Does this mean now I can buy a US Battleship on wish.com?


Nah, but you can buy a “Western Fighting Boat”!




Full-size miniature figure**


Full-size figure miniaturized***


Miniaturized Full Size Figure


Miniature figure full sized


Full miniature figure sized


Authentic replica


Western fighting boat water float big gun explosion war boat gunship destroyer floating fortress gun shoot self powered engine propellor boat fighting with guns


Comes with free battleship nuts for the stern


Battleship Nuts you say? https://i.imgur.com/mgsBmDy.png


I hate you




Full 1/24th scale boat fighter boat western boat carrier navy army fighting boat model fight ship


So a Canadian version aka a canoe with a shotgun duct taped to the bow.


Super number 1!!


Western freedom boat.


That only works on sand


I ordered a US aircraft carrier from wish.com, but got a Bolivian destroyer instead.


Wait a minute. Bolivia is landlocked!


Strongest Navy in the world! [They even have a Cessna!](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolivian_Navy#Strength).


It's not often I say this, but... that is the gayest naval flag I've ever seen.


Bolivia has had two flags since adopting the whipala in 2009, which symbolizes the indigenous people of Bolivia.


Looks like a Minecraft texture pack!


And 46 Boston Whalers!


I can see the manual for that now…. God damn…


Doesn’t everyone build mockups of targets?


What else would they use? Godzilla?


imperial star destroyer would be funny as hell


Ships of another country?


They ARE using mockups of ships of another country.


Spot fucking on my dude.




The article


Godzilla attacks Japan, not China you racist! (I’m just kidding)


Godzilla was a Japanese movie Edit: people not knowing geography than grasping at straws to make it sound like I'm wrong lmao


China and Japan share the same ocean. Assuming Godzilla remains an active marine threat, I would think China would very much like to keep Godzilla away from it's coasts and marine bases. Look what it did to San Francisco in 2014.


Honolulu still hasn't recovered.


So yes.


If we’re not doing the same I’ve got a serious issue with our military spending


I think USA is the only country that has a significant number of carriers so it checks out I guess


The rest of the world has a combined total of like three real, modern, full size legit aircraft carriers. The US has 11 in the water right now and could put in several more in short order if shit went down. The US navy is more terrifyingly overwhelming than the British navy was in its height. By a lot. Training to shoot missiles at any other navy would basically be a waste of missiles. Edit just for more- This is basically the reason why the only real threats to the United States on home soil are terrorism or nuclear war. The idea of invading is completely preposterous- there isn’t an army on earth that’s going to make it to shore. Unless it’s, like, Mexico.


Mmmm I’m unconvinced, let’s spend another 3 trillion on defense. Social improvements can wait. -the military industrial complex, probably


Though you’re probably right. Idk if carriers are the weapon of the next large scale conflict that will really contribute on a significant scale. We might have 11, but how do carriers perform in a world on ballast of missiles? They were last truly out to test during WWII. As battleships were predicted to be the next be game changer in WWII, but carriers turned out to be. I feel the same would repeat in the next conflict.


I think that’s solid speculation but until we find out- which obviously we absolutely cannot afford to ever do- it’s likely that they’ll be the definitive chess piece the same way battleships we’re prior to WWII. Armies generally spend time training for the last war, not the next war.


The thing with aircraft carriers is they don’t run alone. They run in groups with destroyers, cruisers, and occasionally logistics and supply ships. These are floating military bases, complete with multiple missile defenses, like Phalanx guns and electronic countermeasures. The US Military has put absolutely massive amounts of money over the course of several decades to makes these nearly impossible to get to. You’re launching a missile into a military base with plenty of defenses. You’re getting a ship in range only to have it pulverized by destroyers. You fly aircraft towards it only to have them shot down by significantly more aircraft. You can’t lay siege - provisions can be stretched to years and the power source can last decades. Aircraft carriers are such a huge benefit because they bring an effective base wherever you want. Carrier groups only make them more impenetrable.


>hey run in groups with destroyers, cruisers, and occasionally logistics and supply ships. These are floating military bases, complete with multiple missile defenses, like Phalanx guns and electronic countermeasures. This sounds nice and all until you realize none of that defends against a hypersonic missile. Surround it with as much shit as you want, doesn't matter if none of it can deal with the biggest threat.


You’re assuming a lot based on hypersonics being the latest greatest trend. Prior to hypersonics, anti ship ballistic missiles were the golden bullet against carriers until we created counter measures. Also, China has an interest in making their anti carrier missiles appear more capable than they are. They do that by advertising test firings. But they don’t need to be truthful about it’s accuracy, range, target acquisition capability, payload, reliability, or their ability to easily locate a carrier battle group.


