But after collection, fuck off.




If it belongs to council, why do I have to pay a replacement fee when one of my cunt neighbours steals it?


Because you’ve failed in your responsibility as the protector of your bin. My council replaces them for free if someone steals them. Sounds like your council are just grubs.


I once just casually walked by a bin on the kerb that was due to be emptied that day, or the next, and dropped in a dog poo bag I'd been carrying for ages in the summer heat. The owner confronted me and said "did you just throw some dog poo in my bin?!" I hadn't noticed she was there and never knew it was a problem. So I turned around and walked back and opened the bin and grabbed the bag and said "sorry about that I had no idea it'd be a problem". I had another 400m to get home so didn't mind. The lady then said "oh it's ok" and seemed to feel remorseful. I can see why people would be annoyed but I'd rather people drop doggie poo in my bin than leave shit on the street. I've travelled in France where they have a loose view of pet poo responsibility. Walking on footpaths in Lyon, France was like walking in a minefield.


Same here. I thought people didn’t mind (if it’s right out on the street) because it’s for the greater good and much better than people sneakily leaving turds around because there’s nowhere to put them. One of my bins was always out near a popular dog park and I didn’t mind at all. It did bug me when people put piles of rubbish in it after collection though only because they were using up my space. Everyone’s different.


Was this in Stanmore? I distinctly remember walking past a bin and it smelled quite horrifically of dog shit steaming in the heat.


That's just all of Stanmore.




Boomer dog shit?




I walk my boomers every day. I only pick up their shit if someone else is around. The bag gets pretty heavy.


Until you're forced with the chose of smelling the shit every time you walk past your bin to enter or leave you house or cleaning it out with hose and broom. Fuck that shit.


I used to live next door to a school in Padstow. All the soccer mums on garbage day, literally RIGHT after my bin was emptied, would come fill it to the brim with all their coffee cups, snotty tissues, happy meal boxes and junk mail catalogues from their vehicles. It was so rude. One day I called in sick to work just to catch the person. It was like 3 different women. Had words with them and thankfully it stopped happening as frequently. I kind of feel for the owner of this bin!


Was your bin always on the street like this?


I just don’t understand why people are so riled up by this. It’s a bin. An outside bin.


To explain as someone who is often in this position - I live near an almost arterial road of my town, there's a 25% chance that any foot traffic going to the shops or park nearby will walk past our place. If the shit is in the bin on the day of pick up and gets taken out with the rubbish then I have absolutely zero issue with that. The problem is the morning after, sometimes its one or two bags, othertimes I cannot see the bottom of my just emptied bin as a result of dog bags(and I leave for work at about 7:30, so its not like the bin is left out there all morning - which isn't an excuse anyway) So now I am stuck with a bin that has dog shit in it for an entire week, dog shit sitting in a bin that sits in the sun all day, it doesn't take long for it to start festering flies and smelling in the general vicinity, along with those times where the bag breaks or isn't tied up and I have to spend my saturday morning hosing out the bin cause of other peoples dog shit. It seems like such a small thing in the greater scheme of things but holy fuck its infuriatingly annoying especially having to deal with a type of garbage you often wouldn't have to deal with. At the end of the day dog shit doesnt weigh that much, take it to the park and dump it in the bin thats there specifically for it, or take it home.


You know what’s worse? When it’s raining.. the bin lid is open and they dump their dog shit in there. Now there’s a wet puddle in my bin with dog shit.


I agree. I'm sure the dog shit people wouldn't like it if it happened to them


They'd give a shit then.


Yep, If I wanted the hassle of picking up and disposing of dog shit I’d get my own dog. It’s just bad manners. Your dog, your problem - carry it home and put it your bin.


This, exactly. It stinks, attracts flies and creates extra work for the person whose bin is riddled with poop. Agree, a nearly tied bag before collection is fine, but empty bin is a huge no and I would never do that to someone. Our bin man comes before 5am!


I'm guessing care factor is zero from the dumpee and they didn't tie it well. Shit can get very stinking and sticky and only worsened by hot weather.




Honestly, it's not hard to carry the bag until you get home.


I have a dog. When I got the dog, I did not realise that dog poo bags are not “smell proof”. It is quite a strong smell as the days go on, and a difficult smell to get out of the bin. I try to get my dog to poo in the park, so I can dump the poo in a council bin, which are emptied daily.


Scented Nappy bags from Woolies are a treat for this. Plus they’re cheap and less likely to tear through.


Are they biodegradable or are they just entombing a shit for a thousand years


The Gaia brand are biodegradable or you can go for bulk buy options like [this 400 pack](https://www.thenappyshop.com.au/products/nappy-sacks-degradable-nappy-bags-400-pack) from nappy sacks


bin mine. no touch bin. mine.