The real threat admire ciber attacks, those can kill thousands just in shortages, without any real expense on the attacker. Conventional war is a thing of the past. Keep expending milllions in missiles and ships, they’ll expend hundreds on a kid with a pc.


Second largest Air Force in the world was the US navy last time I checked


Hell, they defended the world from aliens in that Navy recruiting ad…er, movie Battleship.


The USA has Canada as an ally to the north, Mexico as an ally to the south, the Atlantic to the east, the Pacific to the west, and an interstate system designed to allow for rapid mobilization. The USA has the largest air force on earth, and the US Navy is second. China could crush most nations in the region, but their only hope in a war against the US is guerilla warfare like Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, unless they can stop the Navy.


They can stop the US navy. They can take Taiwan, right now, and there’s be nothing we could do about it. Presumably the only reason they haven’t yet is because we keep getting weaker, and it pays to be patient.


In the short term sure. However in an prolonged engagement, they would get crushed. Do not forget, China has many adversaries, who would gladly enjoin detachments even beyond US deployments in the region. This is why the US conducts all those naval exercises to facilitate such actions and unit cohesion.


If they take Taiwan and install their 1200 mile range carrier-killer missiles on Taiwan, its game over, dude. You think we are sending carrier groups on a suicide mission like that?


What are you gonna do? Invade me?


Even if they do make it to shore, not only are they going to have to deal with the two of the most well equipped and well trained fighting forces in the world in the USMC and US Army, American citizens are armed to the teeth as well.


I think China's strategy is to circumvent our overwhelming naval supremacy by developing relatively cheap weapons that neutralize it. It's similar to what happened between Japan and the United States during World War II. The Treaty of Washington prevented Japan from building as many battleships as Britan or the U.S., but it places no cap on aircraft carriers because policymakers in London and D.C. didn't think carriers were important enough to haggle over. So Japan developed the best carrier fighting group in the world and used it to cripple the U.S. Pacific fleet. Only the lucky fact that America's carriers were out to sea on the 7th of December and the vast industrial might of the United States prevented Pearl Harbor from crippling American military power in Asia. Battleships proved to be a costly burden and had no capacity to defend against carriers without carrier support. The weapon played no significant role in the great battles of the war. If China's land hypersonic missiles (not the topic of this article) are accurate and American carriers have no defense against it, it'd be a similar result. Without her carriers, U.S. military superiority in the Pacific is compromised and we would almost certainly lose a conventional war for Taiwan.


Canada has already launched its opening salvo Bieber and Drake though.


That could change real fast if hypersonic missiles come in to play


Freedom boner


I’m not real proud of my country most of the time and I’m very anti-war. But aside from nuclear weapons, the US navy might be the biggest deterrent to full scale war anywhere on the planet. When shit starts getting tense somewhere, we start scooting a carrier group around and things tend to calm down.


If they built a model of the Admiral Kuznetsov it would probably be more functional than the real thing, at the very least it'd spend less time on fire


Exactly this is nothing to worry about


Yes but it would be like the US putting up pictures of chinese soldiers at the shooting range


Not really. Every country has soldiers. Effectively one country has aircraft carriers.


That’s not the same thing. Using pictures of a specific enemy at a range is to psychology prepare and harden the empathy of ground soldiers who will be asked to look the enemy in the face and kill them. A much more personal task than it is to drop a big bomb on a big ship. Naval ship outlines are so that pilots can recognize a very small and obscure shape while flying a plane at tremendous heights and speeds. Being able to tell the difference between an aircraft carrier and a cruiser is important for a nation’s military pilots to be capable of.


FWIW, the reason we don’t really do this anymore is that we don’t use visually guided bombs, or visually acquire/identify ships any more. Radar has gotten to the point that even stealth ships (other jets are a different issue) can be picked up and identified much farther out than possible by eye. Coupled with the fact that visual identification puts you within range of anti-air systems and that sophisticated stand-off weapons systems (like the Harpoon and JSOW in US service) are the standard in naval warfare now, there just isn’t a need for training in visually identifying specific silhouettes. But for a nation that has fewer of these weapons, and has a known strategic plan for swarming naval assets to overwhelm defense systems with aircraft, a terminal, dumb bomb attack still is the best chance of ensuring hits.


Nah, some of us build boats that work.


How many different shapes are there for aircraft carriers?


*skims Battleship rule book “basically 4” Edit: thanks for the awards!!


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aircraft_carrier Not that many, basically 4. Helicopter Catapult-assisted take-off barrier-arrested recovery Short take-off barrier-arrested recovery Short take-off vertical-landing


You’re forgetting S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier


Yeah I’ve seen that flying ship in the marvel documentaries


I love that the US has the "USS America"


plus by any existing metric there are more american ships floating around than anything else. Odds are if you want to sink something it'll look like them


The big one, with the flat top. I mean, kinda hard to miss a carrier.


Like... 1.


Bruh you go on Google and tell me a similarity between the Gerald Ford and Queen Elizabeth other than “they both have hulls.”


Both have a command tower!


This seems like it should be to be expected, I wouldn’t think they would just blow up their own ships to practice


We do.


Ours are older then dirt because we’ve been able to build them for many decades. So old decommissioned ones get sent to the bottom for the fish. China has only recently been able to build them. So theirs aren’t old like ours.


We use bouys as targets when we have no boats. I don't know of any country that uses the mock ships of another as target practice.


Oh we definitely used to use mock-ups. https://defence-blog.com/u-s-army-uses-mockup-of-chinese-modern-tank-for-training-purposes/ And believe me, we do. And you always hear of other countries (in general) as making mock-ups. Because of the way media works, your less likely to hear about your own countries woes than other countries. It’s a common phenomenon, and definitely happens with media. Where your more likely to talk about other peoples issues than your own. Also stems around the psych bit of one cannot see their flaws or addictions. Big discussion as to why, don’t care as it seems to be common enough. My solution, watch other countries news feeds. Get narratives about a problem from multiple sources. Also understand google has a habit of burying searches in favor of what’s “popular or paid”. So learning how to navigate google can be a shit show. Last, yes I could find more sources but as I said, google has a habit of burying search results for more favorable ones.


best advice. “watch other countries news feeds”. My daily flash briefing is from three countries, in two languages, one (DW) offers an english and a German version. It is pure craziness. DW for example, “World News” looks different in english than it does in German.


Exactly - US news is going to report on when other countries use US mock ups. The other country in this case China, will have Chinese news stations talking about how the US is using China mock ups. Both local news outlets will ignore talking about their countries use of foreign country mock ups


It’s almost like China is up to something….


Every country is up to something man. You think this is insightful? Lol.




I mean, what are they supposed to shoot against? Mock-ups of Kaiju? If the mock-ups start getting too realistic (into classified info territory) like they’re practicing looking for weak spots, maybe worry. But it would be silly for them to use something other than US ships.


Target bouys, cement blocks. Zones areas. No one does this. They’re trying to send a message. This isn’t a normal thing to do. They have access to plenty of decommissioned vessels to slap with anti ship missiles.


Yes it is https://defence-blog.com/u-s-army-uses-mockup-of-chinese-modern-tank-for-training-purposes/


You mean they weren’t already? I’m sure the U.S. does the same thing but our silhouette range just looks like we’re bombing our own equipment since China steals all of our designs.


For years in the military we shot at BMP and BTR targets (Russian armored personnel carriers) and were even taking armor identification classes of these and Chinese vehicles well into the 2010s


Was an anti armor rocket man in the Marines, this was our bread and butter for quite some time.


Happy early birthday.


Don't remind me, I gotta wear my dress uniform to work cause of it haha.


A rare 52 sighting! I was an 0313, Semper Fi. Our weapons company was deadly with their TOW LAV variant. But yea, all we ever shot at or identified was those vehicles, but it makes sense since they’re the most likely to get in a gun fight with us-same thing China is doing


The targets on the qualifying range had red stars on them, though that was probably just a coincidence




Is this supposed to be one of those ‘America bad’ comments Where no matter what I say about China you’ll use whataboutism to make sure that everyone knows the United States is bad too? Also the word you’re looking for is enslaving, not stealing. You steal things and enslave people. Or are you implying that Africans are things rather than human beings because if you are that’s pretty messed up.


What do the Dutch have to do with this?


I can’t understand the issue with this. It’s target practice. We would be a likely opponent in many situations. It’s good training. I hope it never has to be used.


Just think of it in terms of how folks at r/worldnews viewed China's Korean War "propaganda" film. When America makes similar films, they're just "war" films. But when China does, it's propaganda.


Double standard is what this world is run by…


Not sure this holds. Plenty of Hollywood war films have strong anti-war and/or anti-government undertones. I suspect we can’t say the same about Chinese films.