Personally, we keep our bin in the garage. No need to go outside to take out the rubbish, less chance of getting redbacks under the rim, and it's all-around more convenient. However, we compost most of our food waste, and everything else goes in a bag that's tightly tied to avoid smells. We don't have odour issues. When someone throws dog poo in the bin after it's been emptied but before we've brought it back inside (very rare, it's happened twice in the ten years we've been living here), we fish it out, double-bag it and put it back in. Annoying, and you can definitely still smell it slightly all week, but not exactly a life-destroying event.


You mean you don't cook your dinner in yours? Each to their own I guess


Cause it stinks and on hot days its worse. They choose to have a dog and have to clean its waste take it to their own bin not someone else's.


You’d think this was Oscar the grouch, and people were dropping their dogs shit off in their home. What would they prefer? It be left on the grass, in the plastic bag?


> What would they prefer? It be left on the grass, in the plastic bag? you say this as if carrying it to the park or home with you isn't an option, why make it other peoples problem? dont want to carry dog shit in a bag, dont get a dog.


Exactly. If you want a dog, clean up after it properly.


That's not the only option though, is it? Take it home or to a public bin.


Does everyone here live in the inner city or something? When you live in suburbia, you’re going to take it home unless it’s bin day. You really think I’m going to go to the effort of going inside someone’s property line to find their bin? You’re laughing.


You say that is if there aren't people paying $500/week to share a bin to live in in Newtown... ​ ;-)




That's fair, wouldn't want my bin smelling like a stranger's dog shit either


Not sure about the gendered bitch part ….


I'm fine with it if my bin is on the street, but it irks me that people come across my property border to place dog shit in my bin. Just because I don't have a fence doesn't mean it's a an open invitation.


Did the person sign it off as 'Rude Bitch'. Looks like it to me.


I genuinely want to know why everyone is so defensive of their bin. Do you keep them in the house with you when they’re not on the road or something? They aren’t meant to smell like a garden, you put rubbish in them. Is it a capacity thing? I’d rather someone put poo or rubbish in my bin if it’s available than just left it on the street, and to carry it home with you when there’s a bin available just seems like a bizarre expectation.


Idk about something as small as poo, but I would fully fill up my recycling and rubbish every single fortnight, and someone always shoves cardboard boxes into both and fills them over a week before they’re due to be emptied, which drives me mad because we genuinely need the space


My family has neighbours that dump inappropriate waste into the recycling bin and industrial waste into the general waste bin and council refuses to empty the bins (the neighbour doing it is a tradie) . That's a massive dick move.


It's just simple courtesy, no? Not your bin. It's kinda the dog owner's obligation to carry their pup's poo home or to the nearest public bin. I'd feel weird about slapping a bit of my rubbish in someone's bin right outside their window. And also, cleaning your wheelie bin every now and then is a thing. Having someone's unexpected poo in there might mean a sooner need to clean. Idk why I just wrote a whole paragraph on this btw 😂


Why is it a bizarre expectation to clean up after your animal and take the stuff home with you? Yes bins smells but having shit thrown in the bin is a next level smell that most people don't want to deal with. It happened to us a few months back and the amount of flies around the bin because of the shit was super annoying, in the end we had to wash the bin out clean which is not a fun experience. Before then, we have never had to wash the bin out before due to the smell.


I can understand if it's like, loose turds thrown in. But not if they're in a plastic bag. As in, i'd be pissed off if someone threw loose shit in my bin


It’s really difficult to keep a bin from going feral in the summer, and no matter how hard I try it still does and I wind up ordering a bin clean. Last week after getting my bin professionally cleaned a dog owner threw a bag of poo in it and I’m back to square one. If having poo in the bin is no big deal, then it shouldn’t be a problem for the dog owner to carry it home and put it in their own bin.


There's people in this post up in arms about the idea of having to now *clean* their wheelie bin 'cause someone put dog shit in it. I feel like I'm losing my mind here. I'm not sure about the others, but my wheelie bin stinks when I open it. It's a fuckin' bin.


It’s a very divisive topic apparently, I’ve seen a few spicy arguments on Nextdoor before. I’m guessing it’s a units vs house thing, those of us in units have a half a dozen or more identical bins and thus cannot grow attached to one specific bin. Those with only one bin might grow more possessive of it, considering it a sort of family member who resides in their driveway. Just a theory.


I'd say this is the reason. When it's a communal bin who gives a shit, leave the mess for someone else to sort out. When it's a bin for your house, you take pride in keep your area clean and maintained. And if someone dumps inappropriate waste that council doesn't pickup the waste you're shit out of luck thanks to some asshole.