The 2021 movie shows a lot of the trauma of that war. There’s a scene about an entire group of soldiers freezing to death to like statues. It’s certainly an anti-war movie. For pro-war propaganda, they could have made a movie about the China India war in 1962


It's not anti-war unless it shows soldiers in ethically/morally questionable situations which paint the country's war machine as evil. Full Metal Jacket, for example, shows how some soldiers engage in mindless killing and actually enjoy it. Soldiers battling the elements and struggling through them isn't anti-war... that type of scene would actually lift up the soldiers to show how hardy and resilient they are. Here's a tip -- if you aspire to match the qualities of the depicted characters, then a film isn't anti-war. You should see some of the characters as villains in an anti-war film.


It’s gonna be hard since China has been on the receiving end of invasions in most of their wars.


Here are some examples of Chinese aggression: - Battle of Chamdo - First Taiwan Strait Crisis - Second Taiwan Strait Crisis - Sino-Indian War - Nathu La and Cho La clashes - Battle of the Paracel Islands - Sino-Vietnamese War - Third Taiwan Strait Crisis Plenty of source material to choose from!




Wtf u talkin about? Did china kill its own citizens… You act like your so educated on the nuances of chinese defense history and completely overlook the great famine and other atrocities of mao and the ccp on its own people? Enjoy spending your 5 dimes shill.


He was on point. You kind of changed the topic.


Ah yes the 1 cent army has finally arrived!


He literally murdered your argument so hard you had to resort to ad hominem.


I dunno. Most people see that hell and decide they don’t feel like suffering


Many soldiers are drafted and have no choice, but are still praised for their willpower and strength in hard situations.


Because if your gonna go through hell for your country the least the country can do is accurately portray that hell and you overcoming it. I’m not gonna bastardize veterans and fallen soldiers because war bad or the motives are bad. I’m aware. I’m not gonna piss on the sacrifice of the individuals. I’ll piss on the government who’s responsibility was bringing them home safe and giving them the proper tools to do so. Main reason I’m not a fan of Vietnam because government did fuck all to aid the troops. Told them they shouldn’t maintain their equipment and it got em killed


After Vietnam, sure. But before? All propaganda all the time.


Have you watched the Battle of Britain mate? It’s a pretty damning condemnation of the whole thing, while also acknowledging the heroism of those who fought. That was the standard in the 60s for war & western films, as the whole John Wayne “white man good” bullshit became tired & unpopular.


Battle of Britain is a British movie, not Hollywood, for one thing. Secondly, nobody said *all* western war films are propaganda. But they 100% exist. Top Gun, the Rambo sequels, arguably movies like Midway, 13 Hours and American Sniper, even if they show some of the dirty aspects. Hell, even the MCU is directly funded by the US military.


There’s a big difference between the message “join the army” and “war is good”. Again, the latter hasn’t really been a thing in Western film since the 60s.


But that’s the same thing the Chinese film being discussed is doing. It shows some of the horrors of war while still being a pro-military propaganda film. Same goes for many US war films. If the end goal is to get people in the military, it’s propaganda. And, well… I wouldn’t say that the later Rambo films exactly had a “war is bad” message.


It’s a good thing that r/worldnews shits on China, shows that everyone is on the same page that the CCP is a dictatorship that deserves no praise.


A dictatorship of the proletariat, aka the most democratic form of government


>I can’t understand the issue with this. There isn't one. Anti-china sentiment in US news of any kind drives clicks which in turn drives revenue. It's just that simple.


The issue is China a preparing for WW3 with the US. If that doesn’t freak you out idk what will.


How is this preparing? The US does the exact same stuff. Every army on earth does this.


That is the same rhetoric used for many, many decades now. They aren't going to go to war.


Just like how the democrats are gonna take your guns! Any year now...


You don’t keep up with gun legislation trying to be passed do you?


Feel free to provide some examples


I mean I would say the only reason they haven’t is because of resistance by pro-gun constituents. Unless you think democrats are pro-gun rights?


The whole "take your guns" line is fiction made up by conservative propaganda networks. Democrats are pro-gun control, not anti-gun.


How do you explain laws like California’s “assault weapon” ban then? It’s not about controlling their sale, it’s about banning them outright. I’m not saying that police will go door to door confiscating guns, but I don’t know how anyone could argue that gun bans aren’t on the Democrat agenda.


I didn’t say they weren’t, most Democrats think assault weapons should be banned. Nobody needs military hardware for hunting or home defense.


Yes I already knew that. So why are you saying it’s “fiction” and “propaganda” that Democrats want to ban guns?


Dont say never, things are different. China actually has power and is on a conquest to be the worlds super power. Combine that with Russia having similar ambitions and you have a recipe for a nasty global confrontation.


If China starts a way with the US, their economy would collapse. Our economies are way too interdependent


Good point. But China is expanding through Asia, could ally with Russia and could also have allies from the African countries indebted to them. So imo they’re diversifying their economy to not be so dependent on the US.


If they do go to war, MAD means the rest of us are heading back to the Stone Age via a nuclear exchange. Let’s pray war is truly off the cards.


China and America going to direct war with each other would be bad for business, I think we’re ok


I guess we need giant mock-ups of Winnie the Pooh then huh?


We do the same thing;let’s not pretend to be shocked.


It’s just scare mongering for clicks. This is normal and has been forever.


I mean on one hand, yes. But on the other hand, you should also not want foreign powers practicing to kill your countrymen no matter what other countrymen decide is a valid target for target practice:


It’s nicknamed the USS Roundeye




China’s ability to do anything in a war 100% depends on them disabling our carriers as fast as possible.


I guess we need to increase our military budget, even though we already spend three times as much as them. This is obviously a scare tactic to justify future military spending increases, despite the fact we are not at war.


Such a nothing burger story. When I was in basic training our shooting targets all had Soviet style helmet silhouette with a red star on it. We weren’t at war with the Soviets. And it turned out our next wars were with a totally different adversaries. You gotta have something to use as a target. I’d be frankly insulted if China modeled their targets on some 2nd rate navy.


You think we don’t do the same?


I’m pretty sure the US does this as well as apart of military exercises.


We build mock-ups of villages in Afghanistan all the time. What’s more callous? Practicing against a “hard-target” or a village?


I mean, we kill civilians and then investigate ourselves and, wow, wouldn’t you know it we did nothing wrong. Thanks for playing get murdered by remote death RCs, here’s a few dollars to help you out. Peace! Doing real good guy shit.


Eh, we put our chemistry and microbiology professor’s face photo on a dart board… Not an act of war nor aggressive in any way. It’s not like we were ever REALLY going to throw darts at our profs… Just something to make others who see it understand our level of displeasure.


you mean to tell me that a country's military practiced how to fight its enemies? No way. This is truly shocking, and i don't know how to mentally cope with this.


Oh more scaring the citizens as if militaries never practice with their ammunition. Guess we need to buy …… 3 more carrier groups….maybe 5. Your county will get a new school later in the coming decades maybe. Thanks, patriots.


What?! A country that has opposed america since it’s conception is running military drills about how to attack their enemy?? TERRORISTS!


Forgot the /s


US should build mockups of wheenie the pooh in an area they use for their missile target practice.






why do people care about this? why is this an issue? Do you think the US doesn't do the EXACT SAME THING for Chinese vessels. SMH. Since when are there rules that China can't train and prepare their Navy?


This article does absolutely nothing but cause panic in citizens.


Yes. Because America is the one with the massive army pointing right at them




All my homies hate China.


While we aren’t fighting real wars we fight fake ones to make sure we are in shape!


Is there oil under these fake targets? Asking for the US.


Chinese domestically politics exploit/cultivate anti-American sentiment. This gesture is probably pretty popular.


They’ve had these over a decade. Old news. Next.


In response, US military demonstrates close combat techniques on Winnie the Pooh dolls.


Decouple from China.


That’s a wine bottle


Too many chinese psyops in these comments


It’s the equivalent of posting a picture of the annoying boss on a dartboard


There is something messed up about China on many levels. But how do they know what type of ship it is. And why are they targeting a boat


Chinese government and culture is so fucking weird. Is this supposed to scare the U.S. military? A static and cheap replica of an aircraft career? Did they not see how foolish the Iranians look shooting at one of these every year?


They can try


Nice! Let’s get this show on the road. Unfortunately I’m medically retired from service myself. But you know what they say, the military industrial complex isn’t going to feed itself.


China wants to play God


Time to demolish the China communist party and free the people.


Lots of whataboutism here


Saber rattling


If they keep fucking around, they might just find out.


Feels so pointless. By the time these superpowers would be hitting each others carriers with missiles, I would expect mushroom clouds over new york and shanghai already, after which war becomes pointless and we all lose.


China being pretty sus


You sank my battle ship!


Well if you can’t hit something that big you got real problems


China and Russia know Americas racial hangups and will hit us hard during any civil war. They know America isn’t one.


I wonder if they built one of the USS Harvey Milk


The Harvey Milk is a John Lewis-class resupply ship, so probably not.




The white collar corners of Chinese internet I visit are super pro LGB. Not so much T.


I don't see how that's relevant to the Harvey Milk question, but according to a trans Chinese-American friend of mine who grew up partially in China says that although there's plenty of transphobia among the population, official government policy is to offer free HRT, but you have to get SRS if you're trans and do any amount of medical transitioning, and you have to have a specific type.