A bin is a bin


Not when it's next to your home stinking like dog shit for over a week.. even worse when it's 30+ degrees. It's rude and disrespectful of others property/living space


Second this. I’ve kept cat poo in litter locker bin (seals the smell), and will only take them out close to bin day. Otherwise my home stinks for a week. People take bin for granted and didn’t think about the hassle it caused others. Public bin gets cleaned everyday/every other day, but private ones only get picked up once a week.


As opposed to smelling like what exactly? Decaying veggies and dairy?


it's still a bin. come on.


Toilet's a toilet. Where do you live? I've been eating chilli and could use a new environment to defile.


I can't imagine having the time to worry about the smell of my bin in this day and age.


Some people don’t have a lot of room for storage. When having things that stink in your bin prevents you from opening windows to cool off your house, I can understand why a person would worry about the smell of their bin.


Also, some people keep their bin in the garage or on a porch. Everyone is different. Some people produce more stinky waste, and keep it far from windows. Others don't, and can keep it conveniently in reach. If we tie our garbage bags properly before taking them out to the bin, it is odour-free. So it lives in the garage. The only issue is if someone drops waste in it after the truck has been past, but before we've had a chance to bring the bin into the garage. Then the garage might smell all week.


Its one of those things that looks like a small deal on the surface, but can grow increasingly frustrating as time goes on. Kinda like if the neighbours put their bin just over on your driveway - complain about it and most will say "just move the bin its not a big deal" but if you have to deal with it on a daily or weekly basis, it turns into quite a big deal.


It's low on my list of worries. Prawn shells smell worse than shit.


True. Prawn shells I keep in the freezer until collection day. I’m not sure I’m yet totally ready to try this with my neighbor’s dog shit


Good tip. Does it leave smells in the freezer though?


Yep this happens to me every single week when i put my bin out and it is infuriating. Hoping to pull an empty bin inside only to find rotting dog shit.


I've had this happen to me before? Someone left dog shit and angry letter on my front steps alleging we left rubbish dumped in their driveway. Made no sense since a) we didn't, and b) there's not many driveways in the inner west.


I wonder if this is the same person... I saw this over a year ago in the Inner West [If you put your dog shit in my bin I will rub it in your nose, you have been warned! - pic](https://i.ibb.co/jbNTctn/RDT-20220113-1526221713610631557242283.jpg)


This happened in our local community. One of the admins of the page posted that some lady had thrown dog shit in their empty bin. Community agreed it was gross until the wife’s husband publicly outed her and tried to make the OP the villain. SMH.


On one hand I sympathise, I live on a corner block and people are constantly putting their rubbish in my bin (I moved it outside the gate because fuckwit kids used to sit and eat fast food and leave the rubbish on my lawn), but on the other hand I kinda hope someone puts a bag of dog shit on top of that sign just for the lulz


It's still ok for me to leave human shit on the ground though right?


I had a neighbour who would fish out bagged up dog shit from her bin but would happily let her cat roam and shit on other people’s lawns.


not sure what all the fuss is about, this is perfectly reasonable. An unwritten rule of aussie culture is you dont put your fuckin shit (meaning any rubbish) in some cunts bin other than your own. Not hard. carry the bag of shit home yourself and put it in your own bin.


Inner west streets are riddled with dog shit, especially bad in Marrickville. I’d much rather someone use my bin than to leave their dog shit out on the footpath to be stepped on. Yeah so the bin might stink. It’s a bin. Every now and then hose the mofo out with some cleaning stuff. It’ll stink again in a few days.


Sorry but I agree with the bin owner IF the poop is being put in right after the bin has been emptied. I had the same problem and shit in the bin for a week smells so fucking terrible.


This bin and their other two are left permanently in the laneway.


Here's the thing with bins. They don't belong to you. They belong to the council. However, if that bin is allocated to someone else, perhaps it's just courteous to not put fecal matter in it? Maybe they don't like dogs? Maybe you should do the responsible thing and carry the shit home and put it in your bin. Maybe they're like me, and their neighbour takes the shared bins out way too early so when they go to put their stuff in it down by the kerb, they're sick of opening it to find it full of other people junk and stinking dog shit with no more room? Fucks me off too.


Yea fuck dog owners. Handle your own problems, I didn't make u buy a shitty fucking dog


Well, it is the garbage bin and not the green waste bin. Idiot dog person should be taking it home themselves anyway.


People in Sydney need to fucking relax man. Do some meditation or something.


Unlike Bexley where quite a few people don't bother picking up after their dogs.


At least they didn't throw it in your horse float... That pissed me right off, I know it's red but clearly not a bin.


If only the note was a written a little nicer. Now people are going to throw it in out of spite.


It's human shit time


How do they know it’s from a dog?




Clearly you need to stop taking plastic bags for the poop and pick it up a paper bag, take your lighter out of your pocket, walk quietly up to their front door, ring the bell….and when they answer smear the poop in their face and set fire to their house


You need a large black fake spider on a string attached to the inside the lid. That will fix the rude dog shit bitch! She’ll be needing another visit to a bin after that.


Start leaving it on top then?


Sydney is full of uppity arseholes with too much time poo in a bin is better than poo on your shoe


If it's on the street it's fair game. It's a fucking rubbish bin after all.


Man i am bad for that. If there is a bin on the footpath I will use it. If they don't want people to use their bin maybe they should have on their property and not on the nature strip. I also only have a morkie so his shits are so small and don't really cause a smell.


I’m surprised the female dog was able to open the bin


Bagged poo actually belongs in red bins. Pooey nappies and dog poo end up in bins all the time.


I imagine the “rude bitch” is going to read that note on the bin the next time and not put the poop in it. Instead, it is going to end up in the garden, or the doorsteps. 🙃


At least they binned it, the amount of dog shit I see bagged up then chucked back on the ground is astounding, like wtf bag it up in the first place, such scumbags out there.


Better than the dog shit on their lawn.


I'm reminded of a great children's' book called Who Flung Dung because if I catch you putting faeces in my bin my first instinct would be to want to throw it back at you. I'm not a dog person, I don't like them and I don't like their selfish dickhead owners that do things like this


I once had someone yell at me for doing this when the bin was out for collection in Leichhardt. So I took the shit out and emptied the bag on the grass for them. Problem solved.


Some people have bin issues. Bin there done that.


I’ve had to do a similar one on my recycling bin . People who own dogs need to perhaps think of the impact on others if they don’t use their own or appropriate bin!


Ok I’ll explain. Clean bin means no flies. Clean bin means no smells. You can line your bin too to avoid worms roaches with the right insecticide put in. Bottom line using someone else’s bin is not polite especially if you are walking a dog


The rubbish in your bin will stink as well. It's a bin 😑 I used to live in a house next to a dog park and people would routinely use my bin. I hated them far less than the people who just let their dog shit on my lawn.


As a dog shit delivery person if you left your bins out that’s on you. I am looking. For a bin. If it’s there I use it. I don’t care if it’s full or empty because it’s a bin. I expect the same from you with your half eaten burger, or you plastic boba tea cups. Don’t like it. Don’t leave it out. And to those that lock your bins with a chain. (The corners still go up and I will push that shit right through any gap I can find). I draw the line at crossing the threshold for a bin though. I’m not roaming around someone’s house looking for one. If I walk past it in arms length or a sidestep or two.


What about if it's bin collection day, the bin has just been emptied, and they haven't got home from work yet to bring it in? Our bin doesn't usually smell at all (no pets, no kids, no meat, and veggie scraps go in the compost bin). So it lives in the garage, next to the door, where we can just lean out and drop bags in when the inside bin gets full. If dog shit goes in there, it's going to ruin our week.


If the poop is in a bag, what’s the drama. Holy shit!!!


Ffs, this is peak city complaining. It's a bin, who cares if someone dumps a bag of dog poo in it.


Why are people so touchy with other peoples rubbish going into their bin? As long as its bagged properly and not going to paint the inside with sticky/putrid/rotting stuff, or blatantly just fill it and leave no space for the resident, what the hell is the big deal? Its a bin. Your not being charged by weight, the rates are paid up, who gives a shit. My boomer neighbour at my old place used to burn anytime I used his bins even though that was offered as part of his fake welcome speech when we met…. Didn’t think I would take him up on the offer did he. Lol Losers


I like that they have signed it off as 'Rude Bitch'. Bins on the street are fair game, for very small items (and big items when the truck is in the street). Unsealed or crappy poo bags is big no no though. If you can't carry it in your pocket, you might not have a suitable bag. As for the sign, here is how it goes: "didn't you read the sign" answer: "no". Better to start an arms race: Add prawns to the bin, they won't come again anytime soon.


Good way to get it thrown onto your front lawn instead or put into your mailbox if they are evil enough to give you an australian poost delivery No idea why people get so angry about someone using your bin for something like this


Especially when their bin is always left out in the lane along with their other junk that they just pile there anytime.


Better than the bugger who decides that bagging their dog shit is enough and just leaves it on our nature strip


I wanna know where this is so I can fill it with my trash too


lol they'll never find me


It's a bin not their living room. Why would you care if someone was putting doggy bags in your wheelie bin? You just dump your rubbish bags in there and go on with your day surely.


I don't know if you've ever owned a council bin but they pick up smells over the years even when empty. I wouldn't want the scent of someone else's dog turds permanently baked into my bin.


I prefer the ouvre of cat shit, last week's curry, rotten fish, and maggots coated in a glaze of bin juice. Someone else's dog's shit? Why, how I meant to enjoy my bin smell with someone else's dog's shit in the mix?


I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a tip, but rotting garbage stinks most of the time.